Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

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Abu Garcia Maintenance Kit

Quick and easy way to clean and oil your Quantum Reels with Hot Sauce Reel Oil

If you need a maintenance kit instead of just oil, this maintenance kit is the best one on the market. The Abu Garcia maintenance kit is not a bearings kit but is used to clean and lubricate your gear with minimal invasiveness.

The Abu Garcia maintenance kit comes with a brush, a wrench, a flat head screwdriver, grease, oil, and cleanser. If you wanted to clean and prep your reel for next season or the current one, this kit has everything you need to do just that.

The nifty carrying case that comes with the kit makes it easy to carry in the field. Sometimes the carrying case is a little hard to zip up, but that is fine for me. Abu Garcia Oil itself is worth its weight in gold. The fact that it comes with everything I need in a nice case makes the deal for me.

Ardent Reel Supreme Micro Lubricant

The Ardent Reel Supreme Micro Lubricant is used as more of a protective coat every once in a while. The Micro lubricant gets right into the pores of the metal and seals it from water. Not only is the Ardent Supreme Micro lubricant waterproof it also prevents corrosion.

This oil is extremely thin, so a little bit goes a long way. The Supreme Micro oil can bring an old reel back to life, but its primary purpose is to lubricate and seal.

The One Downside to This oil, similar to the Reel butter is that it doesnt come in a larger quantity. It is easy to overuse this oil because you only need a few drops If you have a heavy hand when pouring oil, this is not the oil for you.

This Micro Oil is not for anything but fishing reels and does not make an excellent multi-purpose oil. It is made specifically for fishing gear only.

Quantum Hot Saucing A Spinning Reel

  • Posts: 7February 2, 2019 at 6:10 pm#1831987

    Can anyone outline with pictures how to properly hot sauce a reel? Are you using the oil or grease or both? Is there a better option out there now? Are you replacing drag washers on the Okuma Ceymar 10s? If so what size washer? Thanks!

    February 2, 2019 at 7:24 pm#1832003

    There are some write-ups here if you dig for them.Remember grease for gears/sliding parts,and oil for bearings.Anti-reverse clutch bearing gets very little oil,no grease.

    Drag washer seems ok,I just cleaned it and re-lubed with HS grease.But there are carbon fiber options.

    Between Pool 2 and Pool 4Posts: 740February 2, 2019 at 8:52 pm#1832028

    On that note, unless something has changed recently, hot sauce no longer seems to be available. Id like to know what people think a good substitute is in its place for cold weather reels

    February 3, 2019 at 8:17 am#1832059

    I have had good luck with Lucas Fishing Reel Oil.


Thanks for the oil option folke2000, anybody else got any recommendations that hold up in cold weather?

I disassemble reels and soak the oiled and greased parts in Simple Green. Dawn Dish Soap is good too. Baitcaster spool bearings get soaked in acetone or lighter fluid and thoroughly air-dried. Some use ultrasonic cleaners for deep cleaning, but thats overkill, IMO.

Get a needle oiler on eBay. I use small paint brushes for applying grease.

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Quantum Pt Hot Sauce Reel Oil


Save $1.00

Quantum® Hot Sauce Reel Oil bonds molecularly with metal surfaces forming a permanent lubrication layer that will not wash off. This ultra-low viscosity lubricant allows unrestrained rotation of the crank handle, and supports a lightning-fast free spool spin to your reel. In addition, special additives assist the lubricant to molecularly bond with the base metal, creating superior corrosion protection that safeguards against the elements, ensuring optimum performance for the life of your fishing reel.

In stock

.4 oz

Made in the USA!

The Lucas 10690 Blend Oil


The Lucas 10690 blend is perfect for the tackle box. Although they could work on the packaging of the oil because when it lays on its side for long periods, it tends to leak out of the bottle slowly. I think that that applies to most bottles designed this way.

The Lucas Blend does lubricate all types of reelsyou dont have to worry about whether it is salt or freshwater. The Lucas blend will stand up to salt and wind. Similar to the Ardent mixture, Lucas Blend also has no trouble getting to the high gears in the reel.

The Oil itself is rather thin and has a low enough surface tension to slide into every gear inside the reel. The Lucas blend can also be used on other equipment if need be, such as knives and other fishing gear.

I would keep the oil away from the filament as it may leave an oily residue on the line, which in turn could leave a smell in the water, or a trail of oil. It also has a super convenient nozzle to apply the oil inside the reel.

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Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Grease

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Quantum Hot Sauce Grease 1 x Tube


Quantum reel engineers werent happy with the standard lubrication anglers had to put up with, so in 2001 they set out to develop a premium high-performance lubrication for Quantums high-end reels.

Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil and Hot Sauce Grease are the result of the ensuing research and development in conjunction with one of the worlds best custom lubrication companies.

Each lubricant formula is proprietary, but we can reveal that it is a blend of synthetic and organic additives.

Hot Sauce Grease incorporates a fine Teflon powder mixed with other secret ingredients to create a super slick lubricant.

Hot Sauce lubricants can be used in any spin, baitcaster or trolling reel, and in fact in any product that has moving parts, wear, noise and/or corrosion issues.

Hot Sauce is great for freshwater and saltwater applications.

Its not the cheapest, but we think Quantum Hot Sauce lubricants are the best you can get for all your fishing reels.

Ardent Reel Butter Oil

Just a few drops of Ardent Reel Butter oil, and you can bring any reel back to life. This stuff should be more expensive than it is. Ardent Reel Butter Oil is fully synthetic and contains some anti gumming agents in the oil.

The oil works great on seeping right down into the hardest to lubricate placesball bearings, shafts, and other wear points.

Ardent Reel Butter can be used in any weather condition. The oil has a low viscosity making it easy to use on just about any reel. The Reel Butter oil is made for all types of fishing reels.

The only negative is that it doesnt come in a larger quantity bottle. If you are greasing the reels a lot, you can run out rather quickly. It is only available in one-ounce bottles which you can check out on Amazon here.

Want to find out more about Ardent Reel Butter Oil? Then check out this video review:

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Hot Sauce Reel Grease

Synthetically Engineered for High Performance and Durability

Quantum Hot Sauce Grease provides unparalleled smoothness using fine Teflon powder suspended within it to improve durability by reducing friction and wear. This formula will not deteriorate due to heat and wear, as the ultra-low friction polymers bond to all-metal parts to ensure optimum performance for the life of your fishing reel. Its hydrophobic formula has superior rust protection in freshwater and saltwater, and forces water away creating superior corrosion protection that safeguards against the elements and structural breakdown.

100% Full Synthetic Reel Grease

Hot Sauce Grease serves as a gear lubricant to prevent wear and also lowers friction and heat within the reel. This grease is formulated to force out water, preventing corrosion and structural breakdown.

Fights Corrosion

Hot Sauce Grease is developed with ultra-low friction polymers that bond with the gear material to provide a layer of protection against corrosion while also preventing wear and reel malfunction.

Prevents Breakdown Under Heavy Load and Extreme Heat

Hot Sauce Grease works to prevent breakdown under heavy load and extreme heat by providing a thick layer of protection that will not deteriorate even with heavy reel use.

Trip And Seasonal Maintenance On Fishing Reels

How to Service a Reel using Quantum Hot Sauce

Whether you are trying to bring an old reel back to life, or you need to do some maintenance on your reels. The right fishing reel oil is going to be the first crucial step in making those reels last a long time. I have compiled a list below of the best reel oils that I mostly use out there for angling.

You are going to want to oil your reels after every fishing trip and perform seasonal maintenance on them at the end of the season and the start of a new season. Your annual maintenance involves taking apart the reel and applying lubricant in some hard to get places. You will need a combination of cleaners, grease, and lubricating oils.

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Penn Lube Oil And Angler Combo Pack

Probably the most popular oil available on the market, and it is a great product. The PENN Lube Oil and Angler Combo Pack is among the top performers for reel oil lube and care. This Combo Pack gives you the PENN Formula Reel Oil and the PENN Formula Reel Grease all in one.

You can clean and grease the cogs all at the same time with this pack. Although this may seem like a small amount, you can lube about 50 reels with this one pack. It only takes a small amount of oil in the hard to reach places and a small amount of grease when the fishing reel is in pieces.

This product is best when used in combination with their rod and reel cleaner to get the fishing reel performing optimally. You could use WD-40 to clean the rod and reel if you didnt want to use a rod and reel cleaner.

Sometimes the oil and grease can make the reel seem sticky or dense. You want to make sure you are greasing the correct type of reel. Brass or nylon reels do not need to be lubricated Although sometimes they do not mention this on the packaging when purchasing the reels.

Some of the Good Qualities of this Lube are:

  • The grease doesnt dissolve in water
  • You can use it for both fresh and saltwater reels
  • Protects your reels in bad weather
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    Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Oil

    Molecular Lubrication.

    • Grease remains soft after years and doesn’t turn to wax. Protects your valuable reels.
    • easy to use tube dispenser provides easy control of how much you need.
    • easy to use dispenser,reasonable price.
    • Tip will leak if left on its side on your tackle box.

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    Substitute For Quantum Hot Sauce

    Quantum Hot Sauce Fishing Reel Oil
    • Posts: 44February 17, 2019 at 9:34 pm#1836222

      Ive searched everywhere for this and all I can find is threads that say to use Hot Sauce.

      What is everyone using in place of Hot Sauce since it seams to be no longer available? Needing to re-lube a ceymar that doesnt like working in the cold.

      Thanks for any help.

      Posts: 1,136February 18, 2019 at 5:46 am#1836229

      Imo. I would say the main issue is greese, unless you have a bad bearing. Clean out all grease and any high quality gun oil will do the trick. I just did two reels and used Lucas gun oil. Worked fine after a night outside for testing. Just make sure its a lubricant and not a cleaner.


    Ive been using the Lucas gun oil for the last 2yrs after running out of hot sauce, stuff works good, and havent had a freeze up yet.

    anyone try transmission fluid? overheard a guy at a bait shop say thats all he uses.

    3m makes a lithium grease i was thinking about giving a shot. I have a can in my garage that I somehow acquired.


    Is the reel just locked up, or is it stiff in the cold? A lot of reels are ridiculously over-greased from the factory.

    TSI 321 oil applied with a needle oiler from eBay. Anything more than a good-sized drop is going to run or get thrown from a spinning bearing.SuperLube grease applied with a craft paintbrush. All you need is a thin coating on the gears, not globs. Gears are the only place I put grease. Every other place gets oil.

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