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G Hughes Barbecue Sauce at Walmart!

One of the best things about this low carb barbecue sauce is how easy it is to make. But the other really great thing about it is how well your low carb BBQ sauce will keep for future use.

Go ahead and cook it up , let it cool, and put it into a mason jar or two. Your low carb barbecue sauce will stay fresh in the fridge until you are ready to use it.

So simple!

You can even your mason jars and freeze it for a couple of months if you want to batch cook.

It keeps well for at least a week, but Ive even kept it for a few weeks with no problem at all. Come grilling season, youre going to want to always have some low carb BBQ sauce on hand for quick weeknight dinners or weekend parties with friends. You just cant beat the sweet, smoky, tangy flavors in this keto BBQ sauce recipe.

Walmart & Costco Grocery Haul

Its been a couple of months since I posted a grocery haul. I recently just returned from my trip to Iceland, where we went to visit my husbands family for the holidays. It was a great trip, but I am so happy to be home and back to our normal routine! I missed cooking in my own kitchen and recipe testing!

This week I did my grocery shopping at Walmart and also stopped by Costco for some items as well. Ill include the Costco haul at the end of the post. Ive highlighted the main items that Im asked the most about, included my dinners planned for the week, and my total. Hope you have a great week!

Items purchased from Walmart:

  • Bubly sparkling water

Haul highlights:

Realgood poppers. These little chicken poppers are so good! People often message me about these products asking how I like them. I can live without the pizzas, but really love the poppers! The enchiladas are good too! These contain 2 net carbs per serving.

My favorite sausage patties! Ive highlighted these in other blog posts as well as on my Instagram page. I love them! They taste just like the ones you get from McDonalds. They are located in the freezer section with the rest of the convenience breakfast products.

You cant beat these Quest tortilla chips! They taste a lot like Doritos! I love having them as a snack and on taco nights. Each bag contains 4 net carbs. I recently took advantage of the sale on these chips, but picked up a couple of bags at Walmart until they arrive.

Walmart total: $102.45

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How To Use It

Oh friends, you are going to want to slather it on everything, I promise you. Ive done pulled pork, Ive done ribs, Ive done chicken wings, all made extra special with the addition of this sugar free BBQ sauce.

Oh and I have a very special recipe coming for you in a few days! Keto Smoked BBQ Meatloaf. I am so excited to share this recipe, as it was amazingly delicious. Hang tight for that one!

And because this low carb sauce takes only a few minutes to make, with no cooking, you can whip it up any time the urge strikes. Give it go, I promise you will love it.

How To Make Bbq Sauce Without Sugar

G Hughes

The perfect healthy barbecue sauce is a balance of sweet, smoky, spicy, tangy, and just the right thickness. This low carb BBQ sauce is all of the above. Its got the perfect balance of flavors, smoky undertones, and consistency.

The liquid smoke really makes the biggest difference, so dont skip that part. Even if you have to shop online to find it.

And because you are the master of this keto BBQ sauce recipe, you can make it just right for whatever you are planning to use it with. While most people think its just right, if you need to you can make it thinner for a dipping sauce, or nice and thick to stick to grilling meats.

Since BBQ sauce is a bit sweet, youll swap out the sugar and/or corn syrup used in traditional sauces and even the sucralose used in a store-bought keto BBQ sauce for powdered monk fruit allulose blend . Take a peek at this Low Carb Sweetener Guide for a full explanation of your options when making a low carb keto recipe.

By the way, the wonderful thing about this particular sugar-free BBQ sauce is that its crazy easy to make! Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan, then let it simmer for twenty minutes.

Totally effortless. Youre welcome.

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How Do I Make This Zero Point Slow Cooker Bbq Chicken

Start by seasoning the chicken breasts with salt and place seasoned chicken breasts in your crockpot.

In a small mixing bowl combine BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar substitute.

Whisk together until well combined.

Pour sauce over chicken breasts in the slow cooker. Close lid.

Cook on low for 4-6 hours on low.

Remove lid, using 2 forks shred chicken-to allow chicken to absorb the remaining sauce.

Cook on low for another 20 minutes.

Serve on top of a low point hamburger bun, mini Hawaiian rolls, or on a bed of lettuce.

This recipe is fantastic with my Easy Skinny Coleslaw.

Click HERE for the recipe.

Ingredients For Keto Low Carb Bbq Sauce

I must admit, this challenge was a bit daunting. Making homemade barbecue sauce can be a Big Deal. People have competitions for barbecue sauce recipes! And, different parts of the country all have different interpretations of what makes an excellent BBQ sauce.

As if that werent enough, this low carb blog is also all about recipes with ten ingredients or less. If youve ever looked at the ingredient list for a barbecue sauce, or tried to make your own using just about any recipe, you probably know this isnt the easiest promise to uphold. No matter how you like it, BBQ sauce has a ton of complex flavors!

It took a few experiments to get my low carb barbecue sauce recipe just right. Or at least good according to the family and friends I had as taste testers.

So whats in a keto BBQ sauce recipe? Not as much as youd think and thats the key.

There is no high fructose corn syrup, pointless chemicals, or crazy additives when you make this keto sauce at home. A healthy, low carb BBQ sauce can be made with only a dozen ingredients that you likely already have in your cabinets.

How cool is that?

This low carb barbecue sauce is made with the following ingredients:

As with any recipe, you can tweak it to your tastes. Want a low carb BBQ sauce with just a bit more heat? No problem! Increase the cayenne by a pinch.

Need it to be a bit sweeter to offset the other parts of the meal? Voila! Go ahead and a dash more sweetener.

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Easy Keto Bbq Sauce Sugar Free Recipe

This easy low carb BBQ sauce is totally going to blow your mind. It requires no cooking, just whisk together the ingredients and youve got the best BBQ sauce on the planet. Sweet, smoky, tangy and totally sugar free!

You are simply not going to believe how easy this low carb sugar free BBQ sauce is. I cant even believe it and Ive been making it for a few weeks. Every time I make it, I think to myself that the last time must have been a fluke. That maybe I am dreaming, that nothing THIS easy can be THIS good.

But it is. Every time. This truly is the easiest and best low carb BBQ sauce Ive ever tried. That includes my own homemade versions and the store-bought versions too. And the funny part is, I whipped it up one evening when I was in a hurry, just trying to find a quick sauce to add to our pulled pork. I didnt expect much from it, so when I tasted it, I was stunned.

It was so good, I had to write down the ingredients as quickly as possible. And then I had to try making it it again and again, to make sure I wasnt dreaming.

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