How To Make Your Own Marinara Sauce

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What Are San Marzano Tomatoes

How To Make Homemade Marinara Sauce

San Marzano Tomatoes are a variety of plum tomato. I like canned San Marzano tomatoes for their excellent flavor and meaty texture. But, in truth, any quality plum tomato will work in this recipe. They can be very difficult to find fresh. And when you do, they are expensive, so I buy canned tomatoes for this recipe.

The quality and ripeness of whole peeled canned tomatoes is so much better than diced tomatoes or canned crushed tomatoes. Commercial canners choose the ripest, highest quality tomatoes for the whole canned variety. They simply have more flavor. Even if they have to be broken down for my recipe, I almost always buy whole peeled vs diced tomatoes, now.

San Marzano are high-quality, Italian plum tomatoes. Im able to buy them at my local Walmart grocery store. The San Marzanos come in 28 oz. cans and I use two in my best marinara sauce recipe.

I also like Jovial brand whole peeled tomatoes. I can usually get great sales on them at Whole Foods. The Jovial tomatoes come in 18.3 oz. jars. So, if I use Jovial, I use three jars for this recipe.

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What Is Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a much thicker tomato-based sauce than marinara sauce. Typically, the tomatoes have not only been peeled, but also had the seeds removed. Canned tomatoes dont work as well in this instance. Tomato sauce has more ingredients than homemade marinara sauce, along with a deeper, richer and more complex flavor.

And, believe it or not, traditionally, tomato sauce was not vegetarian. It was based on the French mother sauce, Sauce Tomat, and started with a roux made with pork fat. Its more suited to blanketing or enrobing foods, almost like a gravy. In some areas of the United States, one version is actually called Tomato Gravy.

Most of us think of modern tomato sauce as vegetarian and containing no gluten. It comes in a can and is used as an ingredient, rather than being its own version of a full-bodied, rich and flavorful tomato-based sauce. Its the start of pizza sauce, pasta sauce and other dishes. What a shame. A delectable and truly homemade tomato sauce is mouthwateringly delicious and stands on its own as an extraordinary sauce.

Easy Homemade Marinara Sauce

Homemade Marinara Sauce doesnt get any easier! This requires just a handful of ingredients and 20 minutes on the stove for a memorable Italian Marinara. Everyone needs a great pasta sauce in their recipe collection and this one is a keeper.

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Tomato Sauce Paste Juice Or Soup

Combine tomato sauce with a few spices and use in equal amounts as a replacement. Spices and fresh herbs to consider are Italian seasoning, red pepper flakes, fresh basil, bay leaves, salt and black pepper. Use olive oil to create a more smooth sauce when needed, adding in 1-tablespoon increments.

Paste will need to be mixed with equal amounts water and spices in order to thin out the consistency. Once thinned, use in equal amounts.

Thicken tomato juice with a couple tablespoons of tomato paste and use in equal amounts.

Tomato soup will bring a different flavor to the mix, but contains a very similar consistency and can be used in equal proportions.

Recipes To Use Canned Marinara

Ever wondered how to make your own marinara sauce? It

If youre looking for some ways you can use up this sauce, other than just pouring it over spaghetti, let me suggest 5 of my favorite easy Italian meals to you:

Prep Time: Cook Time: Can Processing Time: Total Time:

Home canned marinara sauce is easier than you think to make! Using only fresh summer tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil, and basil, this is a fun project that will give you fresh sauce to use all-year long! The only preservative used in this canning process is some bottled lemon juice so the ingredients are kept to a minimum.

  • 18 pounds paste or roma tomatoes
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 5 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil

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How To Make Marinara Sauce From Scratch:

Homemade marinara might be one of the easiest sauces youll ever make in your own kitchen! Heres a quick rundown of how to make marinara sauce.

  • Cook onion and garlic: first, heat olive oil in a medium pot. Then cook onion and garlic in salt until the onion is translucent.
  • Add tomatoes and spices: add in chunky tomato sauce, tomato paste and dried spices. Mix to combine.
  • Simmer: turn down to low/medium heat and let simmer for around 20 minutes. As the sauce simmers, the flavors will intensify and it will thicken slightly.
  • Serve: serve this easy marinara sauce over cooked pasta or in our eggplant parmesan recipe!
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    Can I Freeze This Homemade Marinara Sauce

    Yes, this sauce freezes well so there is no reason you cannot make a double batch each time.

    Place your cooled sauce in an airtight container or a freezer-safe bag. Marinara sauce can be frozen for up to 3 months.

    When the craving for spaghetti hits, you will always have the sauce ready! Simply thaw for a few hours in the fridge or heat your frozen sauce , in a large pot on low with a lid to cover. Slowly thaw the sauce and bring it up to temp.

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    How To Make Marinara For Canning

    Anyway! Since were still eating through our stash from last fall, were still reaping the benefits of that crazy October canning weekend.

    Thanks to a safe and effective canning method, this sauce is still just as fresh as the day we canned it. Gotta love canning!

    This home canned marinara sauce was super simple to make after you make it through the slightly annoying part of chopping, par-boiling, and skinning the tomatoes.

    If you can grab a few extra pairs of hands to help you through that process, its smooth sailing after that.

    After you skin the tomatoes, youll chop them up. Then youll saute some onions and garlic on olive oil in a large stock pot. When the onions have softened, add the tomatoes, bring a boil and cook until the tomatoes have also softened.

    Youll then puree the mixture, return it to the pot, and let it cook for at least 4 hours. Theres a lot of liquid youll want to cook out of the sauce to help thicken it. Towards the end of the cooking time, youll add some chopped basil and parsley.

    Add a few glasses of wine to your canning party and youre ALL SET!

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    How To Make My Marinara Sauce

    The Best Ingredients for Marinara Sauce

    The key to the recipe is to use the best ingredients you can in the marinara sauce. Here are some of our favorites below if you arent sure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are multiples ways you can play with this base marinara sauce to fit your recipes and tastes. Thats whats great about this easy marinara sauce. Its lovely on its own but a versatile base for different flavor profiles.

    How do I make Homemade Meat Marinara?

    Swap chicken stock for beef stock. Brown your beef well, remove, brown your onions and garlic in a mix of the beef fat and olive oil. For a sausage flavor using straight ground beef, add some fennel seeds to the pot too.

    How do I make Angry Red Marinara Sauce?

    Add more crushed red peppers to taste and add a much larger amount of garlic, up to ¼ cup of minced garlic.

    How do you make Vodka Sauce with Marinara?

    Add a ½ cup heavy cream and a ¼ cup of vodka. Omit the herbs. This is best served with shrimp or chicken. Also top with healthy amounts of parmesan cheese.

    How can I make a Creamy Marinara Sauce?

    Simmer the sauce down to a thicker consistency, uncovered instead of covered, then thin with some cream. You can also add a pinch of nutmeg since the cream adds a hint of sweetness to the marinara sauce anyway.

    Can I make Marinara Sauce with fresh tomatoes?Can I use grape tomatoes in Marinara Sauce?How do I make Tomato Soup from Marinara?

    How to Store Marinara Sauce

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    Why Make Homemade Marinara

    • 6 ingredients. Yep, just canned tomatoes, olive oil, fresh garlic, dried oregano and basil, sugar, and salt.
    • Healthy. This homemade pasta is lower in sugar and sodium than what youll find at the store. Plus, we all know tomatoes are good for you :).
    • Freezer-friendly. Store it for up to 4 months in the freezer.

    Can I Freeze This Recipe

    Yes, marinara sauce is great for freezing! I like to transfer it to freezer bags and freeze them flat for easy storage. Then, when youre ready to use it, you can place the bags in a bowl of hot water until they thaw, then heat the sauce in a saucepan on the stove. Marinara will last up to 3 months in the freezer.


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    Homemade Marinara Sauce Recipe Made From Fresh Tomatoes

    When I searched for a recipe on how to make homemade marinara sauce from fresh tomatoes, I had a difficult time finding one.

    Almost every recipe that I found used canned tomatoes. Which is a great recipe to have when you want to make it in the middle of the winter.

    However, it is garden season here and I have ripe tomatoes being picked every day. And that means that I need to use them before they go bad.

    Yes, I have made fresh salsa. And I have even made Instant Pot Pasta Sauce and Pizza Sauce. However, this time I was looking to use some of the tomatoes for homemade marinara sauce.

    I wanted to make Chicken Parmesan in our air fryer and I wanted to make a small batch to use on top.

    In addition, I had some leftover breadsticks from the night before that I thought would be perfect to dip into the sauce.

    So I decided to give it a try using our fresh tomatoes from the garden.

    Adding The Rest Of The Ingredients And Simmering

    Ever wondered how to make your own marinara sauce? Its so easy! For ...
  • 1Pour the tomatoes into the mix. For best results, use 4 cups of whole peeled tomatoes, although canned crushed tomatoes may also be used if that’s all you have. Break the whole tomatoes apart with your spatula when you add them to the pan.XResearch source
  • Be sure to stir the tomatoes after you add them so that they mix with the onions and garlic.
  • 2Throw in any seasonings you want to add to the mix. With the onions, garlic, and olive oil, your sauce will already taste pretty good, but there’s no harm in adding some seasoning to it. If you want to season your sauce, try adding ¼ cup of fresh basil, ¼ teaspoon of salt, ¼ teaspoon of pepper, ½ teaspoon of dried oregano, and 1 bay leaf.XResearch source
  • Thoroughly stir the seasonings into the mix to make sure they’re fully incorporated after you add them.
  • You can also add 12 cup of white wine to give your sauce a sharper flavor.
  • 3Allow the sauce to simmer for 30 minutes. Leave the saucepan uncovered as the sauce simmers and stir the ingredients every 5 minutes or so. Simmering the sauce will allow it to reduce and thicken to the normal consistency of pasta sauce.XResearch source
  • If the sauce is too watery for your taste after 30 minutes, let it simmer a bit longer until it reaches your desired consistency.
  • If you’re using your sauce on spaghetti or some other pasta, now is a great time to go ahead and boil your pasta and get ready to eat.
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    You Only Need 6 Simple Marinara Sauce Ingredients So Make Em Count

    While you might think that the best marinara sauce would be made from fresh tomatoes our marinara recipe calls for canned because theyre reliably good, easy to keep on hand, and using canned tomatoes means you can make this sauce anytime you want! Plus, canned tomatoes are picked and preserved at the very peak of their ripeness, so theyre sweet and acidic and all of the good things that we want the tomatoes for our marinara to be. Here are the ingredients youll need to make this easy pasta sauce:

    • Extra virgin olive oil. Homemade marinara sauce is one of the few examples of a recipe where, even though the oil is cooked, you want to use good-quality extra virgin olive oil. Because the sauce only cooks for about 20 minutes, and because it calls for quite a lot of oil, the flavor of the olive oil really defines this simple sauce.

    • Fresh garlic. And lots of it!

    • Canned, crushed tomatoes. Use a good-quality canned, crushed tomatotheres a lot of variation brand-to-brand, and in a recipe like this where the tomatoes are thes star, quality really matters. While were usually big fans of the fire-roasted varieties, marinara sauce is not the place for those. Just get a big can of classic, plain, crushed tomatoes.

    • Fresh basil.

    • Dry herbs. Either Italian seasoning or a blend of dry thyme and oregano.

    In A Rush Make It Ahead Of Time:

    This marinara sauce is perfect for making ahead of time. In fact you could double the recipe and freeze the extras.

    Allow the marinara sauce to cool and store it in an airtight container or jar in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. To freeze, put the homemade pasta sauce in an airtight container or freezer ziplock bag and store it for up to 4 months.

    Also, if youd like to use fresh tomatoes for this recipe, substitute about 6-7 fresh tomatoes for the 28oz. can of whole tomatoes. Blanch them and remove the skins before step 1 of the recipe.

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    Super Simple Marinara Sauce

    Meet the marinara sauce recipe of my dreams! Ive always been intimidated by marinara, maybe because I love it so much that I was afraid of messing it up. I finally faced my fears and tried making marinara every which way. This version is my favorite, no contest.

    This homemade marinara sauce offers rich and lively tomato flavor. Youll need only five basic pantry ingredients to make this delicious marinara sauce: good canned tomatoes, onion, garlic, dried oregano and olive oil. Thats it!

    This marinara is exceptionally easy to make, too, so its perfect for busy weeknights. You dont even have to chop the onion and garlic. Yep, thats rightjust crank open a can of tomatoes, halve an onion and peel some garlic. Youre ready to go!

    This sauce offers lovely, authentic Italian flavor after a 45-minute simmer. I tried to take shortcuts to make it even faster, but no amount of tomato paste, spices, salt or sugar will make up for lost time.

    Bottom line: Its impossible to achieve enchanting, long-simmered marinara flavor in under 45 minutes. So throw those ingredients in a pot, pour yourself a glass of wine and boil water for pasta. Dinner is almost ready.

    After trying many variations on marinara sauce, I adapted this recipe from Debs tomato sauce with onion and butter, which was originally sourced from Marcella Hazans 1992 cookbook, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.

    Why I Love This Easy Marinara Sauce

    Easy Marinara Sauce Recipe – How to Make Perfect Marinara Sauce at Home!

    If I had to claim one meal as my go-to dinner recipe, this 2 minute marinara sauce would be it. Whenever Ive failed to prep a recipe for dinner, or forgotten to take something out of the freezer for the night, I almost always make this. Its been a life saver and a belly filler for many years.

    I can even remember the first time I made it. I had just moved to Texas to be with Marc , and I had no idea how to make my own pasta sauce so I called my mom to ask her what to do. Her recipe wasnt as exact, and it was basically just her saying, Cook some garlic in oil and then add tomatoes and basil.

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    Creating Your Own Traditions

    Remember these tips and start creating your own recipe and food traditions.

    • Take the best of what you find in the recipes of others and make them your own.
    • Add and subtract ingredients that make it better for your family. Im not a believer in a right or wrong way to make a recipe. The right way is the one that works best for your budget and your people.
    • Youll enjoy food so much more when you start with the recipes you trust and tweak them to make them the recipes that your family loves. I hope you and they will enjoy what I think is the best Marinara sauce recipe.

    How To Make It

    If youâve made homemade marinara sauce before, you know that it typically involves blanching and peeling tomatoes and slowly simmering them for hours to develop a deep, rich, mellow flavor. Well, this is not that marinara sauce. For one thing, letâs just be honest hereâ¦I am too lazy to blanch and peel tomatoes. And thatâs okay, because I donât at all mind little bits of tomato skin in my sauce. In fact, I enjoy a marinara with a bit of texture, and this one has that.

    My method for making this sauce is to cut my tomatoes into chunks and then squeeze them with my hands into a big pot to break them up into little bits. This can be a messy process, so if you would rather give your tomato chunks a few pulses in the food processor to achieve the same effect, I would completely understand.

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