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Does Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Need To Be Refrigerated

Melindas Thai SWEET Chili Sauce Review!

The answer to this question is yes and no. When my fridge gets too full, I pull out the sweet chili sauce and keep it in the pantry. It’s been suggested that it will keep in the pantry for about 1 month unrefrigerated. When kept in the fridge, Sweet Thai Chili Sauce can last 9 months, even up to a year, if you don’t eat it first!

Date Lady Organic Sweet Chili Sauce

This Date Lady Organic Sweet Chili Sauce offers a reduced sugar option compared to other sweet chili sauces.

Even better, this certified organic chili sauce is excellent for people seeking a clean condiment. Add this organic sweet chili sauce to pizza as a finishing glaze and enjoy a healthy kick!

This all-natural sweet chili sauce, free of pesticides, features no corn syrup or added flavors or coloring. In addition, it is free of MSG and gluten.

Mikes Hot Honey Chili Sauce

The all-natural, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly Mikes Hot Honey Chili Sauce makes the perfect condiment for your hot dogs this summer.

This combination of honey with chili sauce can be drizzled atop any meat or even over pizza!

This sauce does not contain any of the eight major allergens, making it a perfect sauce for the whole family to enjoy.

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Melindas Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Unlike some chili sauce options which are high in calories, Melindas Thai Sweet Chili Sauce offers a thinner, lower-calorie option for chili sauce.

Dont let the low calories fool you this condiment and dipping sauce is still jam-packed with delicious spices.

Using the perfect blend of sweetness and spiciness, Melindas Kitchen uses pure cane sugar, garlic, and cayenne peppers to create this dipping sauce.

This sweet chili sauce pairs perfectly with spring or eggrolls or as a dipping sauce for fried chicken.

Is Sweet Chili Sauce The Same As Sriracha


Sweet chili sauce, also known as Thai chili sauce, is made using dried chili flakes and is primarily a sweet condiment that also has sour and spicy notes. Sriracha is a spicy, bright red chili sauce made with peppers, vinegar, garlic, and a few other ingredients. The sauces have different flavor profiles and shouldn’t be used interchangeably in recipes unless you prefer the flavor difference.

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Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Sauce

Add flavor to any Asian dish with this Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Sauce. For people who love a hot spice added to their food, this sauce is a go-to!

This unique blend of spices offers an Asian twist on chili sauce, perfect for beef, pork, chicken, or even vegetables.

The Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Sauce has a thicker consistency, which can be used on food for marinating or dipping after cooking.

Which Chili Peppers Do I Use

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce is really not hard to make, and only takes about an hour. I’m lucky that I have red Thai chilli peppers growing in my garden, also known as Bird’s Eye Chilis. These peppers are much spicier than Jalapeños, but about half the heat of Habanero Peppers.

If you want to substitute with other peppers, check how they rank on the Scoville unit scale. It’s best made as intended, by using Bird’s Eye Chili Peppers. And you don’t need a lot of peppers, this recipe uses only a ½ pound or 250 grams.

You decide the amount of heat in the sauce by the amount of chilli seeds you leave in the peppers. I deseeded half of my peppers for this recipe. If you want it milder, then only keep the seeds of 1 or 2 peppers in the recipe. It’s always hard to gauge how spicy a recipe will turn out. It’s not like you can bite it to test the heat of each pepper!

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Organic Sweet Chili Sauce

Looking for another organic condiment to support your healthy lifestyle? This 365 Organic Sweet Chili Sauce uses real ingredients free of chemicals.

This chili sauce uses red jalapeno peppers, sweetened with organic cane sugar for a sweet and tangy condiment.

If you like your chili sauce super spicy, this organic sweet chili sauce is for you! The 365 Organic Sweet Chili Sauce is more spicy than sweet, so be prepared!

Sweet Chili Sauce Thickener

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce from Melinda’s…….do you like this sauce?

In my video, I use a Potato Starch or Potato Flour to thicken the Sweet Chili Sauce. Potato Starch is a default thickener in many countries, but harder to find in North America. You can substitute with Corn Starch, which is easily found.

However, there is a reason why I prefer to use Potato Flour as a thickener, clearer liquids. Corn Starch will make the Sweet Sauce cloudier, which doesn’t look as nice. There is no difference in taste, but Potato Starch keeps liquids clear and glistening in all sauces. We use it for all our thickening needs. You can find Potato Starch in Asian grocery stores or online.

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Maggi Mild Sweet Chili Sauce

The Maggie Mild Sweet Chili Sauce offers an authentic Thai flavoring to enhance the flavors of any dish.

At only 45 calories per serving, this chili sauce adds jazz to your food without adding too many calories.

The xanthan gum contained in this sweet chili sauce helps to give it a thick texture, with vinegar and salt for a balance taste.

Try this Maggi Mild Sweet Chili Sauce on seafood, meatloaf, or fried foods. The sweet flavor of this sauce is mild, making it a great option for the entire family to enjoy.

What Is The Difference Between Ketchup And Chili Sauce

Although similar to ketchup, chili sauce is an entirely different condiment. Ketchup is a milder condiment, which does not offer a spicy taste.

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Dips And Dipping Sauces

Chili sauce is the perfect dipping sauce for almost any type of fried food. From chicken tenders to fries, chili sauce adds a punch of flavor to many common foods. You dont have to be making an elaborate meal to enjoy chili sauce!

For a healthier alternative, try dipping cut-up vegetables in sweet chili sauce. Carrots and celery make excellent options.

The sweetness of the chili sauce paired with the crunchiness of these vegetables pairs perfectly.

Franks Red Hot Sweet Chili Sauce


Youre likely to recognize Franks Red Hot from their popular buffalo and hot sauces. But have you tried their delicious, sweet chili sauce?

This sweet chili is slightly sweet, while still expressing notes of spices from red chili peppers. This sweet chili sauce pairs excellently with chicken fingers and wings.

Franks Red Hot sweet chili sauce is perfect for people who dont like too much spice, as it leans towards the mild end of the spectrum.

For the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, try this sauce on your favorite chicken recipe!

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Maya Kaimal Chili Sauces

Maya Kaimal Chili Sauces offers an exciting twist on regular chili sauce, with their green and red chili sauce varieties.

These sauces wake up your tastebuds with an Indian twist of spices. For an extra-spicy addition to your food, try the green chili sauce, made from coconut cream and green chili peppers.

For a milder taste, try the red chili sauce blended with garam masala Indian spices. This chili sauce is unlike any other sauce on the market.

Even better, this sauce is certified vegan, GMO-free, and Kosher, making it an excellent choice for any dietary restrictions. Not sure which to try?

Try both of Maya Kaimals Chili Sauces to determine which you like best.

Huy Fong Sauce Chili Garlic Sauce

The garlic flavor of this Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce really comes through, making it a unique chili sauce option to try.

Making a Chinese stir-fry with meats and vegetables? Simply add a serving of this thick, pasty sauce and mix in while cooking.

Not only will you add spice, but youll add garlic too, which pairs well with any food combination.

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G Hughes Sugar Free Thai Chili Wing Sauce

Made by the same company as the sugar-free sweet chili sauce mentioned above, this unique sugar-free thai chili sauce offers another low sugar option for dieters.

Unlike the sweet chili sauce, G Hughes sugar-free thai chili sauce offers a thinner consistency with a medium spice level.

This blend between traditional wing sauce and chili sauce is a flavor combination youve got to try!

Bookbinders Traditional Chili Sauce

C.C Be Cooking | Melinda’s Thai Sweet Chili Sauce | Melinda Giveaway

The Bookbinders Traditional Chili Sauce offers a milder taste that makes the perfect topping for your favorite hot dog.

Like the Heinz chili sauce listed above, this chili sauce uses a tomato paste base, combined with spices and vinegar.

This traditional chili sauce would make the perfect glaze for beef meatballs or as a dipping sauce for fried shrimp.

Making sloppy joe sandwiches? Add this traditional chili sauce into your meat for the perfect taste combination.

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What Is The Difference Between Hot Sauce And Chili Sauce

Hot sauce and chili sauce are somewhat similar but have a few key differences. Most hot sauce is orange in color and has a liquid consistency.

On the other hand, chili sauce is usually thicker and redder. It often is not smooth, having a texture or parts of the chili peppers contained within the sauce.

In addition, specific types of peppers are also used for each product. Therefore, red chili sauce gets its red appearance.

Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce

The Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chili Sauce for dipping and all-purpose usage is the perfect all-around sauce for the health-conscious shopper.

This sauce features no artificial colors or flavors and is Non-GMO certified too. In addition, it is certified vegan, making it a versatile choice for any shopper.

No matter what you add this delicious sweet red chili sauce to, you cant go wrong! Thai Kitchen even offers creative ideas and ways to use this sauce on their website.

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Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce

Mae Ploy is a common chili sauce brand that youre likely to find in any grocery store. This sweet chili sauce is affordable, making it one of the most popular brands.

The sweetness of this chili sauce enhances your favorite foods while adding a bit of spiciness with the chili flakes.

This Mae Ploy chili sauce is perfect as a dipping sauce for foods like chicken nuggets or other fried foods, such as French fries.

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce


Homemade Thai Sweet Chili Sauce is much tastier than store-bought! So much flavor with spicy red peppers, garlic and ginger. It’s perfect as a marinade or dipping sauce!

I love sauces, especially this Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, which is the same thing as Sweet Chili Sauce. I’ve been told I drown my food in sauces, but I can’t help it, I really love sweet and spicy sauces like Mango Chili Sauce.

I remember the first time I had Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, it was here in Australia. We were invited to a bbq, where I ate the most delicious bbq grilled chicken. They told me it was marinated in a Sweet Chili Sauce, and simply bbq’d on a grill. It was so easy, I was hooked.

I soon discovered that it was commonly used as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets and chicken strips. Even Australian McDonald’s and every fast food restaurant has Sweet Chilli sauce for dipping as an option. Here are my favorite recipes to enjoy Sweet Chili Sauce.

It’s pretty common to buy a large bottle of Sweet Chili Sauce available in all Asian supermarkets, but it’s much tastier when you make it at home. Some people might know it by a brand name, Mae Ploy, which is available all around the world. In Thai, it’s known as nam chim, which translates into “dipping sauce for chicken”.

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