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The Best Shawarma White Sauce

What is Aioli? / How to make homemade Aioli Recipe

A simple shawarma sauce that is creamy and delicious. This sauce is great in sandwiches, over salads, and perfect for dipping veggies.

If you love shawarmas then you have tasted this creamy, garlicky, sauce. Most of the time the sauce that is used in shops is made with mostly mayo and tends to leave me with a heavy feeling afterwards. Using yogurt as a base and adding just the right amount of mayo with some fresh lemon juice creates the most delicious shawarma sauce that you will ever taste.

How To Save Broken Mayonnaise

The two crucial ingredients of mayonnaise are egg yolks and oil. If you plopped them together artlessly in a bowl and mixed them a little, the result would be a thin, greasy mess dotted with specks of yolk.

But if you whisk whisk whisk the yolk while adding the oil in a gradual stream, the egg yolk suspends tiny particles of oil and creates what appears to the naked eye as a homogenous mixture.

However, if you add the oil too fast or dont whisk enough, your mayonnaise can break. A broken mayonnaise is when the creamy emulsion becomes runny and greasy, because its no longer emulsified.

What does this mean to you? Making mayonnaise by hand with a bowl and a whisk is possible, yes, but with the aid of a food processor or blender, its faster and practically fail-safe.

If your emulsion is off, your mayonnaise might separate in the refrigerator. Or maybe your emulsion didnt work from the get-go, and you have a greasy mess.

You can fix it! First, try blending a few dabs of very hot water into the broken mayo.

If that does not work, start with a fresh egg and emulsify the broken mayonnaise into it the same way you did with the oil.

Mayo In A Food Processor

You can make mayonnaise in either a food processor or a blender. Early blender cookbooks are chock-full of mayonnaise recipes, and the same goes for early food processor cookbooks.

If youre using a food processor, look to see that the insert for the feed tube has a tiny hole in it. Turn on the machine and pour the oil into the insert, and it will drip it into the machine at the perfect rate for a good emulsion.

You need to start with a large enough volume of ingredients for the food processor blades to catch them, so a one-egg mayonnaise in a very large food processor might not work right. I can do a great one-egg mayonnaise in my 7-cup food processor, but would probably double the recipe for a large-capacity food processor.

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Homemade Mayonnaise In 30 Seconds

Mayonnaise is notoriously difficult to make. You start by whisking the egg yolks, a bit of mustard and lemon juice or vinegar. Then you pour in the oil in a thin stream as you continue to beat rapidly. If you pour in the oil too fast you will end up with a curdled, oily mixture.

The easiest solution? Use a hand blender and in 30 second you will have a creamy and delicious homemade mayonnaise. Seriously, no joke!

You only need 5 ingredients, an immersion blender and a jar. Use a tall and narrow jar, with the opening thats just wide enough to accommodate your immersion blender. You can use the same jar to make and store the mayonnaise. Make sure that the oil and egg are cold from the fridge.

I dont eat mayonnaise every day but there are some recipes that would not be the same without it: chicken salad, egg salad, coleslaw, deviled eggs, burgers, etc.

Making your homemade mayonnaise is a much healthier option since there are no preservatives and other chemicals used in the store-bought mayo.

Try this recipe and I bet you are never gonna buy mayonnaise ever again!

What To Do With Spicy Mayo Other Than Sushi

7 Of The Most Delicious Things You Can Do To Mayonnaise ...

This spicy mayo recipe certainly has a place in our hearts when paired alongside sushi or poké bowls, but have you ever enjoyed spicy mayonnaise on a sandwich? Game changer!

It doesnt even have to be Asian-inspired. There was a restaurant in New Canaan, CT that my family loved they made a turkey sandwich on baguette with blackberry jam and sriracha mayo. Cannot recommend the sweet and spicy flavor enough.

Other ideas for using leftover spicy mayo:

If you dream it, you can top it with this spicy mayo recipe!

With a prep time of 2 minutes and only 2 simple ingredients, there is no reason not to have a batch of homemade spicy mayo in your fridge at all times!

If you make this Spicy Mayo recipe, please let me know by leaving a rating and review below.

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A Few More Tips For Making Homemade Mayo

Once you’ve followed the 2 most important mayonnaise making tips, these other tips will help make sure you have the best mayo possible.

  • Add the oil VERY slowly. When you begin, the oil should be poured in the tiniest stream, like in the picture below. Once the mayonnaise begins to thicken, you can pour the oil a little faster. If you ever notice the oil building up, stop pouring it and whisk the mayo briskly until it is incorporated.
  • Use a neutral-flavored oil. My favorite is avocado oil. Avoid olive oil or your mayonnaise will have a very strong flavor.
  • Use salt, but sparingly. A pinch or two is all you need.
  • Always use freshly squeezed lemon juice. The stuff you buy in bottles will make your mayonnaise taste funny.
  • If you’d like a thinner mayonnaise, whisk in a little splash of water or some more lemon juice at the end. For thicker mayo, add an extra egg yolk or more oil.

Tofu And Cashew Mayonnaise

Imagine mayonnaise without oil, without eggs and completely dairy-free. It’s a health freak’s dream come true and one you’ll also want to try. Take some silken tofu and throw it in a blender with cashew paste, lemon juice, mustard powder, salt, wasabi paste, sugar and pepper. Blend this mix and serve with crackers.Without any eggs. Totally vegan. Made with tofu, this mayo recipe is all things delicious!

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Can I Use A Blender To Make Mayo

Sure, but why? If you use a blender, you run the risk of your mayonnaise separating and becoming runny. And besides, a blender is much more difficult to wash than a whisk and bowl. Let’s keep life simple!

If you have an ailment that would make it difficult for you to whisk for 5 minutes, then absolutely go ahead and use a blender. Follow the directions in the recipe only blend instead of whisk. Make sure to run your blender on low speed only to minimize the risk of your mayo separating.

Alternatives To Raw Egg

-Dash Sauce| Sauce good for Fried Foods

I want to comment for a moment on the egg situation.

The egg in this recipe is indeed raw, and personally I have been eating raw eggs for years without issue.

If you Google how many eggs have salmonella, you will see articles that discuss this risk, and its estimated that about 1 in 20,000 eggs has salmonella.

That number is small enough that I just go ahead and eat raw eggs when the situation comes up.

However, if you prefer, you can purchase pasteurized eggs to use for homemade mayonnaise, or you can even pasteurize them yourself. Ive seen lots of tutorials online for that.

Ive also seen some people say online that if you leave the mayo at room temperature for an hour or two before refrigerating, the lemon juice will kill off the bacteria, but Im personally skeptical that thats true. I think itd be better to use pasteurized eggs in that case.

Process the ingredients for about 30 seconds, until combined and pale yellow:

The liquid will be quite thin.

Next, with the food processor running, slowly drizzle in an additional cup of oil:

You want to do this VERY slowly, over the course of about 90 seconds. This makes the mayonnaise creamier and thicker, and if you pour too fast, the emulsion may break.

As you incorporate the oil, youll see it get thicker and thicker, until it finally looks like this:

Blitz in a couple tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, and its done!

You can also use vinegar, but I find the flavor of fresh lemon to be better.

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How To Fix Broken Mayonnaise

When making mayonnaise, the worst, but not unfixable, thing that can happen to you is that the mixture breaks, leaving you with a curdled mess.

The recipe weve shared tries to prevent this a few ways: we use a whole egg, which adds a little more liquid to the mix, mustard acts as an emulsifier from the get-go and we are careful to stream our oil in slowly.

While we have never had this particular recipe for mayonnaise break on us, if it happens to you dont fret! You really should be able to fix it.

To fix broken mayonnaise, add about 1 teaspoon of mustard to a bowl then use a whisk to slowly beat the broken mayonnaise, bit by bit, into the mustard until it becomes emulsified and creamy again.

Another trick is to add an egg yolk to a large bowl and slowly use a whisk to beat the broken mayo, bit by bit, into the yolk.

Prawn Cocktail Sauce Recipe

What you need to make prawn cocktail sauce recipe, 8 tbsp good mayonnaise, preferably homemade · 1 tbsp tomato ketchup · 2 tsp worcestershire sauce · 2 tsp lemon juice · 2 tsp brandy or medium sherry. Mix the mayonnaise, tomato chutney, worcestershire sauce, horseradish and tabasco together. Ingredients · 2 x 225g packs taste the difference raw jumbo king prawns · 200g mayonnaise · 50g tomato ketchup · 1 tsp worcestershire sauce · 1 tsp lemon juice, plus .

Chicken with black bean sauce | Chicken recipes | SBS Food from www.sbs.com.au

Mix the mayonnaise, tomato chutney, worcestershire sauce, horseradish and tabasco together. Sauce · 2/3 cup / 165 ml mayonnaise , preferably good quality whole egg mayonnaise · 1 tbsp ketchup or australian/uk tomato sauce Measure out the mayonnaise, ketchup and worcestershire sauce and mix them together in a bowl. Season to taste with lemon juice and salt and pepper, then spoon . Worcestershire sauce ·¼ tsp. Ingredients ·½ cup mayonnaise · 1 tbsp. · add the prawns and mix until completely coated, . Ingredients · 1/2 cup ketchup · 2 tbsp horseradish · 1 tbsp lemon juice · 1 tsp hot sauce · 1 tsp worcestershire sauce .

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Mentaiko Mayonnaise Or Mentai Mayo

As its name indicates, Mentaiko Mayonnaise, sometimes abbreviated to Mentai Mayo or Mentaiko Mayo, is a simple sauce made from the seasoned cod roe Mentaiko and mayo.

The cod roe mayonnaise is actually a multipurpose sauce that can be used for various dishes, and because of that, the sauce has been a favorite in Japan.

Let Me Show You How To Make Mayonnaise Youve Got This


There are a few ways to make mayonnaise. We use our food processor with the small bowl attachment, but an immersion blender or making it completely by hand will work.

Room temperature ingredients are best when making mayonnaise at home. If youre not able to wait for the egg to come to room temperature, submerge it in lukewarm water for a couple of minutes.

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Chicken Schnitzel With Chilli Mayonnaise

We take on the delicious task of making bread crumb coated chicken breast, chunky potato wedges and a bowl of spicy mayonnaise. After you’re done frying the batter coated chicken to perfection, take a bowl of mayonnaise and blend it with some chopped chilli, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Dip it in and enjoy!Bread crumb coated chicken breast fried crisp and golden, served with chilli mayo.

Layer after layer of goodness is what you get when you take on the task of cooking this mind-blowing sandwich. Grab some tomatoes, cheese slices, fry two eggs, cabbage leaves, mustard and a bit of mayonnaise. Now dig in!Scrumptious sandwiches with a generous helping of chicken slices, spreads, egg and veggies.

Whipping Up A Batch Of Homemade Mayonnaise Is Easy

You can get pretty good mayonnaise at the store, so you may be wondering: why bother making your own at home? Because making a batch of homemade mayonnaise is one of those magical kitchen moments. Its never short of thrilling to be at the helm of the transformation from humble eggs and oil to that luxurious mound of pearly glop.

If you own a food processor or blender, you should make mayonnaise at least once. Its a quick, cheap thrill, and it’s good for your ego to boot, because its so easy. It takes longer to wash the food processor than to do the actual mayo-making.

And yes, your homemade mayonnaise will beat what you can get from the store. I used to think mayonnaise was gross, but now I dip my fries in it, drag artichoke leaves though it, and slather it on sandwiches.

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What Type Of A Sauce Is Mayonnaise Is A Cold

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The 2 Most Important Tips For Making Homemade Mayonnaise

|| DYNAMITE SHRIMP || A yummy crispy fried shrimp recipe dipped in hot & sweet dynamite mayo sauce.

Making mayo is about getting the egg and oil to emulsify. If they don’t, you’ll be left with a sad, runny mess. We definitely don’t want that! Here are the two things you MUST do to make sure your mayo emulsifies:

  • Use a room temperature egg. Whatever you do, don’t pull an egg out of your refrigerator and try to make mayo with it. You might get lucky and it will work, but chances are it won’t. Don’t take the risk. To warm the egg, put it in a glass and fill the glass with hot tap water. Give it 5 minutes and it will be ready to use.
  • Whisk the egg yolk with an acid. I like to use lemon juice, but vinegar works, too. The reason you want to do this is that the acid starts to break down the proteins in the egg yolk so they emulsify better. Whisk the egg yolks and lemon juice well before you begin adding the oil.
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    Tips And Faqs For Making Homemade Mayonnaise

    What oil should I use to make homemade mayonnaise?

    Oil is by far the number one ingredient, percentage-wise, in mayonnaise. Accordingly, your mayonnaise will taste like the oil you use in it. When in doubt, taste the oil you plan to use, and think if thats how you want one or more cups of homemade mayonnaise to taste.

    Classically, neutral-tasting oils are the top choice for mayonnaise, because they wont overwhelm the flavor profile. Vegetable, grapeseed, and canola oil are a few examples.

    If you prefer a less-refined oil, extra-virgin olive oil might be your choice, but keep two things in mind: olive oil has a strong flavor, and it might not be the flavor you want in, say, a tartar sauce.

    More importantly, if you are using a food processor or blender, the quick action of the blades can make olive oil taste bitter. One solution is to use half neutral oil in the appliance, and then once you have a good emulsion, remove the mayonnaise and whisk in the balance of olive oil.

    A little egg goes a long way!

    Egg yolks are high in lecithin. Lecithin makes pulling off an emulsion much more reachable for mortals like you and me, because it surrounds the fat and liquid molecules and helps them stay suspended, rather than curdling.

    Some mayonnaise recipes call for using a whole egg. I used to poo-poo this whole-egg thing, but now I think it helps make a more foolproof mayonnaise without affecting flavor. Its up to you.

    What yolk-to-oil ratio should I use for homemade mayonnaise?

    How To Make Mayonnaise Sauce

    • 1.Break egg into the jar of a blender .
    • 2.Add the vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard or mustard oil and sugar.
    • 3.Switch on blender at full speed, and immediately add the oil in a thin stream, with the blender on, all the time, till the required consistency is reached.
    • 4.This is like thick cream.
    • 5.As soon as it is thick enough, switch it off and your mayonnaise is ready.
    • 6.This makes about one cup of mayonnaise sauce.
    • 7.Note: In case it curdles, just empty the jar, break another egg into the jar, start the blender and immediately but slowly add the curdled mixture to the jar till well blended.

    Key Ingredients:

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