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How Do You Make A Hot Sauce Label


Designing the Ultimate Hot Sauce Labels: Some Tips and Tricks

  • Color, flavor, and spice are all important. The color of your bottle can be a good indicator of the flavor and spice level in it. Pay attention to the font. Your choice of typeface conveys a great deal about your personality. Creating a brand. In order to sell your sauce, you must first shapeshift it. Make each label stand out from the rest. Designs for Hot Sauce Bottles That Really Stand Out
  • How To Make Chipotle Hot Sauce

    Sure, you could start with some dried Morita chiles, but canned chipotles in adobo are much more convenient so well be using those.

    If youre new to chipotles in adobo heres what they look like out of the can:

    These are smoked jalapenos resting in a tangy adobo sauce and youll get 6-8 chipotles in each can. Are chipotles spicy?

    Occasionally youll come across larger sizes, but these smaller 7 oz. cans are the most common in traditional supermarkets so I usually buy a few at a time.

    Im in the habit of scraping out most of the seeds as they tend to harden over time.

    So well do that with seven of these chipotles and add them to a blender along with:

    1/4 small onion1/4 teaspoon cuminpinch of salt

    I usually saute the onion and garlic in some oil before adding it to the blender. And note that this was a larger onion so I only used about 2/3 of the onion in the photo below:

    Once everything is in the blender give it a good whirl.

    Itll need at least 30 seconds to liquefy everything so if it still seems chunky then give it a bit more time.

    Once its combined youll have the perfect opportunity to take a taste for sweetness. And heat!

    Youre already getting some sweetness from the orange and the cooked onion, but you can always add a bit more if you want 1/4 teaspoon of sugar would be a good starting point. I dont have much of a sweet tooth so I did not add any additional sugar to this batch.

    You can reuse older bottles or you can get new ones for about

    Buen Provecho.

    Bottle Your Own Hot Sauce

    If you have been told your hot sauce bottles should be on every shelf in the store, why not make that dream a reality? Hot sauce entrepreneurs today have many advantages over their predecessors. With technology and social media marketing, you can be well on your way to turning your love for good hot sauce into an enterprising new business.

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    How To Bottle Hot Sauce For Sale

    Choosing the right hot sauce bottle is a bigger decision than you may realize. Do you plan to sell only one size bottle? Is the bottle the right shape for your marketing concept? Is the bottle unique enough to attract attention on its own?

    These are all questions you need to ask yourself when selecting your hot sauce bottle. You also need to consider bottle pricing and reliability. As the bottles will be shipped to stores in your local area, or even internationally, you must consider how well they pack and how costly shipping different bottle sizes will be.

    You may also want to invest in trial-sized hot sauce bottles that make it easier to give away samples of your product to potential customers and store owners.

    Since every bottle needs a cap, you need to select one that offers product protection in a color that fits your overall marketing plan.

    Hire a professional if you arent a graphic designer by trade. Have them design your logo and other packaging materials to ensure your artwork and brand identity looks organized and complete.

    Hot Sauce Bottles 5 Oz

    5 oz, Glass Woozy Hot Sauce Bottles

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    Oz Clear Pet Plastic Hot Sauce Bottles

    • 5 oz Clear PET Plastic Hot Sauce Bottles
    • Includes Red PP Cap with Foam Liner
    • Molded in the USA

    Item # 3492B01

    5 oz Clear PET Plastic Hot Sauce Bottles

    Our 5 oz clear PET hot sauce bottles are sure to please with the traditional woozy bottle styling. Modern uses of this bottle break the hot sauce mold and include a variety of condiments and sauces.

    Red Polypropylene Caps Included

    The included red PP screw top caps will give your packaging that custom touch you have been looking for. Cap features a foam liner and side ribbing to make the cap easier to open, even with wet fingers.

    Cmon Dont Be Like That

    Fine. The majority of the heat in peppers comes from two parts of the pepper: the seeds and the ribs.

    I know you know what seeds look like, but the ribs of a pepper are the white part that the seeds are attached to. If you cut those parts out of the pepper, youll reduce the heat immensely.

    Another way to reduce the heat is to use bell peppers in place of some of the chili peppers.

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    How To Design A Hot Sauce Brand Label

    Having the idea of customized labels is one thing, but putting it to practice is another. You need a label that will speak for itself and play the marketing role. You also want a unique label that no rival company can mimic. How do you design Hot Sauce Labels? Here are some useful customization tips for designing a brand label:

    A Guide To Finding Hot Sauce Bottles To Make Christmas Gifts

    How to Can Hot Sauce

    Whether youre showing off your best hot sauce recipe or incorporating the latest pepper crop from your garden, making hot sauce is a unique and tasty Christmas gift for friends and family. Theres a reason we sell so many hot sauce labels people love spicing up their food! Habanero, jalapeño, serrano and other peppers are gardeners favorites, and their spicy piquancy adds zest to homemade hot sauce. If youre thinking about mixing up your own batch of hot sauce for Christmas gifts, then youll need to find the right bottles. Typically, that means bottles that are 4 to 5 ounces in size. This must-read guide provides a sample of three different types of hot sauce bottles to buy and the labels to fit them.

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    Simple Craft Hot Sauce Glass Bottles

    Dimensions :Weight:Material:Care & Cleaning:Warranty:TCINUPCOrigin

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    We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented. If you have a specific question about this item, you may consult the item’s label, contact the manufacturer directly or call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869.

    Dasher Bottles For Hot Sauce

    The most popular choice for hot sauce bottles is the 5 oz. glass dasher bottle. Its typically 6.68H x 1.81 in diameter and brings to mind the traditional Tabasco sauce bottle everyone recognizes. Its called a dasher because the topper dispenses only dashes of hot sauce, which if your sauce is smokin hot, is probably a good thing. This bottle is available in small quantities, which makes it even more appealing for budget conscious Christmas shoppers.

    • Kegworks offers a single 5 oz. glass bottle at $2.29, but if you buy 12 or more pay only $1.79 each.
    • Amazon sells a 5 oz. glass bottle in cases of 12 with black shrink bands for the bottle necks, priced at $14.95.
    • Plastic 5 oz. hot sauce bottles are available from the Cary Co. starting at $0.44 USD.

    TIP: If you decide to buy in bulk from an online wholesaler make sure the lids and dasher inserts are included in the price. Some sites offer lower prices for large orders, but the caps and inserts are not included.

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    And What Ingredients Do You Need

    At the most basic level, hot sauce can be made from three things: peppers, vinegar, and salt. For every 10-12 ounces of peppers, youll need ½ cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt.

    But thats at the most basic level, and youre not basic, are you? Personally, I like to add garlic, peppercorns, and shallots to add some depth, complexity, and a little sweetness. The options are literally limitless.

    You want to add some fruit? Do it, this is America. You want to add some tequila to give it a slight burn? Go for it. You want to add pickle juice? Thats disgusting, you monster, but I respect your hustle.

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    Why Else Should You Make Your Own Hot Sauce

    Hot Sauce Woozy Bottles Empty 5 Oz Complete Sets Of Premium Commercial ...

    The second reason you should make your own hot sauce is freshness.

    Bottled hot sauces are exposed to light for most of the day and can be on the shelves for weeks if not months, and who knows how long theyve been sitting in storage before that. Time and light exposure are the death of flavor.

    When you make your own hot sauce, the loss of flavor and freshness to light and time is practically non-existent.

    Fresh hot sauce tastes nothing like a bottled one, and once youve had it fresh, its really hard to want to go back .

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    How To Make Cayenne Pepper Sauce

    First, gather up your cayenne peppers. Clean and dry them.

    Chop up the cayenne peppers along with garlic cloves and add them to a pot with white wine vinegar and a bit of salt.

    Bring the mix to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer everything for 20 minutes. The peppers and garlic will be nicely softened.

    Cool the mixture slightly, then transfer it to a food processor or blender. Process it until the sauce is nice and smooth.

    Strain the sauce through a fine sieve if you’d like a smoother sauce, or pour it into bottles as-is for a thicker sauce.

    Done! Simple enough, right?

    What Do You Print Water Bottle Labels On

    Glossy water bottle labels, which are popular in the food and beverage industries, can be printed on either white film or semi-gloss paper. Both materials are suitable for water bottle labels however, semi-gloss paper is more common due to the fact that it is a more cost-effective material that offers equivalent print quality and shine to glossy paper.

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    This 5 Oz Clear Glass Refillable Hot Sauce Bottle With Orifice Reducer And Black Foam

    When you want to bottle your own special hot sauce recipe, this 5 oz. clear glass woozy bottle with black foam-lined cap and orifice reducer is the perfect container to put it in. With its orifice reducer, this refillable hot sauce bottle serves up a small quantity of whatever is stored inside, helping to reduce the risk of over-seasoning. Not just for hot sauce, this woozy bottle with cap combo is great for any type of condiment or sauce that has a powerful flavor.

    • Designed specifically for hot sauce but can also be used for other condiments or sauces. This woozy bottle also makes great packaging for handmade gifts and party favors.
    • Clear glass bottle is ready for your custom label but equally handsome when left unlabeled.
    • Orifice reducer fits securely on the bottle and limits the amount dispensed.
    • Black foam-lined cap is easy to twist, yet closes the bottle tightly to prevent spillage.
    • Measures 6.75 inches in height by 2 inches in diameter.
    • Holds up to 5 ounces.

    If you bottle your sauce for sale, then take advantage of our bulk order discounts. Order while they’re HOT!

    Our various V#s are to differentiate between our many suppliers. The only differences you will see in different V#s will be slight cosmetic changes, sometimes unnoticeable, as well as slight differences in shape/sizing . However, all products of the same type will function the same. If you have any other questions,just let us know!

    Hot Sauce Bottles Supplies & Equipment

    Episode 22 – Hot Sauce San Luis

    If you start looking online for sauce equipment, you can find anything from small batch hobbyist supplies to big rigs for professional producers. Everything on this site is geared towards the home hobbyist. These are products that I own and use except where clearly noted. For example, I dont use a food mill or chinois for my style of sauce but the models shown are routinely recommended on forums and highly reviewed/rated. The seeds and pulps they leave behind work perfectly in concert with a food dehydrator to make spice powders.

    Let us know your favorite hot-sauce making & storing equipment!

    5 oz. glass hot sauce bottles set of 24

    8 oz. plastic sauce/woozy bottles set of 12

    12 oz. sauce/woozy bottle with fliptop dispensing caps set of 12

    12 oz. widemouth sauce bottle set of 12

    2 oz. mini bottle for superhots and samples Vivaplex, 12-pack

    8 oz. plastic squeeze squirt bottles for condiments & sauces

    Artisan bottle labels

    People often ask where to get good bottle label products. Avery has a huge selection and their online templates are easy to use. When you click this product link, youll also see many other options for labels.

    Woozy bottle shrink sleeves pack of 30

    This might not be necessary but its a nice touch.

    Neu Master 1500W Heat Gun

    And if youre going to be adding the shrink wrap tops, you might as well get them on there smooth and tight. This is the best priced top-reviewing model on Amazon.

    OXO Food Mill

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    A Quick Comparison Of Best Bottles For Hot Sauce

    • Clear Glass Hot Sauce Bottles, Case of 12
    • Includes Dripper Inserts, Red Screw Caps & Red Shrink Bands
    • Bottle Size: 6.68H x 1.81 Diameter, Capacity: 5 Fl Oz
    • Great for bottling your homemade hot sauce!
    • Also Available in Black & White
    • 5 oz. Clear Glass Hot Sauce Bottle with Black Cap and Orifice Reducer
    • Although specifically designed for hot sauce, this unique bottle is exceptional for canning other condiments, flavorings, spices, and sauces. This clear bottle is also handy for packaging handmade gifts and party favors, beard oils, and mini samplers of your home product creations.
    • This flint glass bottle is ready for your custom label, or let your sauces present through clear glass.
    • The plastic orifice reducer fits securely on the bottle, and limits the amount of liquid dispensed. The black cap is easy to twist, yet closes the bottle tightly to prevent spills.
    • Proudly packaged in the USA by Americans!

    How To Make Cayenne Pepper Sauce The Recipe Method

    First, gather up your cayenne peppers. Clean and dry them.

    Chop up the cayenne peppers along with garlic cloves and add them to a pot with white wine vinegar and a bit of salt.

    Bring the mix to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer everything for 20 minutes. The peppers and garlic will be nicely softened.

    Cool the mixture slightly, then transfer it to a food processor or blender. Process it until the sauce is nice and smooth.

    Strain the sauce through a fine sieve if youd like a smoother sauce, or pour it into bottles as-is for a thicker sauce.

    Done! Simple enough, right?

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    Oz Flint Glass Woozy Sauce Bottle Round

    • Straight body panel design ideal for silk screen decorating and label application
    • Long Neck Profile
    • BPA Free, Type-III Food-Contact Safe Glass
    • Compatible In-Stock Closures Available
    Type III Soda Lime Glass

    Our 5oz Flint Glass Sauce Bottle with a 24-490 neck finish is an ideal bottle for a variety of food applications. This container features a tall neck profile for increased control and easier dispensing of liquid product. As a food-contact safe container this bottle is ideal for food and condiment applications, but not limited to the following:

    • Bar-B-Que Sauce

    Flint glass enhances product display and best educates on the contents of the container.

    • *Closure Options

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    Hot Sauce Bottle Labels

    Good &  Evil Hot Sauce 5.0 oz bottle  Tiemeyers Market

    Do you know that customers can easily skip your product on the shelves even if they intended to buy it? Labeling goes a long way to ensure that your brands image is visible. For instance, branding Hot Sauce Labels can make customers recognize the bottle from afar. It also makes it easy for them to remember the products name. Remember, labeling is just as important as your name in the customers eyes. They define products by their labels.

    Defining your brand in everything you do is a sure marketing strategy that will make consumers trust the product. Here is everything you need to know to step up your packaging game and win consumer loyalty.

    At Laser Inkjet Labels, we have three different labels for three different sizes of bottles. We have labels for 5, 8, and 10 ounce bottles. These are great labels for either plastic or glass bottles that you choose to private label.

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