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How to Make Easy Pizza Sauce |

Pizza sauce made from scratch is so much better than store-bought pizza sauces. Pre-cooked and canned sauces tend to dry out on a pizza and the true flavor of the tomatoes becomes dull, while this uncooked sauce keeps its vibrant tomato flavor and color.

Authentic pizza sauce is not cooked until it is put into the oven on pizza. I learned how to make the best red sauce from the pizza masters at Bon Appetit and Baking Steal.

What Are Some Pizza Sauce Substitutes

Now, you have to use a sauce for your pizza. You cant just cancel the sauce out. Just how you can go for another fish if cod is too fishy for your taste.

Thus, if youre curious about more alternatives to pizza sauce, were here to help. So, there are some more pizza sauce substitutes other than marinara sauce-


Now that you have a basic idea, lets get into the discussed version-

Can You Swap Out Canned Tomatoes For Fresh Ones

That would work. In the summertime when tomatoes are at their best, I like to use fresh Roma tomatoes for this recipe. Youll need about 1½ 1¾ pounds of tomatoes. To prep, the tomatoes, score an x on the bottom of each tomato using a sharp paring knife. Add the tomato to a pot of boiling water and allow them to boil for 1-2 minutes. Remove the tomatoes carefully and place them on a plate or in a bowl. Allow them to cool. Then, peel the skin away from the tomatoes. Once thats done, you can follow the recipe as listed.

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The Best Tomatoes For Homemade Pizza Sauce

The sauce typically found on a Neapolitan-style pizza consists of really good canned San Marzano tomatoes and frankly not much else. Its the kind of sauce that shows how using a few high-quality ingredients can positively impact a recipe.

I typically search for canned San Marzanos at my neighborhood market. A number of brands are becoming more available these days, but hands-down my favorite is Bianco Di Napoli, which was co-founded by James Beard Award-winning pizza chef Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco. These California-grown tomatoes have top rankings in blind taste tests and are beloved in professional kitchens. They can be found at Whole Foods other specialty markets, and online.

If you cant find San Marzanos at your market dont let that stop you from making this sauce. Any canned Italian-style plum tomato puree will also work for this recipe, but trust me, once you use San Marzanos, youll never go back. The flavor is simple and bright with a beautiful balance of acidity and sweetness. Pure tomato goodness.

How To Make Pizza With Sauce

The BEST Homemade Pizza Sauce
  • Brush dough with olive oil: Before adding the pizza sauce to your unbaked pizza dough, I suggest brushing the dough lightly with olive oil. This creates a barrier between the sauce and the dough to prevent a soggy crust.
  • Season with garlic salt: Next, sprinkle the dough lightly all over with garlic salt. Now, both the pizza dough and the pizza sauce are independent seasoned which means they are independently delicious and exponentially delicious together.
  • Add sauce: Spread the sauce evenly across the pizza dough using the back of a spoon or a spatula, leaving about 1/2 border for the crust.
  • Add cheese: Top with 4 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, cut into 1/2-inch cubes or freshly shredded mozzarella cheese. If you use fresh mozzarella cheese, chop it and set aside to drain on paper towels before using. Sprinkle the pizza with 3 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan.
  • Add toppings: Add any additional toppings of choice such as pepperoni, sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, artichokes, tomatoes, pineapple and/or fresh basil.
  • Bake: Bake per the directions in this Homemade Pizza Dough recipe.

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How To Make Homemade Pizza Sauce With Step By Step Photo Recipe:

  • firstly, slit x on bottom of tomatoes. this helps to peel the skin of tomatoes easily once blanched.
  • furthermore, add 6 tomatoes into boiling water and blanch.
  • close the vessel and boil for 3-4 minutes or till the skin starts to leave from tomatoes.
  • further, peel the skin of tomatoes once they cooled completely.
  • then take 3 peeled tomatoes and blend to smooth purees.
  • chop other 3 tomatoes discarding the seeds.
  • transfer to the plate and keep aside.
  • furthermore, heat oil in a non stick tawa or heavy bottomed pan.
  • add chopped garlic and saute till they turn slightly golden brown.
  • further, saute chopped onions till they change colour.
  • then add 3 chopped deseeded tomatoes and cook completely.
  • mash in between so that it turns mushy soon.
  • also add prepared tomato puree .
  • mix well and add basil, sugar, chilli powder, oregano, chilli flakes and salt.
  • mix well and get the sauce to a boil.
  • further, cover and simmer the sauce for atleast 5 minutes or till the sauce turns thick.
  • also add tomato sauce. this helps to enhance the flavour of pizza sauce.
  • then add butter to make pizza sauce more silky and tasty.
  • finally, mix well and pizza sauce is ready to prepare pizzas or pastas.
  • S To Thicken Pizza Sauce

    If you love to cook or you are a fan of pizza, I am sure you might have tried making your pizza sauce at home. Homemade food is delicious you get to eat what you want and enjoy your mastery.

    The thing with cooking is that even though we are using a recipe or we are used to cooking a particular type of food, there are times when we get things a little bit wrong. Your dough might be too sticky or watery, or your pizza sauce might be too watery.

    In situations like this, rather than panic and throw all your food away, there are little tricks that can help you to adjust your food according to how you want it or how the recipe prescribes.

    This article will give you some guidance on how you can thicken your pizza sauce in the situation that it gets too watery.

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    A Blend Of Fats Builds Flavor

    Most pizza sauces start with a base of extra-virgin olive oil, which is fine, but there’s a better option. Is there anyone in the food world who has yet to hear about Marcella Hazan’s amazingly simple and delicious tomato sauce with onion and butter? Made by simply simmering tomatoes, butter, and a couple of onion halves , it produces an exceptionally smooth, complex, and delicious sauce.

    French chefs have known for years that adding butter to a sauce can help round off the rough edges and give it a richer, fuller mouthfeel. This pizza sauce is no exception. Simply replacing one of the two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil I was using with unsalted butter added sweetness, complexity, and smoothness to my sauce without creating any extra work.

    I also decided to use Marcella’s onion trick, further upping the sweetness.

    A Few Tips For The Best Pizza Sauce

    How to Make Pizza Sauce | Awesome Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe
  • Use a large, wide skillet instead of a saucepan. A skillet has more surface area, which lets extra water evaporate from the sauce more quickly meaning your sauce will be ready faster!
  • Cook your sauce until its quite thick almost like tomato paste. If your pizza sauce is too runny, it will make the crust soggy, form pools of liquid at the center of the pie, and turn your pizza into a floppy mess For best results, use a very thick sauce on your homemade pizza. If youd like to make this sauce thicker , add a few Tablespoons of tomato paste!
  • Use high-quality tomatoes. Use good canned tomatoes here for the best flavor. We usually grab the Cento brand they use very ripe tomatoes and have a BPA-free can lining. You can also check out this list of the best chef-approved canned tomato brands!
  • Taste your sauce and adjust as you go! Tomatoes are typically very acidic and can vary by brand and season, so its important to taste and season your sauce! Let the sauce simmer and give it a taste when it looks almost done. If the flavors dont quite pop yet, add a pinch of salt. If the sauce is too acidic, add ½ teaspoon of honey, sugar, or brown sugar to cut the acidity.
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    Incredible Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe

    We like our pizza in all the ways. But our very favorite pizza is homemade, on the grill! Youve got to check out this fun family pizza night for grilled pizza techniques.

    Ive shared this incredible porky fig prosciutto pizza, as well as a dessert pizza that is to die for! Dont miss those for your pizza nights.

    Pizza sauce is different than spaghetti sauce or marinara. Often, a classic marinara will simmer for hours. This homemade pizza sauce doesnt need that!

    In fact, youll see that you dont have to cook it at all if you prefer its so easy!

    Can I Use Pasta Sauce For Pizza

    Absolutely! Pizza sauce is made of many of the same ingredients as pasta sauce , but often pasta sauce is more complex due to the inclusion of sofrito and simmering all of the ingredients together so the flavors can build and meld. In contrast, pizza sauce is not as complex because the ingredients are just blended in a blender. If you want to use pizza sauce on pasta, youll want to simmer the ingredients so the flavors can build.

    Quick dinner tip: If you have some leftover marinara, then it would be delish on pizza! You can even use your favorite store-bought pasta sauce. Raos is by far my favorite brand of pasta sauce and comes in all sorts of varieties such as tomato basil, arrabiata, roasted garlic sauce, and roasted garlic Alfredo.

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    How To Make The Best Pizza Sauce Ever:

    I used to follow complicated recipes for pizza sauce that involved tons of herbs and simmering for 30 minutes. Dont get me wrong, it was good, but imagine my shock when I realized that the simplest pizza sauce is really the best sauce. Of course you can add a pinch of dried oregano if you want to, but its totally unnecessary.

    Theres only one thing that really matters when you make this sauce, and thats the quality of the strained tomatoes.

    Im sure youve heard it before, but San Marzano tomatoes are supposed to be the gold standard when it comes to any kind of tomato sauce. Ive realized that I really dont need to go through the process of crushing whole canned tomatoes to get an amazing sauce.

    Nope, no San Marzano tomatoes needed here.

    All you need is really good strained tomatoes. I keep a ton of these on hand and use it for everything from pizza sauce, to marinara sauce, to tomato soup.

    That one change saves so much time! Suddenly tomato sauce has stopped being something that requires chopping, simmering, and prep work. Now its only something that needs a quick stir in a bowl.

    Different Texture To Pizza Sauce

    Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe

    Now, lets look at the ones that dont match the exact texture of pizza sauce-


    Now, salsa is a really popular sauce. It has that tomato and herby taste. Plus itll be a good pizza sauce if you add chorizo, beans, or sweet corn as toppings. Because youll get an overall Latino kick!

    BBQ Sauce

    Now, if youre a fan of BBQ pizzas, this is your best pick. The sauce will complement the grilled chicken topping. Plus it also has a thick texture to it. So, definitely give it a try!


    Now, trust us on this! Hummus might sound like an exaggeration but it really goes well with chicken or beef pizzas.

    Also, its really good to eat with pita bread. Hence, it will work with your pizza bread as well. Moreover, to make your pizza more delicious, add toppings like onions, cheese, olives.

    Plus hummus is a great source of protein. Thus, you make hummus at home or just buy it from a grocery store.

    Now, if you think marinara is a better choice than these and pizza sauce-

    Do purchase more to use with your pizza. Thus, here are some best jarred marinara sauces for pizza-

    Raos Homemade Marinara Sauce

    These will surely let you enjoy your pizza to the fullest!

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    Ingredients For Homemade Pizza Sauce:

    Start with your favorite crushed tomatoes. We love Italian San Marzano tomatoes and a single 28 oz can is all you need to make about 3 cups of tomato sauce. Simple flavorings are all you need: garlic, extra virgin olive oil, fine sea salt, and dried oregano.

    You might be tempted to add more than 1/2 Tbsp salt but after the flavors meld, the sauce will be perfect. Also, remember your toppings will also add saltiness to your pizza.

    How To Make Homemade Pizza Sauce

    • 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh oregano leaves
    • ½ teaspoon red pepper flakes
    • ½ teaspoon dried oregano
    • 1 can whole peeled tomatoes , crushed
    • salt to taste
    • 1 pinch freshly ground black pepper
    • 1 small pinch baking soda
    • Step 1

      Heat olive oil over medium-low heat in a saucepan stir anchovy fillets into olive oil and cook, stirring often, until the fillets begin to sizzle, about 1 minute. Mix garlic into oil and cook just until fragrant, 1 minute more. Add fresh oregano and reduce heat to low cook until oregano is wilted, 2 or 3 more minutes.


    • Step 2

      Mix red pepper flakes, dried oregano, and tomatoes into olive oil mixture. Bring sauce to a simmer and season with salt, sugar, and black pepper. Turn heat to low simmer sauce until thickened and oil rises to the top, 35 to 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    • Step 3

      Stir baking soda into pizza sauce, mixing until thoroughly combined.

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    What Is The Difference Between Pizza Sauce And Spaghetti Sauce

    Technically people like to define this by saying that pizza sauce is uncooked and spaghetti sauce is cooked, but I beg to differ. There is something magical that happens to tomatoes when they are heated up. You only need a few minutes: my pizza sauce recipe calls for anywhere from a 5 to 30 minute simmer, whatever you have time for. Marinara or spaghetti sauce tends to have more ingredients and an even longer cook time to really bring out the natural sweetness and acidity of the tomatoes.

    But guess what? If you are in a rush, you can make todays pizza sauce recipe without cooking it. It will still taste great. Toss all the ingredients in a blender and voila, youre done. It will be a little more watery than the cooked version.

    And heres a shocker: you can definitely eat this homemade cooked pizza sauce with pasta. Its delish.

    How Much Sauce Does This Recipe Make

    How to make Pizza Sauce

    This pizza sauce recipe makes 2 cups of sauce. You will want to use about & frac13 cup per pizza, so this equates to enough sauce for 6 pizzas. You can also use leftover sauce for dipping sandwiches or breadsticks. The sauce also freezes exceptionally well so you dont have to worry about wasting any! Next time youre ready for pizza, the sauce will be waiting for you!

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    Whats The Greatest Melting Cheese For Pizza

    The most effective melting cheese for pizza is mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella cheese is creamy, thick, straightforward on the mouth, and has a squishy texture. The feel makes it stringy when it melts. This is because of the way its manufactured. Mozzarella cheese is kneaded and stretched when its processed. Thats why you get strings of cheese coming off of your pizza once you take a slice off of your pizza. It melts effortlessly when its baked on prime of pizza in a clay oven.

    In Italy they use contemporary mozzarella for his or her greatest cheese on prime of a pizza. You dont want as a lot contemporary mozzarella on prime of a pizza as common mozzarella.

    Different Makes Use Of For Pizza Sauce

    • Dipping sauce for garlic sticks
    • Dipping sauce for bread

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    Pizza and marinara sauce are related, however not the identical. Pizza sauce and marinara sauce are each made with complete tomatoes. Marinara sauce is pasta sauce, which usually has tomato paste in it, together with diced onions, and presumably different greens to make it the bottom of a meal. Pizza sauce has onions infused with it, and normally has contemporary basil cooked in it, in contrast to marinara sauce.

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    Can You Freeze Pizza Sauce

    Yes, you absolutely can! I usually use about half the sauce to make two pizzas, and once cooled, pop the rest into these take-out containers. You could also just place it in zip-top bags if youd like and freeze it flat. That way you can stack your bags. You can keep the sauce in the refrigerator for about a week, and it lasts for 3 months in the freezer.

    Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce

    Easy Pizza Sauce (From Tomato Paste)

    Easy homemade pizza sauce made with 5 ingredients in less than 5 minutes! Way more flavorful, inexpensive and delicious than store-bought sauce!

    We make homemade pizzas almost every week at our house. Although we love to make different variations like BBQ chicken pizza or spinach pesto pizza, a classic red sauce with cheese and pepperoni is definitely the family favorite. So delicious!

    Homemade pizza sauce is seriously so easy to make and is done in less than 5 minutes! Although store-bought may seem a little more convenient, trust me when I say youll never go back after making this easy recipe. It tastes way more fresh than store-bought and is super inexpensive. Plus its made with just 5 simple ingredients.

    We love to use it on homemade pizza dough or when making french bread pizzas. Its truly the perfect addition to any pizza and tastes so fresh and delicious. Its also super healthy and is gluten-free, paleo, sugar-free and low carb. Yes please!

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