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Healthy Alfredo Sauce. Sounds like an oxymoron, yes? But its not. THIS alfredo sauce is, in fact, healthy!

  • Normally? No way.
  • Today? Heck. YES.

Its also super yummy, super easy, and super tasty on things like whole wheat pasta and pizza .

Honestly, Ive never been a huge fan of alfredo.

Growing up, per my request Im sure, my family and I would go to the Olive Garden for dinner.

I would always order their Zuppa Toscana , my brother, on the other hand, would always, always, always order their fettuccine alfredo. At one point, I actually think he found a copy cat recipe and made it at home.

That being said, for whatever reason, I had a huge craving for some c.r.e.a.m.y. and delicious fettuccine alfredo the other day.


What I didnt want, was a heavy cream, cream cheese filled sauce that would make me feel too full and weigh me down.

So . . .

And there you have it! A fresh, tangy, healthy dip thats perfect for snacking after school or by the pool. Or serving with raw veggies at the dinner table. Or as the perfect accompaniment for that crudité platter at your next party! I hope you enjoy this creamy and delicious Greek Yogurt Dip as much as my family does.

How To Make Pasta With Yogurt Sauce

  • In a large skillet, heat the olive oil. Add the pine nuts and cook until golden brown. Remove from the skillet and set aside.
  • Heat the remaining olive oil in the skillet, add the garlic and parsley and cook until fragrant.
  • Add the yogurt and salt and use a whisk to combine and lightly warm up the yogurt.
  • Continue whisking until the yogurt looks smooth and creamy.
  • Transfer the cooked spaghetti to the skillet.
  • Toss that pasta with the yogurt sauce.
  • How Long Does It Stay Good

    The sauce should stay good in your refrigerator for 5-7 days and the flavor will intensify as it refrigerates. For that reason, I used minced garlic from a jar rather than fresh. I find that fresh garlic leaves me with the most unbearable breath for a good 24 hrs no matter how many times I brush and gargle with mouthwash. Garlic from a jar is a little more subtle.

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    I was pleasantly surprised to find cucumbers on sale 7 for $1 at our produce market today so that really brought the price of this sauce down. Unfortunately, they are only this cheap for a short time during the summer.

    Dont let the rest of the cucumber go to waste. Slice it up for dipping into the Tzatziki, layering on sandwiches and salads or as a garnish!

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    Pasta In Yogurt Sauce

    This creamy pasta with white yogurt sauce also known as Lebanese spaghetti is the perfect substitute for Alfredo sauce. It’s creamy, tangy & easy to make!

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    Spaghetti in Yogurt sauce is like Lebanese alfredo. Its simple to make, very flavorful, and comes out creamy and delicious! Yogurt is often used in so many Lebanese recipes, and its a staple in my kitchen. Growing up, instead of using heavy cream to make a creamy pasta sauce, my mom would use plain whole milk yogurt. In Arabic, this dish is often called Macarona bil laban, which literally translates to pasta in yogurt.

    So, If youve been looking for a pasta dish that is both delicious and easy to make, this recipe for Lebanese Spaghetti with Pine Nuts and White Yogurt Sauce is perfect! This white sauce is made with plain yogurt, garlic, parsley, and a sprinkling of salt. The fresh parsley and mint add a beautiful brightness, and the pine nuts give it a lovely crunch. Its simple, yet flavorful. It makes a great alfredo sauce substitute!

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    Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce

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    More About Yogurt Alfredo Sauce Recipes




    FromCuisineTotal TimeCategoryCalories

    • Boil pasta according to the instructions on the package. I tend to boil gluten-free pasta a little bit more.

    FromTotal TimeCategoryCalories

    • In a sauce pan combine olive oil and garlic over medium heat, cook a few minutes and then add flour stirring constantly until nice and bubbly.

    FromTotal TimeCategoryCalories

    • In a medium sauce pan, melt butter over medium heat. Stir in garlic powder. Stir in milk . Remove from heat and allow to cool for 2-3 minutes. Gradually whisk in greek yogurt.
    • Add parmesan cheese to sauce and stir until melted. Add salt and pepper to taste and toss with your favorite cooked pasta noodles.

    FromEstimated Reading TimeCategoryCalories

    • Boil the pasta in salted water 1 minute less than packet instructions. Reserve 1 cup of the pasta cooking water and drain the pasta.
    • Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, whisk together yogurt, Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley. Slowly whisk in the hot pasta water a little bit at a time. Add the pepper, and taste for cheese and salt. Adjust the seasoning.
    • Toss the cooked, hot pasta into the sauce. Serve immediately. Add extra parmesan cheese freshly grated from the chunk to taste.


    What Is The Difference Between Regular And Greek Yogurt

    While both kinds of yogurt start out the same , there are a couple key differences between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt. When making Greek yogurt, after the milk and bacteria ferment, the liquid whey is drained off the solid yogurt three times, which is why its so much thicker than regular yogurt.

    The straining process for regular yogurt is much less frequent only one or two strainings there which is why its more creamy and less thick. The more concentrated the yogurt is, the more protein it contains, which is why Greek yogurt is such a great source of protein.

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    Zero Cholesterol Fettuccine Alfredo Sauce

    But for real you guys, I this sauce in so many ways. It really does still taste like the creamy, silky Alfredo sauce that I knew and loved, but this is sooooo much better for you, and the cows, and the environment. Its a win-win for everyone!

    The base of our sauce is made with cashews, not cheese and cream, that means that it doesnt have a hint of cholesterol.

    Cashews are incredibly healthy. They have a lower fat content than most nuts and theyre made up of heart healthy monounsaturated fats. Theyre also high in copper and magnesium, which are important for energy and bone healthy.

    If you want to read more about the health benefits of cashews, .

    Ive been wanting to create a vegan dairy free fettuccine Alfredo for a while, and I finally found the time to do it. Boy am I happy I tried, cuz this stuff is the best!

    It was really hard for me not to eat the sauce by the spoonful as I taste tested it until I got it exactly right.

    I added a little lemon, then a touch more some salt, then a pinch more a bit of nutritional yeast flakes, until I got it just right.

    Now, I get to share the results with you!!

    Benefits Of This Alfredo Sauce:

    3 Healthy *NEW* Ways To Eat GREEK YOGURT | Health Foods Remixed
    • No added sugars Processed alfredo sauce is full of added sugars. This healthy alfredo sauce is completely refined sugar-free making it a healthier and better for you.
    • Greek yogurt Greek yogurt is full of probiotic and protein.
    • Real simple ingredients only This alfredo sauce only has 7 simple wholesome ingredients. Greek yogurt, butter, garlic powder, whole milk, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper. These ingredients create the perfect rich and creamy alfredo sauce.
    • Whole Milk Whole milk is high in natural healthy fat, vitamin D, calcium, omega-3, and protein.

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    Can You Store Greek Yogurt Alfredo Pasta Sauce

    You can store leftover Alfredo sauce in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. The best way to keep it fresh is by using a mason jar. You can also use an airtight container if thats all you have.

    Before serving you may need to thin it out with a little water or broth. Simply heat it on the stovetop over low heat, then pour over your favorite pasta.

    What Makes This Sauce Skinny

    So what gives this recipe the right to be called skinny?

    Well, instead of using heavy creams and a whole mess of cheeses, I swapped those artery-cloggers with some plain greek yogurt and just 1 cup of shredded parmesan cheese.

    You still get the creaminess but without the guilt.

    It sounds amazing because it is!

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    How To Make Low Fat Alfredo Sauce

    Making healthy fettuccine alfredo is so easy!

  • In a saute pan, add extra virgin olive oil, onions and garlic. Saute over low heat until soft and golden brown.
  • Once cooked, gradually add in flour, salt and pepper until thick paste starts to form.
  • Stir in greek yogurt and gradually add milk, about a ½ cup at a time, stirring until the sauce becomes thick and creamy.
  • When youve added all the milk, gradually add both cheeses and chicken broth, stirring constantly until a thick sauce forms.
  • Serve over pasta or save in a jar!
  • How Can I Improve The Flavor Of Alfredo Sauce

    greek yogurt alfredo sauce in 2020

    Learn how to make premade alfredo sauce taste better when you dont have time or just want to use up things in your cupboard. There are various options available, so pick and choose from the suggestions below.

    If using garlic, saut it first before adding the rest of the ingredients. Cook for 10 minutes in a skillet over medium heat, stirring often to avoid burning.

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    Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce

    Super creamy and rich, this protein-packed Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce is so amazing youll ditch store-bought versions for good!

    • 1 ½teaspoonsgarlic powder
    • ½cupmilk or water –
    • ¾cupplain greek yogurt-
    • ½ – cupshredded parmesan cheese
    • salt and pepper to taste
    • optional: ½ teaspoon dried parsley –
    • 8ouncespasta noodles-cooked

    Ingredients In Alfredo Sauce

    The ingredients for this sauce are Greek yogurt, plenty of cheese either Pecorino Romano or Parmesan cheese, a little olive oil, plenty of garlic, plus a tiny bit of butter to make the sauce even creamier. And don’t forget to season with plenty of freshly ground pepper as it’s a must over pasta dishes and especially this one!

    Best Pasta To Use:

    A flat type of pasta like Fettuccine, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, or Greek Hilopites. Flat pasta is ideal for this recipe as it holds sauce better. And the texture of this dish is creamy and not so much al dente where spaghetti or penne goes better.

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    Greek Yogurt Pasta Sauce With Fettuccine

    Potassium 327mg 7%
    *The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

    Do you love alfredo, but prefer a lightened-up version? This Greek yogurt pasta sauce is the perfect solution. Its a healthier twist on the Italian-American classic thats loaded with protein from non-fat Greek yogurt. Still cheesy and luscious, you wont be missing the heavy cream and extra butter.

    With only a few ingredients, youll have this dinner together in no time. Add some grilled chicken and a side salad for a complete meal. Its sure to please parents and kids alike. You can easily omit the white wine and use chicken or vegetable broth instead.

    Serve this dish for an easy weeknight meal or as a main course for a fancy date night. Its beautiful, delicious, and simple.

    You can easily reheat this pasta by adding it to a pan with a little water. Stir on low heat until the sauce comes together again.

    How To Make Skinny Champagne Alfredo:

    Creamy Greek Yogurt Pasta Recipe – Indian Style | Arizona Kitchen
  • Cook your gluten-free noodles according to package. Set aside.
  • While the noodles are cooking, melt the butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Once melted, add in the garlic, sage, and onion powder. Cook for 1 minute or until the garlic is fragrant.
  • Add in the champagne and let simmer. Once simmering, remove from the heat for 2 minutes. Then add back to the heat and add in the greek yogurt, parmesan, salt, and pepper. Allow the cheese to melt, but importantly, do not let the sauce simmer or boil after the yogurt is added as it will curdle.
  • Once the cheese is melted, pour the alfredo sauce over the noodles and garnish with more black pepper and parsley. Enjoy!
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    Healthy Alfredo Sauce Faq

    What can you substitute for cream in Alfredo sauce?

    You dont need cream to make alfredo sauce! You can substitute milk, skim milk or even almond milk in place of cream when making alfredo sauce. It will not be quite as thick or rich, but its still delicious.

    How healthy is pasta Alfredo?

    Pasta alfredo isnt a particularly healthy dish. Traditional alfredo sauce is made with a lot of heavy cream and cheese. Its often high in calories or fat, but you can make it healthier!

    Is Alfredo sauce healthier than marinara?

    Alfredo sauce usually isnt healthier than marinara sauce. Marinara sauce is tomato based and relatively low in calories and fat. Alfredo sauce is higher calorie and higher in fat.

    Is Alfredo sauce high in fat?

    Yes, alfredo sauce is usually very high in fat because its made with heavy cream and lots of cheese/butter, but you can make a low fat alfredo sauce!

    Ingredients For Greek Yogurt Pasta Sauce

    Oil for this recipe we are using extra virgin


    Milk we are using skim

    Broth you can use veggie or chicken broth, measurements are the same for both

    Greek Yogurt Our favorite is FAGE Total Plain Greek Yogurt! Be sure you allow some time for it to come to room temperature before using

    Garlic Mince fresh garlic cloves or use store-bought when in a pinch. You can also swap this for garlic powder, as the flavor will be slightly different.

    Cheese Grab some freshly grated Parmesan, the cheesy the better right?

    Spices: Italian seasoning, black pepper, and salt.

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    Is It Possible To Substitute Greek Yogurt For Heavy Cream In Spaghetti Sauce

    • If youre not concerned about the dishs health, half and half or heavy cream can be substituted for the Greek yogurt.
    • I know Ive said it a million times, but make sure your pasta is aldente! While you stir the sauce, the pasta will continue to cook.
    • Every step of the way, season. Seasoning is everything in simple cookery. Season the carrots, onion, and garlic. When you add the tomatoes, season them. And then again at every turn. This is the most effective approach to develop flavor.

    If you like this Creamy Tomato Pasta, youll love this Easy Garlicky Shrimp Pasta, too. Its loaded with sweet shrimp, garlic, and a simple butter sauce whats not to like? Only five items are required. One of our favorite quick and easy pasta dinners is this One Pot Turkey Mexican Pasta. Ideal for hectic weeknights. If youre looking for something traditional, try our One Pot Spaghetti and Meatballs, which are not only quick to prepare but also nutritious!

    Falafel Burgers With Creamy Yogurt Sauce

    Greek Yogurt Alfredo Sauce

    Now 20 years into motherhood, I can reflect back and see what an amazing ride its beenand a hard one, too. As a new mom, I was so exhausted I would fantasize about building a padded room full of child-safe toys so I could sleep on the floor while the kids played. Having three girls under the age of six was sometimes so demanding, I wanted to lock myself in that padded room. Alone.

    One thing that wasnt hard for me, though, was the fertility part of the equation. Pregnancy and childbirth werent exactly a breeze, but getting myself in the family way was. In the years since then Ive gained enormous empathy for couples who struggle with infertility. Like most of us, Ive heard too many stories to count of miscarriages, failed IVFs, and unsuccessful attempts at adoption. Among the most heartbreaking and hopeful, though, was the story food blogger Sonja Overhiser shared over dinner when we met last spring.

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    Why Youll Love This Pasta & White Sauce With Yogurt

    • Tangy. The yogurt brings a nice tang to the pasta, which is well balanced by the garlic.
    • Creamy. Even though theres no cream in this recipe, the pasta still comes out creamy and delicious!
    • Nourishing. This pasta dish is made with whole milk yogurt, which is a good source of protein and calcium.
    • Easy to make. This recipe comes together in under 30 minutes, making it perfect for a weeknight meal!

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