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What Ph Should My Fermented Hot Sauce Be

Nando’s style hot sauce recipe

We always test the pH of our fermented hot sauce to ensure it is adequately acidic. As fermentation takes place, the pH will drop lower and lower, becoming more and more acidic.

To put it simply, aim for a pH of 3.7 or lower when making fermented hot sauce. This ensures that your sauce will have a safe and long shelf life in the refrigerator. Some people target a pH of 3.5 for fermented hot sauce.

Technically, any pH below 4.6 will be stable, but we like to be cautious and allow our ferments to become very acidic before processing further.

How To Lower pH of Hot Sauce

If your sauce is tasty, but the pH is too high, you can add vinegar to bring the pH lower. Add a few tablespoons of vinegar , blend, and test the pH again. Once it is at or below 3.7, you can store it in the refrigerator.

Choosing Between 3 Quality Digital Ph Meters

If youre looking for something inexpensive and simple, the Dr. Meter PH838 is up to most tasks. It uses a small compact design thats suited to occasional use, and would be comfortable inside most any toolbox. Its only substantial downside is that testing times for products in this price range are relatively slow. Theres also no detachable probe, so the range of your testing is slightly more limited than with other meters, but the slim profile of the design ensures that wont often be a problem.

Apera Instruments AI209 PH20 is a step up from the PH838. If youre doing more than a couple of tests at a time, then youre not going to like the slower response times from units like the PH838. The AI209 uses Aperas powerful sensor technology for fairly rapid response times. And as a minor bonus, the AI209 uses AAA batteries that are far more convenient than dealing with button cells.

Finally, the Milwaukee MW102 PH is your choice if a detachable testing probe is non-negotiable, or if you need remarkable 0.02 pH accuracy from your results. Its a laboratory quality instrument a considerable testing range, both physically and functionally. And because the MW102 is only a pH meter, it has an insane price to performance ratio for an instrument of this caliber.

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How To Create A Slurry

  • Prepare 50g of your semi-solid or solid sample
  • Prepare 100g of deionized water
  • Purée the sample with the deionized water until a uniform paste is achieved. If there is not sufficient liquid to create a thin paste, the sample may be diluted with up to 10x its weight with deionized water without affecting the pH level . Use as little water as necessary to achieve desired consistency.
  • Test using the corresponding method that follows
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    Homemade Hot Sauce Ph

    Preserving your sauce by lowering the pH is a critical part of making homemade sauces, ideally, a pH of around 3.4 will create an acidic solution that will prevent the growth of bacteria. To create an acidic Hot Sauce you can either use limes or lemons, vinegar or you can ferment the Hot Sauce.

    Testing the pH of your sauce can be done by taking a sample of your Hot Sauce from the cooking pot after all ingredients have been cooked down, wait for the sample to cool then with either food-grade litmus strips or with a food-grade pH meter test the Hot Sauces pH.

    Milwaukee Mw102 Ph And Temperature Meter

    pH Meters for Hot Sauce  ChilliChump

    Milwaukee Instruments is an internationally trusted brand for pH measuring equipment, with a variety of thermometers, pocket meters, and other pH test kits. Their digital pH meters are one step in a long line of expertly designed generalized and specialized instruments.

    The MW102 PH is their standard pH meter, built to provide quick and reliable measurements without any unnecessary features tagged on to run up the price. But at a glance youll be able to tell that Milwaukees idea of standard is very different from other pH meters.

    Testing and Accuracy

    The MW102 uses a microprocessor to have an extended -2 to 16 pH testing range, and has a pH resolution of 0.01 pH for precise results you wont find on cheaper products. It also sports a highly precise +/- 0.02 pH accuracy for all your measurements.

    The automatic temperature compensation is far more than youll find in most standard units, supporting a vast 23-158°F temperature range, with automatic compensation to match. The accuracy of temperatures isnt as precise as this device is with its pH measurements, but remains within an acceptable margin of error of one half degree Celsius.

    Build & Design

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    How Do I Test Hot Sauce For Ph Levels

    If you are concerned with the pH level of your hot sauce the three most common ways of testing a hot sauce are litmus paper, also known as pH test strips, or a pH test meter. The most accurate of these methods is the pH meter and they can have a cost range from $15 for a simple hand held meter or up to $300 for lab quality equipment. See the Recommended Meters page for our top picks!

    The Pinpoint pH Meter Kit from Amazon is portable and has a clear digital display. It comes with a separate probe on a 10 cable for ease of testing. Some of these meters can get very expensive but litmus paper is a much less expensive way of measuring pH as well. I also like the size, accuracy and portability of the hand held meters and they are super easy to use as well. Read here on how to properly use a pH meter.

    Litmus paper

    Litmus paper will give a rough estimate of the pH level. These test strips are available from this link to Amazon or at pet stores where aquarium supplies are sold. Any hardware stores where they supply pool test kits will have a department dedicated to pool maintenance where pH test strips are available as well. However, if you regularly make hot sauce for consumption you should be concerned about the accuracy of the pH and should use a meter.

    PH meter

    Which Vinegar Is Best For Hot Sauce

    Any distilled vinegar with an acidity of at least 6% will be okay to use. There are various types of vinegar you can use, the most common type of vinegar we would suggest using is Apple Cider Vinegar as it compliments most Hot Sauce recipes. White vinegar can be used with making sweet Hot Sauces, Malt Vinegar can be used for strong tasting BBQ Hot Sauce recipes and Red Wine Vinegar is great for making a Steak Hot Sauce

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    Here Is A List Of Popular Hot Sauce Types:

    Louisiana Style This hot sauce, popularized by hot sauces like Tabasco and Crystal, is made with fresh or fermented peppers that are mashed with salt and vinegar. I make a lot of hot sauces this way, with both fresh and fermented peppers.

    Caribbean Style Usually made with fiery habaneros or Scotch Bonnet peppers, these sauces vary wildly because of the diverse culinary influences in the area. Youll find hot sauces with African influence, and others with French influence nearby, as well as Indian influence and more. The ingredients reflect this.

    Hawaiian Style Hawaiian hot sauce, or Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water, is typically a mixture of local chili peppers, garlic, ginger, a bit of vinegar but mostly water, among other potential ingredients. It is splashed over everything. It is reminiscent of the famous Puerto Rican Hot Sauce Pique.

    American Southwest Youll find many earthy ingredients with thick walled New Mexican peppers, either fresh or dried, with very little use of vinegar. In New Mexico in particular, they serve up red or green chili sauce all year long.

    Mexican Style Youll notice a lot of crossover from Mexican cuisine and the American Southwest and Tex-Mex cuisine. These hot sauces are made with lots of smoked and/or dried pods as well as local ingredients. They usually focus more on flavor and less on heat.

    Indian Style India is well known for lot of spices, and use them in chutney and general everyday sauces and dips.

    Clean Workspace & Practices

    How to calibrate pH meter

    It may be obvious to some, but a clean workspace is an absolute must. Free of debris, cleaned, and then sanitized.

    There are many methods of doing this so find the right cleaners and sanitizers for your surface. Your workspace should be nonporous as to allow it to be easily cleaned.

    A dirty workspace will only cause problems. You should also note that you should not create hot sauce in a kitchen where any animals or pets have access to.

    This should also be another obvious point but do NOT cook when you are sick as you don’t want to spread anything.

    Also, you should read up on safe and proper handwashing technique right HERE.

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    Calibration Of Ph Meters

    The biggest pain about pH meters is that you have to calibrate them before pretty much every session in which you use them. By calibrating a pH meter, you are reminding it what it should read as certain pH rates, such as 4.0 and 7.0. Its been this way for decades and decades, and its unclear why the technology still seems somewhat primitive in this way.

    Be that as it may, it still is primitive, and you have to calibrate before you start a session. To be clear, that doesnt mean before each thing you measure. But rather, say on a given day you are going to use the pH meter. You need to calibrate the pH meter. Then, whether you measure one thing or ten with it, youre good to go. In a lab, where pH meters are used daily, the rule of thumb is apparently to calibrate at the start of each day

    Anyway, given that calibration is a minor annoyance that gets repeated for the rest of your life, its nice to reduce the annoying factor in this as much as is possible.

    On cheaper models, you have to fiddle with a small screw driver that fits exactly a small screw and turn the screw back and forth to set the calibration to identify 4.0, and then 7.0, etc. And always know where the screw driver is.

    On better models, there are push button calibration features which make it just that little bit easier and less fiddly.

    Preparing Food Samples For Ph Testing

    Note that food samples should be at a constant temperature, preferably room temperature, when tested for pH. Recommendations for specific types of food follow.

  • Homogeneous foods:If a food is homogeneous, that is of uniform consistency, then the pH of any portion may be considered to be representative of the whole. This is typically true of food products that are wholly liquid or contain only very small particles. Examples of this type of food include most barbecue sauces and salad dressings. No special preparation is required for this type of food unless the samples are oily .
  • Semi-solid foods: Examples of semi-solid foods include puddings and very thick sauces. These foods should be blended to a uniform paste before testing. If additional liquid is required to blend the samples, up to 20 parts deionized or distilled water may be added per 100 parts food sample. Following blending, the pH should be measured as described below in Testing food samples.
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    How Can I Decrease My Soil Ph

    The most common way to decrease the acidity of your soil is by adding fertilizers high in calcium .

    Another option would be to add aluminum sulfate, which will slowly dissolve over time and bring your pH down to the right level.

    Other alternatives include using elemental sulfur, sulfate of potash-magnesia, or even hardwood ashes, which will increase the acidity and lower the overall pH levels. Note that using elemental sulfur a lot can tend to make it less effective when used in soils with higher levels of calcium carbonate .

    You can also add organic matter like compost, rotted manure or peat moss to the soil to lower the pH level. Some gardeners also use organic acids such as vinegar or citric acid to lower soil pH.

    Perfect Your Hot Sauce

    pH Meters for Hot Sauce  ChilliChump

    This should go without saying, but your hot sauce needs to be the best hot sauce it can be. Test your recipes thoroughly. Invite friends over to give you a reaction. Try them out on acquaintances. Get a lot of feedback, not only on the taste, but the color, heat level, smell and more. Take notes and listen. Your product is the most important thing.

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    How To Make Hot Sauce

    This guide will teach you how to make hot sauces of different types, including many recipes and tips, fermenting information, preserving hot sauce, and how to start a hot sauce business.

    The popularity of hot sauce in the United States has exploded in the last twenty years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. What used to be a market dominated by only a few hot sauce options with interesting fringe hot sauces is now a market filled with a wonderful selection of hot sauces for consumers.

    Gone are the days of a single brand or two filling the hot sauce shelves.

    As I run a food blog dedicated to spicy foods as well as chili peppers, I receive emails and comments all the time related to making hot sauces. People want to know how to make them at home. Some people want to learn how to take their hot sauce making hobby and turn it into a business.

    I have a lot of hot sauce recipes on the site here, but wanted to add to my growing recipe collection some information on how to make hot sauces in general.

    I will continually update this page with information as I acquire it, but for now, lets talk about making your own hot sauces at home. It all starts with an essential ingredient chili peppers.

    How To Make A Safe Hot Sauce

    SDSU Extension Food Safety Field Specialist

    Hot sauces have become very popular condiments that can be used in a variety of applications. Processors are able to make their hot sauces with their own unique twist on flavor and heat. Additionally, consumers are also interested to try new hot sauces, not only to try new products, but to also support the local entrepreneur. This article will help address what can make a hot sauce safe and ready-to-eat.

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    How Long Will This Sauce Keep

    It should keep a few months easily in the fridge, or even longer. It’s all about the acidity. Target level ph for shelf stable foods is below 4.6 ph, but should probably be lower for home cooks, around 3.5 or so, to account for errors. If you’re concerned, add more vinegar to lower the ph.

    The best ph meters that I recommend are from Thermoworks. Get yourself a ph meter from Thermoworks today. I am a happy affiliate.

    Advice From Hot Sauce Makers

    Ph Meter, Canning and Clamato

    I reached out to some of the hot sauce makers I know and asked them what advice they would give to would-be sauce makers looking to break into the market. Here is what they had to say.

    The advice I would give to would be sauce makers wanting to start a new business is this: Do your research. Initially do your research on food safety and take a food safety course and read pertinent information from both the FDA and local DOH. After that, decide if you want to manufacture yourself or co-pack. Again, research. Starting up is an investment and the more you know before you start shelling out money the less you waste making mistakes. Finally ask questions. There’s tons of sauce makers that have been where you are and will be more than happy to answer questions, just don’t expect them to to do your work for you. Finally test your sauces on people who will give you honest feedback. Friends and family will be biased for the most part. Honest feedback may save you from spending a lot of time and money on a sauce nobody wants. Be smart before you start. Jeremy Walsh, Bigfats Hot Sauce .

    “I tell everyone that asks me this question is that you better be ready to work super long hours and have an extreme passion for the industry.” – Steve Seabury, High River Sauces

    “On the light side I would say to remember all the people that said, ‘This is great-you should get it in stores‘, and remind them of that when you need financing!” – Bill White, Slap You Silly Hot Sauce

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    What Is The Ph Meter For Hydroponics

    Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of ph meter for hydroponics is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the ph meter for hydroponics listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

    Considerations When Choosing A Ph Tester

    • Accuracy: Do you need accuracy to 0.1 or 0.02? This is probably the biggest factor in what you should buy.

    • Calibration: Is it easy to quickly re-calibrate .

    • Portability: Does your pH meter need to be portable or can you choose a plug-in bench top model? Note that smaller, more portable pH testers tend to be less accurate.

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