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As one of the ONLY Small Batch Co-Packing Companies in Florida, we are always helping small start up companies get off the ground. Our minimum batches START at 40 gallons per flavor, per container size and per production run. Not too bad when the others guys want 100 to 500 gallons. If this seems like too much, you may not be ready for a co-packer just yet.

If you ARE a start up company we ask that you take our E-Course BEFORE reaching out to us. In this course we will walk you through the ENTIRE process, step by step, so that you have everything you need to be successful in this fierce industry! THIS COURSE WILL BE AVAILABLE STARTING JUNE 15th!

Top Bottling Companies In The Usa

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This article focuses on contract and private label bottlers. While some of the larger bottlers produce their own branded products, those that are listed here will also solicit business from other beverage/food makers, usually offering either co-packing or private labeling and, many times, both. Bottlers use both plastic and glass bottles, with some producers such as brewers and vintners almost universally choosing glass, while many soft drink and bottled water makers opting for plastic. Sauces and the like are often packaged in glass bottles, as well.

Missing from the list are the larger retail brand bottlers of nationally-known sodas, beers, etc. as it is assumed that these companies do not offer contract or private-label bottling or at least do not advertise it if they do. Some of these bottlers may be contract bottlers themselves, with exclusive contracts for these well-known brands.

Frozen Foods And Entrees Frozen Fruits And Vegetables Co

Request FoodsRequest Foods® is a leading co-packer of frozen prepared entrèes, side dishes and specialty items delivering better solutions to retail, club store and foodservice customers. Their quality and performance are key ingredients in the success of our customers national brands and private label products.

Flavours IncFlavours, Inc. has utilized the last twenty-four years to build a good reputation and to be a leader in proprietary flavor and aseptic technology for functional foods and nutritional products. The R& D pilot facility is equipped with the latest technology to assist their chemists in the development of highly functional nutritional products and beverages.

Cloud Packaging SolutionsCloud Packaging Services has a thorough knowledge of manufacturing and packaging food, beverage, candy and nutraceutical products for the best known names in their respective industries. Food, beverage, candy and nutraceutical packaging specialties include dry flowable powders and pieces into flexible pouch, perform containers and blister packages.

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Acasi Filling Machine Manufacturers

Having more than 25 years of experience as a filling machine manufacturer as well as an obsessive focus on design improvement, quality and support makes us the best solution for most of the filling equipment projects in the US, we are one of the few bottle filling machine manufacturers that can offer a complete project with all bottling equipment made entirely by Acasi including, bottle unscramblers, fillers, bottle cappers, labelers, neck banders, conveyors and accumulation tables. We dont depend on external shops to make our filling equipment since we own our own state of the art fiber laser to cut all of the stainless on our machines , press brake, welding, more than 20 CNC machining and turning centers on our sister company in south America. Keep in mind that there are a lot of designs of liquid filling equipment and its important not only to choose the right manufacturer but also the right principle of function of that particular bottling machinery.

What Clients Say About Our Machines

McIlhenny Co. Tabasco® Steak Sauce Meat Sauce 10 fl. oz ...

“The bottle unscrambler we bought from Acasi Machinery has automatically fed more than 5 million bottles and still running, more importantly when we need parts we can order quickly through their website and have them send next day if needed to”

Alex – Alfa Vitamins

“Adding this bottle unscrambler to our line increased our production and immeditely reduced our labor cost, the machie paid for it self in less than 1 year”

Ernesto – La Lechonera

“The equipment manufactured by ACASI is great and the folks there are even better!!We’ve purchased a total of 6 machines from ACASI over the past 7 years and each transaction has been a super pleasant experience.Our team spends a lot of time researching different equipment manufacturers and after visiting their factory and experiencing the equipment quality, I’ve been recommending ACASI to anyone in the food manufacturing industry, big or small. They have a team that will retrofit to your needs. The machines we ordered arrived at our facility very well secured and with care. When issues do arise their technical staff is awesome and fast to get back to you! Last but not least their Parts Replacement website is great! Super easy to find replacement parts and the site is equipped with Easy Pay so it’s as fast and easy as buying on Amazon, i love it!”

Peter Ferreira – Nuts ‘N More Founder & CEO”mers.

“Great construction – still running after 16 years”

Ricardo Zorrilla

C& C Industries

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What To Look For In A Co

Look for a company that has a vested interest in your sauce as much as you do. Personal relationships can be very valuable. Some co-packers will help create unique recipes to call your own and place emphasis on your needs. Not all co-packers will be able to bottle a hot sauce. Most manufacturers are set some for specific operations. Even co-packers who manufacture sauce may have strict guidelines for producing your specialized sauce.

Actual Production & Roll

Picking up will be slow at first therefore, you can start with limited distribution, scaling up as the client base expands. Local shops and malls should be your first targets since they can take products in bulk. Forming a partnership with any restaurant that you can find is also another form of marketing.

To save on costs, form partnerships with nearest wholesale bottle suppliers who can deliver jars and bottles for packaging straight to your plant.

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Beverages Drinks Juices And Bottled Waters Co

Castel Co-PackersTheir focus is on high end, specialized brands. In their facility, the have four production lines. Castle Co-Packers, LLC has an expert logistics service that oversees a 500,000 square foot warehouse. They are a Kosher and Organic Certified Plant. Juice, sports drinks teas and coffees are their specialty.

Aseprtic Solutions USAAseptic Solutions USA is a Manufacturer and Co packer of Nutritional and Dietary Supplements. They also manufacture Energy, Vitamin Shots, Protein Shakes and 100% Fruit Juices. Their technology allows the processing and packaging of liquid foods to be safe, fresh and flavorful all without the use of preservatives.

Tampa Bay Co-PackOur co-packing capability is ideal if you are prepared to provide the bottles, caps, labels, raw ingredients, and everything required to develop the finished product. Or, if you simply have an exciting beverage idea in mind, our turnkey services are ideal for taking a concept from scratch to fruition.

Blue BeverageState of the Art Beverage Co-Packing Facility, Dedicated to produce low acid, milk / Protein based shelf stable beverages. Utilizing the Retort process. Wide verity of bottles as well as beverage cans. With over 100 years of combined industry expertise. Also Offering Climate Controlled warehousing.

What To Expect When Engaging A Bottling Company

Bottling line of Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce.

Every company has different minimum requirements. Some companies have minimum orders of 100 gallons, while others base their minimum orders on the size of their kettles or on a number of cases of bottles. Once they give you a quote, they should then be able to outline the production process for you. Each part of the process usually involves a line-item fee, such as:

  • Evaluating the sauce for its pH level
  • Registering the sauce with the FDA if it’s an acidified food
  • Creating a procedure for each ingredient to protect from foodborne illnesses
  • Creating FDA-approved nutritional, ingredient and allergen statements
  • Creating an FDA-approved label
  • Bottling and packing the sauce
  • Shipping the sauce to you or warehousing it for you

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Hot Sauce Tasting Good Morning Florida Keys
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Selling Your Own Condiments And Sauces

If you are having a food production company bottle your sauce for you, you will need to ensure you have a market to sell it all in a timely manner, or your investment will be lost. Farmers’ markets and food fairs can be a great way to get your product into the light, particularly if you offer free samples. Local specialty stores are often happy to sell a local product, particularly if you are willing to give them credit terms or sell the sauces on consignment.

Grocery stores may also be open to selling your sauce provided you give them a reason to offer your product in addition to those sold by companies with which they have established relationships. Often, this involves paying the store to put your brand at the end of an aisle for a limited time or, just like at the farmers’ market, offering free samples to shoppers.

Another option is to sell your sauces online. This may be particularly attractive to people online if you establish yourself as a cooking expert on platforms like YouTube or Instagram. If you create wonderful recipes using your sauce and people can see that you know what you’re doing, they may be happy to click a link to buy a bottle from you.


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We Will Manufacture Over 126000 Gallons Of Sauce This Year For Numerous Restaurant Groups And Private Companies Are You Going To Be One Of Them

Ashlynns offers a wide variety of co-packing options to fit your needs. From sauces to beverages and a whole bunch in between. We have the experience that you are looking for.

So whether you are just starting out or if you are a nationwide selling brand or restaurant group, WE are the co-packing company that you have been looking for.

Dry Mixes Dry Blending Teas Seasonings Powders And Spices Co


McClancys Seasoning CompanyNoodle flavorings, dry blending, soup mixes, drink mixes, seasoning packets, dessert mixes and gravies. McClancys co-packing capabilities make it easy to offer more brands in different categories. We can co-pack your existing products to your exact specifications. We can also help you develop new products. In either case, complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Sugar and Spice Inc.In addition to our selection of bulk herbs and spices, we provide excellent co-packing and private label contract packaging services for small, medium and large companies. Sugar N Spice Companys co-packing projects include packing a wide variety of spices, spice blends and meat marinades in various size containers. Our expertise is valuable in guiding new and existing companies through the process of creating new, high quality products for the market.

Rocky Mountain Spice CompanyRocky Mountain Spice Company has an extensive library of spices, herbs, seasoning blends, dehydrated vegetables, chilis and dry mixes. We co-pack baking and cake mixes too. Private labels options as well. If its a dry mix, food or beverage, wed love to do it.

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Our Filling Machines And Bottling Equipment

We offer a wide range of liquid filling, bottle capping and bottle handling equipment because each customer and their bottling equipment needs are different.

When choosing filling equipment if you only need a low viscosity bottling machine the most cost effective will be an overflow liqui filler but if you also need high viscosity you want to consider a piston filler or a pump filler or a flowmeter filler.

For bottle capping there are many options also so depending on cap designs, torque requirements, possibilities of using or not an inline capping machine or a chuck capper as well as bottling production run sizes will all need to taken into consideration to provide you with the optimum capping machine

If you provide us with your bottle filling speed requirements as well as technical aspects of your product, container, caps and labels with consideration to possibilities of futures bottling necessities we can help you choose the best bottling equipment for your business.

Sauces Bbq Salad Dressing Condiments Marinades Co

Union KitchenUSDA-Organic Certified. USDA-Approved Meat-Production Facility, FDA-registered. Our 17,000 sq. ft. certified commercial kitchen allows you to build serious manufacturing. We work with food businesses at all stages of growth, from early recipe testing to established operations. We partner with food & beverage businesses that are ready to grow! Through a 12-week program, we turn ideas into market-ready products. Exclusive production access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. UNION KITCHEN: 1369 New York Avenue N.E. Washington, DC 20002

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High Pressure Processing / Largest Hpp Facility In The Mid

At Maryland Packaging, were big on High Pressure Processing. We love it because we think it offers some of the industrys best solutions for:

  • Extending Product Shelf Life
  • Keeping Foods Tasting Fresh Longer
  • Clean Label Foods
  • Removing Harsh Chemicals and Preservatives from the Packaging and Manufacturing Process
  • Maintaining the Taste of the Product Without Heat Treatment

We have the largest HPP facility in the Mid-Atlantic with two facilities and the ability to process over 3,000 kg per hour.

The Largest HPP Facility in the Mid-Atlantic

With two Hiperbaric 525 machines and one Avure 10, we have the most High Pressure Processing power anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic.

HPP is a great solution for extending shelf-life, preserving taste, and keeping foods safe without heat treatment.

Creation Of The Brand

Pasta sauce bottling line with Bottle rinser, filler, capper and labeler

Brand development is another stage that requires investment and attention. The whole product can come undone by poorly conceptualized branding, no matter how good tastes. The first thing you have to figure out is the core color. This is the color by which your brand and the company will be associated with. It appears on everything from the logo, the packaging, and staff clothes. Therefore it has to be a color that draws attention in a non-invasive way.

The next thing to be figured out is the logo. Depending on the sauce you are dealing with, you can use an illustration of the main ingredient. The image of pepper for chili sauce and tomato for tomato sauce. They can all be tweaked creatively by mixing them up with creative fonts and shapes.

The bottom line is it has to be simple enough for someone to figure out what it means and creative enough to leave a lasting impression. To pull this off, you will need the best graphic design minds that you can find. Some companies that make glass bottles also double up as bottle design companies that can brand and decorate the bottles to your preferences cutting out the need for another third-party branding entity.

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If You Manufacture And Market Your Own Sauce You Probably Are Well Aware Of The Headaches And Problems Associated With Doing Your Own Production Things Like:

  • Sourcing ingredients, containers and labels
  • Making sure ingredients are measured correctly in each batch
  • Dealing with Inspections from the health department and the FDA
  • Shipping and Production deadlines
  • Labor issues
  • Product Liability Insurance

How would it be if all of the above problems and more could disappear from your life? Just think, having more time to SELL your product, which in the long run will put more money in your pocket!

Let Endorphin Farms show you how using a qualified contract packer is the smart choice for your bottling needs!

Feel free to explore our site and see how we manufacture sauces. You can request additional information by contacting us.

We look forward to showing you the Profitable way to bottle sauces!

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We Have Been Around For A Long Time And We Are Not Scared To Do What The Others Wont

We want your experience in this business to be a positive one. We want to gain your trust, we want to give you total transparency in your invoicing, we want to make sure that every batch is exactly how you want it to be and most of all, we want to see your business grow! We look forward to being a part of your journey. See you soon!

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McIlhenny Co. Tabasco® Brand Spicy Teriyaki Sauce 5 fl. oz ...

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The NASFT is an international organization composed of domestic and foreign manufacturers, importers, distributors, brokers, retailers, restaurateurs, caterers and others in the specialty foods business. The organization has more than 2,900 current member companies throughout the U.S. and overseas.

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