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Georgia Land & Cattle Major Merritt’s Manly Steak Seasoning on Pepper Steak
  • Some of the best apples to make applesauce are Cameo, Gala, Fuji, Jonathan, Golden Delicious, and Mutsu .
  • Prepare an acidic soaking solution to hold cut fruit and delay browning. Use one gallon water and 3,000 mgs crushed plain ascorbic acid tablets OR 4 teaspoons citric acid. Or, use one gallon plain apple juice.
  • Recommended variations: For Quince-Applesauce, use 1/4 quince and 3/4 apples. For Pear-Applesauce, use 1/2 pears and 1/2 apples.

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Wisconsin: Door County Cherry Pie

Sometimes referred to as the Cape Cod of the Midwest, laidback Door County, the 70-mile peninsula jutting way out into far northern Lake Michigan is extremely cherry focused, no matter the time of year. As you traverse the highways, and the exceptionally scenic backroads, heading towards the end of the line, you are likely to find yourself tempted by any number of cherry-related come-ons, but serious pie lovers know that for the very best, you keep going, all the way to Ellison Bay, where the humble, cinder-block hut that is home to Bea’s Ho-Made Products has been standing for generations. In a world of shrinking pies, Bea’s sticks up for the old ways, cranking out generous, 10-inch beauties made with hand-rolled, from scratch, lard laden crusts. You don’t have to be a cherry person to make the pilgrimage the bakery’s apple pies are pretty terrific, as well.

Kansas: Fried Chicken Dinners

On a rural road in Crawford County, so far into the southeast corner of the state you’re practically in Missouri, two vintage fried chicken restaurants stand side by side, keeping each other company in the middle of nowhere. For generations, hungry families from Pittsburg and other small towns around ventured out for their semi-regular dinners, parking at either Chicken Annie or Chicken Mary. The lore behind these two very similar restaurants runs deep they even inspired a bestselling novel called The Chicken Sisters. Most people are just happy both establishments are still around, serving big plates of dusted and crusted chicken, served with classic sides like German potato salad and cut green beans.

The regional passion for homespun, frozen-in-time dinners appears to be nearly limitless. Also in the area, you have Crawford’s Chicken Dinners, on a farm near Mulberry since the 1940s. Closer to Pittsburg, Barto’s Idle Hour, almost nearly as old, calls itself a steakhouse, but most of the tables in the crowded dining room seem to be interested in you guessed it the chicken.

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Missouri: Barbecued Burnt Ends

Back in the 1970s, Calvin Trillin famously wrote about the burnt edges of brisket handed over the counter for free at Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City, a restaurant he considered to be the best in the world. Everyone in town has an opinion about the long-running institution, but there’s still nothing quite like your first burnt ends sandwich, an unholy mess of bark and meat and sauce. For many Americans raised on sanitized chain barbecue restaurants, Bryant’s provides an excellent reminder of exactly what barbecue is supposed to be. In these modern times, an easily-distracted Kansas City’s attentions have been pulled in all sorts of directions, but three essentials remain at the core of the experience Bryant’s, around since 1908 Gates Bar-B-Q, particularly the original location, mostly for the ribs and LC’s Bar-B-Q, out on the shaggy fringe of the city.

S For Water Bath Canning Applesauce

GA Land &  Cattle Sauces
  • Make Basic Applesauce Recipe, and, while apples are cooking, wash pint or quart canning jars in the dishwasher and hold on a heated cycle. Alternatively, wash and rinse canning jars, fill with hot tap water, and place in a boiling water bath canner.
  • With or without water-filled jars in it, fill the boiling water canner about half-full with hot tap water. Place the canner over a large burner, put the lid on, and turn the heat on high. Heat the water to 180 degrees Fahrenheit . When the water reaches the correct temperature, turn the heat down and maintain it.
  • Keep applesauce hot while filling hot jars remove air bubbles and adjust headspace to 1/2-inch. Clean the rim and secure the lid with a screw band. Place filled jars in the canner.
  • Be sure jars are covered with water by at least 1 inch. Cover the canner and bring water to a full rolling boil over high heat and process pints for 15 minutes or quarts for 20 minutes . After processing time has ended, turn off heat, remove canner lid, and cool 5 minutes.
  • After cooling period, place jars at least 1 inch apart on a dry towel or wood surface away from drafts. Cool the jars naturally for 12 to 24 hours.
  • Remove the screw band, hold the jar steady, and try to lift the lid off using your fingertips. If you cannot lift the lid off by pulling on the lid, the seal is good. If jars do not have a good seal, refrigerate and use the product within 3 days.
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    West Virginia: Pepperoni Rolls

    France has the croissant. West Virginia? The pepperoni roll. Equally revered in their respective homelands, the latter may not have achieved the same notoriety elsewhere, but the humble workingman’s lunch is only a century old, so give it time. The premise is simple: chunks, sticks, or slices of cured Italian sausage are plunged into sizable, soft white rolls. During the baking process, the spiced oil from the pepperoni seeps out into the bread, resulting in a bit of everyday magic. Highly portable and terribly satisfying, the rolls were popular down many a Mountain State mineshaft for generations. Today, you find them all over, starting with Fairmont’s Country Club Bakery, which originated the local staple.

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    Lunch Steaks And More

    • SalmonUS$14.99

      Bathed in a vibrant infusion of seasonings, this marinated salmon filet is delicately flame-grilled and served with rich Bayou aioli. A tantalizing taste of the sea. Served with one side. Choose a side: Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potato, Texas Fries, Seasonal Mixed Vegetables, Grilled Asparagus, Garden Salad, Sauteed Mushrooms

    • Chicken BreastUS$10.99

      One market-fresh deboned chicken breast, seasoned and grilled for exceptional flavor and juiciness, brushed with a lively pico de gallo. Served with one side. Choose a side: Mac and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potato, Texas Fries, Seasonal Mixed Vegetables, Grilled Asparagus, Garden Salad, Sauteed Mushrooms

    New Mexico: Red And Green Chile

    FarmFood360° Virtual Reality Beef Farm Tour

    One of the best food-focused road trips in the country happens around harvest time in Hatch, home of America’s most famous green chiles. Drive into the dusty, Southern New Mexico town in late summer and you’ll leave with your eyes watering and your sinuses cleared, what with all the roasting going on. Not that you have to trek all the way to one town to try one of the state’s favorite things to eat. Many classic New Mexican restaurant hangs around on the strength of its chile, the only question being, red or green? The Barelas Coffee House in Albuquerque is renowned for both, best consumed with puffy, freshly pressed flour tortillas. At Mary & Tito’s, another Burque institution , red is the star, along with, once again, the house tortillas. At The Shed, just off the Square in Santa Fe since 1953, the color of the day is always green.

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    Animal Welfare Is Interwoven With Environmental Health

  • All the chickens, turkeys and geese are free to roam around the farm, in the process they eat insects such as ticks and fertilize the soil.
  • Weaning calves from their mothers is very stressful when you separate them. We allow the calves to naturally wean off their mothers milk reducing that stress.
  • When farms buy Pineywoods Cattle from us, we always sell 2 or more heifers or cows, never a lone animal. The animals form strong bonds and having a sister at your new home makes it less stressful and lonely.
  • When we were practicing rotational grazing, we observed that the Pineywoods Cattle did not have access to all forages in each paddock. We now provide them constant access to all pasture and forest so they can forage as their instincts demand, for a wide variety of forages.
  • Connecticut: White Clam Pizza

    For as long as Americans have been eating pizza, New Haven has been one of America’s most important pizza cities, a designation it takes extremely seriously. More than a century after a young immigrant named Frank Pepe began serving thin-crusted, coal-fired Neapolitan pies out of his Wooster Street bakery, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana has restaurants all over the region. You can still get that same pizza: coal-fired, thin, and a little chewy, the way a New Haven pizza should be. It’s one of the finest pizzas in the country, as is the one at Sally’s Apizza , also coal-fired. Just down the street, Sally’s was founded in the 1930s by Salvatore Consiglio. Here, the blackened edges contrasting with that blood red sauce is breathtaking, before you even bite in. Chances are, however, you’re in the market for a more modern New Haven classic the white clam pie, a tomato-less pizza topped with freshly-shucked littleneck clams. While Pepe’s has achieved the most fame, the one at Zuppardi’s Apizza in West Haven has been a sleeper hit for years not terribly famous outside of the region, but absolutely one of New Haven’s most essential pizzas.

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    Lunch Salad And Soups

    • Southwest Chicken SaladUS$12.99

      Sliced flame-grilled chicken breast on a bed of crispy greens with tender sweet corn, pinto beans, zesty pico de gallo, fresh cheese, and homemade tortilla chips. With your choice of our own house-made dressings. Choose a dressing: Caesar, Spicy Caesar, Ranch, Italian

    • Chicken Caesar SaladUS$12.49

      Flame-grilled chicken breast sliced over fresh crisp greens with a harmonious Caesar or spicy Caesar dressing

    New Hampshire: Pancakes And Maple Syrup

    Pin by A Southern Lifestyle Co. on The Souths Greatest Hot Sauce by ...

    They don’t own maple syrup or breakfast here in “Live Free or Die” country, but there’s something special about a sugaring season road trip to one of New Hampshire’s long-running pancake houses, some of the finest in the land, the sort of place where modern America can seem very far away. Polly and Wilfred Dexter dreamed up a way to promote their maple business back in the 1930s they’d open a little place, and start serving pancakes. Today, Polly’s Pancake Parlor, still in the same family, has evolved to become one of New England’s most iconic places for breakfast and beyond, even if it is all the way north in Lincoln. Perched on a hillside and offering panoramic views, perfect mornings in the White Mountains start here, with stacks of griddle cakes and generous sides of quality, locally-smoked bacon.

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    Alabama: Barbecued Pork Ribs

    George and Betty Archibald started selling pork barbecue from the utilitarian outbuilding behind their Northport home in 1961, but Archibald’s Bar-B-Q feels much older, like it belongs in one of those living museums. The honking-huge pit opens directly to the front counter, where you’ll find the cashier pulling double duty with the basting mop, ensuring racks of giant pork spare ribs come to you dripping with orange-red sauce. The ribs here do not win beauty prizes, scraggly and wet and guaranteed to leave a mark all over your front, but they’re some of the most memorable in the country. This is no small feat for a little outfit one bridge away from Tuscaloosa and Dreamland BBQ, where John “Big Daddy” Bishop grew another humble rib joint into one of the South’s best-loved destinations for barbecue.

    Rhode Island: Stuffed Clams

    If you grew up anywhere close to the ocean between South Jersey and Boston, baked clams were most likely a part of your childhood, and they were probably a little bit like the meatloaf you remember from back then: as much about everything else that went into the dish So much breadcrumbs! So much garlic! as the clam itself. Long Islanders, to name one of the homelands, might be surprised to learn this, but Rhode Island considers itself the home of the stuffed clam, or the stuffie, and to be quite honest, it’s hard to beat a fresh quahog, topped with buttery, heavily-seasoned breadcrumbs mixed with finely chopped vegetables, right out of the oven or off the grill. They’re served almost everywhere, but Aunt Carrie’s in Point Judith, which also birthed the deep-fried clam cake, another Rhode Island icon, should be high on your list.

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    Its Easy To Freeze Applesauce

  • Make Basic Applesauce Recipe, and cool it thoroughly.
  • Package applesauce in freezer-safe containers, such as freezer-safe plastic that wont crack at freezing temperatures, canning jars or other tempered glass jars with straight rather than tapered necks that wont crack in the freezer, or thick zipper-style plastic bags designed for freezer use.
  • Freeze applesauce up to 12 months.
  • Arizona: Sonoran Hot Dogs

    Bean Flavored Hot Sauce!?

    Tucson, with its thousands of years of documented food heritage, was not named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy for nothing. We’d like to think it had a great deal to do with the Sonoran dogs. More often than not, these beauties come from El Guero Canelo, which has been serving the city for nearly thirty years. Bacon-wrapped and tucked into a soft, steamed, house-baked bolillo, we’d eat them just like that, but the joy of the Sonoran dog popular on both sides of the border for generations is that there’s so much more going on: think beans, onions , mustard, mayo, and the house jalapeño salsa.

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    Making Applesauce Fruit Leather

    Making fruit leather is a good way to use culls, ripe fruit, slightly bruised fruit, or fruit left over from making jam or other preparations. Prepare applesauce recipe and use any of the following variations:

    • Leave the peels on during cooking and puree with the fruit.
    • Use little or no sweetener, since flavor concentrates during drying.
    • If desired, add 1 to 2 teaspoons lemon juice while preparing the applesauce to brighten flavor of fruit leather.
    • In addition to spices, finely chopped nuts, coconut, or dried fruits are another nice embellishment. To 1 quart applesauce, add 1/2 cup finely chopped toasted almonds, toasted coconut, or dried cranberries. If desired, add 1/8 tsp almond, coconut, or lemon extract. Stir ingredients until well-combined.
  • Before making fruit leather, preheat an oven or food dehydrator to 130 to 140 degrees. Line the drying tray with plastic wrap or parchment paper. Spread prepared sauce 14 to 12 inch thick on the liner.
  • Dry for 4 to 8 hours, or until leather is evenly pliable and firm with no soft spots. Peel fruit leather from liner while still warm. Cut and roll into serving pieces. Leathers studded with solid pieces may not roll up without breaking cut these leathers into strips and leave flat.
  • Cool thoroughly before wrapping pieces individually in parchment or foil. Fruit leathers stick together be sure to wrap individually for storage. Store in an airtight containers in a cool, dry place up to 2 months. Freeze for longer storage.
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    Louisiana: Classic New Orleans Fine Dining

    New Orleans isn’t short on restaurants where honoring tradition is the order of the day. At Garden District anchor Commander’s Palace, dine in the coveted, glass-walled Garden Room, where you’ll order the reasonably-priced multi-course lunch, starting with some of the planet’s best garlic bread and one of the restaurant’s famous 25 cent martinis . When the restaurant went through its famous mid-1970s rebirth, it brought the late Paul Prudhomme into the national spotlight. The early-era celeb chef went on to continue his work, preaching the gospel of blackening all things Louisiana at K-Paul’s, which lasted nearly half a century. You still have your choice of grandes dames in the French Quarter, where Antoine’s is now 180 years old. It’s Friday lunch at Galatoire’s, however, that still feels like a private soirée you’ve managed to crash. So sought-after are the tables in the mirrored and tiled first floor dining room that a line snakes down Bourbon Street. Once in, don’t rush relax, toots, it’s a party a party that has been known to stretch all the way up to the dinner hour.

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