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Small-Batch Pulled Pork Recipe – Cooking With Melissa Clark | The New York Times
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The long-kept secret is out! Here is Rodney Scotts BBQ sauce recipe direct from famed SC BBQ pitmaster Rodney Scott himself.

This is the mop sauce that he seasons the hog with on the turn and puts in bottles on the table.

Rodney Scotts BBQ sauce recipe has long been a secret, but in a recent appearance on the Today Show, Scott shared the recipe for Rodneys Sauce, the magic elixir that helped make him a James Beard award winner.

Rodney Scotts Bbq Sauce Recipe Secrets

Dont be afraid to go a little citrusy in your mop sauce, Scott said in a Garden & Gun interview. Lemons help break down any toughness in the meat, he says. Just strain the lemons out before you bottle the sauce or use it.

Scott warns, however, to stick with white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar when using citrus, noting that the combination gets a little too funky with apple cider vinegar.

Youll note that Rodney Scotts BBQ sauce recipe as written below sticks to the baseline of the basic vinegar sauce recipe. However, looking at the photo above, we can all agree that the restaurant recipe might contain a little more.

Scott even alludes to that fact in the Garden & Gun article, entitled Rodney Scotts Barbecue Sauce Secrets.

The three must-grab spices that you should have in your cabinet are cayenne, paprika, and dark chile powder, Scott says. Those add head and nuance. Additionally, black pepper gives bite, and pepper flakes build both heat and flavor.

Youll note that paprika and dark chili powder are absent from the recipe he provided to the Today Show, but hes pretty clear they should be some of the first ingredients you grab from your spice rack when making a mop sauce.

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The Most Popular And Highest Rated Bbq Sauce Recipes

I’ve scoured the internet and BBQ cookbooks looking for the highest-rated and most popular BBQ sauce recipes. Hundreds of hours have been invested in testing recipes and coming up with a list where each recipe offers a unique flavor. From spicy to sour, sweet to mustard, and Cola to Whiskey, these sauce recipes are the best of the best. Try any one of these sauce, and you will never buy bottled sauce like Sweet Baby Ray’s again.

Here are the BBQ sauce recipes you’ll find in this article:

  • Bourbon Whiskey

Killer Bacon Bourbon Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Buy A Benchmark: Scotts Barbecue Sauce From Goldsboro Nc

Simple Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Scotts Family Barbecue Sauce goes back to 1917 when Adam Scott first got into the barbecue business in Goldsboro. A local minister, Scott said the exact ingredients in the sauce were revealed to him in a dream. That original sauce recipe was served on Scotts barbecue for nearly 30 years, until 1946 when Adams son, A. Martel Scott, Sr., spiced up the mixture a bit. Interestingly, they dont have a restaurant, just a sauce business. Today Scotts is nothing but vinegar, water, salt, peppers, and a few other spices . Tangy from the vinegar, spicy, but not scorchin, this is the kind of stuff that made North Carolina barbecue famous. You will not like it straight from the bottle. Sprinkle it on pulled pork and then tell me what you think. It is a perfect example of 1 + 1 = 4.

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Buy A Benchmark: Lamberts Sweet Rub O Mine From Memphis Tn

This selection, by Mark Lambert of Memphis, a man with more trophies than he can count, including two Grand Championships at Memphis In May, is so good you can even use it as a finishing rub, after cooking and before serving. It is sweet, savory, and salty, but not too much of each. Dehydrated onion, garlic, and celery give it depth, paprika will make your meat glow, and a pinch of mustard powder, chili pepper, and black pepper give it a lingering warmth.

Grill Over Indirect Heat

Most professional pit masters cook ribs low and slow in a smoker. Youre going to use a hotter and faster method called indirect grilling. In short, you cook the ribs next to, not directly over, the fire, with the grill lid closed and hardwood added to produce wood smoke.

To set up a charcoal grill for indirect grilling, light the coals, then pour or rake them into two mounds at opposite sides of the grill. Place a foil pan in the center to catch the dripping rib fat. The ribs go onto the grate over this drip pan, away from the heat.

To set up a two-burner gas grill for indirect grilling, light one side and cook the ribs on the unlit side. On a three-burner gas grill, light the outside or front and rear burners, and cook the ribs over the unlit burner in the center. On a four- to six-burner gas grill, light the outside burners and, again, cook the ribs in the center.

On a kamado-style grill, insert the heat diffuser, a ceramic plate that separates the food from the fire. Pellet grills, by their very design, grill indirectly, so no special setup is needed. Note that with all these types of grills, the lid must be closed.

If cooking four or more racks of ribs, you may want to invest in a rib rack, which holds the slabs vertically, allowing you to fit four racks of ribs in the space two slabs would take lying flat.

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Georgia Barbecue Sauce Company Commercial Barbecue Sauces

The first commercial barbecue sauce may have been made by the Georgia Barbecue Sauce Company in Atlanta, GA. At the top of the page is an ad for it in the Atlanta Constitution in 1909. It says Georgia Barbecue Sauce is the finest dressing known to culinary science for Beef, Pork, Mutton, Fish, Oysters, and Game of every kind roasted, fried or broiled. It is also unequaled for perfecting Brunswick Stew and as dressing for Vegetables. Alas, it is no longer made and I have been unable to unearth the recipe.

The oldest commercial barbecue sauce still made began in 1917 when Adam Scott opened a barbecue restaurant in Goldsboro, NC. Scott, a preacher, said the ingredients for his barbecue sauce came to him in a dream although the ingredients are nothing strange for the region. It was mostly vinegar. It was served in his restaurant until his son, A. Martel Scott, Sr., spiced up the mixture a bit in 1946. Scotts Family Barbecue Sauce is still available today and is an East Carolina classic.

Numerous other barbecue joints have been around a long time and their sauces eventually found their way into bottles, onto grocery shelves, and now for sale on the web. Among them is another classic, Abes Bar-B-Q Sauce, first made in 1924 in Clarksdale, MS, in the Delta region, famous for both barbecue and blues.

Other commercial sauces were made and have now disappeared. On December 30, 1929, the Hamilton Daily News had an ad for Dinner Bell Barbecue Sauce at 15 cents per jar.

Memphis Style Bbq Sauce

Nick Mangold – Seventy Four BBQ Sauce – Former New York Jets Center

I originally wanted to find an authentic Memphis style BBQ sauce. While most people think of dry rubs, this recipe brings out some very complex flavors that are commonly found in the Memphis style rubs. This is one of my favorite sauces and it’s now my go-to sauce for pulled pork. This was originally a five star rated sauce that I heated up a little by adding more crushed red pepper. Enjoy!

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Sweet And Tangy With A Spicy Finish Bbq Sauce

For those that like tang, this is the highest-rated sauce I’ve found. This sauce is a little less sticky and thick and it reminds me of a BBQ joint we once hit in the south outside of New Orleans. I also really tend to like sauces that avoid liquid smoke. This one is all-natural! Just so you know what to expect, like the name implies, at first taste, it is sweet and tangy. The apple cider vinegar and juice provide the tangy flavor. Then like a glass of robust wine, the spice kicks in on the finish!

Buy A Benchmark: Big Bob Gibson Bar

In the past decade Big Bobs has achieved national fame on the coattails of the acclaim slathered on Chef Chris Lilly and his Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que competition team. The birds are dunked in a vat of sauce and then go in a beer cooler where the sauce mixes with the smoke and seasonings on the surface of the meat before it is served. And thats how to use it. When the bird is almost done smoking or grilling with indirect heat, slather it on generously, let it settle in, and serve.

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Buy A Benchmark: Coopers Old Time Pit Bbq Sauce

Sadly, Americans demand sweet sauces so most of the old style sauces have disappeared, with one notable exception. The legendary Coopers Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que in tiny isolated Llano, pictured here has a dozen pits to cook in, and one pit that is a holding pit. It has hunks of each of their meats that have just finished cooking, and a big bucket of sauce with trimmings floating in it. Customers come up and point at the meat they want and if they want sauce, the meat is dunked in the bucket, flavoring both. People love this place so much that they often come for lunch in their private planes and corporate helicopters.

Their sauce is about as close to a throwback as you can find, close to a thin vinegary based Bloody Mary mix. They recommend you shake it well, heat it and add cooked fat from trimmings, oil, or butter and heat for several hours. Just like they do. Use it sparingly.

Rodney Scotts Bbq: New Ventures

Simple Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Prior to winning the award, Scott left Hemingway to start his own venture in a new place, Rodney Scotts BBQ in Charleston. In part, it was because of the influence of good friend Nick Pihakis, founder of the Alabama BBQ chain Jim and Nicks.

Rodney and Nick are kindred spirits. Like Rodney, Nick was born in Pennsylvania, moved south, and ended up working in a father-and-son restaurant that they built into a regional brand. But Nick had a bit of a lead. Jim and Nicks had grown to more than 40 locations in seven states.

It wasnt long before Scott would leave Hemingway, partnering with Pihakis to start Rodney Scotts BBQ. That was July 2016. Today, they have locations in Charleston and Birmingham, AL, with an Atlanta restaurant in the works. Despite the success, leaving must have been difficult.

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Pinkey Langleys Barbecue Sauce

In the 1930s in the heart of the Great Depression, the Federal Writers Project deployed unemployed writers to collect info for a book called America Eats. WWII broke out in 1941 before it could be published. It contained several barbecue sauce recipes, among this one from Pinky Langley, a white man from Jackson, MS.

Juice of 6 lemons

1 heaping tablespoon prepared mustard

3/4 pound oleo

1 small bottle tomato catsup

1 small bottle Lea & Perrins Sauce

3 chopped onions

Enough water to make 3/4 gallons

Salt, black pepper, and red pepper to taste

His instructions were to mix the ingredients, cook for 30 minutes, and baste the meat every turn and turn frequently.

How Do You Make Homemade Bbq Sauce

This barbecue sauce starts with ketchup as the base. Look for ketchup that is organic or conventional ketchup that is not sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. The ketchup is combined with apple cider vinegar, an array of spices, a dash of hot sauce and brown sugar to make up this intensely flavored condiment. All you have to do is throw everything in the pan, let it simmer for a bit, and youre done!

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South Carolina Mustard Sauce

Doing a Barbecue Right: Butterflied Leg of Lamb | The New York Times

The most distinctive sauce in the Carolinas, and by far my fave, is the mustard based sauce found in barbecue joints from Columbia to Charleston. Mustard and pork go together like peanut butter and jelly. Early German immigrants in South Carolina knew this and the names of many of the best barbecue joints that serve mustard sauce have German names, like Shealy, Sweatman, Meyer, and Zeigler. The classic SC mustard sauces are a runny mix of yellow mustard, vinegar, sugar, and spices. Simple but very effective. There are also pockets of Georgia where the mustard sauce has taken hold.

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Choose The Right Ribs

The pig supplies four types of ribs: baby backs , spareribs, rib tips and country-style ribs. You want to use the baby backs, which are cut from high on the hog . Baby backs have the most generous marbling and the tenderest meat, which makes them relatively quick to cook and a natural for newcomers. When possible, buy ribs from a heritage pork breed, like Berkshire or Mangalitsa. They cost more, but their intense porky flavor justifies the price.

Hot And Spicy Bbq Sauce

You know what they say. Play with fire and you’ll get burned. This sauce can be made hot. Real hot! Be careful. And, remember, if you want it hotter just add some habanero pepper strips! While I mention the heat in this sauce, it’s balanced out with the sweet from the molasses. This sauce is my wife’s favorite! I haven’t found a more popular or higher rated spicy BBQ sauce. If you want spicy, this is the best recipe you will find!

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Kentucky Black Barbecue Sauce And Dip

The most obscure of the regional American barbecue sauces is the Kentucky Black Barbecue Sauce & Dip because it can be found only in restaurants in a small area of Western Kentucky around Owensboro. A fascinating blend is mostly distilled white vinegar and Worcestershire sauce, it is designed to go with the specialty of the region, slow smoked mutton , but it is also used on chicken and other meats. It is used as a baste on the pit, and then as a finishing sauce.

When a lamb is more than one year old and no longer producing enough wool, it is slaughtered and the meat is called mutton. It has a strong, distinctive, gamier taste than younger, more succulent lamb. As with so many other barbecue meats such as pork ribs and beef brisket, mutton found its way onto the low and slow smoker because it is tough, full of connective tissue, and less desirable than lamb.

In the 1800s Kentucky was the largest lamb producing state, but it has now fallen to number 34. The tradition of barbecue mutton lives on in dozens of barbecue joints and church socials. The cuts of choice are shoulder and rear leg. The loin is reserved for grilling and served medium rare sans sauce.

Is That The Whole Story

Souther BBQ Sauce (New York Times Cookbook, Craig ...

It is also obvious in photos that his sauce is rich and deeply red. That is not going to be what you get using the Today Show recipe. So we have added a few notes to the recipe.

In his defense, Rodney Scotts BBQ sauce recipe as provided to the Today Show is intended for use on ribs, so maybe, just maybe, that is his actual rib sauce recipe, but we have our doubts.

In fact, we have long been confident Scott also uses Accent as one of the ingredients in his mop sauce recipe, but there has never been any official confirmation.

That said, he did note on the Today Show that MSG is a product he uses. It may be a controversial ingredient, Scott wrote, but I unapologetically use MSG in my seasoning rub. It is a flavor maker!

In fact, given what he says in the Garden & Gun article, were pretty sure the Today Show recipe is not the whole story.

One last tip for a backyard barbecue, Scott said. Make sure youve got lots of alcohol and great musicand tell plenty of lies.

Whatever the case, Rodney Scotts BBQ sauce recipe is one were sure youre going to enjoy.

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