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Best For Kids: Prego Homestyle Alfredo Sauce

Costco Victoria White Linen Organic Marinara Sauce Review

Both kids and adults alike love the great taste of Pregos homestyle Alfredo sauce because it has a rich flavor, but isnt too bold in terms of garlic or pepper . Its plenty delicious, though, thanks to fresh cream, lots of Parmesan, and the addition of delicate fresh herbs and spices.

The jar is extremely family-friendly, too. The 14.5-ounce jar is just the right size for four generous servings of pasta. Alternatively, its ample sauce for crowd-pleasing chicken casseroles.

Trying out a new diet doesnt mean you cant treat yourself to some long-standing family favorites, like chicken Alfredo. Because this pasta sauce is low carb and doesnt have any added sugar, its both keto- and Whole 30-friendly.

Whats more, Raos prides itself on sourcing quality ingredients for its sauces. This particular blend is made with real light cream, Parmesan and Romano, butter, egg, black pepper, and salt. Theres no paste, no added water, no starch, and no artificial colors. The result: rich, silky sauce youll want to completely devour.

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Can I Make A Vegetarian Version

Yes. We have a wonderful vegetarian bolognese – a plant based version with Beyond Meat you can try. You will not be able to tell the difference between a traditional steaming bowl of pasta with meat sauce and our quicker Vegetarian Bolognese sauce made with plant-based meat in an Instant Pot . Same taste, texture and deliciousness.

Is It Possible To Freeze Spaghetti Sauce After Five Days

Homemade tomato sauce has a lower shelf life in the refrigerator because it isnt produced with shelf-stable preservatives. Homemade tomato sauce can keep for three to five days in the refrigerator but, if it doesnt contain cream or cheese, it can be frozen in sealed quart containers. Any unused sauce can be frozen in an airtight container and utilized within six months for the optimum quality, Birmingham recommends.

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I Purchased A Couple Jars Of This Sauce While Shopping At Costco A Couple Weeks Ago Read To Find Out What I Thought Of It

Product Description: Marinara sauce from the Victoria brand advertising all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. I purchased two 40-ounce jars of the Victoria White Linen sauce while shopping at Costco a couple weeks ago and used one of those jars last night when I prepared a spaghetti dinner for the family.

Where Can I Buy Marinara Sauce

Victoria White Linen All Natural Marinara Sauce From Costco in Austin ...
  • White linen Marinara sauce can be purchased at Costco in a two pack. The cost is approximately $11 for two jars, which is on the high side but the quality is phenomenal. The sauce is all natural ingredients, basically tomatoes and spices. There is no sugar added which makes it diet friendly. It is tasty left alone or when you dress it up!

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What Is White Linen Sauce

Victoria White Linen Marinara Sauce is Victoria’s exclusive sauce created for the discerning Costco member since 2006. This contemporary recipe is bright and refined with an epicurean blend of imported whole Italian plum tomatoes and domestic diced tomatoes for a robust, restaurant-style texture.Oct 17, 2019

Why Pork Instead Of Ground Beef

Honestly? Taste.

I bought ground pork years ago because it happened to be on sale and I havent been back to ground beef since. I use it in hamburger patties, casseroles, soups basically any place you would have a recipe with ground beef. I substitute with ground pork.

You can absolutely use ground beef or lamb or any meat of your choice with this, but our favorite is ground pork.

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Is Raos Sauce Made In Italy

From the manufacturer At Rao’s Homemade, we perfect our pasta sauce by using only whole-peeled, naturally sweet tomatoes grown in the Italian sun. Every jar of Rao’s Homemade tomato sauce is slow-cooked in small batches and crafted with high quality ingredients like basil, tomatoes, and garlic.


Where Can I Buy Victoria White Linen Marinara Sauce

Rana Maine Lobster Ravioli

This sauce was created exclusively for Costco. On the Victoria website, the White Linen Sauce is described as follows:

Since 2006, Victoria White Linen Marinara Sauce has been Victorias proprietary sauce for the discerning Costco member. For a rich, restaurant-style texture, this contemporary recipe uses an epicurean blend of imported whole Italian plum tomatoes and domestic diced tomatoes.

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The Official Pasta Sauce Power Rankings

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Lets get to it, shall we? I present the indisputable and 1,000% correct Pasta Sauce Power Rankings. The general rules are:

I got jarred sauce , bought standard marinara or the closest approximation I could find and tried to include no more than one jar per brand. There are a lot of sauces here and, just as when looking at a list of Chumbawamba members, it can become overwhelming and difficult to tell them apart. You wont really go wrong with, say, the top dozen or so sauces on this list.

I ranked these by taste and attractiveness of packaging lets face it, when youre looking for a new pasta sauce, its usually the simple/earnestly rustic label that gets your attention.

Cost is difficult to pin down and, given theres a wide variety of prices you might pay depending on the retailer, I didnt use it as a metric. That said, when something is a particularly good value, I note that in the ranking.

1. Raos Marinara

This is a little complicated, so bear with me. In December, I tweeted out a photo of Victoria marinara sauce and declared it the best on the market. That was incorrect, and we regret the error. However.

Victoria does make the best sauce, but its the premium White Linen brand, typically found at Costco, thats superior, not the standard marinara . So: Why not just put Victoria White Linen at the top of the ranking?

Packaging Attractiveness Rating: 12

2. Mezzetta Marinara

Packaging Attractiveness Rating: 25

Pesto Meatballs And Marinara Sauce


Pesto Meatballs and Marinara Sauce can be a meal for me and my family. And, these are just that. All you need to do is to add something crunchy!

  • 1 ½ pounds ground lamb
  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • 1 tsp. coarse ground pepper
  • ¼ tsp. red chili flakes
  • 1 Tbl. Italian seasoning mixture
  • 1 tsp. paprika
  • 1 cup basil pesto, store bought, divided
  • 2 Tbl. extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 jar marinara sauce
  • 1 cup ricotta cheese, somewhat room temperature
  • 1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped, garnish

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Anything I Need To Know Before I Make This

  • You can substitute dried Italian Seasoning in place of Oregano and Basil and Thyme. Yes you can use fresh herbs .
  • Adjust your garlic as to your personal taste preference. I love garlic.
  • Use unsalted or low sodium canned tomatoes. This way you control the taste more. I find that canned tomatoes with salt, often have too much salt for my personal liking. Not all canned tomatoes are created equally, and sometimes you just have an odd batch.
  • If you find that the sauce is too tart, adjust how much sugar you use. I go between 1 tsp to 2 tsp, but usually settle in around 1 and 1/2 tsp. Add the sugar in last and add more AFTER simmering for a bit.
  • If youre used to store bought sauces, it may take a couple of tries to figure out what level of flavor you want in your sauce. This includes spices. Maybe youre a big fan of oregano or want to add in some red peppers. Do it. This is a great, simple base recipe that you can adapt to work with what youre in the mood to eat.
  • The longer you simmer it on low, the richer the flavor.

Why Do They Call It Marinara Sauce

Victoria White Linen Pasta Marinara Sauce 2 x 1.1 L

Marinara translates to seafaringor colloquially to sailor style or mariner style. It was given the name marinara not because it was once a seafood-style sauce, but because it was the preferred meal of Italys merchants during long expeditions at sea.

What is the best marinara sauce?

The Best Marinara Sauce You Can Get At The Store

  • Best-Ever Marinara: Raos Homemade.
  • Best Budget Jar: Whole Foods 365.
  • Best Flavored Marinara: La San Marzano.
  • Best Low-Sodium Option: Trader Joes Organic.
  • Best To Build Flavor: Newmans Own.
  • Best For Authenticity: The Meatball Shop.
  • Best Vodka Sauce: Il Mulino.

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Why Is Rao’s Sauce So Good

Rao’s uses high quality tomatoes and olive oil, without any added preservatives or coloring. … Rao’s marinara sauce is very well-balanced with sweetness that comes solely from tomatoes, onions, and garlic. There aren’t any other performance enhancing drugs getting in the way of a balanced tomato sauce.May 1, 2018


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Does Victoria White Linen Make The Best Saucedoes Victoria White Linen Make The Best Sauce

Victoria does make the best sauce, but its the premium White Linen brand, typically found at Costco, thats superior, not the standard marinara . So: Why not just put Victoria White Linen at the top of the ranking? Because I cant find the stuff anywhere. I havent seen it on shelves for six months or more.


Prego Marinara Italian Sauce


Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of sweet, vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh herbs with Prego Marinara Sauce.



  • Containscanola that comes from genetically modified crops

Prego Marinara Italian Sauce is a versatile ingredient for many recipes. You can use it in your favorite homemade pasta recipes, lasagna, chicken parmesan or pizza.

You can also use this sauce as a tomato base for various recipes. Then build the rest of the dish with other ingredients. You can also use it as a dipping sauce or instead of ketchup in sandwiches and subs.

Prego Marinara Italian Sauce has bold flavors from Italian spices. So, you will not need any extra seasoning. The jars are economically priced when compared to competitor brands. Hence, it is a good idea to stock this sauce to prepare easy pasta dishes in minutes.

This pasta sauce has a soft and silky texture. The ingredients are well-blended and do not appear as chunks. The smooth texture also makes it work as a pizza sauce.

To enjoy the best taste of this sauce, we recommend that you heat it before use. The sauce stores well in the refrigerator. You can also store it for months in the freezer.

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Trader Giottos Traditional Marinara Sauce

Price: $1.29Ive been burned before by Trader Joes, but this sauce is on point. Its hearty with strong, unabashed flavors of black pepper, fennel, oregano, parsley, fresh-cut basil, and large hunks of stewed tomatoes that maintained their dexterity from start to finish. It smelled wonderful poured over hot pasta, its sweetness cut with the lovely acidity of an aged cabernet. There was no sour aftertaste to be found and it opened up as I ate it, as if the bowl were a decanter and the sauce a fine wine. It didnt coat the pasta as firmly as Id have liked, but, hey, our friend Trader Joe still makes a hell of a sauce.

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For Nights When You Cant Make It From Scratch

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Theres nothing wrong with spending the day low-and-slow simmering a homemade pasta saucewhether its chock-full of ground meats, vegetarian-friendly and packed with herbs, or not even a red sauce at all. Who wouldnt want an an-hours-long-simmered sauce piled atop a mound of spaghetti? Its comfort food at its finest. But, when youre short on time, having a good jarred pasta sauce in your pantry is a must. You can start with these store-bought sauces and add your own touches, too.

From classic marinara to creamy alfredo, here are the best-jarred pasta sauces.

This jarred classic, produced by the famous Raos restaurants, is what you always want to have on hand in your pantry. According to Raos, the sauce has no tomato blends, no paste, no water, no starch, no filler, no colors, no added sugar.

Raos has many different varieties of sauces, but we especially love the Tomato Herb option, full of onions, garlic, basil, and oregano. Its versatile, so it pairs well with meat dishes, pasta dishes, and pizza, and is even great for dipping . Each 1/2-cup serving contains 420 milligrams of sodium and 4 grams of sugar .

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How Long Can You Keep Jarred Pasta Sauce

White Linen⢠Marinara Sauce

Similarly, this is manufacturer-specific and depends on each sauces ingredients and formulation. Our overall winner, Raos, for example, suggests that an open jar can be refrigerated and used within 10 to 12 days . It also suggests that any leftover sauce can be frozen for up to six months , which is a great idea if you dont want to waste your remaining sauce and know youll be able to use it down the line.

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What Is Marinara Sauce In Australia

Does Costco sell Victoria marinara sauce?

Victoria White Linen Marinara Sauce is Victorias exclusive sauce created for the discerning Costco member since 2006. This contemporary recipe is bright and refined with an epicurean blend of imported whole Italian plum tomatoes and domestic diced tomatoes for a robust, restaurant-style texture.

Does The Brand Of Canned Tomatoes Matter

Yes, I find a huge difference in flavor from brand to brand. I prefer Cento Brand their tomatoes taste great, they are from Italy, they are known for their San Marzano tomatoes. I buy peeled or crushed tomatoes typically. you can certainly try other brands, but youll absolutely taste the difference, and you can really smell the difference in a good canned tomato as soon as you open the can.

Cento also makes a canned pizza sauce that is now my go-to sauce ready from the can anytime I want pizza. Get my recipe for pizza dough here.

*It only takes a few minutes to whip up a great tomato sauce, but if youre in a pinch and want to just buy pre-made tomato sauce, Id suggest, La Victoria White Linen or Barilla Marinara Sauce.

  • 1 28 oz can crushed or peeled tomatoes*
  • 3 garlic cloves minced
  • 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper
  • fresh basil
  • wine

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