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What Does Teriyaki Mean

Sugar-Free Teriyaki Sauce (Keto Friendly – Low Carb) – Saus Teriyaki tanpa Gula Keto (Rendah Karbo)

As I mentioned before, teriyaki is a Japanese word. If you divide it in two, teri means luster, and yaki means to grill or broil. It really refers to the way to cook the meat or fish. However, here in the United States its come to refer more to the glorious sauce.

So make up a batch with some chicken or I also love it on salmon! What are your favorite ways to use teriyaki sauce? Enjoy.

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How To Make Teriyaki Sauce Thick

To thicken your teriyaki sauce, youll want to add about ½ tsp of xanthan gum to the hot teriyaki sauce. Do not add the xanthan gum to cold ingredients as it will not thicken at all. You absolutely need to add it while your teriyaki sauce is bubbling hot.

Sprinkle it all over, whisk on high heat for a minute and your sauce will be thickened!

If you do not want to use xanthan gum, you can either use arrowroot flour or tapioca starch and make a slurry with water. It will add a little bit of carbs to your total, but not that much.

Expert Tips From A Dietitian

This is a level 1 recipe . This sugar free teriyaki sauce is a low calorie and low carb condiment that can add rich umami flavor to a meal. Are you eating a lot of protein and non-starchy veggies as part of your weight loss strategy? A little teriyaki sauce can help keep your meals from getting boring.

A little is key here. This sauce is really too strong to be used as a dipping sauce. This recipe makes enough teriyaki sauce to flavor at least 2-3 meals, so enjoy some teriyaki chicken with the whole family!

Benefits aside, this is still a high sodium condiment, even though I used reduced sodium soy sauce. Teriyaki sauce is not the best choice for flavoring if youre on a low sodium diet. Instead of teriyaki sauce, try flavoring foods with herbs, citrus juice, or citrus zest instead.

Also keep in mind that low sodium soy sauce will usually be much lower in sodium than reduced sodium soy sauce. If you need a lower sodium option, make sure your soy sauce says low sodium on the label. Servivita Zero Calories Soy Sauce is one of the lowest sodium soy sauce options Ive found.

On the other hand, if youre on a low carb or keto diet, your levels of electrolytes can drop. In this case, being more liberal with your intake of sodium may help. This keto teriyaki sauce may help you to replenish some of the sodium losses that can result from a very low carb diet pattern.

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Is Soy Sauce Keto

Soy sauce is relatively low in carbs. It also does not contain any added sugars. A tablespoon of soy sauce has just about 1 carb. If you dont want or cant have soy, you could skip the soy sauce and substitute coconut aminos. Coconut aminos also has the advantage of having less sodium than soy sauce.

What To Make With Leftover Teriyaki Sauce


This healthy teriyaki sauce can be used in a variety of dishes. You can make teriyaki chicken wings in the air fryer, baked teriyaki salmon, teriyaki chicken stir-fry, teriyaki brochettes, air fryer keto popcorn chicken and so on. You can even add some teriyaki sauce to this pressure cooker whole chicken to give it that nice Japanese sticky sauce feeling!

You can also make stir fries with different proteins and low carb noodles. Youll want to use low carb pasta alternatives to make noodle stir fries, but its really easy to find or make your own low carb noodles!

Simply brush the sauce on some protein or vegetables and bake, or stir-fry your protein and vegetables along with the sauce. I suggest cooking the protein and vegetables first, then adding the sauce at the end to coat everything. Cook it down and your dishes will be ready to serve.

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How To Use Keto Teriyaki Sauce

You can use keto teriyaki sauce as a marinade, a glaze, or in stir fries. It is especially delicious with salmon, chicken, beef, or tofu. Its also great in Asian dishes with noodles .

Here are some easy ways to use teriyaki sauce in recipes:

I served this batch of teriyaki sauce over grilled chicken and raw shredded vegetables. If you serve it this way, I recommend shredding the chicken and stirring the sauce in. I only photographed the sauce drizzled on the chicken so you could get a better look at it.

Like soy sauce, teriyaki sauce is fairly salty. I like to use it in the same sort of ways Id use soy sauce. A little really goes a long way!

How To Use Your Sugar Free Teriyaki Sauce

One of my favorite, and easiest ways to use this keto teriyaki sauce is in low carb teriyaki chicken bowls. I love to whip up a batch of my fried cauliflower rice, omitting the pork, and steaming some broccoli.

Ill drizzle a little of the sugar free teriyaki sauce on top, sometimes I even add a little bit of mysugar free yum yum sauce, and we have a family friendly keto hibachi dinner!

If I have them on hand, sometimes I even sauté some carrots, zucchini, and onion just like the chefs at our favorite hibachi grill!

One other way you could use this keto teriyaki sauce is in teriyaki beef. Mix the sauce ingredients, without the slurry, and use it to marinade some stir fry beef. Fry your beef in a hot skillet, sauté the same veggies I just mentioned, and use the reserved marinade to make your sauce!

Thats two easy meals you can get out of this one easy keto Japanese recipe! I think the cool kids call that winning!

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If substituting ground ginger only use 1 teaspoon since that is equivalent to 1 TABLEspoon fresh. The recipe states to use 3 teaspoons but that’s actually the same as 1 tablespoon.

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Make The Best Teriyaki Sauce

Why is this the best teriyaki sauce? If youve been reading here a while, you know I believe that nothing beats homemade! More specifically though, here are some reasons that this sugar free keto sauce is truly awesome sauce:

  • Easy to customize to your special diet: This is already a low carb, keto, and vegan teriyaki sauce. You can also make it gluten free and soy free .
  • Low carb and low calorie: If you have a weight loss goal, no sugar teriyaki sauce is a great way to add flavor to meals for very few calories. This teriyaki sauce has 45 calories and 2.5 grams of net carbs per serving.
  • Healthy teriyaki sauce: When it comes to food, the word healthy tends to mean something a little different to each of us. One of the benefits of making your own sauces is that you can tailor the recipe to be healthy for you.

Can You Freeze Teriyaki Sauce

Kitchen Gains Meal Prep Episode 2: Keto Friendly Sugar Free Teriyaki Sauce How To

Yes, I recommend if you cant use all the sugar free teriyaki sauce within 5 days to go ahead and freeze it. Its best if you pour it into a freezer-safe bag and lay it out flat. Once frozen, you can move the bag to take up less space in your freezer. To defrost the sauce, you can set it on the countertop until its thawed or put it in the refrigerator overnight. It will thaw out pretty quickly.

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The Best Keto Teriyaki Sauce

To keep the flavours of this keto teriyaki sauce as authentic as possible, I used organic tamari, aka organic gluten free soy sauce, Lakanto golden instead of brown sugar, and xanthan gum instead of corn starch.

But dont worry, if youre worried about soy, I also give the recipe using coconut aminos for a complete soy-free teriyaki sauce! The best part is that both version pretty much tastes the same!

Tamari Sauce Vs Soy Sauce

Do you know the difference between tamari sauce and soy sauce?

Theyre both derived from fermented soybeans and have a rich salty umami flavor. Tamari is the Japanese version and does not incorporate grain in the process. Its a little thicker than soy sauce and since its gluten-free, its a better choice for a keto diet.

Soy sauce does have grain and is not therefore, gluten-free.

Another option to consider, one I use it often, is coconut aminos. Now, coconut aminos will add more carbs than tamari, but they do have that same flavor we love in teriyaki.

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What About The Noodles

Teriyaki sauce is delicious, but its usually served with a typically high-carb base: noodles. Whats a keto chef to do?

Fortunately, there are plenty of low-carb options that you can use in place of noodles. Our recommendations include:

  • Keto noodles, or zoodles made from spiralized zucchini
  • Konjac or shirataki noodles, also known as miracle noodles
  • Kelp noodles
  • Palmini noodles

There are keto options for rice, too. Check out these substitutes that are great with this Keto Teriyaki Sauce:

  • Cauliflower rice
  • Miracle rice
  • Palmini rice

We recommend mixing two different kinds of keto rice to make a texture closer to the real deal.

How To Use Low

Keto Teriyaki Sauce

You can use this recipe on top of your favorite chicken, or as a marinade for thinly-sliced beef or even pork. You can also use it whenever you make cauliflower fried rice!

This low-carb teriyaki sauce is the perfect dipping sauce for baked teriyaki chicken wings. Add sausage egg roll in a bowl on the side and you have a complete meal!

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Can I Use Frozen Chicken

Yes! You can definitely use frozen chicken for this recipe. Just make sure that you use chicken breasts and thighs that are skinless and boneless.

You can either let them think out slightly beforehand or let them cook for 20 to 30 minutes extra. Just make sure to check them after the 6-hour mark just to be safe!

Can Keto Teriyaki Sauce Be Used As A Marinade

Yes, absolutely, you can use this sugar free teriyaki sauce as a marinade. Soak your meat in the sauce for at least 30 minutes before cooking to use it as a marinade. Then grill or saute on the stove. It tastes fabulous as a marinade and will help tenderize many different kinds of meats. Plus, marinating is a great way to give meals a punch of flavor.

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Types Of Chicken To Use

You can use chicken thighs, chicken breast, tenders or legs for this keto teriyaki chicken recipe. Even though all chicken cuts are keto friendly, thighs are more keto approved compared to breast or tenderloin since dark meat tends to be higher in fat content compared to white meat. The higher in fat the cut of chicken, the more satisfying it is and the longer it will keep you full for. Depending on the cut of meat you opt for, the time for it to be done cooking will vary. It would be best to keep this in mind if you want the vegetables and the chicken to finish cooking at the same time.

Clean Ingredients But High In Carbs

Keto Teriyaki Sauce For Chicken, Fish, and Other Meats!

Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce is free of non-keto ingredients like sugar, artificial sweetener, and refined oils, but it is high in carbs.

It is important to check both macros and ingredients of your foods to achieve a healthy weight loss on keto.

Here are the common ingredients to be checked for keto – sweeteners, oils, and food additives.

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Recipes To Use Keto Teriyaki Sauce With

Teriyaki sauce goes great on chicken, beef, seafood, and veggies. Its one of those sauces that you just need to decide what entree or side sounds best to serve it on. If you like salmon, you should try my Keto-friendly Teriyaki Salmon. Teriyaki always compliments salmon beautifully.

But if you are not feeling salmon, you could coat or dip these Air Fryer Chicken Wingsin the teriyaki sauce. Or you could slather it on these Grilled Chicken Kabobs. Its a great way to add a little Asian flare to these popular recipes.

Green beans make a great side, but when they are covered in teriyaki sauce, it becomes amazing. You could try it on these already delicious Air Fryer or Sautéed Green Beans.

Equipment Needed For Low Carb Teriyaki Sauce

First off, get out all the kitchen gadgets and equipment needed. I like it when things are close at hand and ready to go.

When selecting any ingredients, buy as fresh as you can, and organic if possible. Always read the labels in the grocery store. Its important to look out for added sugar or other ingredients that may add carbs as preservatives or who knows what.

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How To Thicken Keto Teriyaki Sauce

There are two ways to thicken the sauce so it clings to food surfaces. My favorite way is to use a small amount of arrowroot powder. But before anyone gets upset and turns me into the keto police hear me out then make the best decision for you.

To Thicken with Xanthan Gum: You can use xanthan gum to thicken teriyaki sauce, but it dulls the flavor and makes it feel slippery. Make sure to mix it into the sweetener before adding it to the pot or it will clump. I suggest using ½ teaspoon.

To Thicken Arrowroot Powder : Make a slurry with 1 teaspoon of arrowroot powder mixed into 2 tsps of water. While adding it to the sauce, whisk well, as it will thicken quickly. Arrowroot powder does not dull flavor.

NOTE: Arrowroot powder is technically not keto, but since such small amounts are used, the amount of carbs it contributes to a recipe is tiny when taken in the context of a whole recipe or meal. Since no other sugars are used in this recipe, it is definitely a keto teriyaki sauce recipe.

What Kind Of Sugar Alternatives Can I Use

Keto Teriyaki Sauce

The best option for a sweetener for Keto Teriyaki Sauce is a brown sugar alternative, such as Swerve Brown Sugar or Lakanto Brown Sugar Monkfruit. This will produce the best tasting sauce.

As mentioned in the last section, you can also use any non-brown sugar alternative, such as granular and liquid sweeteners.

The only things to look out for are the sweetness levels and the recommended sugar to sweetener ratio. For example, stevia is sweeter than sugar and most stevia products can be used in smaller quantities than sugar. In the case of Truvia, just 1/3 teaspoon of Truvia provides the same sweetness as one teaspoon of sugar, therefore you would need to readjust the sugar alternative measurement to take this more potent sweetness into consideration.

If you choose to use liquid sweetener, it is best to start with a small amount of sweetener and adjust to taste.

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Other Keto Sauce/dressing You Might Like

This keto, low carb, and sugar-free teriyaki sauce is super versatile and you can whip up quickly in a pinch! That salty, sticky, and little sweet flavor is seriously addictive! With only 6 simple ingredients, its so easy that you will want to keep it on hand at all times! Now you have a paleo teriyaki version and a keto version. Brush it on chicken, beef, salmon, seafood, or even grilled chicken meatballs. I cant wait to see your lovely creations!

Keto Shredded Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken

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This crock pot teriyaki chicken is the perfect keto dish to throw together in under 5 minutes. All it takes is 5 simple ingredients and youll have dinner all ready to go as soon as you get home!

This recipe for crock pot teriyaki chicken is perfect for those days when you know you wont have time to make dinner. Since it can be left to cook, all you have to do is shred the chicken and serve it up!

Everyone loves this dish since it is full of all of those traditional teriyaki flavors. Just without all of the unnecessary sugar and carbs.

If you are looking for a simple yet flavorful dish to try out, this is a great option! Its perfect for adding to your monthly rotation of easy meals to make.

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What Is Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki is a sweet sauce that is most often comprised of soy sauce, sake or mirin, and sugar. The sugar content of the sauce provides its signature glossy look when cooked.

Sometimes sesame or garlic is added, and pineapple juice is occasionally used to add sweetness and tenderize the meat.

Teriyaki tends to refer to any dish that has been prepared using teriyaki sauce. The meat varies by country.

In Japan, you might indulge in teriyaki fish while in America youd be more likely to nosh on teriyaki chicken, steak, or pork.

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