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Da Bomb The Final Answer

The End hot sauce review (6 million Scoville) #theend#pepperpalace

Heat Level: 1.5 million SHUs

Da Bomb also makes a sauce called Beyond Insanity, yet this one is hotter. To attempt the Final Answer one must fly past insanity then keep going. More than just an extract, this one includes habaneros, spices and apricot nectar along with the pure pepper heat. But at one and a half million Scovilles, drip it on with a steady, cautious hand. Buy It

Scorpion Death March: 13 Million Scoville Units

Crazy Uncle Jesters knows a thing or two about flaming hot sauce. One of the companys spiciest offerings, Scorpion Death March, packs 1.3 million Scoville units. The all-natural, slightly sweet, insanely hot condiment is made from Trinidad scorpion chiles, apple cider vinegar, salt, garlic, onion, light agave syrup, dehydrated fruits and vegetables and a special blend of spices.

Daves Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

Heat Level: 650k SHUs

Despite its name, the Ghost Pepper is far from an ephemeral, barely there apparition, the formerly hottest pepper on the planet is the very definition of here and now. This entry is a blend of Naga Jolokia peppers and pepper extract with roasted garlic pulp for a slightly tamer sauce than the million SHU bottles. But not by much. Use it by the drop not the dollop. Buy It

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Get Bitten Black Mamba 6 Hot Sauce

The Mamba 6 is made with a select blend of Chocolate Habaneros, Vinegar and 6 million extract making this Black Mamba sauce even more evil than its predecessor. Mamba 6s mission is to bring pain, with a never ending wave of venomous fire! Go ahead, get bitten by this sauce!

CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Keep away from children and pets! USE RESPONSIBLY!!!

The World’s Spiciest Hot Sauces


If you use hot sauce on the regular, you know that all your favorite grocery store brands are relatively mild. Franks , Cholula, Tabasco, Crystal the whole gang’s here, but none of them are especially face-melting. But true chiliheads know theres more to life than pepper sauce that doesnt make you sweat. So grab a gallon of milk and proceed with caution, because these are the spiciest hot sauces in the world.

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Bumblef***ed Hot Sauce: 6 Million Scoville Units

This hot sauce was created by a former guitarist for Guns and Roses, Ron Bumblefoot Thal, who has an adoration for molten lava-type spice and the rush associated with it. BumbleF***ed has notes of ginger, tropical fruit and ginseng.It even has caffeine. The nuclear-level flavor is led by habanero peppers and capsicum, measuring in at 6 million Scoville.

Worlds Hottest Hot Sauces

If you went online and searched for the worlds hottest hot sauce, youre either a masochist or plotting revenge on your enemies. Either way, youve come to the right place. We are the proud producers of some of the worlds hottest hot sauces, including the Carolina Reaper-based The End hot sauce, which measures about six million Scoville units. This stuff is so hot it could make Rambo cry.

Why stop at the hottest hot sauce in the world? If youre a true chili-head, then youve got to try the Hottest Sauce in the Universe – with 40 lbs. of Ghost Peppers in every batch, this sauce will make you want to phone home.

Think you can handle the heat? Order the worlds hottest hot sauces here and step up to the challenge to join our #WallOfFlame.

Warning: our extreme hot sauces are extremely spicy and should not be consumed by anyone with a heart condition or anyone named Michael .

Scared? We wont tell. Take it down a notch and try one of our X-Hot Hot Sauces instead – youll thank us later.

How Hot Is Extreme Hot Sauce?

The Extreme Hot Sauce category is reserved for only the hottest hot sauces in the world, with Scoville Heat Units above 300,000. As hot as the sun in a freshly greased frying pan, this stuff will make you sweat out of your eyeballs and leave you begging for mercy. But youll keep going back for more, and thats why we love you.

About Pepper Palace

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Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract

Heat Level: 5 million SHUs

Ashley Foods, makers of a terrifying range of sauces hotter than the sun, brings us yet another weaponized form of heat in this Mad Dog 357 pepper extract the fourth in their Mad Dog Special Edition Extract Arsenal. Add a touch to your next plate of food and transform something formerly known as dinner into a firing squad aimed at your mouth. Buy It

Cajohns Lethal Ingestion Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Review – Pepper Palace [ The End. ] – MrMaD

Heat Level: 1 million SHUs

Theyre calling this one the hottest non-extract hot sauce. That means it gets its heat from actual peppers and not just from extracting the peppers capsaicin. It still boasts a Scoville rating in the million range. Thats because it mixes three serious, top-of-the-list hot peppers: the Bhut Jolokia, the Red Savina and the Fatalii the inspiration for the Lethal designation. Buy It

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Scoville Rating: The End Is Here

While at the Mall of Georgia with one of his clients, my friend and CEO of CablesandKits Craig Haynie, stopped by the Pepper Palace. While browsing the shop filled with hot sauce, they came across the hottest option in their shop.

The End. This sauce sits at 6 million Scoville units making it an insanely spicy sauce. In fact, the only way to make it this hot is by using extracted capsaicin, the element that makes us feel the burn. The End uses habaneros for flavor and the extract for the heat. The lid is secured by a wax “security” seal. There are no accidents when it comes to consuming this fiery blaze of a hot sauce.

The plan was for me to eat it at home and video myself doing it, but I wasnt making it happen. After talking with Craig, my friend who bought it, we came up with the idea to do it at the office while they filmed me. With the date set, Craig decided to join in and began inviting other team members in on it. We ended up with a small group of guys to participate in the challenge. After we paved the way, others in the company tried the sauce themselves.

Smack My Ass And Call Me Sally Chets Gone Mad

Heat Level: 1.5 million SHUs

We keep recommending using these sauces by the drop. So this one goes ahead and provides you with a dropper and a material safety data sheet. The only ingredient is oleoresin capsicum, which is the same stuff thats in pepper spray. You too may ask for an ass smack after ingesting this heat bringer. Assuming you can still speak. Buy It

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The Worlds Best Hot Sauces According To People Who Know Hot Sauce

With over 90 unique hot sauces, Pepper Palace has the best hot sauce for every taste. Looking for something mild or fruity? Check out our mild hot sauces – the perfect blend of flavor and spice to complement any dish. Prefer a hot sauce that will light you up and make you breathe fire? Look no further – our x-hot and extreme hot sauces are reserved for only the most hardcore chili-heads. For everyone else, try our medium and hot hot sauces for that perfect balance of flavor with a kick.

Which hot sauce is best?

We dont want to toot our own horn, but our hot sauces have won multiple awards which we would say makes them, objectively, the best hot sauces in the world. Everyone has their own favorite, though, so why not go on a taste-test adventure to decide for yourself? Start with our best sellers or chat with a sauce boss for help picking the best hot sauce.

Is hot sauce good for you?

Rejoice, because your favorite condiment is not only delicious but its also good for you. The main ingredient in hot sauce is capsaicin, that devilish little minx that puts the hot in hot sauce. Fortunately, it does more than just torture unassuming frat boys – capsaicin is also reported to help with weight loss and appetite control, boost your immune system, and make you happier. So skip the fad diets, pour on the sauce, and cheers to your good health!

Does hot sauce go bad?

Who invented hot sauce?

About Pepper Palace

Take Your Pick Of These Hot Sauce Variations

The End Hot Sauce

If you like your sauce with a bit more body, you can puree it in a blender until smooth. It takes on a slightly chunky, sambal oelek-like texture thats more suitable for spooning onto food.

If you like a thin, pourable sauce, you can strain the peppers through a fine mesh sieve, a food mill, or a few layers of cheesecloth to separate the liquid from the solids.

Bottle the liquid and you have your very own hot sauce.

If you like a tangy Louisiana-style hot sauce , simply measure out the liquid you just strained and add about one-third to one-half its amount in vinegar.

You can use any kind of vinegar here: wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, rice vinegar, cider vinegar, or plain white vinegar. Each one will give a slightly different flavor profile to the finished hot sauce.

And if you feel your hot sauce could use a little zest or a touch of sweetness, feel free to adjust it before bottling maybe all it needs is a splash of balsamic vinegar, a touch of mango juice , or a spoonful of sugar.

Once the flavor is to your liking, store the hot sauce in your fridge to slow down the rate of fermentation.

Because of the lactic acid bacteria, fermented hot sauce never goes bad, but it continues to turn more sour as it ages. The colder your fridge , the longer your hot sauce will keep its optimal flavor.

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Hottest Hot Sauces In The World

Mankind has been heating up its meals with hot sauce for generations. In fact, experts agree that hot sauce goes back as far as Mayan times. However, just a mixture of peppers and water, the first sauces were far simpler and would be unrecognizable by todays standards.

The contemporary bottle of hot sauce didnt come until years later, however it was still quite some time ago. The first commercially available bottled sauces in America appeared in Massachusetts all the way back in 1807.

However, while the bottled sauces would certainly resemble the contemporary bottle of hot sauce, their flavor would be mild by todays standards. It wasnt until much later, when people began breeding pepper plants that hot sauce started to get really spicy. By the late 1980s, mankind had descended into a full blown arms race for extreme chili breeding. Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in the birth of dangerously spicy peppers, such as the Carolina Reaper and the infamous Pepper X, and even spicier hot sauces.

Were talking sauces made with peppers so unnaturally far off the Scoville charts, that they need warning labels just to be put on shelves.

Crazy Jerrys Mustard Gas Hot Sauce

Heat Level: 125k SHUs

Adding another dimension of heat, Crazy Jerry has included mustard seed and mustard oil to layer with the pepper extract. The result will ignite your nose hairs, taste buds and anything else you let come in contact with it. The metal container is reminiscent of a mustard gas canister, and aptly depicts a skull in a gas mask. Buy It

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Reapercussion: 15 Million Scoville Units

Heartbreaking Dawns Reapercussion is a bottle of pure 7 pot primo a rare Louisiana-bred cross between Naga Morich and Trinidad 7 pot peppers with Trinidad scorpion peppers and a touch of apple cider vinegar, garlic, lime and agave. Primo and scorpion, two of the worlds hottest peppers, average 1.5 million and 1.2 million Scoville units, respectively. Use sparingly in chili, soup and on tacos.

What Kind Of Peppers Can You Ferment

THE END Hot Sauce

Thats entirely up to you. I like a mash-up of all the different chile peppers from my garden , but you can choose to ferment only one variety at a time.

This allows you to make a hot sauce that leans toward mild, fruity, or smoky, depending on what type you use. You can tone down the flavor even more by adding a sweet pepper to the mash.

For different styles of sauce you can create once the peppers have fermented, keep reading!

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The World’s Hottest Hot Sauces

For those who are fans of fiery food, hot sauce is an indispensable condiment. Beyond the mild kick of Tabasco, Franks and Cholula lies a huge ecosystem of intensely spicy hot sauces and their fiercely devoted fans, known as chiliheads. If you fall into that group, this list is for you, because these are the worlds hottest hot sauces.

Why Do You Ferment Hot Sauce

Fermented hot sauce has a deeper and more complex tangy flavor that you wont find in vinegar-based hot sauces. And since its a living product, the flavor continues to develop in the fridge and become even more delicious as it ages.

Time is your friend, as the fermentation process produces more flavor than you could ever get without it.

Plus, fermented hot sauce contains all that wild bacteria thats so good for you!

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Several store-bought brands of hot sauce are fermented, including Tabasco, Huy Fongs Sriracha, and Franks RedHot.

However, you can make your own at home with just three ingredients: chile peppers, salt, and garlic.

Though I call this a hot sauce, you can actually keep the fermented product more as a paste , or turn it into a thin and pourable hot sauce or Louisiana-style hot sauce.

The recipe also doubles/triples/quadruples easily, so if you find yourself flush with peppers, you can ferment a big batch and make a few different styles of hot sauce for yourself, or divide it into smaller jars for gifts.

Homemade hot sauce is one of those things that people really delight in , because, well, its not another jar of jam.

Try this:Balsamic Fig Jam With Black Peppercorn

The key ratio to keep in mind is 2 percent salt of the total weight of the peppers.

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Cajohns Magma Hot Sauce

Heat Level: 1 million SHUs

If you like your hot sauce with a bit of showmanship, pick up Magma. The suspended oleoresin of capsicum forms a red-hot blob within the clear vinegar base, reminiscent of the once mighty lava lamp. Shake it to incorporate the heat, and tone down the burn to an acceptable level, like a full three steps back from a jet engines exhaust. Buy It

Want To Try Small Axe Peppers Hottest Hot Sauce

The End hot sauce from the Pepper Palace. Over 6 million o ...

Made with the infamous Ghost Pepper, this sauce is not for the faint of heart. Sure, it isnt going to burn through your soul like the Mad Dog 357 but that doesnt mean it doesnt have a kick. In fact, it could be a great place to start testing your limits before trying some of the disgustingly spicy sauces listed above. So go ahead, give our Ghost Pepper Sauce a try:

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The Ghost: 1 Million Scoville Units

Melindas The Ghost has something sweet to it carrots, papaya, lime and passion fruit but the bhut jolokia chile has a brutal bite. At 1 million Scoville units, this slightly tangy hot sauce brings the heat. One Amazon reviewer thinks it hasnt quite reached the melt your face threshold but says its great with eggs and chili.

Tried Pepper Palace’s The End Today

Like the title says I tried pepper Palace’s “the end”. To make a long story short the pain in my mouth didn’t even come close to the pain in my stomach about 15 minutes after I tried it. Ended up sweating profusely, dry heaving for about 10 minutes or so but nothing too embarrassing. Just wanted to know if anyone else has tried this and what they’re experience was with it?

As a disclaimer: I do enjoy spicy food although I usually never try anything too crazy. So my relatively low tolerance is likely what caused such an extreme reaction.

Also, if anyone has any kind of estimate for where it might be on the scoville scale that would be appreciated! The guy said it was hotter than flashbang so he estimated somewhere around 3.5 mill

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Z Nothing Beyond Extremely Hot Sauce

Z Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce is a tasty concoction that certainly brings the heat. Ok, ok.. it wont kill you, but after trying it, you might wish it did! Made with 4 million Scoville unit pepper extract, this sauce should only be used with extreme caution! An award winning extract sauce that definitely brings fire to the delightful flavor.

How Hot Is Measured

“The End” Hot Sauce Tasting

If you’re not familiar with the Scoville scale, its simply a system for indicating how spicy something is. A jalapeño is between 2,500 and 8k. An orange habanero is between 150k-325k. Many super hot sauces put these peppers to shame, and thats where I now find myself.

Photo by Peter Hershey on Unsplash

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