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How To Make Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi At Home

Easy Shrimp Scampi Sauce Recipe

After getting all the ingredients, you are ready to make the authentic red lobster shrimp scampi at home. So lets check out the recipe

Note- Dont skip any of the steps if you want to make your Shrimp Scampi as tasty as youve eaten in Red Lobster.

  • Add Olive Oil to a cast-iron skillet and heat it.
  • After the olive oil will get a little warm, add shrimp to it.
  • Cook the Shrimp until it becomes translucent. After that, remove the Shrimp and add Garlic to the cast-iron skillet.
  • Do not cook the garlic till it turns brown. It will make your shrimp scampi bitter.
  • After that, add wine and lemon juice and cook it until the wine is reduced by half.
  • Add Italian seasoning and reduce the heat to low. Then add butter to it.
  • Add your shrimp back and cook it for 5 minutes in the sauce so that the shrimp will soak all the flavors.
  • Then add parsley to give the dish some more flavor.
  • Season your shrimp scampi with salt and pepper and sprinkle grated Parmesan cheese on it. And serve.
  • You have to follow every step mentioned above to make your shrimp scampi as tasty as Red Lobsters.

    Note You can add white wine according to your taste. You can also make your Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi without wine.

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    Substitutes For White Wine

    Vegetable stock or broth, or even grape juice, make suitable replacements for white wine in this dish. The grape juice will add a slight sweetness, while the stock adds a savory depth. Although, note that it may take a little longer to reduce the sauce since alcohol has more volatile compounds that evaporate faster than water.

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    Popeyes Cajun Fries Copycat

    Shrimp scampi is packed with a creamy mouthfeel so you need to pair it with a side that can complement its texture. And if theres any recipe thats full of flavor and textural nuance, no one beats our copycat version of the Popeyes Cajun fries. Theyre crispy and incredibly addicting just like the fries from the original restauranttrust me.

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    Storing Leftover Shrimp Scampi

    Store leftover shrimp scampi in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.

    To reheat, simply warm in the microwave using 50% power to avoid drying out the shrimp. Also, adding in a splash of water will help keep moisture in the reheated dish.

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    Dont Overcook The Shrimp

    Shrimp Scampi Recipe

    Shrimp cook very quickly, in a matter of minutes. Make sure to have all of your sauce ingredients measured and prepared. Start by gently cooking the shallots, garlic, and red pepper flakes in butter and olive oil. This process draws out the fat-soluble flavors from the aromatic alliums and more capsaicin from the chili.

    Add the shrimp to the pan and cook both sides until it just starts to curl into a loose C shape and turns pink and opaque. Remove from the heat to prevent overcooking, and create some space to make the lemon butter garlic sauce.

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    What Do I Do To Thicken My Scampi Sauce

    Scampi sauce is meant to be on the thinner side however, if you want to thicken your sauce a bit, you can add some heavy cream OR make a slurry of cornstarch and water in a separate bowl by whisking 1/2 Tbsp of cornstarch and 1 Tbsp of cold water together until a paste is formed. Then add the slurry to the simmering sauce while whisking and bring back to a boil and simmer until the starchy taste has disappeared.

    Red Lobster Recipes To Recreate At Home

    With these Red Lobster recipes, you can recreate your favorite dining experience right at home!

    Everyone loves Red Lobster! The delicious and budget-friendly seafood menu makes this restaurant a popular stop for birthdays and anniversaries.

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    Bring the party home with these copycat recipes! I have all of the secrets for your favorite dishes in this recipe list.

    From scampi to sweet potatoes, there is a recipe here for all of your favorite menu items.

    I hope youre hungry! Treat your family to an at-home Red Lobster feast tonight!

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    How To Make Shrimp Scampi Pasta

    This shrimp scampi is easily spooned over pasta, but for the best shrimp scampi pasta, we follow a few more steps. Heres how we do it:

    • Use any pasta for this angel hair and linguini are our favorites.
    • Get the pasta cooking straight away. The shrimp take around 5 minutes to cook. Check the package directions for the cook time associated with the pasta you are using. Angel hair pasta takes around 4 minutes to cook, so Id drop the dry pasta into boiling water at the same time as starting to cook the shrimp. Linguini, however, takes closer to 9 minutes so consider dropping the pasta into boiling water a few minutes before starting the shrimp.
    • When tossing the cooked pasta with the sauce and shrimp, if it seems dry, add 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of the pasta cooking water to thin it out a bit. The starches in the water will also help the sauce to stick to the pasta strands.

    Tips Make The Best Shrimp Scampi

    Shrimp Scampi Butter Sauce Recipe for Steak!
    • Have all of your ingredients ready on your kitchen bench and close to your cooking area if possible. This recipe cooks FAST. You dont want to be head deep into your refrigerator searching for your wine, for example, while the shrimp is cooking away on the stove. Over-cooked shrimp is rubbery, tough and not pleasant to eat at all.
    • The shrimp is cooked in a butter/oil combination prevent the butter from burning. You can use all butter if you wish, just note it will begin to brown while the shrimp are cooking. Though, I do prefer the flavour of a butter/oil mixture in this.
    • I love extra large or jumbo shrimp in this recipe! Theyre fat and juicy and perfect for a shrimp scampi! If you can find wild-caught shrimp, please cook with those. Better flavour, better colour and a lot healthier for you than farm-raised seafood.
    • Use a good quality white wine. I use a Sav Blanc when cooking this recipe. You can also use a Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay.

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    How Do You Make Shrimp Scampi From Scratch

    The only thing you want to be mindful of when making this dish is not to overcook the shrimp. Shrimp cooks very quickly so be mindful to remove it immediately once its just cooked through.

    Shrimp scampi is made by sauteing minced shallots and garlic in a little oil, quickly cooking the shrimp while reducing a small amount of white wine, then removing the shrimp temporarily so they dont overcook. Butter and fresh lemon juice is then added before adding the shrimp back into the sauce with some chopped parsley. A sprinkle of salt and, if you prefer, a pinch of crushed red pepper finishes the dish.

    Its possible to leave the shrimp in the pan the entire time, you just have to be experienced enough to time it right so the shrimp dont overcook. I tend to leave them in, but I wrote the recipe so theyre removed temporarily from the sauce just to ensure that more novice chefs get the hang of it first.

    Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi Recipe

    Are you a seafood lover? I am, and there is nothing more delicious to me than the smell of garlic and shrimp. I love it. And add to that white wine, lime juice, butter, a few Italian spices, fresh parsley, and red pepper flakes, and Im in seafood heaven! Oh wait, I forgot about the Parmesan cheese on top.

    Tangy, garlicky, and a bit creamy and spicy, this Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi recipe is my go-to meal when I want to spoil myself or my family.

    The broth that results is so good with crusty homemade bread. You will want to soak up every last bit of it.

    The trick is to cook the shrimp for just a few minutes to keep them fresh and not mushy, remove them, make the sauce and return them to the pan to heat them again a bit.

    This is an absolutely wonderful meal. You can even eat them on top of freshly cooked pasta if you prefer a complete meal, but for me, bread is the only way to go!

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    What Is Shrimp Scampi Sauce Made Of

    You wouldnt think such a simple dish made with just 8 ingredients would have so much flavor! The sauce is absolutely to die for and its just begging for a loaf of crusty bread for dipping. Heres the entire list of ingredients to make shrimp scampi:

    • extra-virgin olive oil
    • salt
    • crushed red pepper

    If you have all of the ingredients on hand but are missing the shallot, go ahead and skip it. Although it does add another layer of flavor, this recipe is called garlic butter shrimp scampi, which is the most important part.

    What To Serve With Shrimp Scampi

    Shrimp Scampi Recipe {So Easy!}

    Shrimp and pasta is a filling meal by itself, so I would pair it with a light salad or steamed veggie. You could even just add a piece of garlic toast Here are a few options:

    I have a recipe for everyone in my side dish archives. If you dont see anything on this list you think you would like, be sure to browse my recipe index.

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    Shrimp Scampi A Classic Open To Interpretation

    • Read in app

    By Melissa Clark

    SHRIMP scampi is a dish so entrenched in the Italian-American vernacular that until the day I decided to make it, I did not realize that I didnt know what it was.

    I got the idea to make scampi for dinner while researching recipes circa 1970 for a project. Flipping through an old-school Italian cookbook complete with red-checkered tablecloth cover, I noticed a photo of fat, pink, head-on shrimp displayed on a platter adorned with green grapes and a pear. Fried scampi, the title read. The recipe called for only three ingredients: jumbo prawns, olive oil and garlic. Huh, I thought as I took in the strangeness of pre-Martha Stewart food styling, doesnt shrimp scampi always have butter, and isnt it served over pasta?

    I asked a colleague what she thought shrimp scampi was, and she quickly said garlic shrimp with some kind of breading. Another friend posited shrimp in garlicky tomato sauce.

    If shrimp scampi is such a classic staple of Italian restaurants, why didnt any of us know what it was?

    Thanks to a quick Internet search that I then confirmed in Lidia Bastianichs authoritative book, Lidias Italian-American Kitchen , I learned that shrimp scampi is one of those creations in which immigrant cooks adapted Italian techniques to American ingredients.


    A quick digression. Unless my shrimp are jumbo-size, with perilous, inky stripes running down their backs, I never bother deveining.

    Tips For The Best Scrimp Scampi

    • Dry wine is best for shrimp scampi, stay away from sweet wines as it will take away from the overall savory flavor of the dish. I suggest sticking to a chardonnay or pinot grigio.
    • Be sure your shrimp is peeled and deveined before you begin cooking. You can also remove the tails during this step if you prefer no tails.
    • Have pasta ready to toss with warm shrimp and sauce. If it finishes cooking before the shrimp is done toss with a little olive oil to prevent pasta from sticking, dont rinse with water or sauce wont cling to pasta!
    • Careful not to overcook the shrimp or it will ruin their tender texture. It will become rubbery and bouncy.

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    Wine For Shrimp Scampi

    Your best bet is a crisp dry white wine that youll enjoy drinking with your amazing meal! You may enjoy any of the following:

    • Pinot Grigio

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    How to Make Shrimp Scampi

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    This Red Lobster recipe is everything youll need for that five-star experience at home.

    This recipe is easy to make, but I wont tell! Youll get flavorful, flaky fillets that are perfect to serve to guests.

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    What Is The Best Wine For Shrimp Scampi

    Your favorite dry white wine may be used in this wine sauce such as Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, or Sauvignon Blanc.

    Do not use anything labeled cooking wine for shrimp scampi which are often low quality, taste terrible and contain additives. There is no need to break the bank. A reasonably priced dry white wine would work really well for shrimp scampi.

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    Butter + Garlic + Shrimp=happy

    Actually, our super easy shrimp scampi recipe is more like wine+butter+olive oil+a LOT of garlic+shrimp=happy. But you get the ideashrimp makes everyone happy, and shrimp scampi makes everyone the happiest. Its nostalgic, classic, and delicious over pasta. Or not! Which brings us to another reason to love shrimp scampiits versatile. Serve it straight up, or tossed with pasta. Or as a luxurious appetizer. Theres just no wrong way to scampi.

    How To Add More Flavor

    The Best Shrimp Scampi Recipe

    Layering flavor makes simple dishes sing, and this shrimp dish is no different.

    • Steep the shrimp in a drizzle of olive oil and pressed garlic with a pinch of heat from red pepper flakes. This method infuses extra flavor into the shrimp before cooking.
    • Gain extra flavor by allowing the shrimp to sit in the flavored oil for at least 20 minutes on the countertop or up to overnight in the refrigerator.
    • Avoid using acids like lemon juice or vinegars to the shrimp marinade. Similar to ceviche, these ingredients will cook the shrimp. Sitting in an acid based marinade for too long could also make the shrimp mealy.

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    How To Make Shrimp Scampi From Scratch

    When it comes to cooking dinner, easy elegance is what Im going for these days. At first glance, this dish looks downright decadent. But in reality, its the poster child for simplicity. Its like Im an illusionist in the kitchen!

    The truth is, the best shrimp scampi made from scratch couldnt be simpler and literally takes mere mortals like you and me just minutes to prepare.

    Whether you serve it as shrimp scampi pasta for a super quick weeknight meal or serve it to company for a chic nod to your faux fancy cookery, this dinners ingredients can always be stocked in the pantry and freezer for a sizzling bite any time.

    What Shrimp Scampi Sauce Is Made Of

    For what many eaters view as a fancy dish, shrimp scampi is totally easy to pull off for any level of cook and requires very few ingredients to do so.

    Heres what youll need:

    • Frozen shrimp. For the best flavor, choose wild caught shrimp when possible. I prefer the large 21/25 Key West pink shrimp for their sweet flavor. Choose a frozen shrimp with the shell and tail still on, then shell and devein yourself. You can keep the tail or remove it. Shrimp still in the shell have more flavor and are cheaper. To ensure youre getting the freshest shrimp possible, skip the seafood counters ice rink of thawing shrimp and go for a bag of flash-frozen shrimp you can thaw yourself by soaking in a bowl of cool water for about 10 minutes.
    • Garlic. Choose fresh garlic over the jarred stuff. I prefer to press mine instead of mincing.
    • Red pepper flakes. Red pepper flakes deliver a balanced heat.
    • Olive oil. A fruity extra virgin is my choice.
    • White wine. Choose a drinkable wine thats on the drier side such as a sauvignon blanc or even a chardonnay.
    • Butter. Salted or unsalted work equally fine and thicken the sauce.
    • Lemon juice. Always use fresh lemon juice in this recipe.
    • Kosher salt. Kosher salt isnt as strong as table salt.
    • Parsley. Use flat leaf or regular parsley. Mince it fine for just the right bits of brightness.

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