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What Is Keto Alfredo Sauce Made Of

Keto Chicken Alfredo Sauce One Skillet!

Instead of traditional milk and flour, the alfredo sauce contains butter, heavy cream, mascarpone, garlic, basil, oregano, parsley, and Parmesan cheese to reduce carbs. If you dont have mascarpone on hand, you can substitute with cream cheese. Alternatively, you can simply leave the ingredient out, but it acts as one of the primary thickeners in our recipe.

How Many Carbs In Alfredo Sauce

There is not much of a difference in carbs between homemade keto alfredo sauce and jarred alfredo sauce. The biggest difference is that homemade keto alfredo sauce uses fewer ingredients and no fillers or preservatives.

Here are the differences between our keto alfredo recipe and my two favorite store-bought alfredo sauces.

  • Our Homemade Keto Alfredo Sauce:¼ cup, 1.4 NET CARBS
  • Bertolli Alfredo Sauce:¼ cup, 2 NET CARBS
  • Primal Kitchen Non-Dairy Alfredo Sauce:¼ cup, 4 NET CARBS

Victoria Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Victoria Alfredo isnt the most classic of all jarred options, the addition of roasted garlic gives it a flavor profile that the other standard Alfredo sauces didnt have and the cashew cream definitely changed up the texture . And for that, we loved how much it stood out. If youre looking to shake things up, we suggest filling your cart with this sauce.

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Best For Kids: Prego Homestyle Alfredo Sauce

Both kids and adults alike love the great taste of Pregos homestyle Alfredo sauce because it has a rich flavor, but isnt too bold in terms of garlic or pepper . It’s plenty delicious, though, thanks to fresh cream, lots of Parmesan, and the addition of delicate fresh herbs and spices.

The jar is extremely family-friendly, too. The 14.5-ounce jar is just the right size for four generous servings of pasta. Alternatively, its ample sauce for crowd-pleasing chicken casseroles.

Trying out a new diet doesnt mean you cant treat yourself to some long-standing family favorites, like chicken Alfredo. Because this pasta sauce is low carb and doesnt have any added sugar, it’s both keto- and Whole 30-friendly.

Whats more, Raos prides itself on sourcing quality ingredients for its sauces. This particular blend is made with real light cream, Parmesan and Romano, butter, egg, black pepper, and salt. Theres no paste, no added water, no starch, and no artificial colors. The result: rich, silky sauce youll want to completely devour.

Homemade Keto Alfredo Sauce Recipe

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Keto Spaghetti Sauce. When it comes to versatile keto sauces, my favorite recipes to make are alfredo sauce, cheese sauce, and this keto spaghetti sauce.. Growing up, my mom would always have a batch of her homemade spaghetti sauce in the refrigerator or freezer.

Flour-free alfredo sauce Authentic Italian alfredo sauce is one of the most delicious keto-friendly options. However, before ordering, make sure they didnt add any flour to thicken up the sauce. The best alfredo will be made with 2-3 simple keto ingredients, typically Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and butter.

Easy Low Carb Keto Alfredo Sauce Recipe – Gluten Free – This low carb keto Alfredo sauce recipe is easy to make – just 10 minutes and 4 common ingredients! It will be your favorite garlic Parmesan cream sauce. #wholesomeyum #lowcarb #alfredo #dinner #easy. Saved by Wholesome Yum. 422.

If your sauce has not reached the desired thickness, simmer the Keto Alfredo Sauce until it has. If the cheese has already been added, whisk often to avoid burning on the bottom of the saucepan. LOW CARB ALFREDO SAUCE. Low carb Alfredo sauce is perfect to drizzle over steamed broccoli and seasoned chicken.

Keto Alfredo Sauce Many of the store bought sauces and condiments use starches and flours that increase the carbohydrate count. But you can very easily make your own sauces at home, usually for a fraction of the cost and carb count! This homemade keto Alfredo sauce is a perfect exampleand its better than the stuff

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What Is Keto Spaghetti Sauce

Keto spaghetti sauce is a low-carb, no-sugar spaghetti sauce made with Italian herbs and seasoning. This low carb sauce is keto-friendly and is a healthy substitute for standard store-bought pasta sauces.

Keto diets are low carb , with the primary goal of inducing your body to burn through its fat reserves rather than taking on carbohydrates and added sugars as a source of energy.

But are tomatoes keto-friendly? Yes, tomatoes are keto-friendly, as they contain only a few grams of carbohydrates and are drastically lower in sugars than most other fruits.

Store-bought spaghetti sauce is usually relatively high in added sugar. This means that its not often going to be keto-friendly, and youll find there are a ton of carbs in spaghetti sauce you buy at the store!

Of course, if youre on a keto diet, you most likely wont be eating traditional pasta noodles with your no-sugar-added spaghetti sauce either. Dont worry, because there are plenty of delicious low carb alternatives, many of which you can make at home with a spiralizer or a pasta maker. Check out our homemade pasta recipe and try it with almond or coconut flour for a keto alternative, or go straight to keto pasta recipe.

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Will You Be Making Keto Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade keto spaghetti sauce is a fantastic, low calorie, low sugar, and low carb sauce perfect for a healthy, keto-friendly diet. In fact, this recipe is bursting with flavor and packed full of the good stuff, so its an excellent option for anyone!

Spice it up or thicken it up with just a few tweaks to the original recipe. This recipe is so versatile and that is exactly why we love it! Our recipe is super easy to prepare, and you can use the sauce in many of your favorite Italian-inspired dishes.

Why not bookmark our keto spaghetti sauce for your next low carb dinner?

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Seasoning For Easy Alfredo Sauce

Traditional Alfredo sauce typically has nutmeg in it, but I kept it as an optional ingredient to keep it simple. I noticed some people were surprised by this when I shared the recipe with them, but its actually a very common component in Alfredo sauce recipes.

Lately Ive been making spices optional in recipes when I can, not because I dont use them liberally myself, but just to offer flexibility when possible. I do recommend the nutmeg for that familiar flavor in your keto Alfredo sauce. Even if youre not expecting it, it fits in amazingly well!

Speaking of flavor, you may want to add more salt and pepper at the end, to your taste. You probably need more than you think!

When adding salt, keep in mind that the low carb Alfredo sauce will be more concentrated when tasting it plain. It will mellow out when you mix it with other ingredients, especially lightly sweet veggies, like zucchini noodles. For this reason, I recommend adding a little more salt than you may think is needed.

What Kind Of Low Carb Pasta Can You Cave With This Keto Bolognese Sauce

Our favourite keto sauces and condiments – Store-bought and homemade options!

You can make your own low-carb pasta at home, following one of the many recipes on the internet. I still have not had a chance to experiment with homemade Keto pasta, but this is definitely on my list. So once I create a good low-carb pasta recipe, that is worth sharing, Ill post it on my blog.

Other low carb alternatives, that are not homemade pastas:

  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Cabbage Noodles
  • Cauliflower Cous Cous
  • Shirataki Noodles made from a type of fiber known as glucomannan, which comes from the konjac plant
  • Tofu noodles

Please refer to my Zucchini Carbonara Recipe to see about different ways to make zoodles.

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Alfredo Sauce That Perfectly Reheats

The real magic of this easy Alfredo sauce is that it reheats so well. So many cheese sauces are prone to separating into gritty cheese and puddles of greasy liquid when reheated, but not this sauce. The flour in the roux makes this a very stable, very reliable, and a very forgiving sauce.

The Alfredo sauce will harden into a thick paste once it cools in the fridge, but give it a few minutes of gentle heat on the stovetop or in the microwave, and it will once again become silky and creamy. If you see a few little beads of fat starting to form, just whisk vigorously to blend them back in.

You can also freeze this Alfredo sauce for up to one month. Let it thaw overnight in the fridge before reheating on the stovetop or in the microwave.

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Gia Russa Sauce Alfredo

The Gia Russa Alfredo sauce is recommended by a Reddit user who considers it the best Alfredo sauce, although it can be expensive.

The manufacturer lists the usual ingredients for Alfredo sauce, such as butter, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Romano cheese, pepper, egg yolk, and cornstarch, but also a special ingredient, namely heavy whipping cream.

The sauce is therefore thicker than other Alfredo sauces.

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What Are The Best Keto

If you would rather pick up a bottle of keto-friendly alfredo sauce instead of making it from scratch, then you cant go wrong with any of these brands. Theyre all 100% keto approved and oh so tasty:

Raos Homemade Alfredo Sauce Roasted Garlic Alfredo

The Best 5

Another Rao product, Roasted Garlic Alfredo sauce comes with the bonus of an added flavor, garlic.

As with the homemade version of Alfredo, it combines cream, Parmesan and Romano cheeses, and butter, all topped with the unmistakable taste of roasted garlic.

Carb-conscious and suitable for different diets, the sauce has a velvety texture. The garlic flavor makes this sauce special, as it has a rich taste, as opposed to most brands, which taste just like cream.

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The Best Keto Alfredo Sauce

If you’re looking for the best keto alfredo sauce recipe to use during your next keto pasta night, this is it! It’s rich, velvety, and buttery all at the same time. And this homemade keto alfredo sauce delivers all of that deliciousness without the added “junk” ingredients you’ll find in the store-bought kind.

Having said that, alfredo sauce is the perfect sauce for more than just pasta. It can complement a variety of other dishes too.

I mean, you can serve it over vegetables, chicken, and shrimp. And it’s so smooth and tasty that literally anything you decide to put on it is instantly upgraded with some added savory deliciousness.

That said, my favorite way to use this sauce is to make some keto chicken alfredo with zoodles with it! The whole thing comes together in literally just 15 minutes, and I swear it’s one of the best quick and easy keto dinners you can make!

Now, I’m sure all of this food talk is getting you hungry, so let’s jump into the recipe!

What Other Keto Friendly Marinara Sauces Can Be Store Bought

The first brand Im going to recommend here is Raos. If you havent heard or tried Raos, then youre missing out.

Raos has the lowest carb count of any marinara sauce Ive seen in the grocery store, and add the fact that its probably also the most delicious commercial marinara sauce Ive ever tried.

Raos has four total carbohydrates per 1/2 cup serving with 1 gram coming from dietary fiber, thus leaving only 3 grams of net carbs per 1/2 cup.

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Primal Kitchen Tomato Basil Marinara Sauce

If you’ve gone on any kind of restrictive diet, you might already know about this diet-friendly pick from Primal Kitchen, which boasts an impressive roster of health accolades, from being soy- and gluten-free to being certified Paleo and Whole 30 approved. Plus, it’s made with heart-healthy avocado oil instead of canola or soybean oil, so you’ll get an extra boost of good fats.

How To Make Homemade & Easy Alfredo Sauce


The traditional/classic way requires some simple ingredients and only a few steps. Also, please watch the quick video attached.

  • Whisk the dairy ingredients: The first step would be to melt butter and cream in a large saucepan over low to medium heat. Let it simmer for 1-2 minutes and whisk while cooking.
  • Add garlic: Next, add the minced garlic and whisk for about 30 seconds. This adds quite a lot of flavor and aromas, so I highly recommend using freshly minced garlic. Then, add the seasonings and continue to whisk the mixture for another 1 or 2 minutes. Another option is to brown the minced garlic in butter first, for a deeper flavor.
  • Add the cheese: Add grated parmesan cheese and stir until the cheese has melted. It is that simple.
  • Let it thicken: Lastly, bring it to simmer and continue whisking for about 2-4 minutes. The sauce will thicken.
  • Serve: Toss it with your favorite pasta or pizza.
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    Is Alfredo Sauce Keto

    Alfredo sauce can indeed be a 100% keto-friendly sauce.

    Fortunately for keto pasta lovers, you can both find plenty of commercially available keto-friendly alfredo sauce brands on store shelves or you can quickly and easily make your own version from scratch.

    Since alfredo sauce is typically made with ingredients that are keto staples , its incredibly easy to incorporate it into a variety of different low carb pasta dishes. And since it uses so many keto staples, you can rest assured knowing that alfredo sauce will provide you with plenty of both protein and dietary fat.

    All in all, alfredo sauce is an easy recommendation to make for any and all keto dieters who love pasta.

    Best Keto Alfredo Sauce

    Pre-Keto, while I have always loved a good alfredo sauce lets face it. The nutrition for a traditional low calorie diet this just isnt a good option.

    But since we are doing the dirty keto diet or a low carb diet, the fats and ingredients compliment it well. Our delicious homemade keto alfredo sauce cream cheese version is the perfect topping for vegetables and meats. Lets get cooking.

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    Lets Talk About Sauce

    A high quality red sauce is key to a successful Italian dinner. If you dont have the time to make marinara from scratch, Raos Marinara is the perfect time saving alternative. While it is a little pricy, its worth every penny. Raos has zero added sugars and is the lowest net carb red sauce Ive found in the last 15 years. Only 3 net carbs per half a cup! Amazing!

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    Easy Alfredo Sauce Recipe

    12 Low

    Alfredo sauce is luckily one of those recipes where the ingredients are usually already keto. I say usually, but there are quite a bit of recipes made with milk instead of heavy cream which isnt keto friendly.

    For a keto friendly alfredo sauce, youll usually want to stick to heavy cream or a combination of cream cheese and heavy cream.

    Alfredo sauce is commonly used in pasta, but I love that its so versatile and that you can use it in any dishes that you want. You can use this keto friendly alfredo sauce as a pizza sauce in thischicken pizza crust recipe, in lasagna, or as a casserole sauce like this chicken alfredo bake. You can also make a delicious casserole like in this chicken broccoli casserole.

    While they sell alfredo sauce in a jar in grocery stores, most of the brands don’t always use the healthiest ingredients, which is why I like making my own sauce from scratch as it’s just as good, or even better! Some common brands include Ragu, Bertolli, Prego and Classico. They are all keto friendly, if you don’t mind the ingredients.

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    Low Carb Alfredo Sauce

    This quick and easy low carb alfredo sauce is ready in 10 minutes and great served over vegetable noodles, low carb pasta dishes or steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

    Once you make homemade alfredo sauce, you’ll never buy store bought again! Even better is that you know exactly what went into the sauce and that there are no hidden additives or sugar.

    G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar

    This classic BBQ sauce has been popular for years now, and its great to see a sugar-free, keto-friendly version of it now widely available.

    It comes in a choice of flavors like hickory, honey, and maple brown. If youre going to pick any then hickory will definitely go with BBQ the best due to its inherently smokey nature. Honey is a great shout with red meats though too.

    It has 2g carbs per tablespoon, with a lot of the carb content coming from the crushed tomato. Its sweetened with a tiny amount of sucralose.

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    Weight Watchers Alfredo Sauce

    I have always loved alfredo sauce. I used to make the most amazing, heart stopping version. Everyone loved it. It was seriously a heart attack waiting to happen. When we started eating healthier, I didnt want to give up my favorite alfredo sauce but I certainly couldnt eat all my points for the day in one sitting. This Weight Watchers Alfredo Sauce is just as good and no one has noticed the change.

    Best Vegan: Primal Kitchen No Dairy Alfredo Sauce

    Keto Cheesy Chicken Alfredo Bake

    Even if youre vegan , this jarred Alfredo sauce allows you to indulge in a creamy, rich pasta dish. The Primal Kitchen No-Dairy Alfredo Sauce is as simple as can be. It doesnt contain any dairy, gluten, soy, canola oil, or artificial ingredients.

    So where does that delicious taste come from? The sauce contains creamy cashew butter and avocado oil to lend the texture you’re looking for. It also has plenty of roasted garlic, onion powder, and a sprinkle of black pepper to add the classic burst of flavor.

    This jarred sauce gets its great taste from a recipe that relies on fresh cream and real Parmesan and Romano cheese. The texture is exactly what youd like, toothick and creamy to perfectly coat everything from noodles to chicken. That’s not all there is to love, though. Ragùs sauce has no artificial colors, artificial flavors, or high-fructose corn syrup, and instead relies on the same recipes and cooking techniques used in the original family recipes.

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