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A Complete List Of Hot Ones Hot Sauces

  • 19 September 2021

Hot Ones is a YouTube sensation that has taken the internet by storm. It is produced by First We Feast and Complex Media and is hosted by Sean Evans.

First debuting in March 2015 the shows format consists of host Sean Evans interviewing a celebrity guest while both eat 10 chicken wings, each served with a progressively hotter hot sauce and culminating in The Last Dab, a sauce produced by Hot Ones themselves with a Scoville rating of 2,000,000+ units. The Last Dab was developed by legendary chilehead Smokin Ed Currie of PuckerButt Pepper Co., the creator of the infamous Carolina Reaper, the worlds hottest pepper.

The shows tagline, stated by Evans at the beginning of each episode, is The show with hot questions, and even hotter wings.

As of 19 September 2021 there have been fifteen seasons of Hot Ones produced with a total of 228 episodes. In 2018 Hot Ones won Best Non-Fiction Series at the Streamy Awards and the episodes on YouTube have been viewed more than 50 million times in total.

The Season 16 Lineup of Hot Ones hot sauces was announced by Sean Evans on 17 September 2021 with the first episode of Hot Ones Season 16 scheduled to premiere on Thursday, 23 September.

You can check out all the Hot Ones episodes on YouTube here: Hot Ones on YouTube

In November 2019 Hot Ones: The Game Show, also hosted by Sean Evans, was announced by WarnerMedias TruTV with a release date scheduled for early 2020. The first episode was broadcast on 18 February 2020.

The 10 Hottest Hot Sauces You Can Buy

When used appropriately, hot sauce is one of those accouterments that can take an ordinary dish to new heights. The right hot sauce can complement damn near everything. But when hot sauce is used inappropriately, it can make you want to tear the roof of your mouth out. There are some hot sauces out there that are so mind-bogglingly hot that we really, truly, and legitimately cannot fathom why anyone would ever tempt fate and try them. Today, were talking about the hottest hot sauces in the world.

The cult of hot sauce has been around for a long time. But the spicy condiment hit the mainstream with the rise in popularity of Hot Ones, a celebrity interview show that features some of the hottest hot sauces around. While that might sound like a subjective term, there are ways to determine how spicy is too spicy.

Z Nothing Beyond Extremely Hot Sauce

Z Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce is a tasty concoction that certainly brings the heat. Ok, ok.. it wont kill you, but after trying it, you might wish it did! Made with 4 million Scoville unit pepper extract, this sauce should only be used with extreme caution! An award winning extract sauce that definitely brings fire to the delightful flavor.

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Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No 9

We warned you about Mad Dog earlier. This is where things get serious. Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 was at one point the hottest hot sauce on the market. Its 60% pure capsicum and, as such, the company does not recommend consuming this directly. Its effectively pure heat.

Scoville Unit: 9 Million

Crazy Uncle Jesters Spontaneous Combustion

Torchbearer The Rapture 2.0 Hot Sauce

Scoville units: 1.1 millionPeppers used: Habanero

An antidote to the mild-mannered, wussy Tabasco, this is the self-proclaimed XXX-rated version of a Louisiana-style hot sauce. In fact, an entire bushel of habanero peppers is crammed into every bottle. The man behind Crazy Uncle Jesters is actually named Jeffrey E. Black Bull Stevenson, a member of The Shawnee Nation who is the purveyor of this certified Native American-owned Minority Business Enterprise. Buy it here.

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Meet Your Maker Death Sauce

The packaging and branding for this one says it all. I mean, just look at the name. And yes, its a product that comes in a coffin so you knowtheres that. Inside, youll findghost peppers three ways: fresh, ground, and extracted. The creators of this one werent playing games so taste at your own risk.

Superhot Hot Sauce Recipe

A homemade hot sauce recipe made with a variety of superhot chili peppers, including Carolina Reapers, 7-Pot peppers and Scorpion peppers. Extremely hot! Not for the faint of heart. For true chiliheads only.

OK, my friends. It is time to reveal one of the hottest hot sauces I have ever made in my own kitchen. Yes, it is homemade and it is crazy hot. Crazy hot in a good sort of way, the way only a serious chilihead can enjoy. Or any true heat lover.

I grow a big variety of chili peppers every year. I love a range of heat and flavors, from flavorful sweet peppers all the way up to superhots with their incredible heat.

I use them in so many ways, and one of my favorites it making homemade hot sauce. I do enjoy milder sauces that focus on flavor over heat, but every now and then, I want some seriously heat in my hot sauce. Thats when this hot sauce comes in a hot sauce made from superhot chili peppers.

Were talking Carolina Reapers, Scorpions, 7-Pot Chili Pepper varieties. A big variety.

Lets talk about how to make superhot hot sauce, shall we?

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Da’ Bomb The Final Answer Hot Sauce

Heat Level: 1.5 million SHUs

Da’ Bomb The Final Answer – The hottest of all of the Da’ Bomb line. Da Bomb Final Answer is pretty legendary in itself, known for its 1.5 million SHU rating as it strives to answer the question, “What’s the hottest sauce?”

At 1,500,000 Scoville Units, the Da Bomb Final Answer hot sauce bottle won the Super Hottest Category on the 2001 Texas Shoot-Out.

This 2-oz bottle comes in a locked display box, which will make it an excellent gift for a chilehead PLUS keep it safe from anyone who might not realize its potency.

Feel the burn and enjoy a hot savory and tangy meal with its balanced mix of habanero and garlic zest. Not only will it leave you sweating and tearing up with your mouth on fire, but it also adds a unique piquancy to your meal thanks to its apricot flavor.

What Is The #1 Hot Sauce Used In Mexico

I Made The World’s HOTTEST Hot Sauce!

Valentina is arguably the most popular Mexican hot sauce in Mexico. This might be the most classic hot sauce you could choose, and it goes with practically everything. This sauce uses puya chiles and the flavor is more chile-forward than vinegar. Use Valentina with your main course, especially seafood!Aug 25, 2020.

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Reaper Squeezins: 22 Million Scoville Units

PuckerButt Pepper Company is home to the worlds hottest pepper, the Carolina reaper, created by Smokin Ed Currie. The brands spiciest and most dangerous sauce, Reaper Squeezins, is 92% Carolina reaper peppers, plus vinegar. Its painfully hot with amazing heat and incredible taste, according to one reviewer.

Dabomb The Final Answer

If youve watched Hot Ones, youll be familiar with DaBomb. Its usually the point in the show when guests start to truly feel the heat. Clocking in at 1.5 million Scoville units, The Final Answer from DaBomb is the brands hottest hot sauce and certainly packs a punch.

Scoville Unit: 1.5 Million

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How Long Will This Hot Sauce Keep

It should keep a few months easily in the fridge, or even longer. Its all about the acidity. To be technical, target level ph for shelf stable foods is below 4.6 ph, but should probably be lower for home cooks, around 4.0 or so, to account for errors. I have not measured the ph of this sauce, but I wont have it around very long anyway. If youre concerned, add more vinegar to lower the ph.

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Hottest Hot Sauce: Do You Dare To Try

Torchbearer Sultry Hot Sauce

If you are crazy about spicy food, is the sauce in your cupboard hot enough for you? Why dont you try some more challenging options?

We have included the hottest hot sauce list in the article. For certain: All the names are hotter than any sauce you have tried in your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Lets discover the list, and check where you are among the hot levels.


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Dabomb Beyond Insanity 135600 Scovilles

The name says it all here, as does the warning label: consume one drop at a time with extreme caution. Its made with pure habanero pepper, further enhanced with, well, more habanero-infused flavour. It also includes chipotles along with orange juice, water, tomato paste, and other spices. In other words, dab this on food, dont pour it or drench your wing in it.

Have a tall glass of milk and a box of Kleenex nearby before deciding to try this one! This is usually the one that takes down even the most adventurous celebrity guests.

Hot To Make Superhot Hot Sauce The Recipe Method

Roast the Peppers. Heat an oven to 400 degrees. Set the superhot chili peppers and garlic on a baking sheet and bake them about 15-20 minutes, or until the skins slightly char. Keep an eye on these. You dont want them to burn, and watch out for any fumes.

Alternatively, do this on your grill outside.

Process the Ingredients. Add peppers to a food processor. Squeeze garlic out of their skins and into the food processor they go. Add basil leaves and process.

Vinegar. While processing, add in vinegar until it is nicely pureed. Watch out for the fumes!

Salt and Strain, if Desired. Add salt and stir. Push the sauce through a strainer or use a food mill to really strain it, if desired. Adjust with more vinegar or water to your desired consistency.

NOTE: I dont always strain. It really depends on how thick you want your hot sauce.

Bottle It Up. Pour into bottles and enjoy. Give to your friends! The longer you let it sit, the more the flavors will meld.

Boom! Done! There it is, my friends! Crazy hot hot sauce! Did the fumes get you? How are you going to use this sauce? Id love to hear it! Talk about heat!

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Bumblef***ed Hot Sauce: 6 Million Scoville Units

This hot sauce was created by a former guitarist for Guns and Roses, Ron Bumblefoot Thal, who has an adoration for molten lava-type spice and the rush associated with it. BumbleF***ed has notes of ginger, tropical fruit and ginseng. It even has caffeine. The nuclear-level flavor is led by habanero peppers and capsicum, measuring in at 6 million Scoville.

The World’s Spiciest Hot Sauces

The World’s HOTTEST Hot Sauce Challenge! (GONE WRONG) *EXTREME*

If you use hot sauce on the regular, you know that all your favorite grocery store brands are relatively mild. Franks , Cholula, Tabasco, Crystal the whole gang’s here, but none of them are especially face-melting. But true chiliheads know theres more to life than pepper sauce that doesnt make you sweat. So grab a gallon of milk and proceed with caution, because these are the spiciest hot sauces in the world.

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Lets Talk About The Hot Sauce Heat

With superhots, you can expect a wide range of heat, though the majority of them start at over 1 Million SHU. Some will approach or surpass 2 Million SHU, which is somewhat insane, but again, these are ranges so you can typically expect your pepper heat to fall in the middle somewhere.

The heat depends on many factors, such as soil and growing conditions of the particular peppers. Well, my peppers must have been grown under some ideal conditions, because they were HOT. Yeah! Nice and hot! Top of the range. I didnt not want them to go to waste, so I turned the majority of them into a hot sauce that I still have today.

This is a Louisiana style hot sauce with a few extras added in for flavor. A Louisiana style hot sauce consists of peppers and vinegar, and theyre extremely popular.

With good reason. This superhot version brings in the variety of superhots and adds in roasted garlic and basil. Thats it, with a bit of salt. You can expect variable results depending on the chili peppers you choose to work with.

To push for the top end of the scale, use only Reapers or 7-Pot Brain Strains if you can get them. Pure Scorpions would be crazy killer hot. Or vary it up like I did. You can also make this with roasted jalapenos, or pretty much any pepper you prefer.

Choose your peppers with love. That is always a good place to start.

World’s Hottest Hot Sauce: A List Of 20 Hot Sauces

With the five hot sauces we cover here, its not just hottest sauce in the world contention, its hottest sauce in the universe territory. These are some mighty spicy products below, not for the timid taste buds out there. All of them are born from the upper end of the Scoville scale, 400,000 heat units and above! Thats hot.

Since 1991 we have been selling the worlds hottest products, Mad Dog 357 Plutonium, Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce, ECO – Essential Chili Oil and Yellowcake 1.6 Million Scoville

When normal sauces just don’t do it for you, these best hot sauces will have your mouth filled with extreme heat, at affordable prices. We’ve taken the time to look at 8 of the best hot sauces you can buy in Australia, packing some serious punch, and even a sauce so extreme, you need latex gloves to open the bottle, or else you could cause injury to your skin!

Habaneros have 20-30 times the amount of capsaicin that jalapenos have, so as you would expect this sauce has real kick to go along with along with a sharp, tangy flavor. Heat factor: 9 out of 10. One last note. Theres one other factor that makes Valentina my current hot sauce of choice. It can be seen here:

What is Hot Sauce?Hot Sauce can be made with a wide variety of ingredients. You can cram almost anything that’s edible in there!. But the common ingredient is any variety of chile pepper. Even though the name implies a burn, not all Hot Sauces are hot.Ours are mostly made with a base of either vinegar, tomatoes, mustar

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Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract 5 Million Scoville

Heat Level: 5 million SHUs

Mad Dog 357s searing blend of chili extract, fresh habanero peppers and cayenne peppers, garlic, and onion is respected by chili heads the world over for its ability to bring the burn and the flavor.

The Mad Dog 357 arsenal includes a relatively mild Mad Dog 357 Green Amigo all the way up to a potentially life threatening 9,000,000 Scoville Heat Unit Plutonium Pepper Extract.

Mad Dog 357 5 Million Scoville Extract is 5,000,000 Scoville Heat Units of pure heat packed in this special extract. Mad Dog 357 5 Million Scoville Extract is the best value extract on the market. One drop of this pepper extract will add extreme heat to almost any recipe.

357 Mad Dog Extract is the number one pepper extract in the Mad Dog Special Edition Extract Arsenal. Made from pure HPLC certified capsicum, it offers clean taste and pure flavor.

Hottest Sauce In The Universe The 2nd Dimension

Melbourne Hot Sauce Bhut Jolokia

While its not quite the hottest sauce in the universe, its fairly close. The people at Pepper Palace make each batch with 40 pounds of ghost peppers, clocking in at 3.5 million Scoville units. That makes it 3 times hotter than the infamous ghost pepper. Better watch out, otherwise this sauce will send you back a dimension or two.

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Wanzas Wicked Temptation Hot Sauce

Heat Level: 850k SHUs

Its all about the dilution. Higher heat ratings go to the pure extracts, while something like this brings in a little tomato, pineapple and guava to temper the heat. Now, were saying temper as in making the stuff slightly less hot than the unshaded parking lots of hell. Wanza will burn, but it might not sizzle a hole straight through the table. Buy It

Mad Dog 44 Magnum: 4 Million Scoville Units

This sauce is made with pure capsaicin extract, which reaches an insane 4 million Scoville Units. Add this to your food one drop at a time, or better yet, dont add any at all. If you feel like playing a legendary prank on your fraternity brothers the next time you make a batch of chili, you can buy a bottle for $38 here.

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Blairs Mega Death Sauce

Heat Level: 550k SHUs

Note the space between the words, and the a in death. This isnt an offering from Mustaine et al, but it nonetheless rocks the heat pretty hard. The inclusion of molasses here serves to mask the heat on the first hit, but then the habanero and cayenne offer a blaze somewhere in the neighborhood of a black steering wheel in July. Buy It

The 10 Hottest Chilli Sauces

The World’s Hottest Hot Sauce

It seems that theres an obsession with heat when it comes to food you cant check your emails on Yahoo! without reading some story about how someone died eating the hottest pizza ever made or something similar. Not so long ago I was walking through Hoxton Square with a friend when his eyes lit up he had seen a spicy wings challenge advertised and insisted that we partake. Half an hour later, weve worked our way through half a wing and feeling terrible, yet this fixation with the hottest seems insurmountable. So for all you masochists out there, here are ten of the hottest chilli sauces around.

10. Hot Headz! Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper Sauce

One of the simplest hot sauces around it uses the traditional Trinidadian Scorpion chilli peppers and is only available when the chillies are in season.

9. Sauce Crafters Inc. Satans Blood

A great name but not necessarily the tastiest of sauces it is nevertheless fires of hell hot.

8. Ass Blaster Hot Sauce

There have been reports of people hearing Ring of Fire in their head for days after consuming this intestine busting stuff. Seriously though, only for those with concrete stomachs.

7. 10 Minute Burn Extreme Chilli Sauce

This sauce has now been superseded by the 20 Minute Burn , but is still vicious in its own way. When it was first premiered people who tried it passed out and it was banned from a fiery foods festival for being too hot!

6. The Hottest Fuckin Sauce

5. Da Bomb Ground Zero

3. Naga Sauce

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