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A co-packer is an established food manufacturing company that businesses pay to produce their products. Also known as co-manufacturing, co-packers own heavy-duty equipment that streamlines food production. Co-packers either manufacture your product line for you, or they can package your finished product. Most co-packers offer various service packages, so their customers decide how many logistical details they want to handle themselves.

For example, one client may pay a co-packer to bottle and package their BBQ sauce. Another customer may only want to pay for bottling and will handle the packaging and shipping themselves. A third customer may have the co-packer handle everything from making their hot sauce to shipping it to their clients.

Working with a co-manufacturer is a cost-effective way to bring your product to market without having to build your own manufacturing facility. It also saves labor costs such as wages, benefits, and training. According to a Contract Packaging survey, 85% of respondents believed co-packing effectively cut costs and brought their margins up, and 68% reported increased business flexibility.

We Can Create Any Look

Whether you want a transparent look that highlights the contents of your container or your brand is going for a natural feel, we can help. We offer custom label design services, or we can ensure an existing design meets all printing standards. We bring designs to life with a variety of papers, films and custom label materials. And we offer premium screen-print, foil or embossed labels that bring depth, texture and shine to your sauce.

Burn Your Brand In The Customer’s Minds

Hot sauces are known for their unique label designs. Make sure you pair yours with a professionally-printed label that does it justice! Whatever look youre going for, weve got the materials, tools, and know-how to make your label goals a reality. our dedicated customer service team would be happy to help you select the right combination of materials to make your hot sauce labels sizzle. Get started with an instant online label quote!

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Make Your Own Hot Sauce Labels

Your hot sauce bottle labels should be as hot as the contents within. Personalized labels can help deliver your message, sell more product, and get customers coming back for more.

With our exclusive design program and printable labels, you can design and print your own hot sauce labels with ease from your home or office. Choose from the popular bottle label sizes listed above or search all of our label sizes for the perfect fit. Then, start creating labels for that delicious homemade hot sauce. When youâre ready to get to labeling, our materials go on smooth and last long. You can even opt for any of our waterproof label materials for more durability.

Custom Sauce Label Capabilities And Experience

Hot Sauce Label Templates

At Resource Label Group, we have extensive experience designing and printing custom, eye-catching solutions for a variety of sauce labels, including:

  • Hot sauce labels

We offer a full range of high-quality solutions that enhance your sauce label, including:

  • Cost-effective pressure-sensitive labels that you can easily hand or machine-apply to your container
  • Durable, bubble-free label stock materials that wont wrinkle, run, smudge or tear in the refrigerator, freezer or even dishwasher
  • Specialty, water-resistant adhesives that keep your sauce label firmly on your product
  • An extensive library of die cuts that make it cost effective to print nearly any shape label for your sauce bottle or jar
  • Precision, custom die-cutting to create an entirely original label shape
  • Custom promotional labels, including on-package coupons, individualized labels made with cost-efficient variable data printing

As an approved vendor with some of the nations biggest retail grocers, we have an experienced team seasoned in meeting food label compliance standards, including FDA requirements. Well work in close coordination with you to ascertain all the key details of your order and deliver just the right label. For example, the ideal choice of materials depends on the temperature of your sauce when you apply your label.

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Hot Sauce Bottle Labels

Do you know that customers can easily skip your product on the shelves even if they intended to buy it? Labeling goes a long way to ensure that your brands image is visible. For instance, branding Hot Sauce Labels can make customers recognize the bottle from afar. It also makes it easy for them to remember the product’s name. Remember, labeling is just as important as your name in the customers eyes. They define products by their labels.

Defining your brand in everything you do is a sure marketing strategy that will make consumers trust the product. Here is everything you need to know to step up your packaging game and win consumer loyalty.

At Laser Inkjet Labels, we have three different labels for three different sizes of bottles. We have labels for 5, 8, and 10 ounce bottles. These are great labels for either plastic or glass bottles that you choose to private label.

How To Create A Sauce Logo You’ll Love

Want an awesome sauce logo? Then you’re in the right place! BrandCrowd has hundreds of sauce logos that you can customized in just a few clicks. You can try the sauce logo maker for free!To create the perfect sauce design, simply follow these steps:1. Browse the library of professionally designed sauce logos2. Find a design you love and change the colors, font and layout3. Once you’re happy with your sauce logo, download instantly

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Plastic Vs Glass Sauce Bottles

Plastic bottles are cheaper than glass bottles and are usually cold filled, meaning the manufacturer dispenses the sauce into the bottle once its cooled. Cold filling saves money on chilling equipment, and it also protects you and your staff from burns. However, unless the manufacturer uses a blast chiller, cold filling exposes your sauce to bacteria. You may have to add flavor-altering chemicals and preservatives to your plastic bottled sauces. If youre starting a hot sauce business, glass bottles are your only viable option, since peppers are acidic and can dissolve plastic bottles into your hot sauce.

Glass bottles are perfect for the hot fill technique, which dispenses sauce at a high temperature. Hot filling prevents bacteria development so you can forgo unhealthful and flavor-altering preservatives. Acidic ingredients wont break down glass bottles. While they may be more expensive to purchase, fill, and ship, if youre creating a niche and premium sauce brand, glass bottles suit your product and your target audiences expectations.

How To Bottle And Sell Your Own Bbq Sauce

Tips and Tricks for putting labels and foil shrink wraps on hot sauce bottles. Hot Sauce Tips!

Besides the general steps for how to start a sauce company, there are special considerations for how to bottle and sell your own BBQ sauce. Depending on the types of BBQ sauce youre selling, youll need to choose between the hot and cold packing methods. Hot packing is ideal for acidic sauces, so if youre selling a vinegar or tomato-based BBQ sauce, this is the packing method for you. If you specialize in Alabama white sauce or Carolina Gold sauce, consider the cold packing method.

BBQ sauce companies can market their products directly to barbecue restaurants. While a BBQ joint may have spectacular smoked meat, that doesnt mean they have a premium sauce to serve it with. Contact local BBQ restaurants and pitch your sauce to them. Becoming the signature barbecue sauce of a local restaurant provides a steady stream of revenue because they will purchase your sauce in bulk. The restaurant may even allow you to sell bottles of your barbecue sauce in their store.

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Hot Sauce Labels Color Palette

Red might be the most frequently used, but the truth is that labels on the market use almost the whole range of colors.

From red, orange, and yellow to green, blue, and purple. Even black.

With hot sauce labels, theres actually no restriction.

Plus, something so pungent as hot sauce needs bold colors. You can choose different colors and fonts for each of your sauces variety. Differentiating them by color is the best way to make customers remember them.

convert all Pantone colors to CMYK color mode before submitting your artwork

Moving forward

Caliente Hot Sauce Labels To Inspire Your Label Designs

Life would be boring if people didnt add spice to it. No other group of people understands this more literally than fans of hot sauce. They relentlessly search for the best mix of habanero, peri-peri, or jolokia chili peppers to add some much-needed zing to even the most ho-hum meals. However, there are about as many hot sauce types as there are varieties of chili peppers. So how does a chili fan know which brand will satisfy their craving for the piquant? By checking the hot sauce labels, of course! And boy, are they ever creative these days.

Many hot sauce brands have pretty descriptive names that tell you exactly what will happen if you ingest their sauce . Their label designs arent dull either, with novelty labels gaining popularity among real chili heads.

Are you a fan of hot sauce, or are you planning to design your own label and need inspiration? Then check out this collection of hot sauce labels that bring on the zest!


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Hot Label Solutions For Fiery Professional Branding

Zesty and flavorful, mild or scorching, all painfully deliciousturn up the heat with 100% custom hot sauce labels that work as hard as you do. Printed with the best technologies available today, your custom hot sauce labels will have the visual premium of true gradients, inks that dont run, and vibrant colors.

What Information Must Be Stated On The Principal Display Panel

35 Hot Sauce Label Templates

The Principal Display Panel is the front label on a food product. We explain the FDAs requirements for PDPs below.

Principal Display Panel Size Requirements

The size requirements of a PDP vary by its shape.

  • Rectangular Packages PDP Size: Must encompass the entire front of the package.
  • Cylindrical Package PDP Size: Must encompass 40% of the packages total side area. To arrive at this, multiply your packages circumference by its height.
  • Miscellaneous Package PDP Size: Must encompass 40% of the packages surface area.

Required Elements on a Principal Display Panel

The FDA requires the following elements to appear on the PDP:

  • The common name of the food item
  • The net quantity the package contains

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Want Hot Sauce Labels With Your Red

Personalized hot sauce labels from Lightning Labels are as attractive as they are durable. The vibrant, crisp color that our digital printing press produces creates perfect hot sauce label printing for every type of specialty food. Our hot sauce labels are created using advanced printing technology and an extensive variety of premium materials. No matter how you portray the heat of your product on hot sauce labels – with bold text, fiery colors or high-resolution graphics – our advanced printing capabilities ensure they are as eye-catching on bottles as they were on the design table.

Your hot sauce label is really your most important marketing vehicle and can make or break the success of your product. With our state-of-the-art printing technology, your custom hot sauce label will look as good as or better than the major national brands.

Create Sizzling Sauce Labels With Free Customizable Label Templates

Whether you’re personalizing labels for BBQ sauces, marinades and dressings for retail locations, ecommerce sales, marketing giveaways, promotions or party favors, you can find the perfect customizable design. Choose from our collection of hot free templates that you can easily personalize to fit your glass or plastic BBQ sauce bottles, marinade bottles and more. Try our waterproof film labels that are also oil-resistant, making them perfect for your BBQ sauces, marinades, dressings and other sauces.

Once you’ve personalized your sauce labels template, simply place your custom label order online with WePrint, our professional printing service. Need help customizing your sauce labels templates? Check out How to Create Food & Beverage Labels for step-by-step instructions. Design and order your sauce labels now and get free shipping on orders $50 or more.


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Custom Flavor Custom Label

Upload your artwork and we’ll create a custom hot sauce label that is printed in stunning, full color. Our unique process allows us to easily print and cut even the most complex designs. And, our fast proof approval process lets you work directly with us to ensure your hot sauce labels turn out perfect.

Hot Sauce Bottles Supplies & Equipment

Fire in the Hole! ATX Hot Sauce shows how we blend and bottle our FITH Hot Sauce.

If you start looking online for sauce equipment, you can find anything from small batch hobbyist supplies to big rigs for professional producers. Everything on this site is geared towards the home hobbyist.These are products that I own and use except where clearly noted. For example, I dont use a food mill or chinois for my style of sauce but the models shown are routinely recommended on forums and highly reviewed/rated. The seeds and pulps they leave behind work perfectly in concert with a food dehydrator to make spice powders.

Let us know your favorite hot-sauce making & storing equipment!

5 oz. glass hot sauce bottles set of 24

8 oz. plastic sauce/woozy bottles set of 12

12 oz. sauce/woozy bottle with fliptop dispensing caps set of 12

12 oz. widemouth sauce bottle set of 12

2 oz. mini bottle for superhots and samples Vivaplex, 12-pack

8 oz. plastic squeeze squirt bottles for condiments & sauces

Artisan bottle labels

People often ask where to get good bottle label products. Avery has a huge selection and their online templates are easy to use. When you click this product link, youll also see many other options for labels.

Woozy bottle shrink sleeves pack of 30

This might not be necessary but its a nice touch.

Neu Master 1500W Heat Gun

And if youre going to be adding the shrink wrap tops, you might as well get them on there smooth and tight. This is the best priced top-reviewing model on Amazon.

Apera Instruments pH Pen Testr Kit

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Execute Your Creative Concepts With Special Fx

Our Label Special FX creates true showstoppers: 100% custom hot sauce labels that realize your own unique creative concepts. Our print expertise is matched by our press capabilities, and this makes us flexible and ready for any type of custom label project.

We offer specialty label processes and finishing effects for greater label customization, for labels that look and perform exactly the way you want them to:

Various Uses For Hot Sauce Labels

Your labels embody who you are and motivates consumers to try your product. For instance, customized product labeling embeds your logo and the brand name of the product. If you have a classy bottle design, it will go a long way in making the product stand out among others on the shelves. Other uses of brand labels include the following:

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Decide How Youre Going To Sell Your Sauce

If youre just starting your sauce business, you may assume you can produce your sauce in your home kitchen. While this may be the best strategy while you test your product and grow your brand, it limits where you can sell your sauce. Cottage food laws regulate whether entrepreneurs can produce low-risk foods for sale from their homes. Cottage food laws vary from state to state. They apply to micro businesses with low revenues. Below, we outline the typical ways cottage food businesses can and cannot sell their products. Check with your state and local guidelines to adhere to the cottage food laws in your area.

How To Design A Hot Sauce Brand Label

Hot Sauce Label Design

Having the idea of customized labels is one thing, but putting it to practice is another. You need a label that will speak for itself and play the marketing role. You also want a unique label that no rival company can mimic. How do you design Hot Sauce Labels? Here are some useful customization tips for designing a brand label:

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% Custom Hot Sauce Labels Without The Extra Cost

  • Coated and uncoated options increases aesthetic and functional valueplus better registration!
  • Order a total quantity of labels with multiple designs for only a small fee.
  • Get labels in the exact size you need, without excessive die cut fees. Die cut fees will only apply to non-standard shapes.
  • Free proofing and free layout on all your custom hot sauce label orders! For design services, please contact us.

Latest Custom Label Articles

LabelValue offers a wide variety of custom label solutions to meet the demands that hot sauce label designs call for. With a range of polypropylene based label materials, durable laminates and varnishes, and strong permanent adhesives, we have the materials to meet your needs. By utilizing both digital and flexographic print processes, we ensure that you will receive the most cost-effective labeling solution available. We also are happy to offer design services from our experienced label design team at an hourly rate. No matter where you’re at in the ordering process, we are happy to offer insight into how to solve the challenges that you face. Hot sauce is an extremely competitive market, so making sure that your presentation and branding are on point is essential. If your custom hot sauce label doesn’t jump off the shelves and give a professional appearance, you’ll likely be overlooked. We understand the complexities you face and will offer solutions that will help save you time, money and unnecessary headaches. With quick turnaround time, amazing fulfillment services and free shipping, you’re going to love working with us. Get started on your custom hot sauce label quote by clicking the Get Started button above. We’ll follow up with more information and possible ways that you can save money on your labels for hot sauce bottles. We look forward to talking with you!

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