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Old Fashioned Christmas Eggnog Signature Drink

How to Make Salmon with Avocado and Blue Cheese

In a large bowl, separate the albumen of 24 eggs from the yolks. Now, beat the latter along with 1¼ cup of sugar until they have a creamy consistency. Next, beat the albumen of all the eggs in another big bowl while adding ½ a cup of sugar, until the mixture stands in peak. Beat the yolk mixture further, along with 1 bottle of Makers Mark 46, and add this to the albumen bowl. Whisk 1 quart each of cream and milk together, add this to the egg mixture and beat everything thoroughly together, along with ½ tbsp of nutmeg powder. Pour into glasses and refrigerate for 4-5 hours. Serve chilled with extra cream, sprinkled with pinches of nutmeg powder.

Makers Mark Christmas Eggnog Recipe

Easy Makers Mark Mint Julep Sweet Cocktail

Use a muddler to crush 9-10 mint leaves along with ½ oz Makers Mark Mint Julep and 1 level-tsp of powdered sugar. Pour a few cracked ice cubes in a tall glass and pour the mixture over it. Add 1½ oz more of Makers Mark Mint Julep to it and fill the rest with sparkling water. Float ice cubes from the top and serve with a rind of lemon and a mint sprig.

Sweet Cocktail with Makers Mark Mint Julep Whiskey

To let your taste buds get perfectly acquainted, and then accustomed to the exquisite flavors of classic drinks like Makers Mark bourbon whiskey, you must first know the ingredients and their perfect proportions for making your own bourbon drink be it the simple sugar-and-lemon whiskey sour, or all those intricate martinis! However, whether to drink it neat or not completely depends on you. Best of luck!

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Sweet & Spice Bourbon Bbq Sauce

This bbq sauce has a bit of sweet a hint of heat and a touch of smokiness. Perfect with beef, chicken, vegetables and pork, when grilled over flavorful hard wood. Make this sauce a day or two in advance to develop deeper and brighter flavors.

I love Bourbon, not only do I love to drink it, I love to cook with it. Adding a unique American spirit to sauces, braises, marinades and seasonings make for a delicious meal. A chance food tour had me visiting Kentuckys Bourbon Trail two summers in a row. Honestly, after putting one foot in a Bourbon rick house they had a hard time pulling me out.

The history, lore and science of blending corn, barley, wheat, malted barley, rye, water, yeast and time blew my mind. Tasting the head, heart, and tail of the distillation process was truly unique. The complex flavors, natural sugars and that warmth Lessons I received at Buffalo Trace, Makers Mark, Limestone Branch, Boundary Oak, and Wild Turkey were that not all Bourbons are the same. The ingredients may be similar but char on the barrel, the mix of the mash, the water and then the aging process can drastically alter its flavor profile.

Grilling24x7 Sweet Whiskey Bbq Sauce Recipe


Ive been making this BBQ sauce recipe for a few years now. Its a sweet BBQ sauce with a nice whiskey kick. If you are a fan of a certain whiskey, the flavor of that whiskey will shine through in this recipe. I think thats pretty cool.

Ingredients :2 Tablespoons dried onion flakes½ Teaspoons corn starch or all purpose flour3 Tablespoons molasses3 Tablespoons honey1 and ¼ cup ketchup1 cup of Jack Daniels Whiskey ½ cup apple cider vinegar1 cup packed brown sugar2 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce1-2 Tablespoons hot sauce½ Teaspoons black pepper

There is no order to the addition of the ingredients. Just mix them all in a medium sized saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil while constantly stirring. Be very careful here as it can bubble, pop and burn to the pan. So stir often.

Youll see the dry onion flakes floating around in the sauce, but dont worry. You will strain this out during the last step. The reason for using these dry onion flakes is to avoid the need to finely shred an onion. Shredding an onion with a cheese grater, in my opinion, is one of the most painful chores I can think of. So I substituted dry onion flakes followed by straining. The onion flavor is still there with none of the fuss.

Note: This Sweet Whiskey BBQ Sauce Recipe was originally written in 2011. I have kept the recipe the same but totally overhauled a few of the above photos.

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Hot Holiday Coffee Drink Using Makers Mark 46

This is ideal for enjoying with your friends on a winter evening. In a mixer, combine well 1 oz of each of Makers Mark 46 and Starbucks Cream Liqueur. Transfer it into a coffee mug. Now, add a few dashes of Frangelico, and then fill the rest with 5 oz of hot or warm coffee. Top with a large dollop of ice cream or whipped cream.

Makers Mark Hot Holiday Coffee Drinks

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