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Elijah’s Xtreme Regret Hot Sauce

Hot Ones Sauce Review – Taste It

This hot sauce box is worlds hottest sauce and is made with SHUs of 80,000 1600,000 respectively. This hot ones hot sauce list have scorpion and Carolina peppers with 1.6 million scovilles.

It is mouth stinking and have garlic included that gives a wonderful flavor. The sauce is perfectly balance with rich garlic flavor and super hot peppers with 50% balance.

The sauce is made with quality ingredients and processes for consistence potency. It is made with allergic information like, gluten-free, fat-free and vegan-friendly. The anova precision cooker pro review is used to make food, meat and also sauces.

Ingredients: Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina reaper chili pepper, garlic, carrots, tomato paste, apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar, garlic, acetic and citric acids , onion, lemon, passion fruit , sugar cane vinegar, xanthin gum , ascorbic acid .

Wing Time Garlic Buffalo Wing Sauce

This hot sauce starts with cayenne peppers and tomatoes. And then they add the Parmesan cheese. Yes, Parmesan cheese. Which is no doubt the reason that proponents call it the “creamy sauce that met hot sauce and made even terrible ramen taste like Heaven on Earth.” Also, this is obviously the best hot sauce for wingsimagine your standard Buffalo wings, but creamier and with more umami flavor.

Huy Fong Sriracha In Bottle

Yeah, you can get standard Sriracha bottles on Amazon, but these packets are perfect for stashing in your bag, your back pocket, or your desk drawer to fuel that Sriracha craving, whenever, wherever. And the bottle shape of the packets isn’t just for the cute factorthey also serve as easier-to-rip-off tops than your standard fiddle-with-each-corner-til-the-ketchup-explodes-all-over-your-shirt condiment packet. Stop stealing handfuls of mediocre hot sauce packets from your deli. Spring for the good stuff because you’re worth it.

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Dave’s Gourmet Crazy Caribbean Hot Sauce

This spicy sauce is definitely on fire, thanks to a generous dose of Puerto Rican red habaneros. The secret ingredientcarrotsadds a bit of sweetness and earthiness to the flavor profile. One Amazon reviewer said that the price is a steal since one bottle contains “more hot sauce than one person would ever be able to use in a lifetime.” Challenge accepted.

Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce : Hot Ones


This is the classic hot sauce that sets the tone and foundation for the rest of the tasting in each episode. Its the number one fan favorite for a reason its made with Chile de Arbol peppers with a classic, fresh taste and mild spice. Douse it on anything and itll go down easy.

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Unique Hot Sauces On Amazon

If you take a look in my refrigerator, I have three habanero sauces, two green jalapeno sauces, a bottle of peri peri sauce, one garlic cayenne sauce, two Louisiana-style table sauces, three Mexican hot sauces, and a bottle of Old Bay Hot sauce aka Franks Red Hot mixed with Old Bay seasoning.

Not that I need that much capsaicin, but once you get locked into a serious hot sauce collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

The reality is this: Amazon is the best thing to ever happen to us hot sauce heads. when it comes to iconic, up-and-coming hot sauces like Secret Aardvark that we foodies love.

Besides the labels that are household names, Im a fan of the unique, one-of-a-kind hot sauces that fly under everyones culinary radar. Ive scooped up so many delicious hot sauces on Amazon over the years its one of my favorite reasons to keep Amazon Prime.

Its easy to go down a hot sauce rabbit hole on Amazon you can find a sauce for everything, made from practically every ingredient under the sun.

To help sherpa you on a hot sauce shopping spree, Ive put together a guide to unique hot sauces on Amazon. My picks below.

Also I love hearing about new hot sauces, so if youd like to share a sauce you love, feel free to email me hot sauce suggestions at .

Best Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

This Bhut Jolokia hot sauce combines Ghost Peppers and Habaneros with a mix of spices, vegetables, vinegar, and oil to create this almost sweet yet terrifyingly hot sauce.

Try this sauce on all your favorite foods * wings, chili, soups, steak, sauces, marinades * or put it on your favorite sandwich.

Approx. 500,000 Scoville units. It burns like a blow torch, yet for those with discerning taste buds will notice the flavors of a cooked Habanero followed by the slow and intense pain of this Ghost Chili hot sauce.

Take the Zombie Apocalypse Challenge! Enjoy this sauce with friends and family. Bring your family meals up a notch.

Amazon Reviews: As a proud millennial I know everyone would love to hear my opinion, so here it is.

To call this simply a hot sauce is probably false advertising. I was very excited to try this out, after watching hot ones on YouTube. However, the dream I was awaiting turned out to be a nightmare.

After cooking some free-range, organic chicken wings I tossed them with some zombie, and boy was I in for a surprise.

Upon eating the first wing a few things happen simultaneously. Immediately, my mouth and lips were set on fire, literally. My well-groomed mustache was instantly singed off. Which was upsetting, since it took me 6 months to grow.

Then, while trying to extinguish the fire in my mouth I had to chug my Microbrewed IPA .

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Hot Ones Truth Or Dab The Game

Hot Ones fans have been putting together their own DIY hot sauce challenges ever since the First We Feast YouTube show and its eternally poised and chill host, Sean Evans, gained popularity a few years ago. Hot Ones’ sister show, Truth or Dab, pits two celebrities against both spicy slathered chicken wings and each other in a game that forces either too-personal reveals and awkwardness, or a faceoff with the Wings of Death.

You could certainly DIY a Truth or Dab Game for yourself too, but coming up with the questions, the dares, the pop quizzes, and the meat ‘n’ heat is going to take a lot more effort than just a straight talking and tasting challenge. With their new Truth or Dab the Game, packed with over 250 cards, 8 spoons, and their trademark 2,000,000 scoville Last Dab hot sauce, Hot Ones has done the hardest and hottest work for you.

Who’s game for Truth or Dab the Game after the gravy-smothered game at Thanksgiving dinner? is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more.

Best Spicy Gourmet Hot Sauce

Hot Ones Sauce Challenge Season 15 Set

For The Heat Seeking Flavor Connoisseur. Perfectly balanced and loaded with iconic flavor, TRUFF Hotter Sauce is a less sweet, more heat rendition of the Flagship original.

Infused with the same black truffle goodness, chili peppers, organic agave nectar, this meticulously crafted flavor profile will improve your hot sauce experience.

Flavor and spice meet prestige and charisma in this delightfully balanced blend captured in a bottle made even hotter.

Level Up Your Dishes. TRUFFs combination of ingredients delivers a flavor profile unprecedented to hot sauce.

Only The Best Ingredients. With no limit to indulgence, TRUFF sourced its ingredients with an open mind and a sophisticated palate.

TRUFF Hotter Sauce is crafted with a jalapeño rich blend of red chili peppers, Black Truffle and Black Truffle Oil, Organic Agave Nectar, Red Habanero Powder, Organic Cumin and Organic Coriander.

Amazon Reviews: When youre older and look back on life, there are special moments that stand out graduating college, getting married, having a child, or getting promoted to name a few.

After tasting the Hotter Sauce, I immediately knew that this was going to be one of those moments.

Now I know what many of you are thinking NO WAY it cant be that good. The cold hard truth is that it is! Hotter Sauce is a culinary experience, unlike anything else.

Seriously, have a life-changing moment and try the Hotter Sauce!

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Best Hot Ones Hot Sauce Tips You Will Read This Year

There are numbers of hot ones hot sauce, and they are made with levels of heat, ingredients and with different styles.

There are many recipes you can make hot sauces with preferred flavours and techniques to add on. You can make these sauces at home also if you have proper recipe for perfect flavor.

Here are some hot sauces and also buy them online from Amazon with best yummy flavour. The best Farberware pots are used to make sauces and other food.

Dl Jardine’s Blazin’ Saddle Xxx Hot Sauce

KatieD on Amazon put it right: “This is my favorite hot sauce. My obsession is real and I’m not even slightly ashamed. It has a kick that will get you, but the taste is amazing and is worth the sting.” This sauce is deservedly popular in its home state of Texas. Now you can make it a thing in your home state, too.

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The Last Dab Hot Sauce


Hot Ones is the celebrity interview show with hot questions and even hotter wings! Host Sean Evans turns our favorite stars into fire-breathing lunatics for your viewing pleasure.


Heatonist searches the world for the most passionate makers of all-natural hot sauces and teams up with the best of them to create never before seen flavors to excite any palate!


The Last Dab XXX features three strains of Smokinâ Edâs most infamous pepper – Pepper X, Peach Pepper X and Chocolate Pepper X – for a unique heat profile thatâs unforgettable.

Dingo Sauce Co Widow Maker : Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce


Now we take a voyage down under to the outback of Australia, where theyve somehow packed six super spicy peppers into one dynamite bottle. If weve learned anything about Australia over the years its that its hot down there, full of extremes and bizarre creatures. This sauce is no different. Much like the very large, dangerous and other-worldly creatures that call AUS their home, the peppers inside this bottle span from climate zones across Western Australia, giving this sauce a variety of heat profiles. Mix in a little apple cider vinegar, citrus and a dash of sea salt and youve got a spice thatll blow you away.

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The Classic Hot Sauce


Hot Ones is the celebrity interview show with hot questions and even hotter wings! Host Sean Evans turns our favorite stars into fire-breathing lunatics for your viewing pleasure.


Heatonist searches the world for the most passionate makers of all-natural hot sauces and teams up with the best of them to create never before seen flavors to excite any palate!


Cultivated for 500 years, Chile de Arbol has become a favorite of chefs for its complex, fresh flavor. The peppers in this sauce are grown in South Carolina by famed pepper farmer Smoking’ Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Co who knows that quality makes a classic.


A traditional breakfast calls for a classic hot sauce. The Classic adds just enough heat and the right amount of tang to get your morning going.


Splashy apple cider vinegar perfectly balances the richness of macânâcheese for a well rounded bite that keeps you going back for more.


Smokinâ Edâs chile de arbol peppers have a grassy sweetness prized by chefs that takes any type of pie to the next level!

Applewood smoked green serranos, orange habaneros, apricots, tomatillo, cuminSmoked red jalapenos, habaneros, apricots, lemon juice, cumin, culantro Pepper X, ginger root, turmeric, coriander, cumin, dry mustardThe Apollo Pepper, The Apollo Pepper powder, The Apollo Pepper distillateAmerican alfalfa honey, gin, Pepper X

Better Than Tabasco Sauce

Tapatío is the name given to people from Guadalajara, just like the companys founders. The sauce has medium heat and is made with red peppers, vinegar, garlic, and spices. It has a deep pepper flavor with hints of acidity.

Which is hotter Tapatio or Tabasco?

Tapatio is more chili-based. The main difference is Tabasco being a vinegar-based hot sauce so you have a tang to it that Tapatio will not have. Tapatio is less spicy, but it has such a good flavor.

Amazon Reviews: There are several mild hot sauces out there. Tabasco, Cholula, Franks, El Yucateco, which are all great in their own way. But Tapatio has the best taste that you expect of a cayenne sauce.

Unfortunately, it is not very easy to find in regular grocery stores. You have to be lucky or near a specialty grocery store to find it. Nice that its easy to order on .

Spicy and flavorful, I saw this at a Mexican restaurant and had to have it at home. I put it on everything that needs a little spice and heat.

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Best Sriracha Hot Sauce

Forget traditional. Get wild with the freshest, juiciest fruits and veggies nature has to offer whole food taste with a heavy heatwave.

Squeeze for an endorphin rush. Yellowbirds spicy condiments are crafted flavor first, heat second, celebrating the subtleties of each ingredient.

This Texas twist on Sriracha, packs the jalapeño heat with a bit of sweet organic dates, followed by a supremely savory garlic finish.

Proudly homegrown in Austin, Texas by a musician and a designer, focused on bringin a real food revolution back to the community by empowering our cooperative soul. Saddle up! Youre in Yellowbird country.

Amazon Reviews: Ive tried a lot of various Sriracha products. I like Yellowbirds organic Lime, Garlic & Date Blend, and Fix Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce the best. This Yellowbird product is especially nice in that its thicker than the average sriracha not as runny.

This stuff has much better depth of flavor and a more complex profile than other popular Srirachas on the market.

Hot Sauce For Breakfast Lunch And Dinner

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 16 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones


Warming spices add deep flavor complements to any curry, and seriously kick up the heat!

Hot Wings

Toss with wings to live the Hot Ones tradition !


At home on a sausage or brat thanks to nose-tickling mustard seed. Pro-tip: blend with some ketchup for a spicy take on currywurst.

Smoked red jalapenos, habaneros, apricots, lemon juice, cumin, culantroIntense pepper fruit
Organic chile de arbol, organic apple cider vinegar, organic garlic, organic turmericApplewood smoked green serranos, orange habaneros, apricots, tomatillo, cuminSmoked red jalapenos, habaneros, apricots, lemon juice, cumin, culantroThe Apollo Pepper, The Apollo Pepper powder, The Apollo Pepper distillateAmerican alfalfa honey, gin, Pepper X
  • Package Dimensions:7.83 x 3.15 x 2.52 inches 5 Ounces
  • UPC:851444008066

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The 23 Best Hot Sauces You Can Buy On Amazon

    All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    When you’re in pursuit of the very best hot sauce, the familiar bottle at the corner store just won’t cut it anymore. Maybe you’ve built up a toleranceor maybe you’ve realized that its tepid flavor doesn’t give your scrambled eggs the oomph you were looking for.

    At a certain point it become necessary to branch out. Luckily, the internet has made it more than easy to explore the best hot sauces that the world has to offerand have them delivered conveniently to your front door. Below we offer a collection of some of the best-tasting hot saucesboth favorites of the Epi staff and fan faves of the Amazon community.

    Melinda’s Original Habanero Pepper Sauce

    Home cook and breadmaker Laura Wolfgang freely admitted to buying this hot sauce at the airport on a return trip from Mexicoeven though it’s pretty widely available in the States. Laura loves the mild heat and “lovely flavor” and doesn’t care if you judge her for not coming home with something more esoteric.

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    Best Sweet Heat Sauce

    This is not your typical hot sauce! While most hot sauces are vinegar-based, Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce features the sweetness of tomatoes and carrots followed by the heat and flavor of habanero peppers.

    The goal is to make your food taste great by finding the balance between flavor and burn. This is a table hot sauce for everyday use.

    It goes great on eggs, pizza, and tamales use for marinating any type of meat or tofu. Theres nothing that this cant go on!

    The flavor that kicks you in the mouth! A unique Caribbean/Tex-Mex hybrid made with flavorful habanero peppers and roasted tomatoes. Great as a sauce, marinade, or holistic cure-all. Dump on Everything, the Secret Aardvark compels you!

    Amazon Reviews: I have yet to find any food at all this doesnt work well on meats, veggies, breakfast, tacos its a wonder sauce. It does pack quite a punch, however. If there is any negative, its so delicious you will want to pour it all over your food, but you would burn your head off.

    Im seriously thinking about hiding this stuff. My sons are addicted. Not sure we can afford this habit unless they sell it by the case for a bulk discount.

    Introducing The First Official Hot Ones Hot Sauce : Hot Ones

    In the brief but eventful history of Hot Onesthe show with hot questions and even hotter wingshost Sean Evans has stared down DJ Khaled and eaten the worlds hottest pepper without so much as flinching. Now, hes being rewarded for the most thankless job in Internet show biz with his very own custom-made hot sauce.

    Were proud to announce the launch of Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle,a dream hot sauce that we cooked up in the lab with our friends Homeboys Hot Sauce and Heatonist.

    Our challenge to Homeboys was simple: Create the perfect turning point sauce for the showsomething with enough kick to get the blood flowing, and an incredible flavor that would make it versatile enough to replace Sriracha and Tabasco on your kitchen counter. He knocked it out the park, balancing chipotle-fueled smokiness with serious heat from habaneros and ghost peppers, plus a hint of sweetness from pineapple and lime.

    The sauce debuted in the #5 wing slot on todays new episode with former *NSYNC member Joey Fatone, who gave it his stamp of approval: Thats actually pretty damn good!

    Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle is available for $12 a bottle, exclusively at Heatonist.Buy it online, or visit Heatonists storefront at 121 Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg.

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