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What Is The Hot Ones Season 18 Lineup

Everything You Need to Know About The Last Dab, the Hottest Sauce on Hot Ones

You can shop all the Hot Ones Season 18 lineup at this Hot Ones Season 18 collection page, for the latest hot sauces used on the wings of doom. If you want to try your hand at the Hot Ones Challenge, order up some wings and sauce up with our Season 18 Hot Ones 10-pack. That pack features all the hot sauces you’ll need to recreate the Hot Ones Season 18 Wings of Death at home .

What Is The Hottest Hot Sauce

Heres a carefully selected roundup of the 16 best hot sauces that promise to bring variety and fresh fire to your table.

The Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium is reserved only for those with a rather daring palate. Nothing else comes close to it. At 9 million Scoville Units, the retro nuclear signage on the bottle is sufficient warning about how powerful this sauce is. Should never be consumed directly, reads a warning on the label.

Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 Pepper turns on the ultimate heat in the world of the hottest hot. The extract is composed of a staggering 60% capsicum. To put this into context, a thousand ounces of pure raw pepper form 1-ounce of sizzling hot, potent plutonium.

If youre looking to simply spice your dinner, youll be going to the wrong place to get a drop of this into your plate.

Ashley Foods once again parades one of their revered arsenals in the hottest hot sauce league table. Anything with heat levels in the millions is a tool of warfare that can mercilessly ravage your mouth if handled carelessly.

At 5 million Scoville Heat Units, or 35% pure capsicum content, youre holding a barrel down your mouth anytime this stuff features on the menu. Just a drop of the Mad Dog 357 will transform your plate of food into a constant stream of lightning bolts on your palate.

Made from pepper extract and soybean oil, it delivers flavor with a sizzling twist.

What Are The Hottest Hot Sauces On Hot Ones

All of the Hot Ones Hot Sauces have been ranked.

  • 1 Hot Ones The Last Dab Reduxx 2,000,000+ Scovilles
  • 2 Puckerbutt Chocolate Plague 690,000 Scovilles
  • 3 Hot Ones The Last Dab Reduxx 2,000,000+ Scovilles. 3 DaBomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scovilles
  • 4 Wiltshire Chili Farm Trinidad Scorpion 104,000 Scovilles
  • 5 DaBomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scovilles
  • 6 DaBomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scovilles
  • 7 DaBomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scovilles
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    Hot Ones What Is Hottest Sauce

    All of the Hot Ones Hot Sauces are ranked from hottest to mildest

  • 1 Hot Ones The Last Dab Reduxx 2,000,000+ Scovilles
  • 2 Puckerbutt Chocolate Plague 690,000 Scovilles
  • 3 Hot Ones The Last Dab Reduxx 2,000,000+ Scovilles. 3 DaBomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scovilles
  • 4 Wiltshire Chili Farm Trinidad Scorpion 104,000 Scovilles
  • 5 DaBomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scovilles
  • 6 DaBomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scovilles
  • 7 DaBomb Beyond Insanity 135,600 Scovilles
  • Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract


    Coming in at #6 is another Mad Dog specialty: Mad Dog 375 Pepper Extract. It may be sixth on the list, but dont get comfortable because a drop of this hot sauce is anything but. A total of 5 million SHUs target every corner of your mouth, summoning the flames of Hell itself to make you choke, heave, and of course, enjoy a dash of 357 with your food.

    Price Disclaimer

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    Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce

    You know whats better than garlic? Spicy hot sauce. You know whats better than both of those on their own? Both of them combined. Everything you see is gluten-free, non-GMO, all natural, and extract-free. Just like our last pick, Torchbearer Garlic Reaper Sauce was also features on Hot Ones, and uses a blend of some of the spiciest stuff on earth to maker knees weak and arms heavy. Its Carolina reaper peppersthe second-hottest peppers in the worldand garlic, with a hint of chili powder.

    While they may sound like heaven, its going to sting like hell. Theyve added enough ingredients to make the Carolina reapers power diminish quite a bit, but it still has 116,000 Scoville units of heat, so its definitely hot enough to entice your heat-seeking side. For comparison, most tobacco sauces only have a maximum of 30,000 Scoville units. If you are looking for the right lunch box, be sure to check out our selection of the best ones on the market.

    Hoff & Pepper Hoffs Hot Sauce

    As Evans and guests creep up the Scoville scale, its difficult not to cringe a little. At number three in the lineup, Hoff & Pepper Hoffs Hot Saucestill isntthat bad.But things are heating up. This sauce mixes jalapeno, habanero, and chipotle chiles with vinegar, clover honey, black mustard seed, dill, and other spices. Evans described it as barbecue sauce with a little kick to it.

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    Dabomb Beyond Insanity 135600 Scovilles

    The name says it all here, as does the warning label: consume one drop at a time with extreme caution. Its made with pure habanero pepper, further enhanced with, well, more habanero-infused flavour. It also includes chipotles along with orange juice, water, tomato paste, and other spices. In other words, dab this on food, dont pour it or drench your wing in it.

    Have a tall glass of milk and a box of Kleenex nearby before deciding to try this one! This is usually the one that takes down even the most adventurous celebrity guests.

    How Much Is The Last Dab Reduxx

    How to Make Hot Sauce | Hot Ones Extra

    The Last Dab Redux is $20 for one 5oz bottle, and while this may seem a little expensive, its actually a great value. This is because its so potent and flavorful that you need to use far less of it to achieve amazing results.

    This makes it much more economical than weaker sauces, meaning it can last many months depending on how hot you like your food and how liberally you apply the sauce!

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    Why Is Da Bomb So Spicy

    She goes on to say that Da Bomb is actually more of an addition than a spicy sauce, which is why its so explosive: You could season an entire pot of chili with only a few drops, she explains. A 4-ounce bottle of the sauce sells for $11 on the website It has a Scoville heat rating of 135,600, which is the highest possible rating on a scale that assesses the intensity of spicy foods.

    Franks Redhot Scoville Rating

    We start with Franks RedHot with a Scoville rating of 450 SHU . The red hot in Franks red hot is Cayenne pepper. Although Cayenne peppers have a rating of 40,000 to 50,000 SHU, the vinegar and other ingredients probably dilute the spiciness in Franks hot sauce Scoville. This is one of the reasons why a Scoville rating based on the chile pepper used is not very reliable.

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    This Guest Scored Some Serious Youtube Views

    In order to snag as many YouTube views as possible, users must upload content people crave. Adorable animals doing hilarious things proves one way to amass attention. Anything having to do with cooking and kitchen tips also seems to garner plenty of traction nowadays. But, there’s another key component that’s bringing numbers up into the millions: Kevin Hart.

    Hart’s popularity exploded over the last few years, so Hot Ones pounced on the opportunity to sit down with the Hollywood heavy-hitter and watch him take on the infamous Hot Ones challenge. To say the YouTube views quickly racked up is a gross understatement, and Hot Ones has over 20 million ways to prove it .

    That’s right, over 20 million people tuned in at some point to watch the comedian struggle through all 10 meaty morsels of mayhem. He made it, but not without a whole lot of laughter, winces, sniffles, and, of course, milk. By the end, the intensity even forced Hart to admit he felt “drunk.” It’s nice to know a guy who seems to conquer everything thrown at him is human just like the rest of us.

    You Better Believe There’s No Easy Way To Eat The Wings

    Hot Ones Hot Sauce Subscription Box Review

    When faced with a near-impossible task, human nature tells us to find the easiest approach. Many times, some kind of shortcut or wiggle room presents itself, allowing for an easier experience. Unfortunately, for Evans’ guests, Hot Ones is well aware of this urge, so they make sure the word “easy” doesn’t exist in the show’s vocabulary.

    When dressing the wings, 20 plastic bowls are filled with the sauces . Each wing takes a full-force bath in its sauce, ensuring every millimeter of meat wears it proudly. Plus, the last wing always receives an extra dash, known intimidatingly as “The Last Dab.” Staring anxiously at each wing, the natural tendency is to seek out an area less coated than the rest, but after a few seconds of inspection, the truth hits: There’s no hope, plain and simple.

    Evans also admits the crew ignores blatant warnings on the bottles such as, “Just one drop!” or “Dilute with water.” Those who dare to dabble better just put their adult pants on and leap off the cliff. At the bottom of that cliff lies either spice-laden pride or the Reaper waiting to claim its next victim.

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    Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No9 9000000 Shus

    The warnings are plastered across the packaging of Mad Dog 357s Plutonium No. 9 hot sauce . Coming in at a whopping 9,000,000 SHUs, this can hardly be considered an actual condiment.

    In fact, it states that this is not to be consumed directly, but rather used only as a food additive. Not just this, but the stuff might need to be heated to 140°F just to get it out of the bottle.

    No thanks. This stuff is just too high maintenance for us. We have not bothered buying this sauce, both because it is certainly intolerable to eat, but also because the price is pretty wild. I guess extracting pure capsaicin is a costly process.

    This is the end of the road for the hottest hot sauces in the world, but we wont be surprised if someone finds a way to eke out another million Scoville Heat Units in the next batch of liquid misery.

    Just when you think youve seen the hottest pepper and the hottest hot sauces, something new breaks the boundaries. We know where our limits are when it comes to pepper heat, but some like it much, much hotter than we do, and we can understand.

    We hope this helps you find where your favorite bottle of hot sauce falls on the Scoville scale. Let us know what sauces you love and how hot they are!

    The Worlds Hottest Hot Sauces

    As mentioned, the breeding of these insanely spicy peppers has naturally spilled over into the creation of some terrifyingly spicy concoctions. And when we say terrifying, we mean it. Thats right, these sauces are nothing to mess around with. Seriously, the creators of some of the worlds hottest hot sauces are really pushing the limits. So venture in at your own risk, but dont say we didnt warn you.

    Check below for the 10 hottest hot sauces you can buy:

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    Ranked: All The Hot Ones Hot Sauces

    Hot Ones hot sauces are both intriguing and scary. Take a look at just how hot they are.

    In Hot Ones, a YouTube series under the account name First We Feast, host Sean Evans sits down with a different celebrity guest in each episode, talking with them about their lives and careers. The catch: as they talk, they eat chicken wings, starting with a slightly tangy sauce and working their way up to the kind of hot sauce that could turn you into a fire-breathing dragon. If the celebrity makes it all the way to the tenth and final sauce, they can promote an upcoming project at the end of the episode.

    In season 3, the starter hot sauce was a basic sriracha, which is 2,200 Scovilles, a scale that measures the spiciness of peppers or spicy foods. That was followed by Tabasco Original at 2,500 Scovilles. And the final sauce was Blairs Mega Death at 550,000 Scovilles. But things have been progressing rapidly on the spicy scale, and the show now produces its own branded sauces as well.

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    Now in its ninth season and with close to 7 million subscribers, Evans wants to bring even more pain to the celebrity guests of the show as the gaps between Scovilles widen and the final sauce tips the scales at more than two million.

    Heres a look at the 10 hot sauces featured on the latest season, from the least spicy to the last dab.

    Cajohn’s Magma Hot Sauce

    Rachael Ray Mainlines Hot Sauce for Thanksgiving | Hot Ones

    Its label looks slightly more innocent than some of the other more menacing hot sauce labels on this list , but it’s still damn hot. CaJohn’s Magma Hot Sauce features 1 million SHUs and a lava-esque blob of capsicum in the middle of all that translucent vinegar. So, yeah, it physically may not look so hot thanks to the clear vinegar, but it’s up there. It’s definitely up there.

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    Is Da Bomb The Hottest Sauce

    The basic reality is that Da Bomb Beyond Insanity has a Scoville Heat Unit rating of 135,600 on the Scoville Scale. However, we believe that the sensation is significantly hotter than other sauces that are listed at 1 million SHUs or more. We can sum it up by saying that this is one of the spiciest hot sauces we have ever tasted.

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    Torchbearer Sauces The Rapture

    Scoville units: ~1.2 millionPeppers used: Ghost, habanero, Trinidad scorpio

    Proclaiming itself the THE HOTTEST NATURAL SAUCE IN THE WORLD!!! , this offering is made with ghost, habanero, and a good 66.6% Trinidad scorpion peppers, around 16 of those suckers per bottle. Chaimberg finds it to have serious mouth heat followed by a good linger, with a balance from mandarin orange and carrot, which is a lot more sophisticated of review than one from your average chilehead grabbing for a big glass of cold milk. Buy it here.

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    Tabasco Hot Sauce 2500 Shus

    Another household staple is Tabasco Brand hot sauce. They make a variety of new flavors, branching out from their original recipe, but the original is truly special.

    Tabasco can bring a bland meal to life with just a few small dashes. Just three ingredients go into this sauce zingy vinegar, red pepper and salt. The proportions work just right for sandwiches, pizza and pretty much anything else.

    The heat level is stepped up a bit for Tabasco, reaching a claimed 2,500-5,000 SHUs on the Scoville scale, depending on the batch. This is tolerable to most but is noticeably spicier than Franks.

    When You Can Score Pringles New Hot Ones Flavors

    A taste of the Hot Ones season 7 hot sauces

    Inspired by three Hot Ones hot sauces, per a press release sent to Tasting Table, the new Pringles Hot Ones flavors are the classic, Los Calientes Rojo, and Los Calientes Verde. The classic will be a Circle K exclusive that releases this July, while Los Calientes Rojo and Verde will both release nationwide in June. Rojo will be a Walmart exclusive and Verde will be found at multiple retailers.

    A lucky few will also get to try their hand at a can of Pringles flavored like Hot Ones’ notorious The Last Dab sauce. Named for the optional extra drop of sauce that graces the final wing of the lineup, The Last Dab is the hottest of the Hot Ones. The Verge shares the sauce was created by Heatonist using a “proprietary pepper” that the company claims has a higher Scoville rating than even the painfully spicy Carolina Reaper. If this ultra-spicy Pringles flavor sounds like something you need to try, 400 fans will be selected to receive the exclusive chips by entering the Show Us Your Hotness Sweepstakes. Spice lovers can enter by scanning the QR code on any can of the Hot Ones Pringles flavors and following along with the onscreen prompts. More details can be found online beginning May 30.

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    Is Hot Sauce Keto

    Some hot sauces contain added sugar that adds 1 to 2 grams of carbohydrates to each serving. The ketogenic diet allows for a little sugar, as long as it’s under the daily carb limit. This means that many types of hot sauce will be okay in moderation as long as you pay attention to the servings and keep the carb count low the remainder of the day. Make sure youre reading ingredients lists and nutrition labels.

    Cajohns Magma Hot Sauce

    Its label looks slightly more innocent than some of the other more menacing hot sauce labels on this list , but its still damn hot. CaJohns Magma Hot Sauce features 1 million SHUs and a lava-esque blob of capsicum in the middle of all that translucent vinegar. So, yeah, it physically may not look so hot thanks to the clear vinegar, but its up there. Its definitely up there.

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