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The Last Dab Pepper X sauce The Hot Ones First We Feast Review


Hot Ones is the celebrity interview show with hot questions and even hotter wings! Host Sean Evans turns our favorite stars into fire-breathing lunatics for your viewing pleasure.


Heatonist searches the world for the most passionate makers of all-natural hot sauces and teams up with the best of them to create never before seen flavors to excite any palate!


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Got any questions? Ask away! I’d love to hear about your experience with this pepper or the hot sauce. Is it the hottest sauce in the world?

Is The Last Dab Reduxx Any Good

Yes! Its one of our absolute favorites . That is because it is one of the rare super spicy hot sauces that is actually usable.

The strength of the flavor makes is was makes it so applicable, which cant usually be said of super spicy hot sauces. If you watch Hot Ones, youll see people complain about Da Bomb hot sauce in several episodes. Thats because the sauce is simply too hot, with not enough flavor.

That is not true with The Last Dab. The cumin and ginger compliment the Pepper X Peppers extremely well. It is unlike most other hot sauces, but it quickly became a top pick when choosing which hot sauce to use. Simply smelling the sauce now induces immediate salivation in preparation for the intense heat and flavor.

If youre a spice junkie like we are, this sauce will go well on a lot of different foods. Our favorite has been pizza crust and any sort of poultry. Using a tiny dab will give you a nice kick with a ton of flavor.

Tip: Go SMALL the first time you try it. Youll definitely taste the sauce, even on already-flavorful food.

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The Last Dab Triple X History

As mentioned earlier, the Last Dab Triple X is the third iteration of The Last Dab, which made its debut in season four of Hot Ones, presented by First we Feast, which originally aired in 2017. It was developed with the help of Smokin Ed Currie and the Heatonist. The goal was to create the number 10 sauce for the show that was hotter than the rest but without the help of pepper extracts. One of the reasons the creators did not want to use extracts was to try and develop something with extremely high Scoville units, but that also tasted good.

It was the coming out party of Ed Curries new pepper at the time, Pepper X. The hot sauce was originally not available publicly on the market and only available to guests of Hot Ones.

The Last Dab featured in seasons four and five. It was then replaced by the Last Dab Reduxx for seasons six through nine, which was finally replaced by the Last Dab Triple X which made its debut in season 10.

The differences between each iteration of the Last Dab hot sauces are the varieties of Pepper X being used. The original only had Pepper X, Reduxx had Pepper X and Chocolate Pepper X, and Triple X uses Pepper X, Chocolate Pepper X, and Peach Pepper X. All editions have been described to have similar taste and heat profiles. Some say Reduxx was slightly hotter than the original and Triple X is almost identical to Reduxx. Unfortunately, we have not been able to purchase the first two editions of the Last Dab hot sauce to do our own taste comparisons.

Can I Use Other Peppers For This Recipe

pepper x may be the worlds hottest pepper

For sure. We have made this hot sauce with both Ghost Peppers and Carolina Reapers. It would work fine for most spicy peppers. So, if you want to use habaneros, they should be fine. Use your best judgment on the size and adjust accordingly. Some Jalapeno peppers are really big and three times the size of a Reaper or Habenero. Adjust accordingly.

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The Last Dab Apollo Scoville Rating

Seeing as the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X peppers are the Apollo peppers parents, this sauce is ferociously spicy. However, the exact Scoville rating is still TBA. For now, well give our best guess based on previous Last Dab Scoville ratings and the Apollo peppers origin. Check back for updates here as we learn more from official sources.

Simply put, Last Dab Apollo likely has a Scoville rating of 2.5 million+ SHUs, though an official rating has yet to be announced. After tasting, I wouldnt be surprised by a Scoville rating in this territory. However, the Pepper Geeks both agreed that The Constrictor hot sauce, made of reapers, was hotter.

See where some other superhot sauces stack up on the Scoville scale.

Pepper X What We Know

These are statements of fact, as we understand them to be, feel free to let us know if there is any skepticism around the validity of these claims.

  • Pepper X is currently included as the primary pepper in The Last Dab and first appeared in the original Last Dab sauce in 2017
  • Pepper X was created by Ed Currie
  • Currently, no legitimate Pepper X seeds are available for sale
  • Gator Sauce by Puckerbutt also has Pepper X listed as its top ingredient
  • Someone stole peppers from Ed Curries farm in 2017 after the announcement around Pepper X

Thats as far as we can get on facts alone.

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More About The Apollo Pepper

Smokin Ed is constantly experimenting with new pepper crosses, so naturally, the Apollo pepper was born from this practice.

The Apollo pepper reportedly comes from cross breeding the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X pepper plants.

These are both intensely spicy varieties, though no one has really been able to taste the Pepper X in raw pepper form.

The name presumably comes from the Greek god Apollo, known as the god of sun and light. The sun is hot, the pepper is hot, voila. It could also have to do with the Apollo NASA missions. This sauce could secretly be rocket-powered, who knows.

Hot Ones The Last Dab Hot Sauce 148ml

Trying HOT ONES Pepper X Sauce CHALLENGE (EXTREMELY HOT) The last dab


One Dab to rule them all. The Last Dab. Hot Ones partnered with Guinness World Record holding pepper breeder Smokin Ed Currie to create a sauce using his latest creation: Pepper X.

More than simple mouth burn, Pepper X singes your soul. Starting with a pleasant burn in the mouth, the heat passes quickly, lulling you into a false confidence. You take another bite, enjoying the mustard and spice flavours. This would be great on jerk chicken, or Indian food! But then, WHAM! All of a sudden your skin goes cold and your stomach goes hot, and you realize the power of X.

Ingredients: Pepper X Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Ginger Root, Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, Dry Mustard.

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Where To Buy Last Dab Apollo

The Last Dab Apollo can be found exclusively on Heatonist, currently priced at $22 . This is the most expensive Last Dab thus far, though the bottle should last most people a long, long time.

This would be a great gift for anyone you know who loves super-spicy food. The price makes sense, given that each bottle likely requires a couple dozen peppers to produce. Also, the pepper itself is highly exclusive to Smokin Eds reserves.

Overall, we were blown away by the heat of Apollo. The sauce comes up short in value due to the extreme price tag and the relatively standard flavor. It is really more of a party trick than a great hot sauce. Well continue to use the former Last Dab varieties for their more interesting flavor.

Have you tried The Last Dab Apollo? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Nick Reitz

Friday 10th of June 2022

Distillate means extract, extract has been extracted from pepper matter with CO2 and then distilled probably using a rotovap to isolate the capsaicin and terpenes in the pepper.

Daniel Roddenbery

Friday 22nd of April 2022

I love the last dab Apollo sauce but I believe it is not even close to the hottest sauce in the world but it had intense heat that kept building but the sauce I think could be the hottest would be Mad Dog 357 gold edition

Scot M

Wednesday 25th of August 2021


Sunday 22nd of August 2021


Wednesday 28th of April 2021


Wednesday 16th of June 2021

What About The Consistency

Like many of the former Last Dab sauces, the Apollo is thick and chunky. The fresh peppers in this mix are nearly chewable, and the vinegar in it is kept at a low consistency.

This means you get a fantastically perfect pour from it. You do not want to get too fast of a pour. With the thickness of the sauce, it will not pour out very fast, so you do not get the danger of accidentally pouring too much into your food and therefore, burning your face off.

Instead, you get a slow pour that allows you to pour just the right amount of heat into any meal.

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Pepper X Whats Debatable

  • Pepper X has a Scoville Heat Rating of 3.18 million SHUs: the public has not seen the evidence to substantiate this claim. In 2017 on its release, Ed Currie noted that they had sent Pepper X away to the Guinness Book of World Records for testing to surpass the Carolina Reaper and that by November of 2017 it would be confirmed, but this did not pan out. The current record is still the Carolina Reaper in at 1.641 million SHU.
  • Seeds for home growing of Pepper X will be available in the near/distant future
  • Ed Currie began the cross-breeding that led to Pepper Xs creation in 2007, as noted in a Heatonist interview

Cholula Hot Sauce 3600 Shus

Hot Ones Hot Sauce

Cholula is one of our favorite grocery store hot sauces for everyday use. The flavor is unlike anything else we have tried and the heat level is respectable. It is also affordable and has a rich history as part of a tequila chaser in Mexico.

The heat moves up a bit from Tabasco, meaning Cholula may be some peoples tipping point for heat. We like it hot, so this is nothing crazy for us PepperGeeks, but for a hot sauce you can pick up at Stop & Shop, Cholula has a decent bite.

Cholula brings a respectable heat at around 3,600 SHUs on the Scoville scale. For restaurant tabletop hot sauces, this is about as hot as youll see. However, were only just getting started with the limits of spice

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The Last Dab Triple X Review Ratings

Heat: 5/5 Extremely spicy without the chemical burn of pepper extract-based hot sauces.

Flavor: 3/5 Pleasant flavor, but this sauce is mostly about the heat.

Value: 4/5 A little goes a long way so it will last you a long time.

Versatility: 3/5 It is extremely hot so maybe not something you would use daily, but it does work well with a wide variety of foods.

Overall: 4/5 I really enjoyed this hot sauce, solid 4 out of 5. I do wish it were a little saltier, but as an extremely spicy hot sauce without the use of extract, its a great addition to your hot sauce collection.

About The Last Dab Triple X

The Last Dab Triple X is the third iteration of the Last Dab, which has been a fan favorite of the YouTube show Hot Ones, hosted by Sean Evans that get progressively more spicy). This hot sauces name comes from the tradition of adding a little extra dab of hot sauce to the final wing.

The Last Dab made its debut in 2017 for season four of Hot Ones. This was also the debut and the reveal party for the new horticultural creation of Ed Currie, Pepper X. The Last Dab Triple X only made its debut in season 10 .

Reactions to The Last Dab Triple X have been positive. It is an extremely spicy hot sauce so a small amount, or dab, goes pretty far. It is one of those sauces where there is a tipping point: add a little and you enjoy a very spicy but manageable burn, but add too much and your mouth becomes overwhelmed and a physiological overload begins to take place.

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Is Pepper X Really The Hottest Pepper

The short answer is, no one knows for sure.

There was a bit of a dust-up this week in the Fermented Hot Sauce Society Facebook group that got so intense the admins turned commenting off. The post itself was innocent enough with one gentleman asking if anyone was growing it yet and where he could get some seeds. The thread became flooded with all sorts of chaos around Pepper X not being real, to the tired Ed Curry is a thief comments, to folks saying they were already growing them in their backyard. Pepper X is still a bit of a mystery overall, so we thought wed dive further into some of the facts and mythos of Pepper X.

What Is Pepper X

Last Dab Pepper X Sauce

When the man known for cultivating the hottest peppers on the planet says Were playing with fire, you know youve got world bending, Inception-level heat on your hands. Ed Currie, of Carolina Reaper fame and the mad scientist behind PuckerButt Pepper Company, has done a BIG one better with the Pepper X. Weighing in at 3,180,000 Scoville heat units, the Pepper X dwarfs most other super-hot peppers on the Scoville scale, and its only a Guinness Book of World Records acknowledgement away from vying for the official title of hottest pepper in the world.

Sweet, Fruity

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And What Ingredients Do You Need

At the most basic level, hot sauce can be made from three things: peppers, vinegar, and salt. For every 10-12 ounces of peppers, youll need ½ cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt.

But thats at the most basic level, and youre not basic, are you? Personally, I like to add garlic, peppercorns, and shallots to add some depth, complexity, and a little sweetness. The options are literally limitless.

You want to add some fruit? Do it, this is America. You want to add some tequila to give it a slight burn? Go for it. You want to add pickle juice? Thats disgusting, you monster, but I respect your hustle.

Where To Buy The Last Dab Triple X

Heatonist and First We Feast have made a few variations of The Last Dab hot sauce. All of them have sold out. At the time of writing this article, this sauce is still available for sale on for $20 plus shipping. If youre into super-spicy hot sauce , get a bottle there before theyre on ebay for twice the price.

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Pepper X Latest News And Information

Get the latest news about Pepper X, contender for the Hottest Pepper in the World, measuring over 3 Million Scoville Heat Units on the Scoville Scale. Updated 6/21/2022.

If youve been anywhere in the chilehead world lately, youve probably already heard about the new Pepper X, a contender for the Hottest Chili Pepper in the World. Like you, I am eagerly awaiting more news and information about this pepper, and here is where I will share what I have learned thus far, and will update as new information arrives.

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Hot Ones THE ORIGINAL LAST DAB PEPPER X Hot sauce Its a tough one ...

The personal information collected on this Site will be used to provide the services you have requested. We may use your personal information to provide you with important information about the product or service that you are using, including critical updates and notifications. Additionally, we may send you information about other We Love Hot Sauce products and services.

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Where You Can Buy It

As with all Hot Ones hot sauces the Last Dab Triple X can be found at their partners website and store, Heatonist. Sometimes Heatonist runs out of stock of their most popular hot sauces. When that happens, you can find them available from third party sellers on Amazon but unfortunately at higher prices.

How Long Will This Sauce Keep

It should keep a few months easily in the fridge, or even longer. Its all about the acidity. Target level ph for shelf stable foods is below 4.6 ph, but should probably be lower for home cooks, around 3.5 or so, to account for errors. If youre concerned, add more vinegar to lower the ph.

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Last Dab Apollo Consistency

Like former Last Dabs, Apollo is thick and chunky. The fresh peppers are almost chewable and the vinegar is kept at a relatively low concentration. This means the sauce pours nice and slowly, as youd want with this much fire power.

The color is a deep red, hinting that the Apollo pepper may have a darker color than the original Reaper. Some red pepper varieties are bright red while others can have a deeper, more burgundy look when full ripe. Time will tell!

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