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Quickly and easily purees fruits and vegetables for your favorite recipes.

2.8 out of 5 stars

Roma Food Strainer And Sauce Maker For Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Bring the fresh taste of home-grown tomatoes out of the garden and into your kitchen with the Weston Tomato Press & Sauce Maker. There is nothing like hearty, fresh tomato sauce and who knew it could be so simple to make. With the turn of the crank, you can easily separate the seeds and the skins of your garden tomatoes, leaving you with pure, all natural, preservative free juice, perfect for sauce or to drink on its own.

But tomatoes are only the beginning. The Weston Tomato Press & Sauce Maker is versatile and helps you save time when it comes to canning and preserving. Imagine fresh fruit purees over ice cream or the taste of homemade applesauce. With an extra-large capacity hopper and stainless steel multipurpose screen, you can easily make everything from mash potatoes or salsa, to jellies, jams and more.

The Weston Tomato Press& Sauce Maker is reliable and easy to use. It comes with a versatile dual-mount system so it can attach to any countertop using either the suction cup base or the included C-clamp to prevent sliding. Let us help you take your pure ingredients and turn them into an honest meal.

Tomtato Strainer & Sauce Maker with Accessories

Roots & Branches Vkp250 Johnny Apple Sauce Maker

Preserve the natural taste for all the tomato recipes without creating a mess with this thing. Roots & Branches keeps the tradition of technological advancements. Its specified VKP250 is an excellent alternative to common strainer devices.

The throughout design stands pretty basic in terms of prepping mechanism. But the overall functionality is sure to meet your expectations.

Standard screen of durable steel features a protective coating on the exterior. And the screens remain free of moisture deterioration, triggering further rust or corrosion.

The integrated food push includes a large-sized hopper to hold a fair amount of raw materials. It saves your precious kitchen time on large-scale food processing.

One unique feature concern an extended waste spout on the other side. The strainer design produces minimal waste to save the sauce. Keeping a bowl right under the spout will catch all the waste.

Ergonomic positioning of the mounting clamps lets you save the kitchen space. Mounting the tomato paste maker on any surface should match the existing décor. Turning the handle will process your intended food in no time.

Highlighted Features

  • Completely rust-resisting screens of steel.
  • Food pusher in the form of a large hopper.
  • Robust strainer clamp to offer reliable grip.
  • Extended spout to minimize food waste.
  • Optional attachment of processing motor.

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Weston Food Strainer & Sauce Maker

Prep the garden tomatoes with this tomato press without sacrificing their taste, nutrients, or natural freshness.

Weston Food brings you the best tomato press on the market to ease the task. The multitasking food strainer will get your all-natural canned or preserved sauce ready in no time.

The included plastic hopper has a reasonably large capacity to prep a satisfying amount of sauce. And the stainless screen of 1.5mm thickness provides a steady platform to hold the meal.

Attach the mechanical structure to any standard countertop, to save your kitchen space. Its stable dual-mount system features a C-clamp design or suction cup base.

The ergonomic design coincides with user-friendly operation to make things convenient for you.

Just utilize the stomper to push all the tomatoes right into the strainer. It enables the user to apply the pressure without pushing the limit.

Turning the crank simply removes the skin prior to separating the seeds. And its versatility counts for carrot, squash, peas & other home-grown vegetables as well.

Whether its salsa, jelly, jam, or mash potatoes the tomato sauce is able to handle everything.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a multipurpose 1.5mm stainless steel screen.
  • Features dual-mount system.
  • Plastic hopper to hold 1.0Gal raw vegetables.
  • Secure pressure application with an integrated stomper.
  • Additional sizes to prep other delicious meals.

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Weston Roma Tomato Press and Sauce Maker, Food Mills ...

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  • For tomatoes, apples, and other soft fruit and vegetables
  • Includes 1 screen
  • Durable cast iron and stainless steel construction with dual-mount system for stability
  • 1 gal. capacity hopper
  • Eliminates the need for peeling or coring
Food Mills

Velox Tomato Press & Strainer

Let the press leave the finest puree on the tray, containing no tomato seeds/peelings. Velox comes with another basic straining press to widely serve tomato recipes.

Durable polypropylene makes up the entire exterior, featuring no toxic elements. Imposed red covers the visible surface to complete the finishing.

Of course, you can utilize the Italian tomato press for processing other fruits & vegetables. Integration of a sturdy stainless steel screen comes ready to prep almost anything.

Like no other in the list, its bottom integrates a vacuum pressure base with a built-in lever.

Natural rubber body keeps the base clean to prevent eventual aging. It firmly allows the assembly to remain steady over any countertop.

For the obvious part, the heavy-duty base enables the structure to uphold 220 pounds of load. Still, you better use the appliance for small-scale tasks only.

Complete disassembly of the entire unit makes the cleanup one breezing task. Not to mention, all the parts are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Precise design to serve all small-scale tasks.
  • Non-toxic & enduring polypropylene frame.
  • Complete disassembly for simple cleanup.
  • Effective removal of all the peelings & seeds.
  • Vacuum pressure base with a functional lever.
  • Satisfactory pureeing of vegetables & fruits.

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Best Tomato Press In 2021 Top 7 Reviews With Buying Guide

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We all love tomato sauce. Its delicious, can be used in spaghetti, in fact, in almost any food. Seriously, whats not to love about it?

But what about the making process? I dont think many people look forward to that.

Because making tomato sauce manually can be time-consuming and will take a lot of effort.

Theres an easy and effective solution to this problem tomato press.

And in this article, youll find plenty of top tomato press options. So, read on to find the best tomato press in 2021.


Weston Food Strainer & Sauce Maker 5.0
Farm to Table Tomato Press, Food Strainer 2.40
KitchenAid Fruit & Vegetable Strainer Set 3.00
Norpro 1952 Jumbo Tomato Press 2.85
Roots & Branches VKP250 Johnny Apple Sauce Maker 4.30 4.5 out of 5

Farm To Table Tomato Strainer

Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer

Its time to create your own recipes to enjoy the ultimate delicacy. And youre sure to get impressed with the featured Farm to Table kitchen utility.

Regardless of your intended recipe, the multipurpose device is able to serve your kitchen preps.

It appears more like an all-in-one tomato puree machine with a good number of supporting attachments. Of course, the first impression goes with the bright red appeal.

A completely plastic frame offers exceptional durability against kitchen rigors. No harmful polymer ingredient will cause health threats over repeated, frequent uses.

For the most prominent part, there are five individual pieces to assist the canning. The set includes jar lifter, bottle wrench, magnetic lid lifter, set of tongs& canning funnel.

The universal funnel of sufficient width easily fits into typical household jars. Meanwhile, its stainless steel with chromium finish retains the pristine look for a good amount of time.

Even the strainer features a steel structure, available in six different sizes. Magnetized canning lid wand lets you handle the boiling water with safety.

Apart from the tomato, youre free to puree your favorite vegetables & fruits. Integration of suction base allows secure installation over any countertop or tabletop.

Disassembling different parts lets you clean the dishwasher-safe parts without any hassle.

Highlighted Features:

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Weston Fruit & Tomato Crusher

This one helps you quickly prep the tomatoes for making a delicious sauce, retaining the full taste. For the 2nd time, Weston manages to make the list with another amazing choice.

Unlike its 1st recommendation, this featured tomato crusher noticeably lacks some useful features. Still, you can get a satisfactory result every time.

Combo of steady plastic with stainless steel screen initiates optimum pressing functionality. Of course, the screen is also great for several other fruits & vegetables. Whether its sauce, jam, or jelly processing the food becomes a breeze.

The screen features 2mm holes, sufficient to separate the pulp from skins/seeds.

Built-in auger system prevents internal jams or cracked leaks. The inclusion of a stomper allows you to cover the raw materials with ease.

Integrated handle requires simple turning, saving your hassles in the kitchen. The functional design even lets you make small batches of baby foods.

The suction cup base keeps the entire frame locked over the countertop surface.

Meanwhile, the spout stands high enough to accommodate a standard-sized bowl. Not to mention, the hopper measures a reasonable 3-cup capacity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reasonable hopper with an included stomper.

Benefits Of Using Tomato Press Machine

Know about the advantages of a tomato press machine to decide if its worth your money.

  • Offers homemade sauce with no chemicals.
  • Consistent in overall quality, taste, amount & purity.
  • User-friendly operation without the slightest complexity.
  • Making different recipes like jam, jelly, or paste is really easy.
  • Maximum utilization of materials .
  • Easy cleanup, less space requirement, minimal leaks.
  • Save precious working time.
  • Fun activity to keep the curious kids busy on kitchen tasks.
  • Prepping of fruits, vegetables & even meat .

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Giveaway: Roma By Weston Electric Tomato Strainer And Sauce Maker

For years now, the bulk of my tomato canning has been in the form of the whole peeled tomato. Its quick to prep, is hugely versatile, and always felt like the best use of my time. Id make a few jars of basic puree each season, but I never found as easy a groove with sauce. However, a new appliance has come into my life that has made me rethink my preserved tomato allegiances.

This year, Ive been a puree making machine thanks to the Roma by Weston Electric Tomato Strainer. It operates much like the hand crank tomato presses , only instead of using your own brute force, the 200 watt motor gets things moving.

Its always important to be careful when using electric appliances that press and grind.

You cut your tomatoes into manageable bits and then pile them into the hopper. Using a tamper, you press them into the machines shaft, where they meet the auger, which pushes them through a screen .

The tomato pulp then comes pouring down the chute and the skin and seeds are ejected out the end of the screen. Its incredibly effective and makes it possible to do things like break 20 pounds of tomatoes down into pulp in just 15 minutes. Once the tomatoes have been milled, you can cook them down into sauce or take them further into paste or conserva.

Its not hard to hold it in place once you realize that its necessary, but a metal body would have given it a little more weight and heft. But metal is heavier and more costly, so I understand why its been made as it is.

Kitchenaid Electric Tomato Press

Weston Roma Food Strainer and Sauce Maker for Fresh Fruits ...

It uses the power of mechanical advancement to strain, puree a definite recipe with complete ease.

KitchenAid introduces a versatile strainer to utilize an attached food grinder. Right here, the electric tomato strainer review comes to reveal its functional combo.

Its a simple stand mixer that becomes a valuable appliance to handle further culinary tasks. Simple attachment to the supplied power hub will trigger the motor.

Youll have FVSP accessories, including cone, tray, shaft & splash shield. And FVSFGA accessories specifically include a food grinder for the electric tomato press.

Without any trouble, the strainer lets you make delicious items within a matter of minutes. The design allows to chop onions, peppers, apples, orange, peach, strawberry/grape you name it.

For the grinding function, its easy to cover a wide range of your favorite recipes. The integrated food grinder features a coarse plate to handle firm vegetables/cheese. Also, you can use the included fine plate to grind meat.

Not to mention, it remains compatible with all KitchenAid stand mixer models. For other branded models, you have to check the compatibility through the interlinked option.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy plastic body with a metal strainer.
  • Super-fine pureeing of vegetables & fruits.
  • Different plates for the grinder.
  • Compatibility with all KitchenAid mixers.
  • Easy disassembly for immediate cleanup.

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Weston Food Strainer And Sauce Maker For Tomato Fresh Fruits And Vegetables White

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Westonâs Tomato Press & Sauce Maker separates skin and seeds from pulp
  • Includes a stomper to safely apply pressure
  • An extra-large capacity hopper holds approximately 1 gallon of fruits or vegetables
  • Our dual-mount system ensures stability with either a suction cup base or C-clamp
  • Includes a stainless steel multi-purpose screen perfect for tomatoes
  • Additional sizes are available for squash, salsas, and grapes
  • Great for prepping tomatoes and other vegetables for canning or preserving
  • Home wine-makers quickly turn grapes into juice
  • Make your own baby food with no preservatives
  • Simply Turn the Handle…and the Seeds & Skins Separate from the Puree

Norpro 1952 Jumbo Tomato Press

Gently press some fresh tomatoes to get a delicate sauce out of this device. Norpro markets one simple yet extremely functional kitchen appliance with a basic mechanism.

The featured 1952 Jumbo definitely doesnt have those fancy or multifunctional features. But the tomato sauce maker comes to meet the demand of conscious users looking for a strict manual tomato strainer.

Catchy red appeal gets to wear durable plastic, shaping the exterior frame. Likewise, the plastic remains free of potential harmful ingredients.

The suction base at the bottom keeps the machine steady against rigorous activities. It promotes a secure attachment right over the kitchen countertop or dining tabletop.

The internal mechanism specifically includes mesh strains made of stainless steel. It dispenses the prepped puree through a chute into the attached white tray.

Despite the lack of multi-purpose features, its overall usability counts as excellent for the tomato itself.

Apart from a refined sauce, you can make marinara, juice, salsa, paste, puree & even soup. You just have to turn the integrated handle on the back at a gentle pace.

Highlighted Features

  • Simple design to offer exceptional processing.
  • Plastic contains no harmful compounds.
  • Elegant red exterior with white tray attachment.
  • Detachable frame to allow easy maintenance.
  • Secure surface attachment through the suction base.

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