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How To Make Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce Recipe by Whats Cooking Lari

So, first up Hollandaise sauce my easy foolproof way! You will need a tall glass, jug or similar that the blender stick head fits in it must reach all the way down to the base. Im pretty sure most blender sticks come with a jug or milkshake-maker cup but I have no idea where mine is!

Then heres what you need to make Hollandaise Sauce, and how to make it:

  • Blitz yolks with cayenne pepper, lemon juice, salt and water

  • Pour in butter slowly over 45 seconds while blitzing constantly

  • After the butter is in, move stick up and down to blend thoroughly for another 10 seconds

  • Voila! Perfect Hollandaise Sauce for your poached eggs!

  • BONUS: Can be made ahead and reheated.

    Foolproof Eggs Benedict With Blender Hollandaise Sauce

    This foolproof Eggs Benedict recipe contains tips and an easy blender hollandaise sauce to breezily make the popular brunch dish at home!

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    Along with crêpes, croissants, and pancakes, Eggs Benedict is undoubtedly a delicious, ubiquitous breakfast classic. Id say Eggs Benedict should be named to the breakfast hall of fame! Runny eggs, rich sauce, salty ham, and the optional veggie on toasted bread: Eggs Benedict has everything you need to wake up your taste buds and start your day on a delicious note.

    But, while Eggs Benedict might be the most requested breakfast dish in restaurants, it can be an intimidating dish to make at home. The culprit: hollandaise sauce. Hollandaise is considered to be one of the five mother sauces of French cuisine, and it is made with egg yolks, melted butter, and lemon juice.

    One of the reasons that hollandaise sauce might have earned its finicky reputation is that the sauce comes together as an emulsion, that is, the ingredients need to be beaten together properly to fully blend in and create a silky-smooth sauce. If the hot, melted butter is poured too quickly into the yolks, the yolks can cook and curdle, creating a sauce with a grainy consistency.

    Eggs Benedict With Bearnaise Sauce

    Eggs benedict is a great way to spoil your mom on Mothers Day. This version of eggs benedict is a gluten free version. Starting with a grilled gluten free ciabata roll, piled with fresh cut corned beef, topped with perfectly poached eggs and finished with a creamy bearnaise sauce.

    Eggs benedict has to be the greatest breakfast entree ever! I love all versions of this classic dish.

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    Substituting Poached Eggs In Eggs Benedict

    For a variety of reasons, you might now want to make and serve poached eggs in your Eggs Benedict. Here are substitution ideas for poached eggs in Eggs Benedict:

    • Fried Eggs: Fried eggs are super quick and easy to make. Simply set a non-stick skillet over high heat, grease with a drizzle of oil, then crack eggs open over the hot surface. Season each egg with salt and pepper and cook until the egg white is set. Then remove them to a plate and transfer them to a low oven to keep warm until service.
    • Over-Easy Eggs: Follow the fried egg directions. But, just before the egg white is fully set, use a spatula to flip over the eggs. Cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute more, depending on how set you want the egg yolks to be. Then remove them to a plate and transfer them to a low oven to keep warm until service.
    • Scrambled Eggs: Some people just dont like runny yolks and thats okay! That definitely shouldnt prevent them from enjoying Eggs Benedict. Simply crack, scramble, and season eggs in a bowl. Then pour them in a hot, greased non-stick skillet and cook, stirring with a spatula, until the eggs are cooked but still look a tiny bit wet. The eggs will finish cooking with the residual heat.

    Whats The Difference Between Hollandaise And Barnaise Sauces

    Easy Eggs Benedict

    When we want to enhance a dish, warm, rich sauces like hollandaise and béarnaise will always do the trick. A small spoonful has the power to make a steak completely luxurious, and it puts the perfect finishing touch on eggs Benedict.

    These two traditional French sauces share quite a few similarities, but there are some distinctions in how theyre made and used that set them apart. Do you know the difference between hollandaise and béarnaise sauce?

    Before talking about what sets them apart, its important to know what hollandaise and béarnaise actually have in common. Both are warm emulsified sauces, or a warm, stable sauce made from ingredients that dont typically blend together.

    At the core, theyre both made from emulsifying butter and egg yolks, and adding a hint of acidity.

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    The Best Tahini Sauce Recipe

    The best tahini sauce is creamy, tangy, garlicky, nutty and easy to make. While you can easily make variations on this sauce you cant beat this classic, every day version.

    Ive enjoyed tahini sauce paired with a variety of foods while traveling Egypt, Israel and Jordan. Its a staple item served at virtually every main meal in the Middle East and often accompanies falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, lentil salads, roasted vegetables and more. When youre dining mezze-style, you drizzle it, dip it and enjoy it on a variety of foods!

    How To Make Hollandaise Sauce

    To make this recipe, simply heat up some butter and stream it into the blended egg yolk mixture to create a velvety smooth sauce.

  • Melt the butter in a microwave for about 1 minute until hot.
  • Combine the egg yolks, lemon juice, dijon, salt and cayenne pepper into a high powered blender and blend for 5 seconds.
  • Slowly stream in the hot butter into the mixture as the blender is running.
  • Pour the sauce into a small bowl and drizzle over your meal!
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    How To Reheat Hollandaise Sauce

    Hollandaise Sauce that cools from warm to room temperature will thicken slightly but still be pourable and can be used. Once the sauce hits a hot poached egg say, it warms it up.

    Fridge cold Hollandaise Sauce is very thick it has a peanut butter consistency. You need to be extremely careful reheating it to ensure that you dont cook the eggs even setting a bowl over another boil with boiling water is unreliable and will make the eggs scramble as I found out first hand!

    I find the best way to gently reheat Hollandaise Sauce is to submerge a sealed container in a bowl of warm water no hotter than 50°C/122°F . Leave it for around 20 minutes, stir sauce, change the water and repeat, until it is slightly warmer than room temp and pourable.

    See? Its back to freshly made perfection!

    How Do You Make Hollandaise Sauce For Eggs Benedict

    The easiest Hollandaise Sauce – Eggs Benedict #Ad

    The traditional method for making hollandaise sauce is to whisk together egg yolks, water, and a little lemon juice until thick and pale. Then the bowl is placed over steaming water to temper and cook the eggs. Once they begin to cook, butter is whisked in.

    A more simple method is to make a blender hollandaise sauce by adding egg yolks, spices, and lemon juice to a blender. Blend on high for a few seconds. Pour some hot, freshly melted butter into the running blender in a slow steady stream. The heat from the butter will temper and cook the eggs and you have a fresh hollandaise sauce in under 2 minutes.

    PRO TIP: You can use Canadian bacon, a slice of ham, or cooked crisp bacon in this recipe, depending upon your own personal preference. The recipe calls for the use of Canadian bacon as is. Ham can also be fried up the same way. If using bacon you will need to cook the bacon until crisp, which will double the amount of time it takes to make this recipe.

    Watch the video belowwhere I walk you through every step of this recipe. Sometimes it helps to have a visual and I have you covered in my very own cooking show. You can find the entire collection of video recipes on , or right here on my website with their associated recipes.

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    Eggs Benedict With Hollandaise Sauce Is Layer Upon Layer Creamy Rich Decadence With A Perfect Poached Egg One Bite Says It All

    When it comes to weekend breakfasts two recipes always come to mind for me, Tater Tot Casserole and Eggs Benedict. One is an easy-to-make casserole for a crowd and the other with my favorite weekend indulgence with a mimosa. Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce is not only a show stopper in appearance but one bite into the rich and creamy hollandaise sauce your taste buds will be on cloud nine. But, lets not forget about that poached egg that sits nestled on top of a layer of Canadian bacon, melted Havarti cheese, and a toasted English muffin. As soon as you pierce the egg with your fork the yolk comes drizzling out and blends magically with the hollandaise sauce. If you have never tried this decadent blend of eggs and hollandaise sauce then here is your opportunity to feast upon the amazing combination of flavors you will ever sink your teeth into.

    EGGS BENEDICT WITH HOLLANDAISE SAUCELike this recipe? Pin it to your BREAKFAST pinboard!Follow Real Housemoms on Pinterest

    Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce is a meal that to me can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Traditionally you will see it on a menu for breakfast or if you go out to brunch, you will see it being served too. These Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits and Chicken and Waffles are also breakfast ideas that can be turned into lunch and/or dinner.

    What Is Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict is a popular recipe for breakfast and brunch. Poached eggs and Canadian bacon are served on a buttery toasted English muffin and covered with hollandaise sauce. Most people love ordering this special egg dish at restaurants, but it is easy to make at home. You will love this classic breakfast dish!

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    How To Make Perfect Poached Eggs

    Not everyone poaches eggs right on the first try. Or the second. If you’ve never made poached eggs before, they can take some practice. For a better chance of getting it right, try these tips.

    • Start with the freshest eggs you can get. The older the eggs are, the more likely they are to fall apart in the simmering water.
    • Make sure the water is barely simmering . If the water is at a full boil , the chances of the egg separating when it hits the water are greater.
    • Don’t forget to add the vinegar to the water.
    • Crack the egg into a small bowl before adding it to the water. Then gently slide the egg from the bowl into the simmering water.
    • Time the poaching egg carefully. Four minutes should be just about right.
    • Drain the poached eggs well. Hot tip: a stale piece of bread works even better than a paper towel.

    Looking for another option? Try our fast and super-easy Microwave Poached Eggs recipe.

    Can You Make A Dairy

    Breakfast truly is a standout meal  Lockdown realisation ...

    Absolutely! Many times Ill make this recipe without cheese for an easy, dairy-free option, especially if I have guests with a dairy-sensitivity. The cashews in the recipe add much of the creaminess that the cheese would normally provide, so I find that its certainly not missing anything if you opt to go without cheese.

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    How To Make Eggs Benedict Video Tutorial

    This is my idea of the perfect eggs Benedict recipe! And let me tell you the secret is in the sauce.

    Ive tried several different Hollandaise sauce recipes and several different methods and this version is easily my favorite ! After one taste of this heavenly sauce I think youll have to agree.

    Hang on to this recipe, its perfect for holidays and weekends and also definitely set to impress for entertaining. It will easily be the star of the show!

    How To Make Basil Pesto

    Its extremely easy to make basil pesto at home. You can use either a food processor or a Vitamix blender. Ive shown you how to use a food processor in my Zucchini Noodle Caprese recipe so today, I thought Id show you how to make it in my Vitamix.

  • Just add the olive oil and lemon juice first, followed by the remaining ingredients.
  • Turn your Vitamix on high and use the tamper to push the ingredients into the blades.
  • Within seconds, youll have fresh, healthy, deliciously smelling, homemade basil pesto. Yes, it really is that easy.
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    How To Poach Eggs The Easy Way

    There are hundreds of tutorials and articles online for cooking poached eggs, and so many different methods or hacks. I like to keep it super simple and straightforward and find that this method makes great poached eggs every time. They may not always be the most instagram worthy looking eggs but they taste delicious!

    I hope you like this recipe as much as I do! Please leave a comment or @carrieskitchen_ if you make it!

    More Easy Brunch Ideas:

    Can I Make Eggs Benedict In Advance

    Eggs Benedict Recipe | The Best Hollandaise Sauce Ever!
    • You can poach eggs in up to 2 days in advance and reheat in boiling water for about 30 60 seconds. The yolk just may be a bit more set this way.
    • I have found with leftover sauce I can reheat gently in the microwave, the consistency is a bit thicker though.
    • English muffins and ham will need to be served right after heating.

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    How To Store And Reheat Hollandaise Sauce

    While this sauce is best served fresh, you do have the option of reheating it. But keep in mind that there could be a chance where your eggs will cook up a bit. So here are two options for reheating just be cautious!

    • Microwave: Place the hollandaise sauce in a glass bowl, and microwave it in 15 second increments. Repeat this process until your sauce is fully warmed up.
    • Stove Top: Pour the hollandaise sauce into a pan over low heat. Add in a smidge of melted butter and water to re-emulsify and give it a smooth texture. Once its warmed up, pour the sauce back into a serving bowl.

    Small Batch For No Leftovers

    Hollandaise sauce is very rich, so you dont need a lot. And since reheating leftovers of emulsified sauces can be tricky, I decided to make this a small batch recipe so you can avoid the trouble of trying to use up your leftovers. The recipe below makes about cup, or just enough for two people .

    If you want to make a larger batch, its just as easy. Simply adjust the number in the servings box in the recipe below and the ingredient quantities will adjust for you. The method will be exactly the same, but it may take a few minutes longer for the sauce to heat as you whisk.

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    B Right Water Temperature

    Getting the right water temperature is key. If the water is too rapid, then the egg will jiggle about too much and get those untidy wisps. But if its not hot enough, the egg might not set and the whites just dissolves into the water.

    Ive found that the best way to get the right temperature is to bring the water to a boil first , then turn the stove down until you get tiny bubbles rising from the base of the pot but no big bubbles breaking the surface of the water.

    More Serving Ideas For Eggs Benedict

    Exactly what do you put a hollandaise sauce on?

    My favorite way to serve these foolproof Eggs Benedict is on toasted whole wheat English muffin halves with prosciutto and steamed asparagus, but there are so many other ways to prepare the dish.

    Here are more serving ideas for Eggs Benedict:

    • Replace the asparagus with: steamed or sauteed greens , sliced avocado, oven-roasted cherry tomatoes, or sauteed mushrooms
    • Replace the prosciutto with: ham, cold- or hot-smoked salmon, steamed lobster or crab meat, sliced chicken, sauteed fresh sausage, or crispy bacon
    • Replace the English muffin with: Toasted slices of crusty bread, toasted baguette slices, toasted brioche, plain waffles , or biscuits
    • Garnish with: fresh herbs, chives, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, crushed red pepper, chopped capers, pesto, or romesco sauce.

    Get creative! Theres no wrong way to serve my foolproof Eggs Benedict. Bon appétit!

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    Classic Eggs Benedict With Hollandaise Sauce

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    Need a special breakfast? Try Eggs Benedict! A classic, savory breakfast featuring poached eggs, canadian bacon and homemade hollandaise sauce. Perfect for a special morning meal. Delicious served with Bacon and Pan-Fried Potatoes.

    Corned Beef Eggs Benedict With Bearnaise Sauce Nutrition

    Each individual egg benedict contains approximately 512 calories, 12.5 net carbs, and 42.9 grams of fat. Gotta love all of that butter!

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