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Hot Sauce Feature: Yellowbird Condiments

Yellowbird Hot Sauce Review x2 (Habanero & Serrano)

This month, my Pepperologist Picks are the condiments from Yellowbird, a Texas-based spicy condiment kitchen serving up some of the finest, cleanest hot sauces available on the market! I love Yellowbird because all of their condiments are free of preservatives, made with ethically-sourced ingredients, and are just plain good!

Yellowbird got its start when co-founders George Milton and Erin Link simply became fed up with other spicy condiments on the market. They had just started living a healthier lifestyle and were trying to eat as cleanly as possible. However, they found themselves complaining every time they left the grocery store! It seemed that every hot sauce or condiment they checked contained controversial chemicals or unnecessary preservatives. In many cases, both were present. Erin and George vowed that if they ever started a food brand, their products would never contain harmful chemicals.

Soon, Erin and George were experimenting with peppers, carrots, onions, and all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. They started small, distributing to local businesses and working late nights in commissary kitchens to create their condiments, but customers loved their sauces and demand grew. Before they knew it, Erin and George had their own commercial kitchen, but even that wasnt enough. Soon enough, they were breaking ground on a factory.

Gator Hammock Swamp Gator Hot Sauce

The best hot sauce for something spicy and full of flavor is Gator Hammock Swamp Gator Hot Sauce. The complex flavors that make up the spicy sauce include banana, jalapeño, hammock, serrano, and habanero peppers. The vinegar-base sauce is quite spicy but doesn’t completely overtake your taste buds so you can’t taste anything else you’re eating or drinking, which is a definite win in my book.

Serious Salsa: Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

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The other day I arrived at the office to find a bottle on my desk. It was an old beer bottle, but inside wasn’t the usual pale yellow liquid. Instead, this bottle was filled with a thick, orange liquid. This definitely wasn’t beer.

Thinking it was garbage, I was about to throw away the bottle when a colleague came over and said, “You like hot sauce, don’t you? Try this.” And he reached over, twisted off the bottle cap and poured out a bit into a paper cup.

I asked him if he had any tortilla chips, but he didn’t. No matter you don’t need chips to taste a salsa.

First, I took a sniff of the salsa. It smelled like vinegar, lime juice and garlic. The scent was innocent enough, but there must have been some powerful juices in that bottle as while smelling it my nose started to tickle and my eyes started to water.

Of course, if the salsa was orange, it had to have been made with habanerosone of the most fiery chiles on the Scoville scale.

I took a swig. A few of my of my office mates looked at me in shock. “Isn’t it a little too early to be doing salsa shots?” asked one.

But before answering, I poured myself another taste of the habanero salsa. I needed to confirm that it was indeed as refreshing and delicious as I thought it was. And yes, it was.

I asked him for the recipe and he obliged me. And after testing it to make sure it worked, here it is.

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How To Make Hot Sauce

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Hey, George here! Im one of the co-founders of Yellowbird and Im the guy who cooks up all the concepts and recipes for the sauces we make here. People ask me all the time for hot sauce recipes and I usually tell them that you can make hot sauce out of almost anything. Im also not legally allowed to give them our recipes even though they are printed right on the bottle. This post doesnt contain any recipes or long, boring intros to maximize SEO. I just want to talk about SAUCE!

Hot sauce began very simply as a way of preserving flavorful, spicy peppers. The earliest hot sauces were likely from the Mayans and were probably just fermented pepper mash mixed with water. The oldest commercial sauce still in production today is Tabasco, founded in 1868, which is a pretty simple mixture of pepper mash, vinegar, and salt. Typically when people think of hot sauce they think of something like Tabasco that is very watery and very acidic. This is one style of hot sauce but there are many different versions you can make.


  • Vinegar or other preferred liquid

Made by Yellowbird®

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Yellowbird Jalapeo Hot Sauce Review

Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce


Detailed review of Yellowbird Jalapeño Hot Sauce. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this hot sauce.

Product Name: Yellowbird Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Overall Rating:

Price: $8.99 for 1 Bottle

Peppers Used: Jalapeño Pepper

Where To Buy:

Ingredients: Jalepeno Peppers, Organic Carrots, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Onions, Garlic, Organic Cane Sugar, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate

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Why This Jerky Marinade Works

Spicy jerky is hugely popular and using great tasting and well made hot sauces to obtain the spice makes it super easy to make as well. I LOVE Frank’s Red Hot and it goes great with the saltier ingredients of this recipe.

If you have a favorite hot sauce, feel free to substitute it instead of Franks. The goal is to get a nice spice that is familiar to your taste buds. If you don’t have a favorite, this is a great one to try!

Testing For When It’s Finished

It’s important to remove a piece of jerky from the smoker, dehydrator, or oven and allow to cool 5 minutes before testing. Testing warm jerky will hint that the jerky isn’t finished drying when it actually is.

The jerky is finished when it bends and cracks but does not break in half. White fibers will also be seen in the meat when it is ripped in half showing it’s finished drying.

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Torchy’s Tacos Diablo Hot Sauce

The only restaurant branded hot sauce to make the cut is Torchy’s Tacos Diablo Hot Sauce. The thick sauce has a medium-to-hot spice level, with flavors of tomato, garlic, and vinegar. If you don’t have a Torchy’s Tacos near you then you might be able to find the hot sauce online or at Whole Foods. Add this hot sauce to anything you want to jazz up with big flavors and a decent amount of spice.

Pepper Geeks Homemade Habanero Hot Sauce

Yellowbird Hot Sauce

Make. Your. Own. Hot. Sauce. Our simple habanero hot sauce recipe has just 6 ingredients. All you need is a pan, a blender , and about 30 minutes of your time.

This homemade sauce is so simple, paying homage to the delicious habanero pepper. If you have a big harvest of tasty habaneros, I sincerely hope you will try our homemade recipe.

With just Habaneros, vinegar, olive oil, sugar, garlic and salt, this recipe keeps the focus on the peppers. We love the aroma and flavor of habaneros, and this recipe just helps bring that flavor to life. It is silky smooth thanks to the olive oil, sweet, flavorful and addicting.

We also recommend using our recipe as a starting place and experimenting with additional ingredients. Let us know what you thought of our hot sauce recipe, and if you have any recommendations for homemade sauces in the comments below!

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What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Hot Sauces

Sriracha. Dirty Dicks. Zombie Apocalypse. Secret Ardvark. Purple Hippo.

Edit: more sparingly, when I’m craving pain, Dave’s Scorpion Insanity Sauce.

My current favorites :

Hippy Dippy Green

Heady Habanero by Butterfly Bakery

Tie between Valentina Black Label/Tapatio

  • Puckerbutt Gator Sauce

  • Puckerbutt Maize Craze

  • Yellow 7 Turkey Slap

  • Wow… that is a tough question, but Ill try. In no particular order:

    Exhorresco by Burns & McCoy. Excellent, rich flavor and it uses 7 Pot Primos which seems to be rare in sauces Ive experienced. Its hot AF too!

    Red Habanero by El Yucateco. Good flavor, solid heat, and reasonable price. This is an everyday hot sauce, and I love it.

    The Last Dab by Heatonist. I bought a bottle of this when Hot Ones first started selling it, and man is it tasty. Its got a great mustard like flavor that compliments most anything. And its crazy hot.

    Dirty Dicks. Sweet, tropical, and surprisingly spicy. Its like a Hawaiian BBQ sauce mixed with hot sauce. I could easily go through a bottle of this a week.

    Original Tabasco. Maybe a controversial choice, in this day and age , but its a fucking classic. Also, I travel the world for work, and you can find it everywhere. Even countries that dont really like spicy food . Tabasco was my go to for many many years, and will always have a special place in my heart.

    Cholula Original Hot Sauce

    Cholula is the baseline hot sauce I judged everything else around. This is a great all-around hot sauce that has a base flavor or vinegar and tomatoes and is slightly hot without being too much. This is the must-have basic hot sauce in my fridge, and I think this is a step up flavor-wise from other big-brand hot sauces like Texas Pete or Louisiana. Shake a few dashes onto tacos, jambalaya, or pizza to add some heat without compromising the flavor of the original dish.

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    The Best Habanero Hot Sauces

    Posted on Last updated: 03/29/2021

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    Jalapeno peppers just arent hot enough for some Pepper Geeks. We tend to agree, especially when it comes to hot sauce. As a result, there has been an explosion of new Habanero hot sauces in recent years.

    Habanero peppers bring significantly more heat, and a totally unique flavor to boot. And since we love trying new hot sauces, weve tried a lot of them. In this article, well share what we think are the best habanero hot sauces money can buy.

    Marie Sharps Habanero Pepper Sauce

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    Thanks to the many recommendations from our fellow Pepper Geeks, we finally tried Marie Sharps Belizean style pepper sauce. After just a few tastes, we knew we had to add it to this list.

    The simple ingredient list with an emphasis on carrots and lime juice was intriguing, and the flavor does not disappoint. Marie Sharps uses whole fruits and vegetables, nothing powdered or artificial. This spicy sauce has zero sugars, making it a great savory option for soup, pizza, tacos, and just about anything else.

    This famous and beloved sauce has a mouthwatering aroma and an extremely punchy flavor. This is likely thanks to the lime juice and vinegar paired with fresh onion, garlic, and of course, habanero peppers.

    Pair this sauce with any stir fry, especially on noodles it is the perfect way to add an extra kick to Thai food. It is also an affordable price compared to other fresh ingredient hot sauces!

    Fun fact: has been cultivating and making habanero pepper sauce for over 40 years in Belize.

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    Real Hot Sauce Realer Reviews

    What other humans are saying about our sauce….

    • I don’t know what these guys are doing, but there’s some voodoo going on. The heat is perfect, the flavor is perfect, it’s good for anything longing for hot sauce. And 20 oz. for eight bucks is bonkers. Please don’t change your recipe. I’d pay twice the price, easily. Very good.

      ~ BILLY D. ~

    • Awesome sauce! Perfect amount of medium to high heat and a really great flavor that I wasn’t expecting. I finished 40 oz. in less than a week!

      ~ DAN N. ~

    • Love the Yellowbird!! These are wonderful, rich, and unique flavors all sent in a perfect size variety packa great alternative to the standard Tabasco and Sriracha. They come in an easy pour design to manage your dosage and every flavor is legit. I’m really glad I found this company and will have Yellowbird in the house at all times from now on.

      ~ STEPHEN G. ~

    Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo

    Truly one of the best hot sauces we have ever tasted, Los Calientes Rojo is a marvel. This sauce was initially meant to be a short-term variant of the original Los Calientes, but was met with high demand and eventually came back.

    The flavor of Los Calientes is so complex and yet so familiar and delicious. Sweet, smokey, spicy and tropical all swirled up into one scrumptious sauce. Perfect for tacos, one of our favorites on eggs, and even great on a burger, this is a versatile sauce.

    Our biggest complaint is that you cant buy a larger bottle than 5oz. We go through the original Los Calientes fast. The Rojo edition is even better, thanks to the red jalapenos and the additional habanero peppers.

    If you can get a bottle, do it immediately. It is worth the price for a spot in your refrigerator.

    If you love garlic, youre going to love Habanero Evil hot sauce by Torchbearer. Garlic is the second ingredient in this sauce, and you can clearly see it suspended in the raw sauce.

    But more importantly, Habanero peppers are the first ingredient. That means this sauce packs a decent punch.

    The simple array of flavors make this a classic hot sauce that gets the proportions right. Great for use in cooking, on pizza or anything that calls for a garlicky kick of spice.

    You can also try using it as a marinade on meat before cooking. To make things better, we love the artistic labels that Torchbearer is known for. Super quirky and geeky, just our style!

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    A Frame Datil Pepper Sauce

    St. Augustine, Florida is home to the datil pepper, a super-spicy pepper similar to a scotch bonnet. One of my favorite hot sauces that features the datil pepper is the A Frame Datil Pepper Sauce. The sweet and spicy hot sauce can be used in a variety of ways. Think of it as an alternative to hot honey, with a thick honey-like consistency, but with little flecks of datil pepper throughout. If you think a sweet and spicy kick is what your favorite meal needs then this is the right sauce.

    Queen Majesty Red Habanero & Black Coffee

    Yellowbird Habanero – 1 minute hot sauce review

    Talk about unique. Did you ever think your hot sauce would go well with the bold flavor of black coffee? Well, the Italian culinary geniuses at Queen Majesty Hot Sauce did.

    And they were right. This sauce brings the heat and a bold, unique flavor that is surprisingly useful across different cuisines.

    Deemed a glaze, it has a slightly bitter undertone and a bright, floral flavor at the forefront. The red color is darkened slightly by the black flecks of finely ground coffee beans.

    The reduced balsamic vinegar gives it a sweet, thick texture that is mouthwateringly delicious. This sauce is amazing to cook with, especially on grilled chicken or beef.

    If youre looking for a few new sauces to try, we highly recommend trying Queen Majestys trinity 3-pack. All three of them are equally unique and distinguished. Amazing sauces!

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    Kitchen Garden Farm Sriracha

    We first discovered Kitchen Garden Farms habanero sriracha at a local farmers market. They were just getting started with their small-batch sauces.

    Now, they are featured in huge grocery stores across the Northeastern US. This sauce comes from the farmers who host the annual Chilifest in Sunderland, MA.

    They grow a wide variety of hot peppers each year and have crafted a truly great Habanero sauce.

    This one takes the cake for the ultimate pizza drizzler. It is surprising just how simple the ingredients list is: Peppers, vinegar, sugar, garlic and salt. How these ingredients are prepared, we dont know, but there is undoubtedly some magic taking place. The buttery smooth consistency is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

    Get it from KGF directly or avoid shipping costs and .

    Kitchen Garden Farm also makes a ghost pepper sriracha sauce, in case Habaneros are too tame for you.

    Trader Joe’s Habanero Hot Sauce

    The Trader Joe’s Habanero Hot Sauce is by far the spiciest sauce on this list. After taste-testing it, I had to drink a whole glass of milk and stop testing other sauces for about 30 minutes to regain full ability in my taste buds again. If you’re looking for something that’s just pure spice, this is it. While there should definitely be a little skull on the label, there’s not, but know that habanero peppers rate at 100,000350,000 on the Scoville Scale, which is 100 times hotter than a jalapeño.

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    Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce Review

    This is a first for me Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce pairs those fiery habaneros with carrots. Yes, you definitely get the sweet, earthy flavor you expect, but does it pack the punch of heat the hab is known to deliver? And how usable is a hot sauce where carrots are so prevalent? Lets dive into Yellowbird Habanero to see what its all about.

    Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce uses carrots to great effect in its blend providing an earthy sweetness with a touch of citrus tang. The heat range listed of this sauce is broad, so your heat balance may vary from bottle to bottle.

    Heat Level:Pros:

    • Habanero on label with spiciness to match
    • Good value

    Even Though We Think Austin Is Plenty Hot George And Erin Of Yellowbird Foods Like To Make It Even Hotter With Their Spicy Sauces We Caught Up With George To Find Out Why He Started Making Hot Sauces What Makes A Good Sauce And Where They Go For Fun When Not Concocting Sauces

    Jalapeño Hot Sauce by Yellowbird Foods, All Natural, Non ...

    Why did you start making hot sauces?

    Me and my partner Erin love spicy food but we are also into clean eating. For a while we had a really hard time finding the right condiment that we could put on everything and that wasn’t loaded with bad ingredients. So instead of continuing our fruitless search, we started making our own spicy condiments.

    What has surprised you about starting your own business?

    I’ve been incredibly surprised by how far a couple of passionate and motivated people can take a simple idea. When we first started selling our sauce in local farmer’s markets, we never thought it would be a national brand in a couple of years!

    What makes a great hot sauce?

    The same thing that makes most things great: balance. It can’t be too vinegary or too salty or so hot that you can’t taste the flavor nuances. There are a lot of sauces that go great on particular things, but I think a truly great sauce goes great with LOTS of different foods.

    Can you share a recipe featuring Yellowbird?

    One of my favorites recently is a recipe we published to our blog for Ghost Pepper Fried Cauliflower. It is ridiculously good and a really great vegan substitute for hot wings.

    Where is a place in Austin you go to cool off?

    Aside from all the regular go-to spots , we live really close to McKinney Falls State Park. We like to bike over there and do a little hiking and there are some awesome little swimming holes to spend the afternoon at.

    What local products do you use at home?

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