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Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce 148ml

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 16 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones


Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce is the #1 sauce on Hot Ones! When it came time to craft the perfect kick-off to Seans spicy interviews, it was clear that he needed a hot sauce that was as timeless as the chicken wing itself. After sampling many of the worlds best peppers the decision was made to go with Chile de Arbol, prized for its complex, fresh flavours. The chiles and sauce are grown and made by the legendary Smokin Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Co, who says it may be the tastiest hot sauce hes ever crafted.

For lots of flavour and a healthy tang, try it on everything, and use liberally.

Ingredients: Organic Chile de Arbol, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Rice Vinegar, Water, Organic Garlic, Organic Turmeric, Salt.

Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce Review

Looking for a hot sauce that you can just keep at your kitchen table day in and out? Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce is just that. This is a staple hot sauce the kind thats crazy versatile and just hot enough. So how flavorful is it? And how balanced is that heat really? Before you continue on your 300th episode of Hot Ones, lets break down The Classic Hot Sauce and see what its all about!

Hot Ones The Classic Hot Sauce delivers on flavor with a very eatable heat. Its extremely versatile and totally fun to eat! 100% a classic and a must-have for any hot sauce collection.

Heat Level:Pros:

Hot Ones The Classic 1800 Scovilles

As the new number-one sauce from the series, meaning the first sauce to start off the conversation and heat scale, it uses the Chile de Arbol pepper, which promises complex and fresh flavours.

Grown by Smokin Ed Currie from Puckerbutt Pepper Co., it can be used liberally on wings or whatever dish you like, offering more of a tang than a bold hit of hotness. In addition to the pepper, it includes some apple cider vinegar, rice vinegar, water, garlic, turmeric, and salt, and uses mainly organic ingredients.

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Is The Last Dab The Hottest Sauce

The Last Dab: Apollo is the hottest hot sauce on Hot Ones. It’s called The Last Dab because Sean Evans and Hot Ones guests traditionally add an extra dab to the 10th and final spicy wing to close out the interview. The Last Dab: Apollo is one of the only sauces in the world to feature The Apollo Pepper, a special chili bred by Smokin’ Ed Currie. Smokin’ Ed’s other proprietary peppers like the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X are predecessors of The Apollo Pepper. If you want to take on the full 10 wing hot sauce lineup with The Last Dab: Apollo and see if your heat tolerance holds up to Hot Ones guests’ eating spicy wings, grab the Season 18 Hot Ones 10 Pack.

How Much Is It

Hot Ones: Hot Sauce Box

Keep in mind that the sauces included in this subscription box are all gourmet quality , and are usually exclusive access.

For this reason, the box costs $30 per month plus shipping.Shipping costs depend on where you are in the world, but USA costs an additional $6 per box.

That comes out to $12 per bottle of hot sauce, which in some cases works out to be a good deal. In one of our boxes, we received the Last Dab Triple X , FiyaFiya and Small Axe Peppers Jalapeno .

If you were to buy these individually on Heatonist, the price would work out to $44 plus shipping, making the box a great deal.

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Watch: Hot Ones Season 6 Hot Sauce Lineup Revealed

Its that time again, spicelords: The changing of the Scoville guard, hot-sauce draft day, the christening of the all-new Wings of Death! The Season 5 hot sauce lineup served us well, breaking down guests like Charlize Theron and Michael B. Jordan to their realest selves, but in this crazy game called Hot Ones, evolution is necessary.

And so it is with great excitement and fanfare that we usher in the Season 6 lineup, which includes a whopping nine new sauces on the board, including Los Calientes and a never-before-seen, extra-extreme version of the Last Dab. Watch Sean Evans break down the scorching-hot lineup, then get your own wings of death ready in time for next weeks Season 6 premiere on June 7.

Hit up Heatonist for all your hot sauce needs, and look out for Los Calientes dropping mid-June.

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The Full List Of Hot Ones Sauces From All Seasons Of The Show

Hot Ones. Its the show with hot questions and even hotter wings, but its also the show that started it all for Heatsupply. It gave us the idea to sell the hot sauces we saw on the show, but couldnt find anywhere in Europe. By now we have a lot of Hot Ones sauces on our webshop, but we wanted to recollect all the sauces that were in all the seasons of the show. Thats why we created this full list of Hot Ones sauces. You can also directly go to each sauce we offer that was in the show!

Los Calientes Scoville Rating

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 18 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

Los Calientes hot sauce comes in around a claimed 36,000 Scoville units, making the heat level perfect for everyday use. It adds a noticeable spice to your food, but wont be overwhelming, even in large amounts. We find that we can add tablespoons of this stuff to most of our meals without reaching for a glass of milk. Los Calientes has a great balance of heat and flavor.

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Its Host Conquered A Carolina Reaper

Hot Ones couldnt just stick any ordinary Joe in the hosting seat and keep their fingers crossed they could handle the ensuing heat. No, they needed someone who could prove their worth, and Sean Evans performed. But, proving yourself at a place like Hot Ones means experiencing far more pain than pleasure.

How exactly does one go about embodying the cream that rises to the top? Well, confronting a Carolina Reaper head on is one sure-fire way, and Evans stepped into that Thunderdome battle and left with a victory under his belt. But, that capital V didnt come without battle scars.

Evans documented the firefight alongside Claus Pilgaard, a Danish entertainer known as Chili Klaus, and that dude loves spice. In fact, Evans describes him as the Michael Jordan of hot chilis. So, he brought Chili Klaus along for a Carolina Reaper-eating extravaganza at Jimmys No. 43 in New York Citys East Village to stare the spice equivalent of death straight in the eyes.

Within seconds of swallowing the peppers, both are covered in sweat, hiccuping uncontrollably, and looking as if they want to curl up into the fetal position. They sip beer to alleviate the burn and try desperately to think themselves into a frosty mindset .

In the end, however, they come out on top, and Evans, deservedly, now sits atop the throne of Hot Ones with a chili-encrusted crown upon his head.

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Last Dab Chile De Arbol Special Edition

The final new Hot Ones hot sauce is a mild version of the Last Dab using Chile De Arbol peppers. This sauce allows us to enjoy more of the delicious flavor of the Last Dab without having to have a glass of milk on standby.

The Chile De Arbol peppers in this sauce are chopped roughly, giving this sauce a new level of chunkiness. The flavor is also very much different from the Reduxx version but still has that savory mustard profile. This sauce is great for Indian food and will not make your tongue catch fire.

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How Long Will This Sauce Keep

It should keep a few months easily in the fridge, or even longer. Its all about the acidity. Target level ph for shelf stable foods is below 4.6 ph, but should probably be lower for home cooks, around 3.5 or so, to account for errors. If youre concerned, add more vinegar to lower the ph.

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Whats The Best Way To Preserve Homemade Hot Sauce Can It Freeze It

Hot Ones Season 6

If youd like to preserve your hot sauce for longer storage, you can either freeze it or process it in a waterbath canner . A caveat here: the beneficial bacteria created in the fermented version will be killed off by the high heat from the canning process. Itll still be delicious, it just wont add any probiotics into your diet.

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Puckerbutt Chocolate Plague 690000 Scovilles

Do you really need more of a description here than just the name? Even the image on the bottle is scary enough to make even the most adventurous of hot sauce aficionados cringe in horror at whats to come.

With almost six times the heat of the already mouth-burning Da Bomb, it is made from 90% pure Chocolate Bhutlah, which is rumored to be some of the worlds hottest peppers. A cross between the bhut jolokia and chocolate douglah, taking a bite of something with this sauce is like setting off fireworks in your mouth.

Promising to offer delicious flavour as well, if youre brave enough, add some to a marinade or drip a few drops into stew if wings arent your thing.

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Is Los Calientes Hot Sauce Any Good

Oh yeah. This sauce is one of our absolute favorites for almost any application. The attention to detail in the ingredient list is excellent, with applewood smoked serrano, and a touch of cumin and lemon juice to round things out. This sauce is perfect for dousing your pizza, or for spicing up a morning omelet.

Tip: This sauce works great as a green sauce for tacos, though it may be a bit too spicy for some. Try it by itself on a spoon first before drowning your tacos!

Fermented Hot Sauce: Create A Signature Flavor

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 17 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

Hot sauce is one condiment that seems to have a cult following. There are so many different styles, flavors, and heat levels. But the key to a really amazing hot sauce is FERMENTATION!

Three flavors of hot sauce.

Here is everything you need to know to create your own unique fermented hot sauce flavor. Whether you like it mild or hot, its so EASY to make a full-flavored and delicious hot sauce.

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Dabomb Beyond Insanity 135600 Scovilles

The name says it all here, as does the warning label: consume one drop at a time with extreme caution. Its made with pure habanero pepper, further enhanced with, well, more habanero-infused flavour. It also includes chipotles along with orange juice, water, tomato paste, and other spices. In other words, dab this on food, dont pour it or drench your wing in it.

Have a tall glass of milk and a box of Kleenex nearby before deciding to try this one! This is usually the one that takes down even the most adventurous celebrity guests.

Watch Us Taste Apollo Hot Sauce:

Sean Evans made a that, in testing, they thought Apollo might actually be too spicy for the celebrities on Hot Ones to endure. Naturally, this got us excited to try the sauce as soon as possible.

We tried the sauce hours after it arrived and, well, we had some thoughts

Heat: 5/5 Unquestionably among the spiciest of non-extract sauces.Flavor: 3/5 Nothing ground breaking, just peppers and vinegar.Value: 2/5 It is an exclusive pepper, but the price is off-putting.Overall rating: 3/5Ideal for chiliheads, not flavor seekers.

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Sean Evans Reveals The Season 16 Hot Sauce Lineup

Hot Ones hotly anticipated 16th season is here! In the Hot Ones Season 16 lineup reveal, host Sean Evans introduces the newest hot sauces to grace the wings of doom on the YouTube series with hot questions and even hotter wings. Sean explains that this seasons lineup is a symphony of spice, leading celebrities on a journey of unique flavors, tasty chilis, and a whole lot of heat.

Starting things off is Hot Ones very own The Classic Blue Label, which has become a fan favorite since its initiation in Hot Ones Season 12. Sean blows a *chefs kiss* to this mild and tangy sauce, with extra garlic oomph compared to its red-labeled predecessor ! Scoville Heat Units: 1,700

Next up in the 2-spot is Yellowbird Hot Sauces Bliss and Vinegar. Seans been a fan of Yellowbird for years, ever since he tasted their Habanero sauce at a taco spot in Austin, TX. Sweet-tart strawberries and dates are balanced by tangy vinegar and rich coconut in this HEATONIST exclusive sauce.Scoville Heat Units: 6,200

Sean gives it a swish of the net before introducing Hoff & Peppers Haus Sauce, a smoky, sweet, dilly, mustard-based sauce that Sean describes as Oktoberfest meets Southern BBQ vibes. Scoville Heat Units: 14,500

At number 6, Sean introduces Señor Lechugas .718, which combines delicious guajillo and pasilla peppers with black lime, plus ghost pepper for a delayed heat that lets celebrities know theyre entering the back half of the lineup.Scoville Heat Units: 67,000

Hell Fire Detroit Habanero 100000

A taste of the Hot Ones season 7 hot sauces

If the last sauce didnt get them, this one surely will. With at least almost three times as much heat as Los Calientes, you can almost see the pure fire coming your way given the thickness of the sauce.

The ingredients are simple, including fire roasted habanero, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, distilled water, and olive oil. Its fruity and tangy, but dont let the seemingly harmless ingredients list beyond the pepper fool you – this one will clear your sinuses right up!

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Where To Buy Last Dab Apollo

The Last Dab Apollo can be found exclusively on Heatonist, currently priced at $22 . This is the most expensive Last Dab thus far, though the bottle should last most people a long, long time.

This would be a great gift for anyone you know who loves super-spicy food. The price makes sense, given that each bottle likely requires a couple dozen peppers to produce. Also, the pepper itself is highly exclusive to Smokin Eds reserves.

Overall, we were blown away by the heat of Apollo. The sauce comes up short in value due to the extreme price tag and the relatively standard flavor. It is really more of a party trick than a great hot sauce. Well continue to use the former Last Dab varieties for their more interesting flavor.

Have you tried The Last Dab Apollo? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Nick Reitz

Friday 10th of June 2022

Distillate means extract, extract has been extracted from pepper matter with CO2 and then distilled probably using a rotovap to isolate the capsaicin and terpenes in the pepper.

Daniel Roddenbery

Friday 22nd of April 2022

I love the last dab Apollo sauce but I believe it is not even close to the hottest sauce in the world but it had intense heat that kept building but the sauce I think could be the hottest would be Mad Dog 357 gold edition

Scot M

Wednesday 25th of August 2021


Sunday 22nd of August 2021


Wednesday 28th of April 2021


Wednesday 16th of June 2021

Shaquandas Hot Pepper 10100 Scovilles

Representing a massive jump in Scovilles from the level 2 sauce, this one, the third in the line-up on the latest season, combines scotch bonnet with habanero peppers to provide an island flare inspired by Barbados flavours through ingredients like ginger, turmeric, mustard, and lemon.

Ideal for marinades for chicken and fish as well, or for spicing up your lunch sandwich, it adds more spice through chili peppers and horseradish, as well as some sweetness via demerara sugar.

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