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How To Make Your Own Low Carb Bbq Sauce

Famous Dave’s Texas Pit BBQ Sauce Recipe

To make this recipe, which uses the shortcut of no sugar added ketchup, you only need these ingredients:

  • Low Sugar Ketchup I prefer Heinz No Sugar Added Ketchup, but if you have a preferred brand already feel free to give that a try.
  • Worcestershire Sauce This sauce does have fish in it. If you have a seafood allergy or are avoiding soy, I have heard of people having success substituting coconut aminos instead of Worcestershire sauce.
  • Liquid Smoke Liquid smoke is pretty essential to the classic bbq sauce flavor, and it should be pretty easy to find at your grocery store.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cayenne Powder

Grandmothers Recipe Generates Millions Of Dollars Across The Midwest

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After Ken Davis closed his take-out restaurant in Edina after owning it for a year, he physically took his homemade barbecue sauce on the road to local supermarkets to sell it.

There was more than one discouraging word when Davis made his decision to market his sauce, recalls Barbara Davis. We did receive lots of discouraging words. It was hard to market barbecue sauce. people said they dont eat barbecue sauce its like eating hot sauce to them and they werent interested.

Her late husbands bio on www.ken says that the discouragers included the Small Business Administration that thought he was crazy, and banks and financiers resisted his requests as well. They didnt believe we could go up against four major national brands.

Despite those who decried that it couldnt survive, Ken Davis Bar-B-Q-Sauce soon became a top seller through his unique marketing efforts first by selling his product out of his car then mass marketing it to stores and distributors. Mrs. Davis, a 20-year marketing and home economist veteran at General Mills, got involved in the business when Ken Davis hired his future wife to help him and his staff perfect his grandmothers barbecue sauce and eventually document the recipe.

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Can You Have Bbq Sauce On Keto

Typically on a keto diet, you follow a very low carb way of eating, usually between 20-50 grams of carbs per day. Some follow a stricter practice that includes avoiding ingredients that arent deemed clean, such as wheat and certain sweeteners.

My approach, that has been personally successful for me, is to eat foods that fit within my carb allowance regardless of what they are. Even still, most bbq sauces you can find at the store do not fit into a keto diet because of their high carb count due to all of the sugar.

Here are some popular bbq sauce brands and their carb counts per serving:

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Q Fanatic Bbq And Grill

Charlie Johnson is a student of great barbecue. No thanks to his upbringing on a central Minnesota farm, where his mom made Scandinavian Minnesotan-style boiled ribs, âand used sauce to cover up the lack of flavor,â he says, laughing.

At the Culinary Institute of America, one of Johnsonâs instructors made a barbecue sauce that featured coffee. So, like any bright student, Johnson took that inspiration and went for a slightly larger jolt: espresso.

He started giving it out for Christmas in canning jars around 1990, and when he was running an Italian restaurant, he used it for a pizza sauce. Fast forward to 2007, when Johnson decided to open a barbecue restaurant in north suburban Champlin. He read a bunch of Southern kidsâ college papers to learn barbecue sauceâs origins.

âIt came from Scotland to the Carolinas,â he says, and it was pretty simple: just vinegar, sugar, and peppers. Johnson says he looked at about 100 recipes for vinegar sauces before settling on his favorite he did the same for mustard.

âItâs a âlove it or hate itâ kind of thing,â he says of Q Fanaticâs mustard sauce. The mix of basic yellow mustard, cider vinegar, brown sugar, peppers, Worcestershire, pepper sauce, salt, and pepper is the dream match for his smoked sausage and awesome beef brisket.

180 Miller Rd., Champlin | 763-323-6550 | also: 6009 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis | 612-702-2530 |

Adding Berries To Low Carb Bbq Sauces:

Ken Davis BBQ Sauce, Sassy 2 Carb (17.5 oz)

Since we grow blueberries at HeathGlen Farm, I have made and sold a blueberry BBQ sauce that was very popular in past years. This year I bought 240 pounds of cranberries from a Wisconsin cranberry farmer that I know from the St. Paul Farmers market and used some of them in a cranberry BBQ sauce .

Berries are one of the lower carb fruits that is often allowed on low carb diets, and they can add tremendous flavor to your sauce.

For another low carb recipe using short ribs, check out: Low Carb Mexican Braised Short Ribs

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Tips & Substitutions For Making A Low Carb Bbq Sauce

BBQ sauce in general is pretty simple to make on your own. Basically you toss all the ingredients in a pot and let it simmer, stirring only occasionally.

Alternatively toss all the ingredients in a food processor, pout it over the ribs or whatever protein youre making and let it cook in the oven with the ribs.

The main problem with making your own sauce is that most recipes call for ketchup as the base, and ketchup is full of sugar. To make matters worse many brands go on to add more sugar to the ketchup base.

Its easy however, to get creative with ingredients when you make your own BBQ sauce. The beauty of a BBQ sauce is that it is difficult to ruin it.

To cut the sugar use diced tomatoes or tomato sauce or tomato paste and start adding vinegar and spices.

If you want a smoky sauce add some liquid smoke.

Spice? I like chipotles with their added smokiness, but use cayenne or red pepper flakes for a brighter spice.

If you want a grocery store variety, I did find one brand in our local grocery with only 2 carbs per 2 Tbsp serving. It is called Classic 2 Carb BBQ Sauce by Ken Davis. It is OK in a pinch, but its not nearly as robust and tasty as your own sauce can be.

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For our Marketing Class, MKT 3301 under the direction of Dr. Sreedhar Kavil, Ph.D., we created an innovating marking plan for the company Ken Davis Products, Inc.

For our Marketing Class, MKT 3301 under the direction of Dr. Sreedhar Kavil, Ph.D., we created an innovating marking plan for the company Ken Davis Products, Inc.

  • 1. Cesar Del Rosario Pei Li Brittany McCartanCASE D-15: KEN DAVIS PRODUCTS, INC.
  • 2.“Hey, Baby, I’m Ken D avis.”CASE D-15: KEN DAVIS PRODUCTS, INC.
  • 3. About Ken Davis Products, Inc. Opened a restaurant in the 1960s in Minneapolis, MN Great barbecue sauce originated by his grandmother. No Recipe Minnesotas favorite barbecue sauce. Barbara Jo Davis now runs the company. CASE D-15: KEN DAVIS PRODUCTS, INC.
  • 4. Corporations are used only for educational purposes. CASE D-15: KEN DAVIS PRODUCTS, INC.
  • 5. Competitors Kraft A.1. Steak Sauce Bulls Eye: Kansas City, Memphis, Texas, Carolina Heinz Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce Heinz Original HV Food Products Co. KC Masterpiece: Hickory Brown Sugar, Honey, Hot N Spicy, Mesquite, Original, Smoky Bourbon, Southern Style, Sweet & Tangy CASE D-15: KEN DAVIS PRODUCTS, INC.
  • 6. Northfield, Illinois 2010 Net Earnings: $4.139 Billion Operations in 75 countries Sales in 170 countries 127,000 employees 15 research and development centers Information provided by CASE D-15: KEN DAVIS PRODUCTS, INC.
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    Are Any Store

    Read the labels of the pre-made BBQ sauces in the store. Most of them are loaded with sugar, whether that sugar is in the form of molasses, honey, demerara, or other forms of sugar.

    So does that mean low carbers have to give up the beloved BBQ sauce? Absolutely not, but you might have to make your own.

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