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Yellowbird Sauce Jalapeo Condiment

Made in Austin: Yellowbird Sauce

Yellowbird designed a mild sauce to be put on anything and everything. Its jalapeño variety is the brands mildest hot sauce, which adds a burst of flavor with just a hint of pain. The hot sauce is slow cooked, which allows the fruits and vegetables in the sauce to meld, creating a bolder, more vibrant flavor.

Cookwell & Company Queso

This Queso con Salsa Escabeche is built around a flavorful blend of cheddar and blue cheeses combined with fire-roasted tomatoes, onions, diced jalapeños, and fresh-squeezed lime juice to create simply the best and authentic queso you can buy. Cookwell & Company is located in the heart of Austin, Texas. These guys wear boots to work and boast three grills and a smoker at their office.

Above all else, Texas is

Tex-Mex Fish Tacos made with amazing Texas products!

Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha

A twist on classic Sriracha, this Brooklyn-made spicy sauce has the sweet and spicy flavors you know and love in addition to the fermented complexity of Korean gochujang. Amazon reviewer Jimmy Deanpresumably the country singer and breakfast sandwich guru from beyond the etheradded, What really sets this sauce off is the hint of sweetness that you get before the heat kicks in, creating a good balance that pairs nicely with a lot of different types of foods . Long story short, this is definitely one of the best Sriracha variants Ive ever had. You know Jimmy wouldnt lie to you.

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Serious Salsa: Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

The other day I arrived at the office to find a bottle on my desk. It was an old beer bottle, but inside wasnt the usual pale yellow liquid. Instead, this bottle was filled with a thick, orange liquid. This definitely wasnt beer.

Thinking it was garbage, I was about to throw away the bottle when a colleague came over and said, You like hot sauce, dont you? Try this. And he reached over, twisted off the bottle cap and poured out a bit into a paper cup.

I asked him if he had any tortilla chips, but he didnt. No matter you dont need chips to taste a salsa.

First, I took a sniff of the salsa. It smelled like vinegar, lime juice and garlic. The scent was innocent enough, but there must have been some powerful juices in that bottle as while smelling it my nose started to tickle and my eyes started to water.

Of course, if the salsa was orange, it had to have been made with habanerosone of the most fiery chiles on the Scoville scale.

I took a swig. A few of my of my office mates looked at me in shock. Isnt it a little too early to be doing salsa shots? asked one.

But before answering, I poured myself another taste of the habanero salsa. I needed to confirm that it was indeed as refreshing and delicious as I thought it was. And yes, it was.

I asked him for the recipe and he obliged me. And after testing it to make sure it worked, here it is.

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The 23 Best Hot Sauces You Can Buy On Amazon

Yellowbird Sauce

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When youre in pursuit of the very best hot sauce, the familiar bottle at the corner store just wont cut it anymore. Maybe youve built up a toleranceor maybe youve realized that its tepid flavor doesnt give your scrambled eggs the oomph you were looking for.

At a certain point it become necessary to branch out. Luckily, the internet has made it more than easy to explore the best hot sauces that the world has to offerand have them delivered conveniently to your front door. Below we offer a collection of some of the best-tasting hot saucesboth favorites of the Epi staff and fan faves of the Amazon community.

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Dave’s Gourmet Crazy Caribbean Hot Sauce

This spicy sauce is definitely on fire, thanks to a generous dose of Puerto Rican red habaneros. The secret ingredientcarrotsadds a bit of sweetness and earthiness to the flavor profile. One Amazon reviewer said that the price is a steal since one bottle contains “more hot sauce than one person would ever be able to use in a lifetime.” Challenge accepted.

Huy Fong Sriracha In Bottle

Yeah, you can get standard Sriracha bottles on Amazon, but these packets are perfect for stashing in your bag, your back pocket, or your desk drawer to fuel that Sriracha craving, whenever, wherever. And the bottle shape of the packets isnt just for the cute factorthey also serve as easier-to-rip-off tops than your standard fiddle-with-each-corner-til-the-ketchup-explodes-all-over-your-shirt condiment packet. Stop stealing handfuls of mediocre hot sauce packets from your deli. Spring for the good stuff because youre worth it.

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Taste Elevated Sweet & Spicy Mustard Seeds

These little flavor-packed pearls are absolutely addicting. We cook them to make them just tender enough to burst in your mouth. Then we add a little sweet and a little heat. Add them to a charcuterie tray to surprise your guests, use as a condimentany place you use mustard , pair with main dishesterrific with meatloaf, use in homemade vinaigrettes!

Hank Sauce Honey Habanero

Yellowbird Serrano Hot Sauce Review

Sweet and spicy meet in this perfectly blended bottle of hot sauce from Hank Sauce. Hot sauce should be hot enough to jolt the senses, but not hot enough to dull the other flavors of the sauce. With this hot sauce, youll get the sweet flavor of the honey, the pungency of the garlic and the creaminess of the butter. Try slathering your chicken wings with it.

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Hot Sauce Feature: Yellowbird Condiments

This month, my Pepperologist Picks are the condiments from Yellowbird, a Texas-based spicy condiment kitchen serving up some of the finest, cleanest hot sauces available on the market! I love Yellowbird because all of their condiments are free of preservatives, made with ethically-sourced ingredients, and are just plain good!

Yellowbird got its start when co-founders George Milton and Erin Link simply became fed up with other spicy condiments on the market. They had just started living a healthier lifestyle and were trying to eat as cleanly as possible. However, they found themselves complaining every time they left the grocery store! It seemed that every hot sauce or condiment they checked contained controversial chemicals or unnecessary preservatives. In many cases, both were present. Erin and George vowed that if they ever started a food brand, their products would never contain harmful chemicals.

Soon, Erin and George were experimenting with peppers, carrots, onions, and all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables. They started small, distributing to local businesses and working late nights in commissary kitchens to create their condiments, but customers loved their sauces and demand grew. Before they knew it, Erin and George had their own commercial kitchen, but even that wasnt enough. Soon enough, they were breaking ground on a factory.

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Why This Jerky Marinade Works

Spicy jerky is hugely popular and using great tasting and well made hot sauces to obtain the spice makes it super easy to make as well. I LOVE Franks Red Hot and it goes great with the saltier ingredients of this recipe.

If you have a favorite hot sauce, feel free to substitute it instead of Franks. The goal is to get a nice spice that is familiar to your taste buds. If you dont have a favorite, this is a great one to try!

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Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce Review

This is a first for me Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce pairs those fiery habaneros with carrots. Yes, you definitely get the sweet, earthy flavor you expect, but does it pack the punch of heat the hab is known to deliver? And how usable is a hot sauce where carrots are so prevalent? Lets dive into Yellowbird Habanero to see what its all about.

Yellowbird Habanero Hot Sauce uses carrots to great effect in its blend providing an earthy sweetness with a touch of citrus tang. The heat range listed of this sauce is broad, so your heat balance may vary from bottle to bottle.

Heat Level:Pros:

  • Habanero on label with spiciness to match
  • Good value

Nando’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce

Yellowbird Sauce

This blend of four chiles, including cayenne and African bird’s eye, plus lemon and garlic, started out at a Portuguese restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s now the signature sauce of a chain of fast-casual restaurants. As you can tell from the logo, and the restaurants, it goes well with chicken, but I think you’ll find plenty of other things to put it on, too.

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What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Hot Sauces

Sriracha. Dirty Dicks. Zombie Apocalypse. Secret Ardvark. Purple Hippo.

Edit: more sparingly, when Im craving pain, Daves Scorpion Insanity Sauce.

My current favorites :

Heady Habanero by Butterfly Bakery

Tie between Valentina Black Label/Tapatio

  • Puckerbutt Gator Sauce

  • Yellow 7 Turkey Slap

  • Wow that is a tough question, but Ill try. In no particular order:

    Exhorresco by Burns & McCoy. Excellent, rich flavor and it uses 7 Pot Primos which seems to be rare in sauces Ive experienced. Its hot AF too!

    Red Habanero by El Yucateco. Good flavor, solid heat, and reasonable price. This is an everyday hot sauce, and I love it.

    The Last Dab by Heatonist. I bought a bottle of this when Hot Ones first started selling it, and man is it tasty. Its got a great mustard like flavor that compliments most anything. And its crazy hot.

    Dirty Dicks. Sweet, tropical, and surprisingly spicy. Its like a Hawaiian BBQ sauce mixed with hot sauce. I could easily go through a bottle of this a week.

    Original Tabasco. Maybe a controversial choice, in this day and age , but its a . Also, I travel the world for work, and you can find it everywhere. Even countries that dont really like spicy food . Tabasco was my go to for many many years, and will always have a special place in my heart.

    Real Hot Sauce Realer Reviews

    What other humans are saying about our sauce….

    • I don’t know what these guys are doing, but there’s some voodoo going on. The heat is perfect, the flavor is perfect, it’s good for anything longing for hot sauce. And 20 oz. for eight bucks is bonkers. Please don’t change your recipe. I’d pay twice the price, easily. Very good.

      ~ BILLY D. ~

    • Awesome sauce! Perfect amount of medium to high heat and a really great flavor that I wasn’t expecting. I finished 40 oz. in less than a week!

      ~ DAN N. ~

    • Love the Yellowbird!! These are wonderful, rich, and unique flavors all sent in a perfect size variety packa great alternative to the standard Tabasco and Sriracha. They come in an easy pour design to manage your dosage and every flavor is legit. I’m really glad I found this company and will have Yellowbird in the house at all times from now on.

      ~ STEPHEN G. ~

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    Seed Ranch Flavor Co Thai Green Hot Sauce

    Yellowbird Sauce Hitch Hiker Hot Sauce Review

    Here’s a great companion for a stir fry or rice bowl. This handmade hot sauce includes lemongrass, Thai ginger, cilantro, basil, Serrano peppers, and lime juice. Plus, it’s vegan and sugar-free, if you’re into that kind of thing. Take the extra advice from Amazon reviewer Lodro: “After I tasted it I ordered a box and handed it out to friends as gifts for a month I can’t recommend it more highly.”

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    What We’re Made Of

    • Original Serrano

      Serrano Peppers, Cucumbers, Onions, Organic Carrots, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Organic Cane Sugar, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate

    • Blue Agave Sriracha

      Red Jalapeños, Organic Blue Agave Nectar, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice Concentrate, Organic Guar Gum

    • Original Habanero

      Organic Carrots, Onions, Habanero Peppers, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Organic Cane Sugar, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate

    • Original Ghost Pepper

      Water, Organic Tomato Paste, Organic Carrots, Onions, Organic Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Organic Cane Sugar, Tangerine Juice Concentrate, Ghost Pepper, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate.

    More Items To Explore

    4.45 x 4.45 x 15.24 cm 277.83 Grams
    Ingredients Yellowbird – Habanero Condiment Sauce – 9.8 oz. Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon Servings Per Container: 19 Amount Per Serving %DV Calories 10 Total Fat 0g 0% Saturated Fat 0g 0% Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 90mg 4% Total Carbohydrate 2g 1% Fiber 0g 0% Total Sugars 1g Includes 1g Added Sugars 0% Protein 0g 0% Vitamin D 0%
    Item Weight
    4.6 out of 5 stars
    Date First Available

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    The Everyday Hot Sauce

    What it is: Classic Jalapeño Hot Sauce with vineripened red peppers, carrots, onions, and garlic. Mealenhancing formula thats remarkably rich and savory for the entrylevel thrill seeker.

    product information

    Scrambled Eggs, Bloody Mary’s, and Hash Browns

    Scoville Heat Unit Rating 1,152 2,304


    • Refrigeration not necessary

    Gator Hammock Swamp Gator Hot Sauce

    Yellowbird Hot Sauce Combo 19.6 Oz 3

    The best hot sauce for something spicy and full of flavor is Gator Hammock Swamp Gator Hot Sauce. The complex flavors that make up the spicy sauce include banana, jalapeño, hammock, serrano, and habanero peppers. The vinegar-base sauce is quite spicy but doesnt completely overtake your taste buds so you cant taste anything else youre eating or drinking, which is a definite win in my book.

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    Yellowbird Sauce Agave Blue Sriracha

    Sauce, Blue Agave Sriracha

    Low sodium. Vegan. Gluten free. Low sodium. Non-GMO. Go Texan. Yellowbirds, by nature, are immune to the heat from spicy peppers and therefore have free reign over this abundant food source. While other animals tuck and run at a mere whiff of the heat, the Yellowbird is leisurely dining in the comfort of the pepper garden, basking in the flavor of the spice. Be the bird. Slight color and heat variations occur naturally between batches. All natural. Contains no allergens. Go Texan. BPA free. Please recycle. Made in Texas.

    Nutrition Facts

    Servings Per Container : 19

    How To Make Hot Sauce

    Hey, George here! Im one of the co-founders of Yellowbird and Im the guy who cooks up all the concepts and recipes for the sauces we make here. People ask me all the time for hot sauce recipes and I usually tell them that you can make hot sauce out of almost anything. Im also not legally allowed to give them our recipes even though they are printed right on the bottle. This post doesnt contain any recipes or long, boring intros to maximize SEO. I just want to talk about SAUCE!

    Hot sauce began very simply as a way of preserving flavorful, spicy peppers. The earliest hot sauces were likely from the Mayans and were probably just fermented pepper mash mixed with water. The oldest commercial sauce still in production today is Tabasco, founded in 1868, which is a pretty simple mixture of pepper mash, vinegar, and salt. Typically when people think of hot sauce they think of something like Tabasco that is very watery and very acidic. This is one style of hot sauce but there are many different versions you can make.


    • Vinegar or other preferred liquid

    Made by Yellowbird®

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    Melinda’s Original Habanero Pepper Sauce

    Home cook and breadmaker Laura Wolfgang freely admitted to buying this hot sauce at the airport on a return trip from Mexicoeven though it’s pretty widely available in the States. Laura loves the mild heat and “lovely flavor” and doesn’t care if you judge her for not coming home with something more esoteric.

    La Comandanta Salsa Bien Macha

    Serrano Condiment Hot Chilli Sauce by Yellowbird Sauce Review

    Salsa macha is a Mexican-style chile crisp that typically contains a variety of nuts or seeds. La Comandanta’s delivers a mild heat, and gets its texture from toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds. It’s great on top of eggs, or over a bowl of creamy grits. Be sure to stash thisand any oil-based hot saucein your fridge.

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    The Jelly Queens Black Garlic Rosemary Sauce

    The Jelly Queens is an award-winning, Dallas and Austin-based artisan food company that makes gourmet jams, jellies, spices, sauces and more. Each product is handmade in small batches using organic and, whenever possible, locally grown Texas ingredients. The Jelly Queens was born out of a love for sustainable food, delicious flavors and words of encouragement.

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    Serving Size 1 Tbsp Amount Per Serving:

    Total Fat 0g Sodium 170mg Total Carbohydrate 2g Total Sugars 1g Protein 0g Vitamin A Vitamin C

    Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, sugars, calcium and iron. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


    Try riskfree. 100% flavor high guaranteed.

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