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How to make CAROLINA REAPER hot sauce (Quick & easy, very tasty)

The Smokin Eds Carolina Reaper® is currently the hottest pepper in the world. It is was developed by a grower named Ed Currie by crossing a Pakistani Naga with a Red Habanero type from St Vincents Island in the West Indies. It was bred in South Carolina and tested at over 2.2 Million Scoville Heat Units by Winthrop University. It is also called HP22B pepper. As of 2013 it was over 7 generations old.

Despite the heat, which some people love, it is surprisingly fruity with a touch of sweet. It makes an excellent hot sauce.

Learn more about the Carolina Reaper here, including flavor profile, heat levels, and much more.

Lets talk about how we make your own homemade Carolina Reaper hot sauce, shall we?

Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

Billed as a Tex-Mex and Caribbean hybrid, this sauce has a base of habaneros and roasted tomatoes, but the flavor is rounded out with mustard, turmeric, “spices,” and…I don’t know…magic? Advocates of the Aardvark say it goes well with anything: burgers, eggs, pizza, etc. Suzanne on Amazon called it “Incredible! Really yummy, smokey, with a hint of citrus flavor.” Made in Portland, Oregon, it’s become nearly as ubiquitous on restaurant tables there as ketchup.

Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

This chili oil serves a similar function to that of the Lao Gan Ma above, which is what traditionalists typically opt for. But what reviewers love about this version of the Asian cooking staple is the deep, rich flavor that standard chili oils can sometimes lack. Writes one reviewer, Its not necessarily the spiciest or has the most intense numbing flavor among chili oils Ive tried. This ones flavor permeated all throughout the jar, even without the added crispy chili bits.

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Nando’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce

This blend of four chiles, including cayenne and African bird’s eye, plus lemon and garlic, started out at a Portuguese restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s now the signature sauce of a chain of fast-casual restaurants. As you can tell from the logo, and the restaurants, it goes well with chicken, but I think you’ll find plenty of other things to put it on, too.

Seed Ranch Flavor Co Thai Green Hot Sauce : Dave

Here’s a great companion for a stir fry or rice bowl. This handmade hot sauce includes lemongrass, Thai ginger, cilantro, basil, Serrano peppers, and lime juice. Plus, it’s vegan and sugar-free, if you’re into that kind of thing. Take the extra advice from Amazon reviewer Lodro: “After I tasted it I ordered a box and handed it out to friends as gifts for a month I can’t recommend it more highly.”

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How Does Each Pepper Taste

Descriptions of the Apollo pepper suggest that it tastes like a combination of its parent plants, which means that it should have a blend of their savory and fruity qualities.

It is important to note that most people have only experienced the Apollo pepper in the context of a hot sauce, so its hard to determine the exact flavor profile. The Carolina Reaper is known for the subtle fruity quality in the ripe peppers flavor.

Mi Goreng Hot And Spicy Roasted Noodles 10

Another popular spicy instant noodle, this Indonesian option isnt quite as hot as the Samyang, but it carries a heat thats super enjoyable for both spicy food lovers and maybe those less acclimated to extreme spice. Theyre based off of a traditional Indonesian street food called mi goreng, a variant of fried noodle common in the country.

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How to make Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce | Quick & Easy tutorial

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Is It Time To Get A New Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Youre looking for a new carolina reaper hot sauce. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

Can You Use Other Peppers For This Recipe

Definitely! You could try this hot sauce with Ghost Peppers or the Scorpion Pepper for more super-hot varieties, or use something a little milder like the jalapeno, habanero, Kashmiri, or a classic long red for a much milder take.

Drip it over your favourite chicken wings and ribs or add it as a topping to your favourite tacos. This delicious sauce adds a spicy kick to just about anything!

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Reaper Robs Develops Premium Small Batch Hot Sauce Into Bar And Grill Restaurants

Denver, Colorado– – Gourmet hot sauce company Reaper Robs has announced that it will be opening a chain of bar and grill restaurants and launching food trucks, along with offering franchising opportunities.

Reaper Robs

The business, founded in 2019, is focused on ingredient integrity, avoiding things like cheap fillers, preservatives, binding agents, and additives. Using a variety of different peppers and seasonings, Reaper Robs concentrates on a robust flavor profile while also incorporating the needs of those looking to avoid gluten, sugar, and excess carbs, as Reaper Robs is keto-friendly. All ingredients are all-natural, vegan, and vegetarian.

Increased Market for Gourmet Spices

There’s currently a growing demand for premium, small-batch gourmet hot sauce options utilizing exotic ingredients and fruit-forward flavors. The global hot sauce market is anticipated to grow from $2.71 billion US in 2021 to $4.38 billion US in 2028 at a CAGR of 7.1%. This means higher profit margins on the way when it comes to premium products such as chili sauces. The price trend for sauces, condiments, spices, and seasonings has increased 10.89% in the last few years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Reaper Robs

Organic Sauces That Give Back

Reaper Robs’ Award-Winning Marketing Team

Connect with Reaper Robs online:

Mad Dog 357 Pepper Extract

Bravado Black Garlic Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce 140ml: Grocery

Coming in at #6 is another Mad Dog specialty: Mad Dog 375 Pepper Extract. It may be sixth on the list, but dont get comfortable because a drop of this hot sauce is anything but. A total of 5 million SHUs target every corner of your mouth, summoning the flames of Hell itself to make you choke, heave, and of course, enjoy a dash of 357 with your food.

Price Disclaimer

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Z Nothing Beyond Extremely Hot Sauce

Z Nothing Beyond Hot Sauce is a tasty concoction that certainly brings the heat. Ok, ok.. it wont kill you, but after trying it, you might wish it did! Made with 4 million Scoville unit pepper extract, this sauce should only be used with extreme caution! An award winning extract sauce that definitely brings fire to the delightful flavor.

Hot To Make Superhot Hot Sauce The Recipe Method

Roast the Peppers. Heat an oven to 400 degrees. Set the superhot chili peppers and garlic on a baking sheet and bake them about 15-20 minutes, or until the skins slightly char. Keep an eye on these. You dont want them to burn, and watch out for any fumes.

Alternatively, do this on your grill outside.

Process the Ingredients. Add peppers to a food processor. Squeeze garlic out of their skins and into the food processor they go. Add basil leaves and process.

Vinegar. While processing, add in vinegar until it is nicely pureed. Watch out for the fumes!

Salt and Strain, if Desired. Add salt and stir. Push the sauce through a strainer or use a food mill to really strain it, if desired. Adjust with more vinegar or water to your desired consistency.

NOTE: I dont always strain. It really depends on how thick you want your hot sauce.

Bottle It Up. Pour into bottles and enjoy. Give to your friends! The longer you let it sit, the more the flavors will meld.

Boom! Done! There it is, my friends! Crazy hot hot sauce! Did the fumes get you? How are you going to use this sauce? Id love to hear it! Talk about heat!

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Cajohns Magma Hot Sauce

Its label looks slightly more innocent than some of the other more menacing hot sauce labels on this list , but its still damn hot. CaJohns Magma Hot Sauce features 1 million SHUs and a lava-esque blob of capsicum in the middle of all that translucent vinegar. So, yeah, it physically may not look so hot thanks to the clear vinegar, but its up there. Its definitely up there.

The 6 Best Clean Sauces To Rock Any Party

Private Selection Peach Carolina Reaper Wing Sauce | Spicy Food Review

5. Chili and Salsa:Chili and Salsa dip is prepared in many ways, however, very few people know the real taste and perfection behind this sauce. If you mix this well with the jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, sugar, salt and cumin powder, the taste will be unbelievable. The recipe is well explained in the PH4L hot sauce reviews and on many other websites too. Once your dip is prepared, you may also preserve this for a long time, with the help of preserving process.6. Hot Pepper Mustard:With the combination of vinegar, Habanero peppers, turmeric and mustard, this can turn out to be as spicy as you desire. All you need to concentrate is the quantity of the Habanero pepper to be used, in order to increase the level of heat.There are hundreds of recipes for the spicy and hot sauces, that you may also find at

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How To Choose The Most Popular Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

The three most crucial criteria to consider are price, quality, and popularity.Price is an obvious factor to consider, as you want to ensure it is acceptable for your needs.Quality should also be examined because buying a low-quality goods will not help you achieve your main aim of obtaining the best product.Finally, while not as obvious as price or quality, popularity can be just as significant as both when it comes to attracting new customers.

Can Hot Sauce Kill You

It is possible to overdose on capsaicin, the chemical that makes chili peppers hot. However, the only way you can die from eating hot sauce is if the sauce if sufficiently hot and you eat it in sufficient quantity.

A study performed in 1980 calculated that it would take consuming 3 pounds of superhot pepper powder to kill a person weighing 150 pounds. It is highly unlikely anyone could consume that amount, as their body would react before reaching such a limit.

There have been reports of people ending up in the hospital in extreme situations after eating superhot chili peppers, particularly those with previous medical conditions.

There is also the story of a man who burned a hole in his esophagus from eating super hot peppers, but that was from vomiting, not from the peppers themselves.

While it is true that eating extremely hot peppers and hot sauces can cause vomiting, nausea and stomach pain, the reality is that they cannot tear or burn through any of your body parts.

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Lets Talk About The Hot Sauce Heat

With superhots, you can expect a wide range of heat, though the majority of them start at over 1 Million SHU. Some will approach or surpass 2 Million SHU, which is somewhat insane, but again, these are ranges so you can typically expect your pepper heat to fall in the middle somewhere.

The heat depends on many factors, such as soil and growing conditions of the particular peppers. Well, my peppers must have been grown under some ideal conditions, because they were HOT. Yeah! Nice and hot! Top of the range. I didnt not want them to go to waste, so I turned the majority of them into a hot sauce that I still have today.

This is a Louisiana style hot sauce with a few extras added in for flavor. A Louisiana style hot sauce consists of peppers and vinegar, and theyre extremely popular.

With good reason. This superhot version brings in the variety of superhots and adds in roasted garlic and basil. Thats it, with a bit of salt. You can expect variable results depending on the chili peppers you choose to work with.

To push for the top end of the scale, use only Reapers or 7-Pot Brain Strains if you can get them. Pure Scorpions would be crazy killer hot. Or vary it up like I did. You can also make this with roasted jalapenos, or pretty much any pepper you prefer.

Choose your peppers with love. That is always a good place to start.

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipe

Encona Carolina Reaper Chilli Hot Chilli Sauce 142ml: ...

This homemade Carolina Reaper hot sauce recipe is incredibly hot, made with roasted Carolina Reaper peppers, the hottest peppers in the world, garlic, and onion. If you love your hot sauce hot, it doesnt get any hotter!

This is for you, my true chilihead friends. I know you love your hot sauce HOT, and it really doesnt get much hotter. Im sure you have your own collection of artisan Carolina Reaper hot sauces in your stash, and there are a lot of great ones out there for sure. Ive tried so many and enjoyed a lot of them

But like anything, its fun to make hot sauces on your own, like this one my Homemade Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce. Yes!

This hot sauce is made exclusively with Carolina Reaper Peppers, the official worlds hottest pepper in the world at the moment, according to the Guinness world records. Yes, there are many other superhot peppers out there in the world and I have cooked with many of them.

Some of them can match the heat of the reaper pepper when comparing pod for pod, and even seems hotter, but no other pepper has achieved the peak heat of 2.2 Million Scoville Heat Units. That is incredibly hot!

If youd like a comparison, consider it next to a typical jalapeno pepper, which averages about 5,000 Scoville Heat Units, and youll find that the hottest Carolina Reaper is up to 440 times hotter. Or consider the ghost pepper, which you know is very hot. It reaches around 1 Million SHU, making the hottest reaper over twice as hot. Talk about heat.

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Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha

A twist on classic Sriracha, this Brooklyn-made spicy sauce has the sweet and spicy flavors you know and love in addition to the fermented complexity of Korean gochujang. Amazon reviewer Jimmy Deanpresumably the country singer and breakfast sandwich guru from beyond the etheradded, “What really sets this sauce off is the hint of sweetness that you get before the heat kicks in, creating a good balance that pairs nicely with a lot of different types of foods . Long story short, this is definitely one of the best Sriracha variants I’ve ever had.” You know Jimmy wouldn’t lie to you.

Hapi Hot Wasabi Peas + Spicy Sriracha Peas Combo Pack

As someone who likes wasabi peas, I was excited to try out the spicy sriracha peas in this combo pack. While the wasabi peas carry the kind of heat that hits you in your nasal passage , the sriracha peas offer more of a warm, peppery heat. Both options are super tasty, and which you like better comes down to preference good luck trying to have just a couple.

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Amazoncom Price: $2999 Save $300 With This Couponyour Coupon Will Be Applied At Amazon Checkout Details Coupons Available For This Offer Hot Sauce Gift Set Carolina Reaper Ghost Pepper Scorpion Habanero Sauce 4 Packsave $300 With This Couponto Receive The Best Value Discount: Add All Products Described In The Promotion To Your Shopping Cart In One Of Two Ways: Via The Add Both To Cart Button In The Promotion Description Or Via The Add To Shopping Cart Button On Each Respective Product Information Page The Amount Of The Best Value Discount Will Be Reflected On The Final Order Checkout Page And Will Be Allocated Proportionally To All Promotion Items In The Shopping Cart Including The Best Value Item Itself For Example If The Promotion Offers $5 Off One Item Worth $10 When You Purchase Two Qualifying Items Worth $20 Each The $5 Will Be Divided Proportionately Between The Three Items So That The Best Value Item Will Appear With A $1 Discount And Each Of The Two Other Qualifying Items Will Appear With A $2 Discount Terms And Conditions: The Promotion Is Valid For A Limited Time Only Amazon Reserves The Right To Cancel It At Any Time If You Do Not Purchase The Qualifying And Best Value Items Added To Your Shopping Cart When The Promotion Is In Effect The Discount Will Not Apply The Promotion Applies Only To Qualifying Items Displaying The Offer Message On Their Product Information Pages The Promotion Applies Only To Products Sold By The Seller Indicated In The Offer Message It Does Not Apply To The Same Products Sold By Other Sellers For Example If The Promotion Applies To Cookware Offered By Amazoncom The Same Cookware Offered By Other Sellers On The Amazoncom Website Do Not Qualify Unless The Promotion Indicates Otherwise It Applies To The Lowest Priced Qualifying Item And May Not Be Combined With Other Offers All Qualifying And Best Value Items Must Be Purchased In One Order And Shipped To A Single Address If You Return Any Of The Promotion Items We Will Subtract Your Best Value Discount From Your Return Credit Shipping And Handling Charges Apply To All Products Including Best Value Items Add

Hot Sauce Gift Set Carolina Reaper Ghost Pepper Scorpion Chili and Habanero Hot Sauce 4 Pack

Hot Sauce Gift Set Carolina Reaper Ghost Pepper Scorpion Chili and Habanero Hot Sauce 4 Pack

Bhut Kisser- Ghost Pepper hot sauce produced from peppers which might be over 1,000,000 Scoville Warmth Units. Award Winner on the Fiery Food Challenge within the ghost pepper hot sauce category.

Wicked Reaper- Carolina reaper hot sauce produced from chili peppers which might be over 2,000,000 Scoville Warmth Units. The Carolina Reaper is the present world record holder for freshest chili pepper.

Red Tail- Trinidad moruga scorpion pepper hot sauce produced from chili peppers which might be over 1,200,000 Scoville Warmth Units. The scorpion is the previous world record holder for warmth.

Habanero Head- Habanero hot sauce with a smokey flavor followed by a highly regarded habanero Warmth.


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