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How Do I Choose The Type Of Laminate For My Hot Sauce Labels

Hot Sauce Labels | Product Overview

A laminate is a clear, protective coating that also changes the final finish of your hot sauce labels. Once applied, it creates a smoother label texture, and protects the print from wear-and-tear protection for your labels against rubbing or scuffing.

CHOOSE MATTE LAMINATE For a flat, low-shine label finish, with printed colors that are soft and muted. Generally, colors are duller with less contrast. Matte coating is forgiving with low resolution prints and provides for a refined appearance.

CHOOSE GLOSS LAMINATE Gloss makes your labels extremely smooth and allows them to reflect a lot of light, for high shine. This reproduces vibrant color and delivers sharper detail due to higher contrast . This is great for labels with photos of posed peppers, or for pop art hot sauce logos for a more commercial look. Gloss also provides more protection against ink scuffing compared to matte laminate, especially with paper labels.

CHOOSE HOLOGRAPHIC GLOSS Same as gloss laminate, but with the addition of a transparent color gradient that is only apparent once the surface catches light at different angles. The transparent rainbow effect transforms old hot sauce label artwork into a more eye-catching piece. This kind of laminate doesnt suit all label designs and concepts. We suggest getting a label sample to check if this will enhance your existing hot sauce label artwork.

Printing Your Hot Sauce Labels

Now, after all the design work is done, you need high-quality printing services to highlight the awesomeness of your labels.

Digital label printing is the best option with many major benefits. And one of them is quick delivery and low cost.

So all the hard work is finally celebrated with enticing labels that complement your brand.

Cool, right? I mean Hot!

You can read more about the importance of packaging and labeling and how to get the perfect packaging in our dedicated blog posts!

Various Uses For Hot Sauce Labels

Your labels embody who you are and motivates consumers to try your product. For instance, customized product labeling embeds your logo and the brand name of the product. If you have a classy bottle design, it will go a long way in making the product stand out among others on the shelves. Other uses of brand labels include the following:

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Custom Hot Sauce Labels: What You Need To Know

Having your sauce stand out from the rest is key. A quality specialty food product label can help immensely.

People like to use hot sauce with almost every meal of the day. Whether you’re having eggs for breakfast, soup for lunch, or grilling chicken for dinner, hot sauce can be used with just about anything. Consequently, there are a ton of different brands of hot sauce on supermarket shelves. So how do you help your hot sauce stand out from the all of others on the store shelf? No matter how flavorful your hot sauce is, if it doesn’t display a high quality product label then there is a very good chance that the consumer will pass it up in favor of a hot sauce with a more appealing presentation.

Hot sauce is one product category where “the image is critical” when selling your products. Whether your secret hot sauce recipe is for a spicy jalapeno hot sauce, or a fiery habanero pepper hot sauce, product label quality is extremely important for a number of reasons. Food products always look more enticing when the label displays a high-quality photo of the finished food product. The quality of a specialty food label can directly affect the buyer’s perception of the quality of the product inside.

If the hot sauce labels for flavor variations are the same size and shape, they can be printed in the same run.

Hot Label Solutions For Fiery Professional Branding

Hot Sauce Packaging

Zesty and flavorful, mild or scorching, all painfully deliciousturn up the heat with 100% custom hot sauce labels that work as hard as you do. Printed with the best technologies available today, your custom hot sauce labels will have the visual premium of true gradients, inks that dont run, and vibrant colors.

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Soft Touch Laminated Labels

Shine-free and smooth surface special sensation to touch and elegant look.

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from the rest of the label manufacturers is our low minimum quantity order that starts at just 250 pieces.

Plus, regardless of the material and shape you choose for your hot sauce labels, the price for all will be the same.

We deliver the labels on rolls, but depending on their size and quantity, we can also send them as sheets.

Obtaining high-quality hot sauce labels has never been easier and more affordable!

Hot Sauce Jar And Lid Labels

If youre an intermediate or advanced hot sauce bottler, create two labels, one for the body of the container and one either for the lid or the neck of the bottle. We offer this shape that works great to compliment the main label on the body of your bottle.

We also offer circle shaped hot sauce labels in either a . Circle shapes are ideal for the bottle neck or lid of a hot sauce bottle to give your hot sauces a more customized artisanal look.

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Custom Label Materials And Laminates

Since we can print labels using many print processes, you get custom hot sauce labels suited exactly to your needs while getting the most quantity for the least amount of money.

Your labels will stay put with the advantage of perfectly conditioned stocks, adhesives, and laminates for lasting strength and beauty.


Depending on your formulation, hot sauce sometimes doesnt need to be refrigerated, with a few of our customers, usually fresh into the business, choosing the most inexpensive optionpaper labelsfor the sake of stretching and maximizing tight budgets. However, label material is critical for performance while the product is in use, as well as for the sake of building your brand image and identity. With our pricing, you can choose the best label size, shape, material, laminate, and finishing process that match all your labeling requirements. Certainly we recommend a custom hot sauce label that looks great. An upgrade that costs pennies might be the difference between a hot custom label that boosts your brand and a more generic looking label that might not be noticed on the shelves.

How To Make Your Hot Sauce Stand Out

Studio Vlog 001 drawing a label for a hot sauce bottle

It could be the fact that new research shows the spices are good for you, or it could be that everyones taste buds have been turned down a notch, but whatever it is, hot sauce seems to be everywhere these days. This is good and bad news for those in the hot sauce business because youre going to need to find yourself one of the best and most creative branding agencies to help you compete in this saturated market. On one hand, hot sauce is definitely, well, hot. On the other hand, with the market blowing up, theres a lot of competition.

So what can you do to make your product stand out? Well, it could all be in the labeling.

Read on to find out how to design a label for a bottle of hot sauce that is sure to catch consumers eyes.

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Want Hot Sauce Labels With Your Red

Personalized hot sauce labels from Lightning Labels are as attractive as they are durable. The vibrant, crisp color that our digital printing press produces creates perfect hot sauce label printing for every type of specialty food. Our hot sauce labels are created using advanced printing technology and an extensive variety of premium materials. No matter how you portray the heat of your product on hot sauce labels – with bold text, fiery colors or high-resolution graphics – our advanced printing capabilities ensure they are as eye-catching on bottles as they were on the design table.

Your hot sauce label is really your most important marketing vehicle and can make or break the success of your product. With our state-of-the-art printing technology, your custom hot sauce label will look as good as or better than the major national brands.

Value Added Services On Every Order


When you print your custom hot sauce labels with us, you enjoy a truly comprehensive service that saves you hundreds of dollars And we havent even gotten into print cost yet!




THE INKABLE LABEL CO. ADVANTAGE: We dont charge extra for anything that we feel is essential in creating your custom hot sauce labels, so we rebate any cost that is flexible coming from our production setup strengths.
Weve studied our pricing and service offerings so that we can apply competitive prices to maximize your budget for a greater ROI.

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Best Hot Sauce Label Designs

A big inky splat to you!

Hot off the press are zesty label designs that we cant wait to share with you. If youre looking for big inspiration, these spicy hot sauce labels will definitely get your light bulbs firing!

If youre still at the stage where finding inspiration for your own label designs isnt coming by too easily, youre not alone. Dont beat yourself up many designers and small business owners have gone from Study A to Study Z before achieving that perfect label design.

In the meantime, get inspired and take a look at our best hot sauce label designs list, for remarkable labels that are both relevant and eye-catching!

The Bizarre World Of Hot Sauce Label Designs

30 Hot Sauce Label Design

From death-themed cartoons to sexual innuendos, these are out favorites labels from the 16 NYC Hot Sauce Expo.

Walking through this years NYC Hot Sauce Expo, two things become abundantly clear about the industry dedicated to all things chili pepper: everyone has a little penchant for pain and a big sense of humor. Despite the slightly masochistic undertones of an event where youre purposely putting your mouth in pains way, most of the vendors have an affinity for the culinary arts and a fine sense of hospitality, more than eager to show you how their sauce can enhance a dish. From the amicable silver-haired lady selling Dirty Dicks by the box to the rockabilly dude handing out samples of sauce with dark demonic figures on the label, its safe to say a broad spectrum of the population is represented.

Much like how the craft beer industry evolved over time, so too grows the hot sauce industry. Small-time chili-heads are eschewing the mainstream in favor of their own mouth-slaying concoctions theyre just experimenting with spices and chilis instead of hops and barley. The purveyors in attendance at this years NYC Hot Sauce Expo have come from all over the country, with a few companies even shipping their sauces from Africa, Germany, New Zealand and South America.

La Segadora

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Sauce Label Design: 4 Ways To Make Your Special Sauce Stand Out

September 9, 2021 By Doug Danosky

You’ve worked hard to develop your special sauce. Perhaps it’s a recipe passed down through your family or a product you’ve arrived at through much trial and error. When you’re ready to take your secret sauce to the masses, the right sauce label design makes all the difference.

Theres a big world out there when it comes to sauce label design. If you want your hot sauce or BBQ sauce labels to stand out from the crowd, youll need to spend some time crafting the perfect label design and selecting the best type of label for your product.

Here are 4 ways to ensure your hot sauce label design is just as fiery as the product within.

1. Make Sure Your Sauce Label Design Conveys the Right Information

First and foremost, a label is a way to convey important information. In the medical industry, . But even for a product used in a consumers home or a commercial kitchen, the correct label information is vital.

It’s essential to familiarize yourself with . Explore the FDAs labeling requirements to get it right. Youll need to include ingredients, allergen notes, ounces, nutrition information, and details about your manufacturing plant on your food label. Most food products must also be stamped with an expiration date or production date.

2. Include Your Branding, Story, and Personality!

3. Be sure that Your Labels are Die-Cut to Fit the Bottle

4. Select the Right Finish to Ensure Your Label Sticks Around

Great Hot Sauce Bottle Designs Stand Out

To sum up, great bottle designs should stand out. It doesnt matter how you do it, just do it. Your design should stand out to attract hot sauce perusers. As weve mentioned, it could be the shape of your bottle, the shape of the label, the cap of the bottle, the name of the sauce, and of course, it could be the design on the label itself. Get square bottles for your unique hot sauce. Or make the cap a unique wooden cork . Make your name stickI think Pick Your Poison is a pretty good hot sauce name. Above all, make your design count. There are dozens of hot sauces lining grocery store shelves. How do you make yours shine?

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Hot Sauce Labels From Lightning Labels Will Heat Up Your Packaging

We have a range of materials for you to choose from, but our standard White BOPP is our most popular choice for specialty food labels. It is a water resistant label that will hold up just as well in the fridge or in the pantry. We also offer an extensive variety of laminates for hot sauce labels, including our high-gloss laminate and matte. Lightning Labels’ representatives can guide you through the entire process of ordering custom labels. We also offer free samples of our label materials so you know exactly how each label material and laminate looks and feels.

Custom Hot Sauce Labels At Yourboxsolution

Louisiana Style Hot Sauce – How to Make Your Own

At YourBoxSolution, we guarantee lasting and vibrant color reproduction. Our clients can choose between two free options: Color Matching & Specialty Inks.

We use a 100% digital process to cut out your labels. That means that we can easily accommodate multiple versions of the same size. In any shape you want. We print all the different varieties of your product at one time with NO extra fees charged.

And because hot sauce bottles are handled frequently and exposed to humidity and all sort of conditions, the labels must be durable.

All our labels are made of biaxially oriented polypropylene . This is a durable material that makes them oil & water-resistant, tear-resistant, chemicals & UV resistant, and non-toxic. It gives them extra strength, while they are easy to apply and peel.

The BOPP labels come in three types:

  • White BOPP Labels
  • Clear BOPP Labels
  • Metallic BOPP Labels

Moreover, your labels can be finished with a gloss or matte laminate for FREE. This means extra customization to add more value to your product.

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Create Sizzling Sauce Labels With Free Customizable Label Templates

Whether you’re personalizing labels for BBQ sauces, marinades and dressings for retail locations, ecommerce sales, marketing giveaways, promotions or party favors, you can find the perfect customizable design. Choose from our collection of hot free templates that you can easily personalize to fit your glass or plastic BBQ sauce bottles, marinade bottles and more. Try our waterproof film labels that are also oil-resistant, making them perfect for your BBQ sauces, marinades, dressings and other sauces.

Once you’ve personalized your sauce labels template, simply place your custom label order online with WePrint, our professional printing service. Need help customizing your sauce labels templates? Check out How to Create Food & Beverage Labels for step-by-step instructions. Design and order your sauce labels now and get free shipping on orders $50 or more.


Burn Your Brand In The Customer’s Minds

Hot sauces are known for their unique label designs. Make sure you pair yours with a professionally-printed label that does it justice! Whatever look youre going for, weve got the materials, tools, and know-how to make your label goals a reality. our dedicated customer service team would be happy to help you select the right combination of materials to make your hot sauce labels sizzle. Get started with an instant online label quote!

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Hot Labeling Tips For Hot Sauce Labels

Posted Monday, July 13th, 2015

While there are quite a few hot sauces out on the market, there are still plenty of ways to customize your hot sauce labels to make sure your unique product cuts through the noise. Even if your packaging is basically the same as your competition, your labels are the most effective way to grab attention and make your brand more memorable. Whether youre labeling bottles or jars, we can help you think of some creative ways to label it.

Design with Your Brand in Mind

Hot sauces come in all sorts of flavors and a clever name or unique artwork that fits the brand is a good start when trying to stand out. We always recommend working with an experienced label designer to help execute your vision so the label artwork not only looks professional, its also print-ready. We cannot stress enough how much we believe that a great design can either make or break a product, even if its the best sauce ever made. As the famous graphic designer Paul Rand once said, Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Use the Most of Your Labels Shape

Choose Your Label Materials Wisely

Put a Unique Touch to Your Labels

Differentiate Your Product with Holiday Label Versions

Need labels?

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