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How To Make Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe | Homemade Marinara Sauce

One of the easiest meals on the planet to make is a comforting batch of spaghetti. It is super easy to make, it is affordable and its off-the-charts comforting and delicious!

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you either dont have the energy to make a batch of homemade pasta sauce or you do not want to take a trip to the grocery store to grab a jar of sauce, Ive got your back!

All you need is a can of tomato paste and a few other ingredients that are already likely sitting in your kitchen. Dinner has never been easier!

How Do You Cook Sauce From A Can

Simply pour the sauce into a small saucepan while you re going about boiling your pasta. Let it come to a boil, then reduce the heat so that the sauce gently bubbles. Keep the simmer going for about 10 minutes or so, until you ve noticed that the sauce has reduced and thickened a little, but is still saucy.

The Difference Between Spaghetti Meat Sauce And Bolognese

Bolognese is a mixture of ground beef and/or pork, tenderized with milk and sautéed with soffrito . While it does have tomatoes, its not as saucy or tomato-forward as spaghetti and meat sauce. A traditional bolognese is more meat-forward, less tomato-heavy, richer and more delicate in flavor than most spaghetti and meat sauce recipes. And in case youre wondering, I love them both equally, dont make me choose!

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What Is The Best Sauce For Spaghetti

The Best Jarred Tomato Sauce, According to Chefs

  • Raos Homemade Marinara Sauce.
  • 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Pasta Sauce.
  • Raos Homemade Vodka Sauce.
  • Il Mulino Vodka Pasta Sauce.
  • Don Pepino Pizza Sauce.
  • Barilla Tomato & amp, Basil and Traditional Premium Pasta Sauce Variety Pack.
  • Classico Traditional Sweet Basil Pasta Sauce.

Easy Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce

Easy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

My husband Alex called me talented last Friday. I created this amazing spaghetti recipe with nothing in 10 minutes for a quick dinner. We all couldnt stop eating it.

If you have Instant Pot, you should also check out my Instant Pot spaghetti with any meat. I am slightly obsessed with Instant Pot recipes!

If you think of going to an Italian restaurant to pay $20 for spaghetti with tomato sauce please stop immediately. Take off your shoes and make this yummy spaghetti with tomato sauce and serve with salad. You can do it! At home with canned sauce. Because there is no such thing as fresh tomatoes for tomato sauce October July anywhere.

Or because there is a place for canned tomato sauce on a Friday night after you have been working your butt off all week. It still can be amazing, fresh and delicious! For like $5 instead of 4 x $20 plus tax and tips at a nearby Italian restaurant. With like a $10 glass of wine and turkey meatballs from the freezer or turkey breast roast on Sunday. And by the way, who stops at one glass?!

Yes! It is the best spaghetti ever! The ingredients are equivalent easy to mac and cheese. You will be blown away!

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How To Make Spaghetti Meat Sauce:

The ingredients for this meat sauce recipe are pantry staples and we always keep a stash of ground beef in the freezer for the days we dont have a lot of time to get dinner on the table. It comes together in 1 pot or dutch oven and really doesnt get any easier than this. Seriously the best meat sauce!

  • Sautee ground beef until no longer pink.
  • Add chopped onion, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp pepper, cook until soft then add garlic and sautee until fragrant.
  • Add marinara sauce, 1/4 cup water and 1 tsp sugar. Partially cover and simmer meat sauce 20 minutes. Done!
  • How To Make Spaghetti And Meat Sauce:

    Cut the onion into small pieces.

    In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine the ground beef and onion.

    Cook and stir until the ground beef is brown and the onions are translucent and tender.

    Drain the grease and return the ground beef and onions to the sauce pan.

    Stir into the pan the garlic, tomato sauce, tomato paste, and water.

    Sprinkle in the oregano, basil, Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper.

    Slow simmer the spaghetti sauce for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.

    At the same time, prepare the spaghetti pasta according to the package directions.

    Drain the spaghetti pasta, divide it between 2 plates, and top with the homemade meat sauce.

    Garnish with fresh parsley and additional Parmesan cheese if desired.

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    The Easiest Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

    This rich spaghetti sauce is surprisingly easy to make. Its so thick and delicious I bet youll never purchase the jarred stuff again!

    I set out to make my own spaghetti sauce a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised by how simple it was. Ive been making it this way ever since!

    Its almost as easy as using the store-bought kind. It really is! Especially because even when I was purchasing a ready made sauce I found myself adding extra herbs and seasonings to make it even better.

    To make this sauce youll brown your ground turkey or beef. Then add in canned crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, water, garlic, and seasonings. Let it all simmer together for about 10 to 15 minutes or until its all heated through and your flavors have had time to marry together. Thats it! It really is so simple but tastes incredible!

    The ingredients are simple. I dont even include sautéed onion or bell peppers because I want even the small children to love it. I assure you this sauce has tons of big flavor without them!

    Serve over your favorite pasta, spaghetti squash , or zoodles. You can even add it to the top of roasted veggies for a satisfying but light meal!

    Spaghetti Meat Sauce Recipe

    How to Make Quick Spaghetti Sauce | Pasta Recipes |

    Spaghetti Meat Sauce is beefy, juicy and so satisfying. It comes together fast so it is perfect for busy weeknights, and its freezer friendly. Meat sauce has all of the comforting flavors of Spaghetti and Meatballs, or traditional Bolognese but is much easier!

    Serve this meat sauce over spaghetti with a generous amount of parmesan cheese, paired with asparagus and crusty French bread. P.S. You can also use this meat sauce to make the Best Lasagna.

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    Faq About Spaghetti Sauce

    Is spaghetti sauce gluten free?

    Most spaghetti sauce recipes are gluten-free. When looking for gluten-free store-bought varieties, check the label for ingredients that contain wheat.

    Are spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce the same?

    Pizza sauce is typically made using tomato sauce, tomato paste and seasonings and is cooked briefly on the stovetop. Spaghetti sauce is made using additional ingredients such as onions, bay leaves and crushed tomatoes and simmers for a couple hours to help enhance the flavor.

    Can spaghetti sauce be used for pizza?

    Spaghetti sauce sauce can be used in place of pizza sauce in a pinch. First, run the sauce through a strainer to get rid of excess liquid. Transfer to a food processor or blender and puree until smooth. Add 1 teaspoon each of fennel seed and Italian seasoning.

    Does spaghetti sauce go bad?

    Unopened spaghetti sauce will typically remain at optimal quality for approximately 1 year, but can be used past that. Opened sauce will remain fresh when stored properly in the fridge for up to 10 days. Discard if visible signs of mold are present.

    Can spaghetti sauce be frozen?

    Do You Have To Add Lemon Juice When Canning Spaghetti Sauce

    The following information will help you understand that yes you must add lemon juice to your tomatoes and why. It is critical when home canning tomatoes, whether they are whole, crushed or juiced to acidify them during the canning process. For pints, use one tablespoon bottled lemon juice or 1/4 teaspoon citric acid.

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    How To Make Spaghetti Sauce: Step

    Guide for how to make spaghetti sauce

  • Cook onions, garlic and carrots

    In a pot or braiser, add a couple tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Heat over medium/medium-high until just shimmering. Add chopped onions, garlic and finely grated carrots. Cook, stirring regularly for 5 minutes or so.

  • Add tomatoes, water, and seasoning

    Now, add in crushed tomatoes and a little bit of water . Season with kosher salt and black pepper to your liking. Stir in dry oregano, paprika and fresh herbs . Bring this party to a boil briefly, then lower heat.

  • Simmer till nice and ready!

    Cover and let the sauce simmer for 15 to 20 minutes . You should end up with a gorgeous sauce that is the perfect thickness. Add a bit of fresh basil or parsley if you have some left.

  • Add pasta & serve

    If you’re after the best tasting pasta, add your just cooked pasta to the sauce and cook for another 5 minutes or so to allow the pasta to absorb the flavors and goodness of the sauce!

  • Serving Suggestions For Spaghetti Meat Sauce

    A Simple Spaghetti Sauce

    We love this spaghetti meat sauce over some cooked spaghetti noodles. You can use any noodle you want! Top each serving with parmesan cheese.

    Serve some garlic bread on the side and a side salad. I like to buy the bagged organic Caesar salad mix from Costco, but any grocery store sells it.

    You can also serve it over some zucchini noodles for a low carb option.

    Feel free to use this pasta sauce in any recipe that calls for it, like this easy ziti pasta bake. This is a great thing to do with leftovers!

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    How To Make Spaghetti Sauce

    Here are the steps of how to make this sauce.

  • Brown the sausage and beef together, breaking them up into small pieces. Add in the onion and garlic and cook, until no pink remains in either meat. Drain off fat.
  • Add in the sugar and seasonings, followed by the tomato paste and stir to combine.
  • Pour in the diced tomatoes with their liquid, crushed tomatoes, and chicken broth. Stir well until combined bring to a simmer, then reduce heat to low and simmer for at least 1 hour
  • Use right away, refrigerate for later, or freeze for down the road!
  • How long to cook spaghetti sauce? Similar to a beef stew, the longer the sauce cooks, the deeper the flavors. If youre in a pinch for time, you can certainly get away with cooking it for a short time, but you really want the sauce to simmer for at least 1 hour, and ideally 4.

    One: Prep Your Tomatoes

    The very first thing to do, of course, is to harvest your ripe tomatoes. Any variety will do. Roma tomatoes have a salty, hearty flavor thats good in sauces, but they can be a little more difficult to work with. Normally I would process two to four times this many tomatoes at once, but this is a bumper crop. Its mid-October, so Im thrilled to have any fresh tomatoes at all, but I only had enough for one batch of sauce this time.

    Before you begin prepping the tomatoes, set a large pot of water on the stove to simmer. You want it hot enough to steam, but not hot enough for bubbles to appear on the bottom. You dont want it to start boiling. Only fill the pot 2/3 of the way, so the water wont overflow when you put the tomatoes in later.

    Once youve picked the tomatoes, wash them gently. Next remove the stems using a paring knife. You can just cut the stem end off completely to make it easier, but it only saves a few seconds and wastes a lot of tomato-y goodness. Instead I dug in towards the center, removing the stem in a cone shape. For Romas you can just cut the end off.

    You will also want to cut off any blemishes at this time. Tomatoes can split their skins from getting excess water while growing. These splits look unsightly, but arent going to hurt anything. Cut them out if you can do so without ruining the whole tomato. If not, dont worry about it too much.

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    Recipes To Make Using Pasta Sauce

    Aside from the obvious reason , my favorite thing about pasta sauce is that it is so versatile. Here are a few pasta dish options that feature it!

    • Pour it over the top of cooked noodles of any kind.
    • Use in place of store-bought sauce in your next pan of Baked Spaghetti or Baked Ziti!
    • Lasagna and Cheesy Manicotti are both sooo good when made with Instant Pot spaghetti sauce!
    • Use it as an ingredient to stuff spaghetti squash with!
    • Add it to your morning eggs because everything tastes great with eggs.
    • Top scrambled eggs with a few spoonfuls!
    • Use it as a dip for breadsticks or garlic bread.

    Can Spaghetti Sauce Be Made In Advance

    Classic Spaghetti and Meat Sauce | Meat Sauce Recipe | The simple way

    Definitely! In fact, I recommend making it in advance. Start it in the morning and let it low simmer for hours. The longer it cooks, the better!

    How long does spaghetti sauce last in the fridge? It can be made ahead and kept refrigerated in an air-tight container for up to 3 days.Can you freeze spaghetti sauce? Yep! You can further extend its shelf life by freezing it, covered in an airtight container, for up to 4 months.

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    How To Store Pasta Sauce

    This recipe isnt approved for canning, but it will last in the refrigerator for five to seven days. Its best to store the sauce in glass jars or containers, because the tomatoes are very acidic and could stain your plastic containers. Keep the sauce covered with plastic wrap or close it tightly with a lid.

    Follow These Steps To Make This Sauce With Meat:

  • Heat a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. Add in your ground meat and cook over medium heat, tossing regularly, until fully browned. Drain the meat and transfer to a plate for now.
  • In the same braiser or pot, saute the onions, garlic and carrots for 5 minutes in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Add the cooked ground meat back to the pot, and toss to combine.
  • Add the tomatoes, water, and season per recipe. Bring to a boil.
  • Turn heat down and let the sauce simmer for about 20 more minutes. Check occasionally and add a bit of water , if you need to.
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    How To Doctor Up A Jar Of Spaghetti Sauce:

    It starts with adding veggies and ground beef. Onion, bell pepper, and garlic add so much flavor! I start a lot of my dishes with this veggie combo for good reason!

    I add the vegetables in at the same time as the meat and cook everything together. It flavors the meat and saves on time as well. We usually use ground beef but you can use any combination below.

    Tips For Making Ahead And Freezing Spaghetti Sauce:

    Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

    If you plan to can this sauce or freeze it you will want to omit the Parmesan cheese. Make a note on the freezer bag and add the cheese when you cook the sauce following the recipe.

    We often add ground beef or Italian sausage to it BEFORE freezing it. This just makes it that much easier to cook!

    You can make this sauce with either canned crushed tomatoes or fresh tomatoes.

    When I make my Slow Cooker Spaghetti and Meatballs I put the meatballs and sauce directly in the bag before I freeze it. Then throw it in the crockpot in the morning. In 6 hours I have a delicious and healthy meal for my family!

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    How To Make Spaghetti With Tomato Sauce

    Everything cooks in one pot. Thats why I love my 6 quart Dutch oven so much!

    Why so much salt? Dont worry. You will not eat 2.5 teaspoons salt. It is important to cook spaghetti with salt to prevent pasta from sticking. And to add flavor during cooking.

    • Cook spaghetti. Fill large Dutch oven or pot with cold water 3/4 full and bring to a boil. Add 2 tsp salt and spaghetti. Separate pasta with tongs a few times during first 2 minutes of cooking to ensure it does not stick. Keep cooking uncovered for 5 more minutes or until al dente, stirring occasionally.
    • Drain pasta. Taste spaghetti for doneness towards the end by grabbing one strand onto a plate with tongs. Do not overcook until too soft. The key to tasty pasta is firm cooked pasta. Drain in a colander.
    • Cook garlic. Return pot to medium heat and add olive oil, 4 garlic cloves and oregano. Cook for 20 seconds, stirring constantly. Garlic cooks fast, so dont walk away and not burn. Turn off the heat.
    • Add drained pasta, tomato sauce, remaining 1/2 tsp salt, pepper and 1 more fresh garlic clove. Stir gently until warmed through. That 1 clove of fresh garlic at the end is a must!

    Can I Omit The Wine

    Technically, yes, but I highly recommend adding it to the homemade spaghetti sauce since it adds so much flavor. Remember: the alcohol cooks out of the sauce and is only a flavoring.

    However, if youre out of wine or are opposed to using it, you can add 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar instead to add a little acid and umami.

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    Easy Pasta Sauce Recipe

    Easy Pasta Sauce. Its so easy to make homemade tomato sauce, youll never buy the stuff in the jar again. Great with pasta, grilled sausages, polenta, and more.

    Im Italian-American. So I dont even have to tell you that I grew up in a house where tomato sauce was regularly made from scratch. But Ill tell you anyway: At home, I never ate store-bought sauce during my childhood. Ever.

    During those Ragu commercials, where they declared Its in there!, my mom would scoff as if shed been personally offended by the commercial.

    Her sauce was amazing. It cooked for hours and, let me tell you, was the best sauce most folks had ever tried.

    The recipe Im sharing today is not my mothers sauce.

    This tomato sauce cooks in less than an hour but, let me tell you, its good.

    How good is it?

    Glad you asked! Its so good that my mom likes it.

    If youre in the habit of buying expensive sauce from a jar, this recipe might just help you break that spendy habit.

    All you need is a few ingredients and a bit of time.

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