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Sweet Baby Ray’s Is The Best Selling Barbecue Sauce And Has Been For Years

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Despite a general lack of consensus on the value of the company, today Sweet Baby Ray’s is one of, and at times the number one, selling barbecue sauce in the United States. In fact, it’s been ahead of grocery store barbecue sauce competitors like Kraft, KC Masterpiece, and Stubb’s for years.

The comparison site Statista put Sweet Baby Ray’s well above the competition in 2014 with its total sales at $151 million annually. Another Statista data set from 2017 that was published in 2020 found that Sweet Baby Ray’s “is the most popular barbecue sauce amongst U.S. consumers,” and that more than half of the barbecue sauce purchasers in the poll bought Sweet Baby Ray’s on a regular basis. Kraft Original and KC Masterpiece were tied for second, followed by Heinz barbecue sauce.

The Sweet Baby Ray dominance is no small feat, as sauce is truly big business. Statista expects retail barbecue sauce sales to bring in about $920 million in 2021.

The Best Keto Bbq Sauce

This keto barbecue sauce is going to be the hit at your next BBQ. Atleast it will be with anyone who’s watching their carb count.

Now, there’s no denying that some pretty tasty keto-friendly BBQ sauces exist out there – like this one by G Hughes, and this one by Sweet Baby Ray’s – but none of them are as low carb as this homemade sauce.

Also, for what it’s worth, none of them are as cheap ounce for ounce as this sauce is to make.

And what’s great about this sauce is that you can tailor it to your preferences, andmake it taste how you want it.

So, if you want a keto bbq sauce that’s a bit more smoky and bold you can add a little liquid smoke. Or, if you want to make a spicier BBQ sauce all you have to do is add a bit more hot sauce.

The base recipe though literally has everything you could want in a BBQ sauce – it’s bold, sweet, smoky, tangy, and savory with a touch of heat that brings all the flavors together. So, you might want to just keep it as is, since it’s pretty darn good that way already!

Oh, and by the way this is about as quick and easy as a BBQ sauce recipe gets! The recipe literally takes minutes to make, and has just a few simple ingredients!

The Best Weight Watcher Friendly Bbq Sauces

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Did you join Weight Watchers this year and now you are looking for Weight Watchers friendly BBQ sauces? Look no further, I’ve got you. Here are my favorite BBQ sauces. Now, these BBQ sauces range from no sugar bbq sauce, low sugar, and natural sugar bbq sauces. Full disclosure, I have not been paid or gifted any of these.

If you are new to this site, this blog focuses mostly on WW recipes that are family friendly. These recipes also happen to be lower in calorie and some recipes can be adapted to Keto or a sugar free recipe. That being said, this list is a culmination of Weight Watchers friendly BBQ Sauces.

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How To Make Vegan Barbecue Sauce At Home

NB: if you are feeling lazy to visit your nearest grocery store to buy a bottle of barbecue sauce then you can always try this recipe. Its very easy to make and it takes a short time to prepare.

For this recipe you will need ½ cup of organic ketchup, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon organic brown sugar, 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, water, 1 tablespoon mustard, pepper, smoked paprika, 1 tablespoon vegan Worcestershire, onion powder, garlic powder and chili powder.

Which Barbecue Sauce Has The Least Amount Of Sugar

What To Know About Sweet Baby Ray

6 Low-Sugar BBQ Sauces You Need To Try

  • Annies Original BBQ Sauce.
  • Bone Doctors Carolina Bold Barbeque Sauce.
  • Stubbs Original Bar-B-Q Sauce.
  • MORE: Exhausted?
  • Tessemaes Mattys BBQ Sauce.
  • Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Sensuous Slathering Sauce.
  • MORE: 7 Foods That Arent Exactly Food.
  • Haks Thai Chile Tamarind BBQ Sauce.

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Sweet Baby Rays New No Sugar Barbecue Sauce Is Perfect For Your Keto Friends

Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to the summer season. Even if you’re spending the holiday at home this year, your day likely entails a barbecue. And anyone on the keto diet knows that a barbecue can be a tricky situation to navigate, because even the best sauces like our beloved Sweet Baby Ray’s, aren’t low-carb.

Thankfully, America’s favorite barbecue sauce just dropped a brand-new line of no sugar added barbecue sauces that will help all of your keto friends survive grilling season without breaking their diets. In fact, Sweet Baby Ray’s new sauces are good for a variety of dietary needs. In addition to being keto-friendly, they’re gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian.

The new sauces come in two flavors: original and hickory. Each serving has only 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of net carbs. Yet somehow you still get that smoky, sweet, and tangy flavor you expect from Sweet Baby Ray’s. The secret, apparently, is tomatoes.

Both new sauces are already on store shelves nationwide right next to other Sweet Baby Ray’s products and have a suggested retail price of $3.29 or less. So go grab a bottle or two before you light up the grill today, and indulge in some tasty barbecue sauce without angering the keto gods. By the way, if you need any ideas for what to eat, be sure to check out these 45 recipes for the perfect Memorial Day barbecue. Good luck!

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Ingredients For Homemade Sweet Baby Rays Bbq Sauce:

  • Ketchup: is the base of this recipe. Keep in mind, you want to use a ketchup that isnt too sweet here otherwise the bbq sauce will end up being extremely sweet with the addition of brown sugar and molasses. There are several brands that have no sugar added, I suggest using something like that
  • Brown sugar: adds sweetness to the sauce
  • Molasses: add both sweetness and a deep rich flavor to the sauce
  • Pineapple juice: adds a unique fruity flavor profile
  • Worcestershire sauce: adds an umami flavor to the sauce. Keep in mind that Worcestershire does make this sauce not suitable for my vegan friends. So if thats you, you might want to swap the Worcestershire for one that is vegan friendly
  • Apple cider vinegar: adds the tang that you find in bbq sauce
  • Seasonings: Theres a few select seasonings I like to use that make the best sauce! Smoked paprika is the most important one of them all. It adds so much depth of flavor. Youll also need dry mustard powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, salt, and black pepper. Keep in mind that the cayenne is optional, if you want to make this not spicy, leave the cayenne out!
  • Hot sauce: adds a bit of a kick!
  • Cornstarch: helps thicken the sauce

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How To Make Your Own Sweet Baby Rays Bbq Sauce

What You Need To Know Before Buying Sweet Baby Rays Again

This Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce copycat recipe really does taste just like Sweet Baby Rays Original sauce! I did a side-by-side taste test to make sure! This sauce is perfect for grilled chicken, barbecue chicken pizza, ribs, beans, dipping nuggets, pulled pork, salad, and basically whatever you desire.

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Types And Styles Of Bbq Sauce And Best Brands

Just as the styles of BBQ vary from region to region, so do the different styles of BBQ sauce. There are endless flavors to explore from Carolina to Kansas City, St. Louis to Texas, and dont forget about that Alabama white sauce. Everyone knows the secret to a good BBQ is all in the sauce.

But what sauce reigns supreme? Opinions on that are sure to vary, but we have the rundown on all different types and styles of BBQ sauce. Plus, we will take a look at what most consider to be the best brands in BBQ. Get ready to baste, because this guide is sure to leave your mouth watering for a taste of saucy, delicious BBQ!


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Other Low Point Bbq Sauces For Weight Watchers

Kraft Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce

Kraft Hickory Smoke BBQ sauce is a slightly lower point bbq sauce than the rest of the Kraft BBQ sauce line. While this one is 2 smart points for 2 tbsp, the rest are 3 points. Is this “clean eating?” Clean eating isn’t really a thing, and it is a fad diet that reeks of classism. That being said, it does have high fructose corn syrup and preservatives if you are avoiding them, this isn’t for you. Gotta say though, this is cheap and reliably delicious.

Trade Joe’s BBQ Sauce

Trader Joe’s has a plethora of rotating condiments. It’s actually hard to commit to loving a product at Trader Joe’s because they discontinue things all the time. I like their BBQ sauces, especially the Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce. Again, I prefer a less sweet BBQ sauce. This has that signature vinegar-mustard flavor of Carolina BBQ sauces and I love it. This is only 3 smart points for 2 tbsp, and I think it’s worth it. Most of their bbq sauces happen to be Weight Watchers friendly bbq sauces.

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Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue Sauce

  • A convenient variety pack of our two best-selling sauces: Mild Mambo sauce and Sweet Hot Mambo sauce
  • Capital City mambo sauce creates a sweet and tangy addition to any dish.
  • Our delicious sauce is versatile and can be used as a marinade, glaze, dipping, finishing sauce or even for food on the grill.
  • Capital City Mambo sauce has been featured in various reputable news outlets such as First We Feast, The Hot Ones, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Thrillist, Refinery 29, Complex, The Kitchn, Black Enterprise, and much more.
  • From Washington DC, with love! Our sauce was crafted and created in a humble kitchen in the suburbs of Washington DC.

How Much Sugar Is In Honey Barbecue Sauce

Sweet Baby Ray


Nutrition Facts
How much sugar is in Honey Barbecue Sauce? Amount of sugar in Honey Barbecue Sauce: Sugar 6g
How much fiber is in Honey Barbecue Sauce? Amount of fiber in Honey Barbecue Sauce: Fiber 0g 0%
How much protein is in Honey Barbecue Sauce? Amount of protein in Honey Barbecue Sauce: Protein 0g

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Secondly Is Sweet Baby Rays Bbq Sauce Keto Friendly

In fact, Sweet Baby Rays new sauces compliment a variety of dietary needs. In addition to being ketofriendly, theyre also gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian. The new sauces come in two flavors: original and hickory. Each serving has only 1 gram of sugar and 1 gram of net carbs.

BBQ sauceketoketosiseat

Note On Nutritional Information

Nutritional information for the recipe is provided as a courtesy and is approximate only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information given for any recipe on this site. Erythritol carbs are not included in carb counts as it has been shown not to impact blood sugar. Net carbs are the total carbs minus fiber.

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What’s In Sweet Baby Ray’s New Bbq Sauce

It seems taste-testers agree that this is indeed a sauce worth eating. Fans are loving this new reduced-guilt punch of flavor. Says one Instagrammer, “This is some of the best tasting bbq sauce.” Another said of Sweet Baby Ray’s new no sugar added sauce, “0 point sauce is a 10/10, way better than the regular, more smokey and less sweet.”

According to Ray’s, the new sauce contains 1 gram of net carbs per serving, which comes from tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, and Allulose, which is an almost calorie-free natural sweetener that can be found in figs and jackfruit . Allulose is said to cook and bake similarly to sugar, but not react in the same manner in the body, with lower calorie content and a reduced impact to blood glucose. It’s worth noting sucralose is listed on the ingredient label . Some studies have linked the consumption of this artificial sweetener to an increased cancer risk, and blood sugar changes .

Before After Weight Loss Black

Nour’s Keto Corner – Sweet Baby Ray’s – No Sugar Added – Original BBQ, Hickory BBQ & Honey Mustard

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The most bizarre is the head of the golden natural fat burners pills beetle, two slender tentacles, as if two antennae are inserted, and the mouth is Sweet Baby Ray S Honey Chipotle Bbq Sauce Keto Diet Recipes pointed and flat, just like the mouth of a duck.

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Sweet Baby Ray’s Took Its Name From A Basketball Nickname

There’s a story behind every beloved product name. Sometimes that story is manufactured, other times the name has an endearing history. In the case of Sweet Baby Ray’s, the name came before there was even an inkling of starting a barbecue sauce company, Dave Raymond told the Chicago Tribune in 1990.

According to legend, Dave’s brother Larry, named the sauce in honor of Dave’s childhood nickname, Baby Ray. Dave earned the nickname while playing basketball on Chicago’s west side as a kid. In a short documentary, Dave Raymond said that he grew up in a place where “you had to either kinda be in a gang or play sports” to go out, and basketball was a big part of his life. His brother was called Ray , so the younger Dave became Baby Ray.

One day, he told the documentarians, Dave’s team was playing a bigger and older team. He made a fancy move during shooting drills, and one of the guys said, “Hey, that’s sweet, Baby Ray.” That stuck, and it eventually lost the pause between “sweet” and “Baby Ray”. Larry went with the nickname when he entered the family’s barbecue sauce into the Mike Royko Rib-off, and the rest is history. Since the early days of the company, Dave has been the face of the brand that’s named after him.

The Best Barbecue Sauces Ranked

Barbecue season is upon us!

Barbecue season approaches, and with so many barbecue sauces on the market, it can feel impossible to choose. The Delish team rounded up 12 of Americas most popular brands to see which are up to snuff. Turns out barbecue sauces are a lot like snowflakes, no barbecue sauce is alike. Also, some barbecue sauces are gross.

Not all barbecue sauces need sugar to be sweet and this gluten-free and vegan-friendly maple flavor sauce proves that.

BUY NOWG Hughes Smokehouse BBQ Sauce, $4

This whiskey maple sauce from Rufus Teague will taste so good you wont be able to put even the worst of barbecue down once its topped with this.

BUY NOWRufus Teague Whiskey Maple BBQ Sauce, $5

This family-owned barbecue sauce brand has been bottled since 1990 and the delicious taste proves why its been around so long.

BUY NOWWilliamson Bros. Original Bar-B-Q Sauce, $5

Though its name is Carolina Sweet, you wont have to worry about this sauce being too sweet to eat.

BUY NOWSticky Fingers Smokehouse Carolina Sweet Barbecue Sauce, $3

Looking for a barbecue sauce thats delicious and organic? This Mild flavor from Kinders will definitely do the trick. And while it is a barbecue sauce, if you wanted to opt to have it as a dipping sauce instead, you wont be disappointed.

BUY NOWKinders Organic Mild BBQ Sauce, $5

BUY NOWBachans Original Japanese Barbecue Sauce, $14

BUY NOWSweet Baby Rays Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce, $3

BUY NOWJones Bar-B-Q Sweet & Tangy Sauce, $7

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Can I Eat Bbq Ribs On Keto

Can you eat dry rub ribs on Keto? You can most certainly eat ribs made with the dry rub in this recipe because it is keto friendly. If you were looking to get dry rub ribs at a restaurant, you would need to ask if there was any sugar in the dry rub they have used to make their ribs.

9 Related Question Answers Found

The best store-bought keto barbecue sauces to save you from boring food

  • Primal Kitchen classic barbecue sauce. $4 at Walmart.
  • Primal Kitchen Golden barbecue sauce.
  • Tessemaes Mattys Organic barbecue sauce, 2-pack.
  • Lillies Q zero sugar Carolina barbecue sauce
  • The New Primal Classic barbecue cooking & dipping sauce.

Here are the keto pasta sauces we tried:

  • Ragu Simply Pasta Sauce. 2.5g Fat | 8g Net Carbs | 2g Protein | Serving Size 1/2 cup.
  • Raos Pasta Sauce. 8g Fat | 4g Net Carbs | 1g Protein | Serving Size 1/2 cup.
  • Yo Mommas Pasta Sauce. 4.5g Fat | 4g Net Carbs | 1g Protein | Serving Size 1/2 cup.
  • Daves Gourmet Pasta Sauce.

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