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Although its not a massive list and a few may seem to be missing, these are the safest choices and are highly recommended by most Celiacs and gluten free dieters.

The only one major tamari thats missing is the one by La Choy.

Although all the ingredients are gluten free with no wheat presence, some people have reacted to this soy sauce. This could be due to cross contamination during manufacturing or other variables.

So be sure to steer clear from La Choy if youre allergic. Now if youre on a non-medical gluten free diet or paleo, you should be fine with this soy sauce.

Top Soy Sauce Substitutes

Finding the best substitute for soy sauce can be a daunting task. Will it taste just as good? And exactly what is a substitute for soy sauce?

Overwhelmed? Dont be! The best part is that if you dont find an alternative for sale that you like, you can just make your own! Put it in a handy mason jar and store it for later.

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Try Our Authentic Responsibly Brewed Tamari

Weve crafted our organic soy sauce to meet many quality assurance standards. Our product is certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization and the Non-GMO Project to be free of gluten and artificial additives. Its also a certified vegan, kosher and FODMAP friendly food.

Discover the renowned flavor of our specially brewed Organic Tamari Soy Sauce for yourself! Use our product locator to find a store near you, and look for the blue label or buy it online today.

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Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Kikkomans sweet chilli dipping sauce captures the subtle Thai flavours with a mild chilli kick. Blended with selected spices and Kikkoman gluten-free soy sauce, creating a sweet, savoury profile packed full of flavour. Use as a dipping sauce, glaze or simply as a sauce to add that extra depth of flavour.

Chefs continue to lift the bar, creating memorable dining experiences for their customers. Achieved by using selected quality, flavoursome ingredients, this demand for quality inspired Kikkoman to make our sweet chilli dipping sauce a sure crowd-pleaser.

Kikkoman Gluten Free Soy Sauce


Kikkomans certified gluten free soy sauce consists only of water, rice, salt, and soybeans. And the best part about it is that its available in many supermarket, stores, and even online.

Now if theres one thing you need to watch out with Kikkoman tamari is that they do make a similar tamari soy sauce that contains wheat. So whenever at the store or online, always read the label to make sure that you have the right version of their tamari soy sauce.

You can also find a wide variety of other gluten free Kikkoman soy sauces online.

You can buy it here.

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Date Product Entered Market: Feb 22 2017

Made with 100% whole soybeans and no wheat, San-J Organic Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce has a richer and milder taste than regular soy sauce. Only our natural fermentation process can give San-J Tamari a rich, delectable flavor that enhances any type of cuisine. Perfect for stir-fry, marinade, and as a dipping sauce. Great to add to soups, sauces and casseroles.

About this producer

Can You Substitute Worcestershire Sauce For Soy Sauce

You can definitely substitute Worcestershire sauce for soy sauce. If you do, I recommend making a homemade one or Worcestershire sauce substitute so you can adjust it. The flavor profile of a store-bought version such as Lea & Perrins is different from the taste of soy sauce. Also, do keep in mind that most Worcestershire sauces are made with fermented anchovies, so they are not vegetarian or vegan.

Be careful, as some homemade Worcestershire sauce recipes call for soy sauce, which we are trying to avoid in the first place! Be very mindful of all ingredients when researching recipes for your homemade condiments.

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Our Recipes Using Tamari

Coconut Aminos: A gluten-free, soy-free seasoning sauce | Karman reviews

As mentioned above, because I am gluten-intolerant, we all eat gluten-free and use tamari in place of soy sauce. Apart from the Asian food , we use tamari as a FLAVOR BOOSTER in everyday cooking to enhance or deepen the flavor of certain dishes.

Let us know in the comment what is your favorite soy sauce-based dish!

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How To Make Your Own Soy Sauce Substitute

If youd rather create your own soy sauce substitute at home, here is my favorite recipe that you can easily make yourself.

The best thing about making your soy sauce is that you are in control of what goes into it. If youre truly changing up your soy sauce intake for health reasons, this is the only way you have complete knowledge of what youre eating.

That said, making your own condiments is a great way to take control of your health. Soy sauce alternatives are better for you, in addition to homemade ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, and pickles. So much salt, sugar, and chemicals are pumped into store-bought condiments. Just go to your fridge and read some of the ingredients on your condiments bottlesyou will be surprised!

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Kikkoman Loves To Keep Things Natural Four Pure Ingredients And No Hidden Additives

Nowadays, more and more people pursue a healthy lifestyle and nutritious balanced diet with foods which are free from artificial additives and flavour enhancers: simply natural foods.

For decades, this is exactly what Kikkoman has been providing to the many fans of soy sauce around the world. Kikkoman soy sauce is made of just four carefully selected basic ingredients: water, soybeans, wheat and salt. It contains no artificial additives whatsoever but still full of flavour.

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Is There A Difference Between The Soy Sauce In The Designer Dispenser Bottle And The Soy Sauce In The Normal Bottle

No, theres no difference. Both products are the same naturally brewed soy sauce. Theyve just been filled into different bottles. The iconic designer bottle beautifies the dining table. Its an aesthetic dispenser that enhances the seasoning experience and gives maximum pouring control. The designer bottle is also refillable and dishwasher safe.

How To Make Sure Your Soy Sauce Is Gluten

Organic Gluten

Like other condiments that claim to be gluten-free there is no exact way to make sure that the soy sauce you are using is gluten-free. So, for this, you just must rely on gluten-free labeling and trust in the integrity statement of the brand you are using. For this, you must check the brand site first and sift through their FAQs.

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Is Soy Sauce Gluten Free

Soy sauce is traditionally made with wheat, so it is not usually gluten-free. However, there are many Gluten Free Soy Sauce Brands that you can buy!

When looking for a gluten free soy sauce, youll probably hear the word tamari a lot. Tamari is soy sauce that is made without wheat ingredients. Although there are subtle differences in flavor, they are almost indistinguishable, making Tamari a perfect gluten-free substitute!

Because tamari is usually made from only soybeans, it tastes richer than soy sauce because there is a higher concentration of soy . However, some brands have both tamari and gluten free soy sauce products. The gluten free soy sauce products usually have other ingredients to try and taste more like traditional soy sauce.

All of the soy sauce or tamari brands on this list are certified gluten free. This means they have been tested by a third party to ensure they are free from wheat or other gluten-containing ingredients!

Ingredients can always change, so be sure to read the most updated label information, allergen warnings, and product certifications before purchasing any of the products on this list.

Buy Online: | Vitacost

San-J specializes in making gluten free tamari products. There are five different San-J gluten free soy sauces to choose from: Tamari, 28% Less Sodium, 50% Less Sodium, Organic Tamari, and Organic 25% Less Sodium! These products are all certified gluten free, vegan, Kosher, and Non-GMO.

Risks And Side Effects

Tamari can be a good alternative to regular soy sauce, especially for those with a sensitivity to wheat products or gluten. However, its still very high in sodium, and intake should be kept in moderation, especially for those with heart problems or high blood pressure.

Additionally, because most soybeans are genetically modified, its best to opt for organic tamari whenever possible. Be sure to also check the ingredients label and select a brand with minimal ingredients and free of additives. Also, if you do have a food allergy or sensitivity, be sure to look for certified gluten-free products to ensure that your condiment is completely free of gluten.

Finally, soy allergies are common and can cause side effects like hives, itching, rashes or swelling. If you experience these or any other food allergy symptoms, discontinue use immediately and consult with your doctor.

Final Thoughts

  • What is tamari sauce? Made from fermented soybeans, tamari is often used as a substitute for soy sauce in stir-fries, dressings and sauces.
  • It is often free of wheat and easy to use. Compared to soy sauce, it also is higher in protein, contains antioxidants, has a smoother taste, and is less likely to have additives and preservatives.
  • You can find this condiment at most grocery stores and can easily add it to a wide array of recipes.
  • However, because its high in sodium, its best to keep intake in moderation and always opt for organic to minimize potential side effects.

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Uses In Ayurveda And Tcm

In moderation, tamari can be enjoyed on a well-rounded diet and even has some health-promoting properties that work well in holistic medicine.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the soybeans from which tamari is derived are thought to have cooling properties and are believed to enhance detoxification, promote regularity and ease urination. However, it is also recommended to limit intake of high-sodium foods like this condiment to optimize kidney function.

According to Ayurveda, on the other hand, tamari is considered easy to digest thanks to the absence of wheat as well as the fermentation process that it undergoes. It is noted, however, that intake should be kept in moderation due to the sodium content, which can have negative effects on circulation on an Ayurvedic diet.

The Role Of Soybeans Wheat And The Other Ingredients

How To Make Dark Soy Sauce (Gluten Free)

Soybeans are the most important ingredient in Kikkoman Soy Sauce. The unique characteristics of soy sauce originate primarily from the proteins contained in the soybeans. The carbohydrates contained in the wheat are what give soy sauce its fine aroma, and the wheat also adds sweetness. The salt is dissolved in water. This salt-and-water solution controls the propagation of bacteria during the brewing process and acts as a preservative. This is why Kikkoman doesnt need to put any artificial preservatives or additives in its sauce.

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Vegetarian Flavoured Oyster Sauce

Today, more and more chefs are creatively experimenting with new flavours to meet the growing demand for flavoursome gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan plant-based meals.

This growing trend inspired Kikkoman to create our Vegetarian, gluten-free oyster flavour sauce. A unique blend of flavours starting with a base of Kikkomans gluten-free soy sauce blended with other selected ingredients to create a slightly sweet, thick, umami flavour-packed sauce without any fishy aftertaste.

Recreate some of your favourite Asian inspired or fusion dishes today.

Kikkomans Vegetarian flavoured oyster sauce is gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

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Tamari Wheat Free Soy Sauce

Tamari style soy sauce is traditionally made without wheat.

Although this truly is a soy sauce, there are a few differences between tamari and normal soy sauce. The major difference being the absence of wheat.

Traditionally, tamari is also commonly used in Japan and Japanese foods/dishes since its a byproduct of miso paste. Because of this tamari is sometimes also widely known as miso-darmari.

Although many countries do use soy sauce, youre bound to find tamari in Japanese cuisine and restaurants as opposed to other Asian ones.

Now in terms of taste, tamari has a more balanced and less salty taste than of soy sauce which typically has a harsh bite.

Other than that, these two types of soy sauces are almost identical minus the absence of gluten.

Okay so with that being said, lets jump straight into the listing of gluten free soy sauces.

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Kikkoman Soy Sauce Ingredients

Soy sauce, a common condiment throughout Asia, is a fermented sauce with a salty taste which is aged for several months. Kikkoman says its soy sauce consists of five flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami a flavor created when soybean and wheat, two ingredients in the sauce, are broken down into different proteins. The website claims their soy sauce contains only four ingredients: soybeans, wheat, salt and water. A fifth ingredient, aspergillis, a type of fungus, is added to produce Koji mold, which activates the fermentation that creates the soy sauce.

Eden Tamari Soy Sauce


Eden Organic offers two different types of tamari, one of which is made in the U.S. and the other which is imported from Japan.

The only difference between the 2 is that while the Japanese version is made using rice, the U.S. version is made using corn grains.

Other than that, theyre the same and are both considered to be gluten free up to 20 parts per million and are non-GMO certified.

You can buy it here.

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Do You Have A Favorite Soy Sauce Brand

Did we mention a brand you enjoy using? If so, let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you have another gluten-free tamari brand you enjoy, let us know as well!

If you would like to read more about cooking, you can find some recipes from our blog as well as gluten-free suggestions. Below, we listed some of our favorite Carving A Journey Korean and Japanese recipes!

Our Gluten-Free Food Product Recommendations:

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Is Soy Sauce Gluten

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Regular soy sauce is sadly not gluten-free. However, the good news is that there are several alternatives and substitutes for soy sauce you can use instead. Do you want to see the list of suitable gluten-free products? Read on then.

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Gluten Free Soy Sauce Listing The Ultimate Guide

Last updated on by Adam Bryan. This post may contain affiliate links.

When it comes to soy sauce, most people are usually quite shocked to find out that it contains gluten.

And its true, whenever you read the ingredients list on any normal soy sauce bottle, it clearly states wheat as one of the first ingredients.

Just in case you didnt know, here are some facts about soy sauce. Soy sauce is made from a fermented paste of of boiled soybeans, roasted grains, brine, and aspergillus oryzae. This paste is then pressed, creating the liquid we know.

However, with the emerging demand for gluten free options, most soy sauce manufacturers have started to product gluten free soy sauce.

Moderate Amount Of Net Carbs

Clearspring Organic Japanese Yaemon Tamari Soya Sauce – English Version

Kikkoman Gluten-Free Soy Sauce contains 6.67g of net carbs per 100g serving. You need to be mindful of its serving size because it has a fair amount of carbs.

It is important to limit its consumption so you wont exceed the 20g 30g daily net carb limit.

You can calculate your ideal daily net carb allowance by using this keto macros calculator. Then use the serving calculator below to determine a serving size that fits your net carb budget.

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