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The New Primal Medium Buffalo Dipping & Wing Sauce 340g

Keto Buffalo Sauce Chicken Wings

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We see you there, walking that line between reckless and reserved. Thats okay, as long as youre not bored and your foods not boring. With a perfectly prudent dose of bold cayenne pepper, The New Primal bottled not just a happy medium, but the happiest medium. Use it liberally for the most bold wing or on the most bashful cauliflower. This sure doesnt taste like a compromise.

How To Make Vegan Dairy Free Buffalo Alfredo:

For this recipe you need 2 cups of raw cashews that soak in water for a couple of hours until they are soft enough to be blended. I have always soaked for a minimum of 6 hours and it’s work just fine. You can also soak them in boiling water for an hour or two to decrease the soaking time.

After draining and rinsing the cashews, add them to a high speed blender along with the buffalo sauce, water, garlic and black pepper.

Blend all the ingredients together until a thick sauce is formed. Feel free to add more or less water depending on the desired consistency of your sauce.

The sauce can then be heated over medium low heat in a sauce pan and added to your meal.

Dairy free buffalo alfredo sauce should be stored in an air tight container for up to 5 days in the fridge.

To reheat, put sauce in a saucepan over medium low heat, be careful not to burn.

Keto Certified Buffalo Sauce Game On

Certified Paleo, Keto Certified, and Whole30 Approved®, this sauce is the Holy Grail of real food eating. That Keto stamp on the label means never having to fight off impending hanger while frantically googling is buffalo sauce keto? ever again. This sauce is Keto Certified, so give this buffalo wings recipe a try, or for a plant-based party platter, whip up a buffalo cauliflower recipe. Certified Paleo and Whole30 Approved®, Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce is ready to be drizzled on a bacon burger or slathered on Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Stay on track for the month or maintain a Paleo or Keto lifestyle with a sauce that cleans up the classic flavor you know and love.

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Buffalo Sauce Named Nexty Consumer Choice For Best Food Or Beverage

If you havent noticed, theres a new sauce on the Primal Kitchen block. Our Buffalo Sauce is creamy with just the right amount of fire, an impressive ingredient list and award-winning resume. This medium-heat sauce is made for dipping, dunking, drizzling, dousing, and adding deliciousness to any dish that needs a peppery kick. If youre still on the fence about adding this feisty favorite to your shopping list, consider these essential pieces of info about our Buffalo Sauce. Made with simple ingredients like avocado oil and cashew butter, this cant miss sauce is full of surprises that make our Buffalo the best of the best .

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The New Primal Classic Buffalo Seasoning 65g

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We’ve got no beef with salt and pepper. Literally. We don’t have any beef seasoned with them anymore. The pervasive mineral-spice pair still has its place in the kitchen, to be sure – just not on the things we want to make awesome. For that, our go-tos go above and beyond the flavor of the standard grind. A restrained sprinkle of our transcendent spice mixes is the boost of which that beef – or anything else headed toward your tastebuds – is worthy. Whole30 Approved, USDA Organic, Certified Gluten-Free, kosher, keto, vegan and paleo friendly. Give salt & pepper a much-needed rest.


Organic dehydrated garlic, sea salt, organic dehydrated onion, organic cayenne, organic smoked paprika, organic ground mustard seed, organic white vinegar powder , organic tapioca starch, citric acid, organic black pepper.

Contains: Mustard.

The New Primal Buffalo Ranch Dressing & Marinade 234g

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Dress it up with The New Primal Buffalo Ranch Dressing & Marinade. This fiery-cool condiment will easily work its way to your pantry and to your heart. Made with premium avocado oil and cage-free egg whites, this Whole30 approved and paleo-friendly sauce kicks up the flavour of any dish. Whether topping up your favourite buffalo or cauliflower wings or dressing up your salad, this buffalo ranch sauce is all you need to take your dish from good to drool-worthy. No gluten, no dairy, just delicious flavour!


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Authentic Buffalo Wings & Dairy

Buffalo Wings were reportedly invented in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York by Teressa Bellissimo. The Buffalo sauce of these wings contains dairy in the form of butter based on the original recipe. Here is the recipe for Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings if you want to make the originals yourself. In short, authentic Buffalo wings contain butter as an ingredient.

The New Primal Mild Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Sauce Cauliflower “Wings”

I have a rule about grocery shopping. I always go to the condiment section to see what wing sauces I can find. This time, I was at Whole Foods Market when I came across a section of New Primals wing sauces. I grabbed one of each and headed to the checkout. Im always excited when I find a sauce that is new to me. The New Primal mild Buffalo wing sauce was a very pleasant surprise. This sauce has great flavor. Its not overly vinegary. Its not that spicy and it doesnt have to be. This is the perfect sauce for a wing party.

The New Primal Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce was so good that I cannot wait to try their other sauces. But first, Im looking forward to my next batch of wings tossed in the mild version. The flavor is spot-on perfect. Even though I like my wings a bit spicy, I soon forgot about that with the first bite.

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Buffalo Bites Wingsand So So Much More

Were all about perfecting the buffalo sauce wing recipe, but dont miss out on the versatility of this tasty topper. From burgers to pizza, chicken breasts to tofu nuggets, Buffalo adds a medium-heat kick to all your culinary creativity. Drizzle it on deviled eggs, add it to your breakfast burrito. Gluten-free and made without soy and canola, this real food Buffalo Sauce fits the bill for a host of homemade eats.

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Primal Buffalo Sauce Packs A Flavor Punch

Theres nothing like the real thing. PRIMAL Kitchen Buffalo Sauce gets its perfect mix of creamy and peppery flavor without dairy and without additives. Made with high-quality, carefully selected ingredients like cayenne pepper sauce, cashew butter, avocado oil, and organic paprika and garlic, this sauce serves up a complex and flavorful taste and texture without compromising on quality. Buffalo Sauce without dairy might seem too good to be true, but tasting is believing when it comes to our Primal Approved Buffalo.

Its A Winner: Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce Won The Nexty Consumer Choice Award In 2020

Medium Buffalo Sauce

How many sauces in your pantry can say they won a Consumer Choice Award? If our Buffalo Sauce could talk, itd be saying: you like me, you really like me! The NEXTY Awards are all about recognizing the most innovative and trustworthy products, so were thrilled Buffalo brought home the gold as a food-fan favorite. This Non-GMO Project Verified, plant-based, crowd-pleasing sauce is a dip and dunk above the rest.

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Is Buffalo Sauce Dairy

Buffalo sauce is one of those tricky food products that is difficult to determine whether it has dairy without looking at the ingredients. This is particularly true given its often creamy texture. The truth is that some Buffalo sauces have dairy and some do not. Unfornately, we cannot provide a definitive yes or no answer to the question. However, read on to find a bit of clarity on the top.

Restaurants & Buffalo Sauce With Dairy

Chain restaurants that serve Buffalo sauce often have the allergen information listed on their websites. Keep in mind that its not uncommon for restaurants to have meals prepared with Buffalo sauce that have dairy, usually in form of butter. Below you will find links to allergen information for popular restaurants that serve meals with Buffalo sauce. You can visit these links to see which foods contain dairy.

For any restaurant not listed above, you can try to find the information online or ask the restaurant for the allergen information for their food.

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