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What’s The Best Hot Sauce For Wings? (Taste Test)

Once you know how to make buffalo sauce, you can use it for so many dishes! The most popular use for it is to add it to Homemade Buffalo Wings , but there are so many other ways to utilize this fantastic sauce.

You can also use it to make buffalo chicken meatballs, buffalo chicken sandwiches, buffalo chicken pizza, buffalo chicken tacos, buffalo chicken wraps Basically, chicken and buffalo sauce are made to go together! I especially love buffalo sauce with homemade crispy fried chicken.

You can also keep it vegetarian by adding it to fried tofu, cauliflower bites, or tempeh. Ive ordered buffalo tofu strips at a local restaurant and they were absolutely incredible!

Buffalo cauliflower is a great option if you want a lighten things up a little bit. Any type of snack food like popcorn or chips are also perfect vehicles for this crave-worthy sauce!

How Is Buffalo Sauce Produced

Making this marinade is dumbfounding easy. One just has to choose their preferred hot sauce and add Worcestershire sauce to it. The mixture will also have to have butter making sure the ratios are not thrown off-balance. This will make sure that the capsaicin does not burn ones mouth. One may or may not add garlic as per personal preference.

Buffalo Wing Sauce Recipe Notes

  • To use the sauce, place your fried or baked chicken wings in a bowl. Pour the sauce over them, then use tongs or gently shake the bowl to coat the chicken.
  • Refrigerate the buffalo sauce in a glass jar or other covered container, and use it up within a few weeks. Id like to say it will keep for months, but its never around that long when I make it.

NOTE: Hot sauce can stain clothing and plastic containers. So, if you dont have a glass jar, its best to store the wing sauce in a container that you dont mind turning a little orange in color.

  • Feel free to double or triple the recipe. The recipe as written below yields just over a cup of sauce. That should be plenty to coat a batch of wings for 8 people, but I like to make extra so people can use it as a dipping sauce.

By the way, another great way to prepare chicken wings for a crowd is on a smoker. Everyone loves these honey garlic smoked chicken wings. Oh, and have you ever tried them with a pickle brine? Dill pickle chicken wings are SO good!

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How To Store Homemade Suace

Store homemade sauce in an airtight glass container in the fridge. It will last for several weeks in the fridge.

The butter will likely solidify in the fridge during storage. Either bring to room temperature and whisk until smooth, or place it in the microwave for a minute or so until warmed through, and again, whisk until smooth.

How To Make Buffalo Sauce Thicker


This recipe will thicken while it sits in the fridge and comes out nice and thick when ready to use.

If youre looking to thicken up the sauce quickly after making, just follow these simple steps:

  • Heat up the buffalo sauce in a small saucepan or keep on heat.
  • Mix together 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and 1 tablespoon warm water in a small separate bowl to create a slurry mixture.
  • Add the slurry mixture into the hot buffalo sauce, stir, and let cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • The mixture of water and cornstarch will allow the buffalo sauce to thicken.

    You can repeat this method until you reach the consistency you would like, being mindful it can take a few minutes on the heat for it to thicken fully.

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    What Are Other Types Of Hot Sauce

    Besides buffalo sauce, there are more types of hot sauce bottles you can find in stores. Hot sauce is simmered peppers, cooked till soft. It is made with vinegar and a little salt. And the hot sauce will be colored by the color of peppers used.

    Habanero pepper is red, green, orange, or yellow. So you can buy habanero hot pepper sauce in those colors.

    Jalapeño is green or red, so you can buy jalapeño hot sauce in those colors.

    One of the oldest hot sauces made in the country is Tabasco hot pepper sauce. Edmund Mcilhenney first made this in Avery Island, Louisiana using peppers he harvested from his garden. Tabasco is a brand name exclusive to his company, which is McIlhenny Company. Today, different manufacturers produce either a copycat or modified version of this original tabasco sauce.

    Today, you can taste other Louisiana hot sauces such as Tabasco. These sauces like Tabasco are slightly salty, and the peppers are sometimes fermented to create that rich-tasting hot sauce.

    Another popular variety of hot sauce is Sriracha, or otherwise called rooster sauce, because of the rooster you can see printed on its bottle. This is sold in many countries and some make their own version of this hot sauce.

    Bulliards Buffalo Style Chicken Wing Sauce

    Bulliard makes the product with real liquefied margarine. This brand has does not use any powdered substitutes as per claims which is what draws our attention to it. You can have it straight from the bottle, and it will still taste as good as ever. We recommend coating the chicken wings with this sauce. You can also cook the chicken in the sauce or use it as a dip. Bulliard has made it to our list as it ranks high in terms of taste. The business is as old as 100 years and they started with a bottle of Cayenne Pepper Sauce. This home business has grown ever since to create worldwide recommended buffalo sauces.

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    Better Than Store Bought

    Sure, you can purchase Buffalo sauce from the store, pre-made, but this is fresher and tastier and DANG if it isnt CRAZY good. I was lucky enough to visit the original Anchor Bar in New York, and this is the real deal sauce.

    Of course I personally like to REALLY spice mine up with ghost powder, but you really dont have to. Thats a bit crazy, and I dont always use it, but sometimes I want REALLY SPICY.

    Sometimes I just want it awesome like it is on its own, as you will see below. Ghost pepper flakes = optional.

    Im serious! Only if you like it REALLY spicy.

    Tips For The Best Buffalo Sauce

    How To Make Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce Easy Simple

    There are several variations of buffalo sauce out there. Some only use the hot sauce and butter. I prefer this homemade recipe that rounds out the flavors better and creates a beautiful rich deep sauce.

    • Franks Hot Sauce: It is highly touted everywhere that this is the only hot sauce you should use to make Buffalo sauce. It is even said that the original buffalo sauce that originated in Buffalo NY, was made with Franks. Whether that is true or not, you cannot go wrong with Franks. It is the perfect hot sauce to create this buffalo sauce with. If you have a different hot sauce that you love, by all means use it. If you are not sure what to use, go with Franks.
    • Control The Heat: Everyone has their different tolerance for heat. If you want it spicer double or even triple the cayenne pepper. If you want it more mild, reduce or eliminate the cayenne all together. Adjusting the cayenne is how you will control the heat.
    • Add Sweet Heat: If you want more of a sweet buffalo sauce, try adding honey to the recipe. It adds flavor and a touch of sweet. Start with a teaspoon or two and add more to taste.

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    How To Make Buffalo Wing Sauce:

    To get started, melt a half stick of unsalted butter in a saucepan:

    You can also melt it in the microwave instead, if thats easier for you.

    Next add Franks, and the exact one you want is Franks Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce.

    They sell quite a few varieties, but its this original one that you want in particular:

    Next add worcestershire sauce. Only a little bit is needed:

    Then add ground cayenne pepper to the buffalo sauce:

    When you want more heat, always add more ground cayenne pepper instead of extra Franks sauce. Otherwise youll throw off the balance of acidity.

    Whisk this all together until its emulsified:

    Now its ready to be tossed with freshly fried or baked chicken wings, and served with homemade Blue Cheese Dip!

    If you havent tried chicken wings baked instead of fried, its one of my most popular recipes since 2012 and many people like them more than fried wings.

    One more note on the sauce: it will change in consistency as it cools off, because butter tends to firm up as it chills. For that reason, we make the sauce while the wings are cooking. You can reheat it as needed.

    Can you make buffalo sauce ahead? Yes, just reheat on the stove or in the microwave and whisk together to combine.

    Also, we dont add any salt to the sauce, as there is a substantial amount in the Franks. But you can adjust to taste if youd like.

    For more Buffalo Recipes and Game Day food, this Buffalo Chicken Dip is another favorite .

    Stubbs Wicked Habanero Pepper Wing Sauce

    We are swamped with recipes that include this sauce in particular and tastes spectacular. We just had to give it a spot among our Best Buffalo Sauce 2021 list. Originally the makers of barbecue sauces, this company has made sure they leave a personal touch in their sauces. This sauce is a must for any barbecue party as it is made with real Habanero pepper. Add the sauce to turn the heat! The best part about this sauce is that the calorie count is within 15.

    This sauce is known to be the best of all wing sauces. One would find it appropriate to baste the roasted wings of chicken for the ideal taste. For many, this is the best sauce they can get on a store shelf. This sauce is also free from gluten and verified of having no GMOs. Just 2 tablespoons are enough to spice up your barbecue evening.

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    Why Is It Called Buffalo Sauce

    This variety of hot sauce is particularly called Buffalo Sauce or Buffalo Wings Sauce because it was first made in Buffalo, New York by Teressa Bellissimo in 1964 at Anchor Bar, Buffalo, New York.

    It was there that unbreaded chicken wings were first served coated in a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter glaze. And those are the base ingredients of buffalo sauce: cayenne pepper, regular hot sauce, melted butter, and vinegar.

    Buffalo sauces range from mild, medium, hot, and extra hot. Depending on who cooks it, you may taste these additional ingredients in small amounts: Worcestershire sauce and/or garlic powder.

    Besides the buffalo sauce coating, chicken wings may also be served with celery sticks paired with blue cheese dressing. Ranch dressing is also a popular choice to pair with buffalo wings.

    It is interesting to think that the word buffalo is now a coined term for any spicy food or dishes that have buffalo sauce in it. For example, buffalo pizza and buffalo fries or chips.

    Buffalo Chicken Wings Sauce

    The Hull Truth

    When it comes to the perfect sauce that goes on everything, this easy Buffalo Sauce is simply the best! It is rich, bold, super flavorful, and has the right amount of spice to it. It is made with hot sauce, vinegar, butter, garlic, and Worcestershire.

    These ingredient mixes provide the perfect balance of spice and tanginess. The benefit of making it at home is that you can easily adjust the ingredients to fit your taste. Also, making it at home is simple, budget-friendly, and tastes so much better than the store-bought version.

    Feel free to make it milder, spicier, add more/less garlic, or even Parmesan to it. Make a larger batch, and easily refrigerate the sauce for days and weeks to come. Enjoy it on wings, meats, veggies, on your next game-day, Superbowl, or gatherings!

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    How Do You Make Healthier Buffalo Sauce

    You can reduce the amount of butter or use spreadable butter which has about half the saturated fats as the regular one. Similarly, feel free to substitute it with Ghee Butter which is also Certified Paleo, Keto-Friendly.

    What Goes with Buffalo Sauce?

    This recipe goes pretty much on anything! You can use it on:

    Can you make it in advance?

    Absolutely. You can make it well in advance and refrigerate. Just let it completely cool. Then, transfer it to an airtight dish, or lid-jar, and store it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

    Remember, that unlike most store-bought versions which contain oils, the homemade buffalo sauce contains butter. Therefore, it will not hold as long even when refrigerated. So, it is best to use it within 2 weeks.

    How To Make Buffalo Sauce With 3 Ingredients

    Learn how to make Buffalo Sauce with just three ingredients!Homemade buffalo sauce is spicy, tangy, easy to make, and versatile, too. Youll want to make your own buffalo sauce every time!

    Hot wing sauce is perfect for all kinds of dishes, from homemade buffalo wings to buffalo ranch dip, cauliflower bites, and more! The best part about this recipe is that it uses just three ingredients and is ready in 5 minutes.

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    Homemade Buffalo Sauce Recipe

    Over the past week Ive been whipping up my husbands love language. All things buffalo.

    Matt pours buffalo sauce over everything. Pulled pork. Wings. Burgers. Potatoes. Popcorn. Salad. You name name the food and hes probably put his favorite sauce on it.

    Hes perfectly content with his store-bought sauce but I wanted to see what he thought of a homemade sauce. His reaction after these buffalo wings? He was in love. With the sauce itself and me for making the sauce. The homemade buffalo sauce allowed him to control the amount of spice for what he was feeling at the moment. And the rich buttery flavor? Delicious.

    Moores Buffalo Wing Sauce

    Whats Cooking – Chicken With Mustard Sauce – 24 Aug 2015

    This sauce is definitely one of the more lauded of the ones in the Best Buffalo Sauce 2021 category. This is a versatile sauce since it can be used for other purposes apart from just being traditional dips and sauces. The main flavour is enhanced thanks to quality Cayenne pepper being used. Prepared keeping in mind Kosher norms, this sauce is a rarity and is also gluten-free. It does not contain any added MSG and the flavour has literally won awards. The only downside is that the official website has closed taking direct orders due to the Covid situation. There is however enough incentive on our parts to find a retailer nearby since the sauce is that good. The quality justifies it being featured on the list. The marinate recipe online if followed can improve the taste like no other to be sure.

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    Whats In Buffalo Sauce

    Buffalo wing sauce can be made with a simple combination of just two ingredients: hot sauce and butter. The only hot sauce I recommend for homemade buffalo sauce is Franks RedHot Original Cayenne Hot Sauce.

    Usually made with a ratio of 2 parts hot sauce to 1 part butter, some recipes are made with additional ingredients including garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, white vinegar, cayenne pepper, and paprika.

    For a sweeter wing sauce, try adding a little honey or maple syrup.

    Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce Hotter Recipe

    Available anywhere in the US, this is another cult favourite among sauce aficionados. The shipping time as per most websites is just about 24-48 hours that is ridiculously fast. It costs under 5 US dollars which also makes it a steal deal. 12 ounces of the product can be made by anyone and does not contain any margarine like other buffalo sauces.

    This product is made with cayenne pepper and also contains the right amounts of other ingredients such as garlic, salt and a dash of distilled vinegar. The cayenne pepper in an increased ratio makes it hotter than the original version as well. Half a cup of this sauce is enough to spice up 12-16 whole chicken wings. One may also go by the measure of 2.5 pounds of chicken for the same. The recipe is just the same as the standard Buffalo wings sauce but minor tweaks can make it even better. For instance, you can mix it with Franks Red Hot Sauce and red or white vinegar. This is a good measure to keep the taste intact as the original.

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    Best Buffalo Sauce : Top Brands Review

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    We have put together the best Buffalo Sauces of 2021 that is going to blow your mind. They are all reminiscent of the best flavors of restaurants that you may have experienced. The ideal Buffalo Sauce is the admixture of vinegar, hot sauces, butter and Worcestershire sauce. Ironically the name in itself is not connected to buffaloes at all. This sauce was popularised by a very small family-owned food joint at Buffalo, New York.

    I Poured All Of The Sauces On A Plate So That I Could Compare Them Visually Before Chowing Down

    Mojo &  Vegetable Sauce, De Mi Pais Whats a better way to condiment your ...

    All of the sauces looked similar when I poured them on a plate, though some were thicker than others.

    Archie Moore’s and Buffalo Wild Wings were the thickest, while Frank’s was particularly thin. I anticipated the thicker sauces to have the strongest taste.

    Together, they looked like a monochromatic paint palette.

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