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Bloody Mary’s Best Friend: The Pepper Plant Original California

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Heat level: Mild to moderate

Flavor: If you hit up the Mexican restaurants and diners around Carmel or Monterey, this is the stuff you’ll be pouring on your eggs. It has a flavor dominated by dried herbs and dried garlic, which would typically get dings in my book. But somehow, it seems to work just fine in this context. It’s by far the saltiest sauce I tried, but sometimes saltiness is what you crave. If I were nursing a Sunday-morning hangover, this is the one I’d reach for to spice up my Bloody Mary or michelada.

Is Hot Sauce Keto

Some hot sauces contain added sugar that adds 1 to 2 grams of carbohydrates to each serving. The ketogenic diet allows for a little sugar, as long as it’s under the daily carb limit. This means that many types of hot sauce will be okay in moderation as long as you pay attention to the servings and keep the carb count low the remainder of the day. Make sure youre reading ingredients lists and nutrition labels.

But Really Why Should You Make Your Own Hot Sauce

I prefer making my own sauce for two reasons, the first of which is acidity. Acidity is essential to a hot sauce. Its what keeps it shelf-stable, and its also a big part of what makes hot sauces zing.

You know that feeling you get in the corners of your mouth when you suck on sour candy? Thats acidity, baby. Thats the zing.

When the acidity in a hot sauce is well-balanced, it adds to the overall flavor. When it’s not balanced, like in many grocery store hot sauces, the acidity of the vinegar overpowers the flavor of the sauce, and shows up as a separate, wholly unpleasant burning sensation, rather than a flavor-booster.

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What Makes The Hot Sauces Small

We work exclusively with small batch hot sauce makers, many of whom are just starting out in the industry! That means their sauces are made with love by hand in shared kitchens or co-packing spaces, versus mass-produced in factories like some of the grocery store brands . It also makes it possible for them to use high quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients ranging from garlic, jalapeno, vinegar, habanero pepper, carrot, cilantro, and much more.

The Best Beginner Hot Sauce: Valentina Black Label


Looking for an upgrade to the stock standard Tabasco, Sriracha, or Franks? This is it. Valentina is, what Id call, an everyday hot sauce. Put it in your eggs, your salad dressing, your stir fry, hell even your popcorn. Its mild enough that it wont overpower your dish but definitely brings the heat. And, if youre grabbing Valentina Hot Sauce, make sure its the muy picante black label. $9/pack of 2

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A Childhood Favorite Returns: Todd’s Inner Beauty

Heat level: Hot

Flavor: Anyone who’s lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the last several decades is familiar with Inner Beauty, the hot sauce made famous at Chris Schlesinger’s East Coast Grill. His original recipe, which blends mustard with habanero peppers, molasses, Chardonnay wine, honey, and a whole slew of tropical fruit juices, is the kind of thing you’d come up with only in an expanded mental state. Throughout my childhood, my dad kept a bottle of Inner Beauty in our fridge door at all times, so I was saddened to hear that the sauce was being discontinued.

Thankfully, Todd’s Salsa, out of Bangor, Maine, decided to revive the sauce a few years back. The first taste I had of that distinctly mustardy, tropical flavor was an immediate punch in the mouth that sent me back in time to those early, formative years of hot sauce tasting. It’s exactly as I remember, and just as glorious. This stuff really shines on grilled seafood, but it’s a great all-purpose sauce you’ll want to keep in your fridge door, just like my dad did.

Curry And Spice: Iguana Gold Island Pepper Sauce

Heat level: Hot

Flavor: This sauce gets its bright gold color from cayenne peppers, mustard, and turmericit’s definitely the most curry-forward of all the Caribbean-style hot sauces in this lineup. Uniquely, it contains cucumbers , which have a welcome cooling effect in the face of all that heat. It hits you fast, but doesn’t linger long. Try it on fried eggs.

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Great For Barbecue: Pain Is Good Louisiana

Heat level: Moderate

Flavor: Sweet and spicy, with an umami backbone thanks to Worcestershire sauce. Despite its name, it’s not really “Louisiana-style” in any sense that I can identify. It has some smokiness, and a thick texture that makes it more like a cross between Kansas Citystyle barbecue sauce and hot sauce. That’s not a bad thing. I’d reach for this one to dip my ribs in.

Welcome To Hot Sauces Unlimited

Hilah’s Texas HOT SAUCE!!! Hilah Cooking

If you love hot and spicy foods, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide variety of Fiery and Gourmet Foods. You’ll always get friendly customer service, great prices and flat rate shipping for all of Canada.

Our inventory includes over 500 carefully chosen and curated hot sauces for your spicy enjoyment. Most are small batch produced by artisan saucemakers from across Canada & the USA. Caring for the environment is very important to us. Every order is carefully packed using only 100% recyclable packaging. Its official. Heat Wave Hot Sauce Expo will be returning to London Ontario, May 28-29, 2022, and we are very excited to be back again as the presenting sponsor!! There will be over 40 vendors and plenty of hot sauce sampling. Please visit the official Heat Wave website: .. Heat Wave Hot Sauce Expo ….. for more details and to purchase tickets!!

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Tastes Like Fancy Booze: Blis Blast Hot Pepper Sauce

Heat level: Mild

Flavor: BLiS is a chef’s hot sauce. The creators are probably most famous for their bourbon-barrel-aged maple syrup, and that syrup plays a unique role in their hot sauce. No, the sauce doesn’t contain any actual maple syrup, but the sauce base, made from cayenne, árbol, and chipotle chilies, is aged for a year in barrels that have previously aged bourbon, maple syrup, and Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. The result is a hot sauce with an insanely complex, layered flavor profile that you’ll almost want to sip from a whiskey glass.

The Best Hot Sauce For Eggs: Zabs Hot Sauce

There are few things better than a dash of zippy hot sauce on a plate of scrambled eggs. Wed say any of the above would work perfectly fine but Zabs OG Hot Sauce is the champion of breakfasts. This datil pepper-based sauce is made with carrots, onions, garlic, and other spices for a balanced sauce that doesnt skimp on heat. Zabs goes great on anything but works best on huevos rancheros, breakfast sandwiches, and omelets. $12

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The Best Hype Hot Sauce: Hot Ones The Last Dab

Recreate your favorite Youtube show with the certified Hot Ones hot sauce: The Last Dab. The Reaper Edition variant features the eponymous Carolina Reaperas mentioned above, known as the hottest pepper on Earth. Those brave enough to try The Last Dab have remarked that it is in fact very flavorful for the heat profile. Though, we wouldnt blame you if you purchased the Hot Ones hot sauce for the hype value alone. $20

Bright And Fruity: Char Man Caribbean Hot Sauce


Heat level: Moderate to hot

Flavor: Char Man is fruity and tropical, with mango and pineapple flavors mingling with a few curry-esque spices. It’s made with a combination of three different chilies that pack a not-insane but moderately hot punch. I’d use this sauce on grilled chicken or fish, or mixed into beans and rice.

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Dance Party: Matouk’s Calypso Sauce

Heat level: Moderate to hot

Flavor: Tasting this ketchup-thick hot sauce for the first time, you’d swear that there was tropical fruit in it. But nope, that’s just the fruity pickled Scotch bonnet peppers you’re tasting. There’s garlic, mustard, and celery seed in the bottle, too, but there must be some kind of magic going on to make the flavors of mangoes and pineapples appear where they aren’t. In any case, it’s darned delicious on eggs and sandwiches.

Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

Billed as a Tex-Mex and Caribbean hybrid, this sauce has a base of habaneros and roasted tomatoes, but the flavor is rounded out with mustard, turmeric, “spices,” and…I don’t know…magic? Advocates of the Aardvark say it goes well with anything: burgers, eggs, pizza, etc. Suzanne on Amazon called it “Incredible! Really yummy, smokey, with a hint of citrus flavor.” Made in Portland, Oregon, it’s become nearly as ubiquitous on restaurant tables there as ketchup.

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How Do You Make Hot Sauce Whats It Made Of

The traditional way of making hot sauce involves fermenting either straight hot peppers or a mix of hot and sweet peppers and other aromatic veggies . When the fermentation time is up, the whole shebang is blended with vinegar until smooth as silk. To help keep the hot sauce from separating, emulsifiers are usually used during the blending processwe recommend xanthan gumwhich keeps the hot sauce smooth when bottled.

Extreme Heat And Extreme Flavor: Bigfat’s 7o8 7 Pot Citrus

Top 10 Best BBQ Sauces in the Grocery Store

Heat level: Really frickin’ hot

Flavor: Hoo boy, this is some hot stuff. Over the course of my tasting, there were many nights when I re-sampled a few dozen hot sauces at a time. If I didn’t forget to leave this one for the end, I’d have to wait half an hour for my mouth to recover before I could even taste anything else. It’s seriously hot, but also has great orange and pineapple flavors. The real secret ingredient is sweet-tart pomegranate molasses.*

I once made a bottle of hot sauce for my father-in-law featuring pomegranate molasses. I thought I was the only one!

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How Is Heatonist Related To Hot Ones

We partner with the Hot Ones team to source the best hot sauces from small batch makers for each seasons lineup! When the First We Feast team approached us way back in 2015, we never could have imagined how popular the show would become, but we knew we shared a love for high quality hot sauce and unique flavor. The rest is history! Weve since created the lines of Hot Ones hot sauces, including Hot Ones The Classic, Hot Ones Los Calientes and Hot Ones The Last Dab, and are the official source for Hot Ones Packs like the Season 16 Hot Ones 10 Pack.

Huy Fong Sriracha In Bottle

Yeah, you can get standard Sriracha bottles on Amazon, but these packets are perfect for stashing in your bag, your back pocket, or your desk drawer to fuel that Sriracha craving, whenever, wherever. And the bottle shape of the packets isn’t just for the cute factorthey also serve as easier-to-rip-off tops than your standard fiddle-with-each-corner-til-the-ketchup-explodes-all-over-your-shirt condiment packet. Stop stealing handfuls of mediocre hot sauce packets from your deli. Spring for the good stuff because you’re worth it.

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Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

When you think of Sriracha, the iconic, squeezable bottle of Huy Fong Foods hot sauce likely comes to mind. The story of how this chili sauce came to be is, to say the least, remarkable. The creator, David Tran, fled communist Vietnam by way of a Taiwanese freighter called Huey Fong, which later became the inspiration for his company Huy Fong Foods. Today, Tran makes one of the most reputable Sriracha sauces in the nation.

Wing Time Garlic Buffalo Wing Sauce


This hot sauce starts with cayenne peppers and tomatoes. And then they add the Parmesan cheese. Yes, Parmesan cheese. Which is no doubt the reason that proponents call it the “creamy sauce that met hot sauce and made even terrible ramen taste like Heaven on Earth.” Also, this is obviously the best hot sauce for wingsimagine your standard Buffalo wings, but creamier and with more umami flavor.

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La Costea Mexican Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is in a league of its own. The second ingredient listed on the La Costeña label is carrots, followed by red jalapeño peppers, vinegar, onion, dried peppers, and wheat flour. Those who abide by a gluten-free lifestyle should, unfortunately, steer clear of this tasty sauce, though. Don’t worrythere are plenty of others on this list for you to enjoy instead!

How Can You Thicken Hot Sauce

There are two ways to thicken hot sauce. You can bring it to a slow boil over medium heat, uncovered, and let any excess water evaporate. Once the hot sauce cools down, it will be slightly thicker.

The other option is to add a thickener, like cornstarch or arrowroot powder. Mix 1 teaspoon of cornstarch or arrowroot with 2 teaspoons of water for each cup of hot sauce and then stir into the sauce over medium heat. Continue stirring for about 5 minutes or until the sauce thickens. Remove from heat and allow to coolthe sauce will thicken even more once it cools.

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Hot Sauce The Spicy Teaser With Tradition

The first hot sauce was made over 140 years ago in the USA. At that time, the McIlhenny family came up with the idea to grind the Chilli peppers growing on their property, mix them with salt and store them in wooden barrels. After several years of storage, the paste was then mixed with vinegar and the extremely hot sauce was finished. When the American Civil War came to an end in 1965, there were many people who had made their own hot sauces. That’s why the McIlhenny family patented their recipe. The sauce got the name “Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce” and today it stands in every supermarket shelf all around the world.

The name “Hot Sauce” has now established itself in many countries, as is the case with many anglicisms. . In Spanish-speaking countries the hot sauce is called “Salsa Picante” which means exactly that – namely “hot sauce. The name has also established in our home region as hot sauce. However, there is also the term “Chilli sauce”, which however – in fact – refers to a different kind of sauce. Find out more here.

For Habanero Lovers: Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat

Best Hot Sauce! Tabasco Family Reserve Pepper Sauce Review Opinion

Heat level: Hot

Flavor: This stuff is the real deal, and you’ll see it on virtually every tabletop in Belize. The ingredients include onions, garlic, tomatoes, and a number of other flavorings, but all you really taste is that sweet, fruity habanero. It has a relentless heat, in part because of added pure capsicum oil. It’s one of my favorites.

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So Good You’ll Forget How Hot It Is: El Yucateco Xxxtra Hot Salsa Kutbil

Heat level: Very hot

Flavor: I love this stuff intensely. The main flavor is that of fruity habanero chilies that have been charred to give them a distinct smokiness. Multiple times a month, I bring it to the table and start adding it willy-nilly to my food, before realizing that, once again, I was so looking forward to its flavor that I completely forgot about its not-insignificant heat. My wife, Adri, finds this amusing. I don’t know why I keep doing it over and over, but I don’t carethat flavor is worth it.

A Lime Lover’s Hot Sauce: Sinclair’s Fatalii Hot Sauce

Heat level: Hot

Flavor: Sinclair’s Fatalii has a strong lime flavor that pairs nicely with citrusy Fatalii peppers. If you’re a fan of lime-flavored tortilla chips, its aroma is quite similar if you’re not, you might want to pass on this bottle. With apple cider vinegar as its first ingredient, it also starts and finishes with a mouth-puckering vinegariness. I’d pair it with creamy or rich foods, like quesadillas, pizza, and macaroni and cheese.

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Ginger And Pineapple: Lucky Dog Year Of The Dog Thai Chile Pineapple Hot Sauce

Heat level: Hot

Flavor: Looking at the ingredient list before you taste this is gonna leave you baffled. How can pineapple, honey, toasted onion, mustard flour, ginger, and sesame seeds all taste good together? But it works out nicely, with a sort of Southeast Asian flair over a base flavor that’s still firmly rooted in Western-style hot sauces.

Dl Jardine’s Blazin’ Saddle Xxx Hot Sauce

Crystal Louisiana Hot Sauce 355ml

KatieD on Amazon put it right: “This is my favorite hot sauce. My obsession is real and I’m not even slightly ashamed. It has a kick that will get you, but the taste is amazing and is worth the sting.” This sauce is deservedly popular in its home state of Texas. Now you can make it a thing in your home state, too.

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How To Make Hot Sauce

Before we get into that, heres a quick explainer on what the hell is even in these hot sauces.

All hot sauces begin with a pepper. Youve likely passed most of these in the produce section of your grocery store. Habanero, serrano, fresno, jalapeño. But, some hot sauce brands opt for more obscure varieties like scotch bonnet, ghost pepper, or the dreaded Carolina Reaper.

In addition to one or a variety of spicy peppers, youll need some vinegar and some other aromatics like ginger, garlic, and of course salt and black pepper. Blend it all up and voila youve got your own homemade hot sauce.

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