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Our team of experts put 17 hot sauces to the test in our hottest and most daring test ever. Our culinary and editorial teams judged all of the sauces according to these standards:

  • Flavor: What are the flavors in the hot sauce? What type of spice and peppers are prominent?
  • Balance of heat: Is the hot sauce just hot? Are there other flavors to give the heat some complexity?
  • Consistency: Is the hot sauce runny, thick or somewhere in-between?

Melinda’s Original Habanero Pepper Sauce

Home cook and breadmaker Laura Wolfgang freely admitted to buying this hot sauce at the airport on a return trip from Mexicoeven though it’s pretty widely available in the States. Laura loves the mild heat and “lovely flavor” and doesn’t care if you judge her for not coming home with something more esoteric.

The Worlds Best Hot Sauces According To People Who Know Hot Sauce

With over 90 unique hot sauces, Pepper Palace has the best hot sauce for every taste. Looking for something mild or fruity? Check out our mild hot sauces – the perfect blend of flavor and spice to complement any dish. Prefer a hot sauce that will light you up and make you breathe fire? Look no further – our x-hot and extreme hot sauces are reserved for only the most hardcore chili-heads. For everyone else, try our medium and hot hot sauces for that perfect balance of flavor with a kick.

Which hot sauce is best?

We dont want to toot our own horn, but our hot sauces have won multiple awards which we would say makes them, objectively, the best hot sauces in the world. Everyone has their own favorite, though, so why not go on a taste-test adventure to decide for yourself? Start with our best sellers or chat with a sauce boss for help picking the best hot sauce.

Is hot sauce good for you?

Rejoice, because your favorite condiment is not only delicious but its also good for you. The main ingredient in hot sauce is capsaicin, that devilish little minx that puts the hot in hot sauce. Fortunately, it does more than just torture unassuming frat boys – capsaicin is also reported to help with weight loss and appetite control, boost your immune system, and make you happier. So skip the fad diets, pour on the sauce, and cheers to your good health!

Does hot sauce go bad?

Who invented hot sauce?

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What Is The Best Hot Sauce You Carry

That depends on you! Looking for a starter sauce with easygoing heat? Check out our best mild hot sauces that pair well with everything from a hot dog or pulled pork. Looking for a scorching hot wing sauce? Shop the hottest hot sauces here. Goldilocks types can find our medium hot hot sauces here, for everything from tacos to chicken breast.

Tastes Like Fancy Booze: Blis Blast Hot Pepper Sauce

Top 25 Best Hot Sauces Brand 2020

Heat level: Mild

Flavor: BLiS is a chefs hot sauce. The creators are probably most famous for their bourbon-barrel-aged maple syrup, and that syrup plays a unique role in their hot sauce. No, the sauce doesnt contain any actual maple syrup, but the sauce base, made from cayenne, árbol, and chipotle chilies, is aged for a year in barrels that have previously aged bourbon, maple syrup, and Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. The result is a hot sauce with an insanely complex, layered flavor profile that youll almost want to sip from a whiskey glass.

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Bright And Fruity: Char Man Caribbean Hot Sauce

Heat level: Moderate to hot

Flavor: Char Man is fruity and tropical, with mango and pineapple flavors mingling with a few curry-esque spices. Its made with a combination of three different chilies that pack a not-insane but moderately hot punch. Id use this sauce on grilled chicken or fish, or mixed into beans and rice.

Wing Time Garlic Buffalo Wing Sauce

This hot sauce starts with cayenne peppers and tomatoes. And then they add the Parmesan cheese. Yes, Parmesan cheese. Which is no doubt the reason that proponents call it the creamy sauce that met hot sauce and made even terrible ramen taste like Heaven on Earth. Also, this is obviously the best hot sauce for wingsimagine your standard Buffalo wings, but creamier and with more umami flavor.

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The Last Dab Apollo Scoville Rating

Seeing as the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X peppers are the Apollo peppers parents, this sauce is ferociously spicy. However, the exact Scoville rating is still TBA. For now, well give our best guess based on previous Last Dab Scoville ratings and the Apollo peppers origin. Check back for updates here as we learn more from official sources.

Simply put, Last Dab Apollo likely has a Scoville rating of 2.5 million+ SHUs, though an official rating has yet to be announced. After tasting, I wouldnt be surprised by a Scoville rating in this territory. However, the Pepper Geeks both agreed that The Constrictor hot sauce, made of reapers, was hotter.

See where some other superhot sauces stack up on the Scoville scale.

Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Hilah’s Texas HOT SAUCE!!! Hilah Cooking

When you think of Sriracha, the iconic, squeezable bottle of Huy Fong Foods hot sauce likely comes to mind. The story of how this chili sauce came to be is, to say the least, remarkable. The creator, David Tran, fled communist Vietnam by way of a Taiwanese freighter called Huey Fong, which later became the inspiration for his company Huy Fong Foods. Today, Tran makes one of the most reputable Sriracha sauces in the nation.

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About Da Bomb Beyond Insanity

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce is a notorious player in the hot sauce world. It has long held a spot on the Hot Ones show lineup, currently at the #8 spot. Honestly, Hot Ones wouldnt be as great of a show without Da Bomb. It horrifies guests on a regular basis, so naturally, we had to see what it was like here are Pepper Geek.

Da Bomb comes to us from a seemingly tiny store in Kansas City called Spicin Foods. Were not sure how such a small manufacturer could make so many people suffer, yet they do.

In this article, well give you our thoughts on Da Bomb hot sauce. I hope you enjoy the results of our pain.

Heat: 5/5Among the hottest out there.Flavor: 1/5 Acidic, almost chemical aftertaste. Value: 3/5 Not terribly expensive for 4oz.The bottle will last forever.Overall rating: 2/5For the most part, an unusable show-piece

How To Make Hot Sauce

Before we get into that, heres a quick explainer on what the hell is even in these hot sauces.

All hot sauces begin with a pepper. Youve likely passed most of these in the produce section of your grocery store. Habanero, serrano, fresno, jalapeño. But, some hot sauce brands opt for more obscure varieties like scotch bonnet, ghost pepper, or the dreaded Carolina Reaper.

In addition to one or a variety of spicy peppers, youll need some vinegar and some other aromatics like ginger, garlic, and of course salt and black pepper. Blend it all up and voila youve got your own homemade hot sauce.

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So Good Youll Forget How Hot It Is: El Yucateco Xxxtra Hot Salsa Kutbil

Heat level: Very hot

Flavor: I love this stuff intensely. The main flavor is that of fruity habanero chilies that have been charred to give them a distinct smokiness. Multiple times a month, I bring it to the table and start adding it willy-nilly to my food, before realizing that, once again, I was so looking forward to its flavor that I completely forgot about its not-insignificant heat. My wife, Adri, finds this amusing. I dont know why I keep doing it over and over, but I dont carethat flavor is worth it.

Last Dab Apollo Review And Flavor

Best hot sauce shop

First off, The Last Dab Apollo takes a major departure from previous Last Dab sauces. This hot sauce is made up of 2 major ingredients, peppers, and vinegar. There are technically 4 ingredients, but 3 of them are derived from the Apollo pepper.

The result, a relatively flat flavor with explosive heat and not much else. This isnt necessarily bad, since some people use hot sauce to add heat to meals without changing the flavor. However, my recommendation to them would be to grow fresh peppers and use those instead much more rewarding.

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We Bring Flavor And Spice To Food And To Life

Whats life without flavor and spice? Boring and repetitive, thats what. Life without flavor is a starched white shirt. Its melba toast. Life without flavor is just plain wrong. And were not going to allow it. Our daily mission is to share flavor with chiliheads everywhere who crave it.

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Nando’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce

This blend of four chiles, including cayenne and African bird’s eye, plus lemon and garlic, started out at a Portuguese restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s now the signature sauce of a chain of fast-casual restaurants. As you can tell from the logo, and the restaurants, it goes well with chicken, but I think you’ll find plenty of other things to put it on, too.

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How Is Heatonist Related To Hot Ones

We partner with the Hot Ones team to source the best hot sauces from small batch makers for each seasons lineup! When the First We Feast team approached us way back in 2015, we never could have imagined how popular the show would become, but we knew we shared a love for high quality hot sauce and unique flavor. The rest is history! Weve since created the lines of Hot Ones hot sauces, including Hot Ones The Classic, Hot Ones Los Calientes and Hot Ones The Last Dab, and are the official source for Hot Ones Packs like the Season 16 Hot Ones 10 Pack.

The Best Hype Hot Sauce: Hot Ones The Last Dab

Grow The Top 10 Hot Sauce Peppers

Recreate your favorite Youtube show with the certified Hot Ones hot sauce: The Last Dab. The Reaper Edition variant features the eponymous Carolina Reaperas mentioned above, known as the hottest pepper on Earth. Those brave enough to try The Last Dab have remarked that it is in fact very flavorful for the heat profile. Though, we wouldnt blame you if you purchased the Hot Ones hot sauce for the hype value alone. $20

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More About The Apollo Pepper

Smokin Ed is constantly experimenting with new pepper crosses, so naturally, the Apollo pepper was born from this practice.

The Apollo pepper reportedly comes from cross breeding the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X pepper plants.

These are both intensely spicy varieties, though no one has really been able to taste the Pepper X in raw pepper form.

The name presumably comes from the Greek god Apollo, known as the god of sun and light. The sun is hot, the pepper is hot, voila. It could also have to do with the Apollo NASA missions. This sauce could secretly be rocket-powered, who knows.

A Lime Lovers Hot Sauce: Sinclairs Fatalii Hot Sauce

Heat level: Hot

Flavor: Sinclairs Fatalii has a strong lime flavor that pairs nicely with citrusy Fatalii peppers. If youre a fan of lime-flavored tortilla chips, its aroma is quite similar if youre not, you might want to pass on this bottle. With apple cider vinegar as its first ingredient, it also starts and finishes with a mouth-puckering vinegariness. Id pair it with creamy or rich foods, like quesadillas, pizza, and macaroni and cheese.

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Dave’s Gourmet Crazy Caribbean Hot Sauce

This spicy sauce is definitely on fire, thanks to a generous dose of Puerto Rican red habaneros. The secret ingredientcarrotsadds a bit of sweetness and earthiness to the flavor profile. One Amazon reviewer said that the price is a steal since one bottle contains “more hot sauce than one person would ever be able to use in a lifetime.” Challenge accepted.

What Is Your Hottest Hot Sauce

10 Best Hot Sauces Subscription Clubs of 2020

The hottest sauce in our hot sauce collection is Hot Ones The Last Dab: Apollo! It features a new pepper bred by the notorious pepper scientist Smokin Ed Currie of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company called The Apollo Pepper, which is a descendant of one of his other infamous chilis: Pepper X. Smokin Ed estimates The Apollo clocks in well over 3 million Scoville heat units making it the worlds hottest pepper. The Last Dab: Apollo is the only hot sauce recipe in the world to use The Apollo Pepper.

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Is Da Bomb Hot Sauce Any Good

Despite some of the negative comments that we have seen about this sauce on the internet, it isnt ALL bad. For instance, this sauce would be excellent for making homemade bear repellent. Or, you could use it to seek revenge on your worst enemy and make an insanely hot salsa for their cookout. Other than that, I dont think this sauce will play a part inany great recipes.

  • If you enjoy painful meals, this will work on almost anything!
  • Try one drop in a giant pot of chili or soup
  • Use it to prank your friends or have your own hot sauce challenge
  • Use it for aversion therapy

The aroma is actually not too bad on Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. It smells very pepper-forward with some citrus notes. But then comes the actual flavor. As soon as it hits your mouth, an explosion of fiery heat hits hard. The flavors are harsh and strange with too much citrus and not enough pepper. What pepper flavor does make it though tastes strange, likely due to the use of pepper extract, or natural pepper flavor.

Though the flavor is nothing great, that isnt really the purpose for this sauce. Its meant to be a gag, a challenge, or a prank for friends to play around with. It isnt so hot that youll fear for death, but youll definitely be sweating, and thats the whole point.

Hot Sauce The Spicy Teaser With Tradition

The first hot sauce was made over 140 years ago in the USA. At that time, the McIlhenny family came up with the idea to grind the Chilli peppers growing on their property, mix them with salt and store them in wooden barrels. After several years of storage, the paste was then mixed with vinegar and the extremely hot sauce was finished. When the American Civil War came to an end in 1965, there were many people who had made their own hot sauces. Thats why the McIlhenny family patented their recipe. The sauce got the name Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce and today it stands in every supermarket shelf all around the world.

The name Hot Sauce has now established itself in many countries, as is the case with many anglicisms. . In Spanish-speaking countries the hot sauce is called Salsa Picante which means exactly that namely hot sauce. The name has also established in our home region as hot sauce. However, there is also the term Chilli sauce, which however in fact refers to a different kind of sauce. Find out more here.

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Welcome To Hot Sauces Unlimited

If you love hot and spicy foods, youve come to the right place. We have a wide variety of Fiery and Gourmet Foods. Youll always get friendly customer service, great prices and flat rate shipping for all of Canada.

Our inventory includes over 500 carefully chosen and curated hot sauces for your spicy enjoyment. Most are small batch produced by artisan saucemakers from across Canada & the USA. Caring for the environment is very important to us. Every order is carefully packed using only 100% recyclable packaging. Its official. Heat Wave Hot Sauce Expo will be returning to London Ontario, May 28-29, 2022, and we are very excited to be back again as the presenting sponsor!! There will be over 40 vendors and plenty of hot sauce sampling. Please visit the official Heat Wave website: .. Heat Wave Hot Sauce Expo.. for more details and to purchase tickets!!

La Comandanta Salsa Bien Macha


Salsa macha is a Mexican-style chile crisp that typically contains a variety of nuts or seeds. La Comandanta’s delivers a mild heat, and gets its texture from toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds. It’s great on top of eggs, or over a bowl of creamy grits. Be sure to stash thisand any oil-based hot saucein your fridge.

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Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Scoville & Spiciness

Da Bomb has made a name for itself as one of the go-to super hot sauces. This stuff hits harder than almost anything weve tried, with a lasting burn. That is kind of the point of this sauce to get a reaction. Weve seen plenty of great reactions from celebrities trying a wing with Da Bomb slathered on thick.

The simple fact is that Da Bomb Beyond Insanity comes in at 135,600 SHUs on the Scoville Scale. However, we feel that the experience feels much hotter than some sauces rated at 1M SHUs or higher. Simply put, this is one of the hottest hot sauces we have reviewed to date. The heat comes more from pepper extract than from actual superhot peppers, but it is still pretty shocking to try.

Tip: Dont eat a lot of this hot sauce. A small dab is plenty to experience the heat. If you want to suffer, try more, but dont say we didnt warn you!

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