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Gluten Free Soy Sauce

Tomato sauce with fresh fish

Many of our readers have asked for gluten free recipes and we have done our best to develop and also point out our naturally gluten free recipes for those folks who have a gluten free diet or Celiacs disease. The best start is to use gluten free ingredients and sauces but unfortunately, most soy sauces do contain wheat. Now, we can thank food manufacturers who have begun making gluten free soy sauce products! Kikkoman now makes a gluten free soy sauce:

Lee Kum Kee has also stepped up to the plate with a gluten free soy sauce as well!

Thai Fish Sauce Taste Test

I have recently done a taste test on seven Thai brands of fish sauce that, according to a private poll, are the easiest to find in the United States. Though there are many other brands in the US market, were going to focus on these Thai brands. This is because they are made specifically for Thai food, and Thai food is what this blog covers well, most of the time. Ill write about the non-Thai brands, which are intentionally excluded, in the sequel to this post.

The top tier

Golden Boy Ingredients: Anchovy, salt, sugar

Ingredients: Water, anchovy extract, salt, sugarPurchase price: $.28/milliliter

Ingredients: Anchovy, salt, sugarPurchase price: $.33/milliliter

These three are excellent in terms of taste and aroma. The flavor is complex and mellow salty with a caramel note with no weird aftertaste. You can detect the sweet, fishy perfume in your mouth when you take it, uh, neat.

With Tra Chang boasting one-year aging and Golden Boy being such a prominent brand, Im tempted to say they score a tad higher than Tiparos. But, honestly, the difference isnt noticeable to me. All of these are award-winning brands that are well known and widely used in Thailand.

The middle tier

ingredients: Anchovy extract, salt, sugarPurchase price: $.28/milliliter

Cock Brand Ingredients: Anchovy, salt, sugarPurchase price: $.59/milliliter

A Quick And Easy Tartar Sauce Recipe

Making tartar sauce by yourself is very easy and requires only a few ingredients. Plus, you can adjust the flavor and add different seasonings based on what you like, too. We have chosen the easiest and quickest tartar sauce recipe that requires only five minutes and nine ingredients. Here is the recipe from SweetySalado!


  • 2 tablespoons small diced dill pickles
  • 1 tablespoon capers

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How Long Is Fry Sauce Good

It is always good to store fry sauce in an airtight container and stored in the refrigerator. It is best to use it within 3 to 5 days from making it. You can make it ahead of time but again, make sure the fry sauce is used within 3 to 5 days. When ready to serve, simply stir it together and enjoy cold! I do not recommend freezing this sauce. It would separate when thawed and have water condensation.

Pay Attention To The Expiration Date

Mezzetta Sauce, Marinara (24.5 oz) from Stop &  Shop ...

In general, an unopened bottle of tartar sauce has a shelf life between 12 to 18 months. We suggest you check the words best by and best before on the label. Even though it cant guarantee the specific date for safe consumption, youll at least know the estimated date for its best taste and quality.

Once opened, it usually lasts for about six months in the refrigerator. But sometimes it can go bad before the expiration date, too! This depends on how well you store the product. We suggest you store it in a dry and cool area to maintain quality.

How can you tell when its time to throw out your sauce? If you notice mold or a change in taste, texture, color, or smell, then it is probably time to toss it!

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Ground Bean Sauces And Pastes

These are savory Chinese sauces and pastes made from fermented dried black beans and their other leguminous cousins. Varieties include good old black bean sauce, spicy bean sauce, and red bean paste, among others. Instantly adding amazing flavor to various stir-fries, stews and other dishes, they can all usually be found stacked side by side in any Asian grocery store. Just look for the aisle with a dizzying array of soy sauces, vinegars, rice wines, hot sauces, and bean pastes. This particular Koon Chun brand of ground bean sauce has been around for some time and in Cantonese, our family called it meen see jeung and use it in stewed dishes and in Chinese BBQ spare rib sauces like in the recipe for Take Out Style Chinese Spare Ribs.

Ground bean sauce is also made with fermented yellow soybeans rather than black beans, but the overarching theme is always salty rather than sweet. One of Judys signature recipes that uses ground bean sauce is Beijing Fried Sauce Noodles . Try it out and were pretty sure youll be left wanting an I < 3 Ground Bean Sauce t-shirt.

Variations Of Fry Sauce:

Mix and match ingredients to have endless amounts of sauces for your fries and burgers. Try it with a little more heat or add in some fun juices for a sweet and tangy fry sauce.

Here are a few ideas to get started on trying:

  • Mayonnaise: It is best to enjoy the thick, rich texture of real mayonnaise but substitute it for miracle whip or a veganiese mayo for a preferred taste.
  • Spices: Black pepper, garlic powder or garlic salt are great ways to add in a strong flavoring. Just start with a dash and continue to add it as you go for the flavor you are hoping for.
  • Heat: Make this as hot and spicy as you would like. Tabasco sauce, hot sauce or some red pepper flakes are great ways to bring on some extra heat.
  • Juices: If you are not a fan of pickle juice try apple cider vinegar, lemon juice or even horseradish to give your mouth a kick of tanginess.

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These Are The Fish Sauces Chefs Swear By

Fish Fillet with Corn and Egg Sauce

    All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    At its most fundamental, fish sauce is what you get when anchovies and salt are left to ferment in a barrel and then pressed or filtered. Yet each brand is different some are mellow and earthy, well-suited to stand on their own as a sauce or dressing, or as an umami-rich stand-in for finishing salt. Others, perhaps more pungent or briny, are great to round out the overall flavor of a soup or stew or amp up the savory side of a marinade.

    While fish sauce is a fundamental element of many food cultures across Southeast Asia, cooks around the world love the stuff. I have a friend who was born in the Bronx, total Italian, and one day she said to me, Dont tell my kids, but I put a little fish sauce in my red sauce. So it has a lot of cross-cultural applications, its not only for Southeast Asian food, says Andrea Nguyen, author of Vietnamese Food Any Day.

    We spoke with Nguyen and five other cookbook authors and chefs about their favorite brands of fish sauce, and how they like to use each bottle.

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    Choose Packaging That Is Easy To Use

    Three main popular types of packaging are plastic bottles, glass jars, and packets. If you’re looking for a single serving, we suggest you choose packets. They’re one-time use, so you dont need to worry about having too much leftover sauce .

    But if you want to buy in a larger quantity, we suggest you choose a plastic squeeze bottle. A glass jar is heavy and may be difficult to use and store compared with other packaging types. But the good thing about glass containers is they’re usually free from chemicals like BPA.

    Hoisin Or Sweet Bean Sauce

    Sweet bean sauce is a thick, dark brown sauce made from wheat flour, sugar, salt, and fermented yellow soybeans. As the name suggests, the sauce is a bit sweeter than other salty bean pastes. Some brands and recipes use the terms hoisin sauce and sweet bean sauce interchangeably, but, generally, commercial Hoisin sauces are thinner, lighter and sweeter than a traditional sweet bean sauce. There are also some brands of sauce are not made with any beans but just wheat starch which can also be confusing.

    Sweet Bean sauce is a mainstay of northern Chinese regional cuisine like Beijing Zha Jiang Mian which should have a sauce with darker and thicker consistency. Hoisin Sauce is used more commonly in Cantonese style sauces used for restaurant dishes like Chinese BBQ Spareribs. Seasonings like garlic and chilies give hoisin sauce its unique sweet and savory flavor. In Beijing, its most famously used as a condiment for Peking duck. There are plenty of brands of Hoisin sauce out there, but this one by Lee Kum Kee is often the most readily available weve even spotted it in some non-Asian grocery stores!

    Vegetable Moo Shu with Mandarin Pancakes is a great dish for you vegetarians or you can also try our Moo Shu Chicken. Either way, make the homemade moo shu pancakes to have with both and apply hoisin sauce liberally to the pancakes before adding the filling and wrapping it!

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    Broad Bean Paste Or Spicy Bean Paste

    Red chili when salted or milled with broad beans produces a seriously tasty spicy bean paste that is the foundation of many great Chinese dishes . Theres a pretty large variety of chili bean pastes out there, made different by the addition of ingredients like minced garlic, preserved beans, beef, peanuts, chicken, almondsthe list goes on. Kinds sold at your average Asian grocery are typically made via a fermentation process and will be bright red or reddish-brown in color. Look for the Chinese characters or la douban jiang which means spicy bean paste and has the Chinese character for spicy, or la before the douban jiang.

    Broad bean paste is the king of Chinese sauces in Sichuan cooking and can be eaten with food directly as a condiment, or used as a seasoning in various marinades. In China broad bean paste made in Guilin is most renowned, reputed as the Three Treasures of Guilin, along with Guilin pickled tofu and Guilin Sanhua Jiu .

    We like to use Chengdu Jiuanfei Pixian Broad Bean Paste with Chili oil pictured on the left. It has a richer flavor and color than the Lee Kum Kee Chili Bean Sauce pictured on the right hopefully you can find either one at your local Asian grocery store.

    The Mala Market is a great resource for authentic, premium Sichuan ingredients. They offer a Pixian Doubanjiang sourced and packaged for them in Sichuan, as well as a super premium 3-year aged Pixian Doubanjiang.

    Nite Yun Chef At Nyum Bai In Oakland Ca

    Prego® Italian Sauce Flavored with Meat Sauce (24 oz) from ...

    If you find yourself striking up conversation with a chef about fish sauce, chances are one brand will cross their lips at one point or another, and that brand is Red Boat. The high-end fish sauce is a pantry essential for a broad swath of devoted chefs in the U.S. Nite Yun is one of those chefs, praising Red Boat for its clean and rounded umami character. At Yuns Cambodian restaurant, Nyum Bai in Oakland, she chooses Red Boat when she wants the flavor to really pop, mixing the fishy elixir with palm sugar syrup for a sweet and salty dressing for papaya salad. For seasoning stock, Yun sticks to Three Crabs, a brand she grew up eating.

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    Double Black Soy Sauce

    Double black soy is a super dark variety of soy sauce. Double black soy sauce is written in traditional Chinese characters as and pronounced in Cantonese dialect as sheung lo tao cho. If we use simplified Chinese characters, it is written as and pronounced as shung lo tóu chu. If youre not familiar with the differences in traditional and simplified Chinese characters, the simple explanation is that PRC or mainland China introduced the simplified character set in the 1950s. and the intent of simplified Chinese characters was to reduce the number of strokes in Chinese traditional characters to make Chinese easier to read and write. However, Hong Kong and Taiwan continued to use the traditional Chinese character set even to today. So, if you are asking older people from Hong Kong and Taiwan, the traditional characters will be more recognized than the simplified. The older generation of our Cantonese family still prefers to use Chinese traditional characters.

    All that to explain that Koon Chun is company who has been around for many years and still uses traditional Chinese characters on their products. You can see what I mean if you pay attention to the Chinese characters on the bottle. Many of our readers use product images and characters on bottles to ensure they are getting the right product when shopping at their local Chinese grocery store so I wanted to clear up any potential confusion.

    What Is Fry Sauce

    Fry sauce is known in Utah, southern Idaho and some parts of Oregon. It became famous quickly as at fast food restaurants. Now, it is sold in local grocery stores and famous throughout these main states. This recipe is so simple and full of flavor.

    This condiment is usually served with French fries, burgers and wraps. Of course, your imagination can be endless once you make it for yourself. The original recipe is made up of ketchup, mayonnaise and a variation of spices and liquid ingredients to create an amazing combination. It is a MUST make for sure!

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    What Stores Sell Fish Sauce

    • Amazon– You’ll be able to find a number of vegan fish sauce brands on Amazon, includingTofuna Fyshand24Vegan. This might be the best option if you’re not sure you can get vegan fish sauce in your area.
    • Walmart– Some Walmart stores stock vegan fish sauce in the condiment aisle.Check the store locator on Walmart’s website to see which stores carry it.
    • Whole Foods– Look for fish sauce in the condiment aisle as well as in the international aisle at Whole Foods.
    • Your Local Health Food Store– Any health food store will probably have vegan fish sauce in a vegan and vegetarian aisle or with sauces and condiments.
    • Asian Markets– You should have luck finding vegan fish sauce in many Asian markets.

    Andrea Nguyen Author Of Vietnamese Food Any Day


    Andrea Nguyen, who helped us with an in-depth fish sauce buying guide a few years back, considers fish sauce her secret weapon when any dish needs a little extra oomph. If Im making a pot of pozole and it just doesnt have quite the umami/savory depth that Im looking for, instead of reaching for salt Ill reach for my bottle of fish sauce and give a glug to the pot. Its even great in guacamole.

    Nguyen admits to having roughly 12 different brands of fish sauce in her pantry. For a brand that fits in the middle of the quality vs. affordability matrix, she recommends Megachef from Vietnam. The blue labeled version, she says, is geared toward Vietnamese cooking, offering a sweeter flavor profile that is soft and undulating. The brown-labeled bottle, which can be trickier to find, is Megachefs formulation for Thai cooking. She describes it as a bit saltier and more intense, noting it can stand up to the gutsy, earthy flavors of Thai food.

    As far as high-end options go, Nguyen is a fan Son Fish Sauce: The woman who makes it is 27 years old she is the 4th generation fish sauce maker, Andrea notes. This stuff has a very wonderful fragrance and great flavor. Its very umami-laden so I actually use like 20 to 30% less than I would with other fish sauces. Theres no sugar in it, and they just take it from the barrel and put it in the bottle. It is very pure and clean.

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    How To Make Fry Sauce Recipe:

    Again, I cant stress enough how simple this recipe easy. This is a tried and true favorite that tastes so good all the time.

  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl: In a small bowl combine mayonnaise ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, pickle brine, paprika, and a pinch of cayenne.
  • Serve: Serve with your favorite fries or use on a top of a burger!
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