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Sauce Bae Skinny Habanero 2500 Scovilles

Everything You Need to Know About The Last Dab, the Hottest Sauce on Hot Ones

All natural, this sauce has a tropical pineapple taste, which will add a nice zing to your wings or other foods. It also contains white vinegar, onion, garlic, turmeric, salt, cumin, black pepper, and ginger. The real heat, however, comes from, as the name implies, habaneros as well as jalapenos.

While its sweeter than other hot sauces, some fans will especially love that its low sodium and gluten-free. Its also an option, for particularly daring individuals, to use as a tangy salad dressing with a kick.

Pringles Just Teamed Up With Hot Ones For 3 Spicy New Flavors

Pringles is known for offering a wide variety of flavors, and now the brand has three new ones to add to the list inspired by the internet’s spiciest talk show Hot Ones.

Created by First We Feast, the talk show features host Sean Evans asking celebrities hot questions while eating even hotter wings. Famous guests include A-listers like Dua Lipa, Idris Elba, Paul Rudd, and most recently Josh Brolin. Inspired by co-creator Chris Schonberger’s misadventures in college using hot sauce as an unconventional ice breaker, Hot Ones uses the same disarming spice to coax a rarely seen level of humanity from most celebrities that choose to tolerate the heat.

Like Pringles, Hot Ones is no stranger to collaborations. They’ve bottled their own sauces with Heatonist, worked with charities like Common Threads, partnered with figurine makers Yootooz, and even launched a line of boneless bites sold exclusively at Walmart. Now, the spicy show is bringing the heat to a new line of Pringles cans that you won’t mind getting your hand stuck in.

The Hottest Featured Sauces Are No Joke

Sure, you might dabble in Sriracha or douse a meal in Tabasco from time to time, but the category you fall into is bush league. Have you ever heard of ghost peppers? No? Well, if reading the word ghost caused a spooky shiver to climb your spine, that feelings warranted.

The Scoville scale measures the pungency of chili peppers and other sweat-inducing cuisine. The more droplets of sweat falling off foreheads means more Scoville heat units, and the sauces on Hot Ones reach the top of the scale. Jalapeños, for example, register anywhere between 2,500 and 10,000 Scoville units. While that sounds like plenty, they dont even scratch the surface of what exists, and hot sauce connoisseurs will admit even they cower in the face of certain brands. Take the Carolina Reaper. It breaches the 2 million Scoville unit mark, and as the shows guests make their way through the 10 increasingly spicy wings, theyre introduced to the Reaper at some point.

Hot Ones even has their own line of sauces, aptly named the Hot Ones hot sauces. Some are sweet and mild, but others are brutal mixtures of chipotle peppers, ghost peppers, habanero peppers, and anything else Hell cooks up. The very final mouth burn on wing number 10 comes courtesy of Hot Ones The Last Dab Reduxx, which contains Pepper X, the worlds hottest at over 3 million Scoville units. Yowza.

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Lolas Family Reserve Fine Hot Sauce

Lolas Fine Hot Sauce has a line of hot sauces. Family Reserve is their hottest sauce using the hottest pepper. It starts with red Jalapenos, then Carolina Reaper, followed by Habanero.Lolas Family Reserve hot sauce Scoville rating is 1.8 million+ SHU.

Although the label does not specify a Scoville rating, their website does say 1.8 million+. I contacted them to ask if the rating was based on the Carolina Reaper or lab testing. As of this writing, I have not heard back.

What Peppers Should I Use To Make Louisiana Hot Sauce

Hot Ones The Last Dab XXX from Heatonist

As mentioned, traditional peppers include cayenne, tabasco, and red jalapeno peppers, though this style recipe can be made with ANY chili pepper. Carefully selected long cayenne peppers are great.

I have made Louisiana Hot Sauce from superhots and was quite happy with the results. Talk about heat!

Just consider that your end flavor, color and heat will be affected by your chili pepper choices.

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Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

Review Highlights:

Tabasco Green Pepper Hot Sauce is one of my favorite sauces. The tabasco sauce has a medium burn and adds the perfect touch of flavor to almost anything. After cooking it into my chicken, it lost a little bit of the spice. I prefer the uncooked taste because I love the medium spice to this hot sauce. Read the full review here or

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Blairs Mega Death Sauce

Heat Level: 550k SHUs

Note the space between the words, and the a in death. This isnt an offering from Mustaine et al, but it nonetheless rocks the heat pretty hard. The inclusion of molasses here serves to mask the heat on the first hit, but then the habanero and cayenne offer a blaze somewhere in the neighborhood of a black steering wheel in July. Buy It

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Mad Dog 375 Plutonium No 9

Hot Sauce Shopping at Heatonist | Hot Ones

So then, what is the hottest hot sauce on the market? The most extreme heat you can buy?

The hottest hot sauce in the world is called Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9 and comes in at 9 million Scoville Hotness Units .

This pepper extract is one of the hottest and purest in the entire world. If you just want a little heat in your food, this is NOT the extract for you. This little bottle is for the true aficionado of heat, the one who wants to test the limits, to see how explosive pepper heat can be. Blow something up at supper tonight. But use caution because this sauce is almost lethally spicy.

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Sean Evans Reveals The Season 16 Hot Sauce Lineup

Hot Ones hotly anticipated 16th season is here! In the Hot Ones Season 16 lineup reveal, host Sean Evans introduces the newest hot sauces to grace the wings of doom on the YouTube series with hot questions and even hotter wings. Sean explains that this seasons lineup is a symphony of spice, leading celebrities on a journey of unique flavors, tasty chilis, and a whole lot of heat.

Starting things off is Hot Ones very own The Classic Blue Label, which has become a fan favorite since its initiation in Hot Ones Season 12. Sean blows a *chefs kiss* to this mild and tangy sauce, with extra garlic oomph compared to its red-labeled predecessor ! Scoville Heat Units: 1,700

Next up in the 2-spot is Yellowbird Hot Sauces Bliss and Vinegar. Seans been a fan of Yellowbird for years, ever since he tasted their Habanero sauce at a taco spot in Austin, TX. Sweet-tart strawberries and dates are balanced by tangy vinegar and rich coconut in this HEATONIST exclusive sauce.Scoville Heat Units: 6,200

Sean gives it a swish of the net before introducing Hoff & Peppers Haus Sauce, a smoky, sweet, dilly, mustard-based sauce that Sean describes as Oktoberfest meets Southern BBQ vibes. Scoville Heat Units: 14,500

At number 6, Sean introduces Señor Lechugas .718, which combines delicious guajillo and pasilla peppers with black lime, plus ghost pepper for a delayed heat that lets celebrities know theyre entering the back half of the lineup.Scoville Heat Units: 67,000

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Hot Ones The Classic Garlic Fresno Edition

Hot Ones The Classic Garlic Fresno hot sauce was born from a delicious accident. While making the batch, they accidentally added 10 times as much garlic into it. Lo-and-behold a new classic was made. This limited edition Blue Label is made with organic chiles grown by Smokin Ed Currie which provides you not only an earthy flavor but sweet hints right alongside mild heat too .

Scoville Level: 1700

Ingredients: Fresno chiles, water, apple cider vinegar, garlic puree , vinegar, kosher salt, organic dried garlic, organic turmeric, organic black pepper.

Buy Now

Melindas Red Savina Pepper Hot Sauce

Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition Hot Sauce, 5oz FEATURED ON HOT ONES 1 MILLION ...

Heat Level: 577k SHUs

The Red Savina pepper was the cultivar of habanero that had a good long run as the reigning champion of the worlds hottest pepper. Bumped out of first place in 2007 by the Naga Jolokia, and a few other peppers since, its still got a very nuclear reactor style heat, made extra flavorful using the recipe for Melindas famous Original Habanero Sauce. Buy It

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Chile Lengua De Fuego Bhutila Fire Hot Sauce

Its got a rich flavor that will make your tongue go curl itself with excitementor maybe just pain? Either way, this sauce packs quite an intense heat but its worth every second if youre brave enough to try something new!

Scoville Level: 118,000

Ingredients: Bitter orange, scotch bonnet peppers, jalapeño peppers, smoked scotch bonnet peppers, ghost pepper, smoked garlic, chipotle powder, and scotch bonnet pepper powder

Only Available In The Season 16 Pack

Ranked: All The Hot Ones Hot Sauces

Hot Ones hot sauces are both intriguing and scary. Take a look at just how hot they are.

In Hot Ones, a YouTube series under the account name First We Feast, host Sean Evans sits down with a different celebrity guest in each episode, talking with them about their lives and careers. The catch: as they talk, they eat chicken wings, starting with a slightly tangy sauce and working their way up to the kind of hot sauce that could turn you into a fire-breathing dragon. If the celebrity makes it all the way to the tenth and final sauce, they can promote an upcoming project at the end of the episode.

In season 3, the starter hot sauce was a basic sriracha, which is 2,200 Scovilles, a scale that measures the spiciness of peppers or spicy foods. That was followed by Tabasco Original at 2,500 Scovilles. And the final sauce was Blairs Mega Death at 550,000 Scovilles. But things have been progressing rapidly on the spicy scale, and the show now produces its own branded sauces as well.

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Now in its ninth season and with close to 7 million subscribers, Evans wants to bring even more pain to the celebrity guests of the show as the gaps between Scovilles widen and the final sauce tips the scales at more than two million.

Heres a look at the 10 hot sauces featured on the latest season, from the least spicy to the last dab.

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Dirty Dicks Hot Sauce Review

With a name like Dirty Dicks, we werent sure what to expect from this hot sauce. The bottle claims that it is simply the Worlds Greatest Hot SauceNo Brag, Just Fact. With a claim this grandiose, along with many awards won, we couldnt help ourselves. The ingredients are intriguing, with tropical fruits, habaneros, and freshly

This Guest Scored Some Serious Youtube Views

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 9 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

In order to snag as many YouTube views as possible, users must upload content people crave. Adorable animals doing hilarious things proves one way to amass attention. Anything having to do with cooking and kitchen tips also seems to garner plenty of traction nowadays. But, there’s another key component that’s bringing numbers up into the millions: Kevin Hart.

Hart’s popularity exploded over the last few years, so Hot Ones pounced on the opportunity to sit down with the Hollywood heavy-hitter and watch him take on the infamous Hot Ones challenge. To say the YouTube views quickly racked up is a gross understatement, and Hot Ones has over 20 million ways to prove it .

That’s right, over 20 million people tuned in at some point to watch the comedian struggle through all 10 meaty morsels of mayhem. He made it, but not without a whole lot of laughter, winces, sniffles, and, of course, milk. By the end, the intensity even forced Hart to admit he felt “drunk.” It’s nice to know a guy who seems to conquer everything thrown at him is human just like the rest of us.

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Whats The Best Way To Preserve Homemade Hot Sauce Can It Freeze It

If youd like to preserve your hot sauce for longer storage, you can either freeze it or process it in a waterbath canner . A caveat here: the beneficial bacteria created in the fermented version will be killed off by the high heat from the canning process. Itll still be delicious, it just wont add any probiotics into your diet.

Where To Buy Hot Ones Classic Hot Sauce

The Classic is available on Heatonist for $10 plus shipping . This may sound expensive, but all ingredients are organic and of very high quality. However, I have to say that it would be nice to order a 10oz bottle for a slightly lower price per oz. Either way, First We Feast and Hot Ones sauces are exclusively for sale on Heatonist.

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Hot Ones The Last Dab

2,000,000+ Scoville

The Last Dab first took the world by storm as the only sauce made with Smokin Ed Curries infamous Pepper X. This XX-rated edition gets its one-two punch of heat from addition of the equally lethal Chocolate Pepper X. All you need is a dab to light the inferno and experience the Hot Ones tradition.

Is The Classic Hot Sauce Worth It

Hot Ones Hot Sauce

If you havent tried it and you are a hot sauce buff, then The Classic is worth at least one try. It is on the pricy side when compared to cheap grocery store alternatives, but the quality is much better than those options. Hot Ones have made some of our favorite sauces, and this is now among the top-rated.

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Premise About Hot Ones

Every chapter, the guest and the host sit at a table and are presented with ten chicken wings, each one prepared with increasingly hot sauces. The guests challenge is to eat all ten of them, one by one, to be regarded as the winner.

While eating the chicken wings, the guests will be subjected to a series of questions by Sean Evans, one per wing eaten.

As the chicken wings get more and more spicy, it becomes increasingly more difficult for the guests to focus on the interview as their mouths burn with thousands upon thousands of Scoville units, making for an exceptionally entertaining formula.

If the guest fails to chow down on the ten wings, they lose the game and are put in the infamous Hall of Shame, along with every other guest that just couldnt bring themselves to finish off the deal such as the very first guest, Tony Yayo.

Heres a list of guests in the Hall of Shame:

Get Bitten Black Mamba 6 Hot Sauce

Yikes! If you want your mouth to feel attacked from the inside out, like your lips have just been bitten by a deadly snake, then help yourself to a drop of Get Bitten. After all, all it takes is a drop. With 6 million Scovilles, you’ll be capacitated for at least 15 minutes. Theneventuallyyou’ll be able to breathe again.

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Bloody Marys Best Friend: The Pepper Plant Original California

Heat level: Mild to moderate

Flavor: If you hit up the Mexican restaurants and diners around Carmel or Monterey, this is the stuff youll be pouring on your eggs. It has a flavor dominated by dried herbs and dried garlic, which would typically get dings in my book. But somehow, it seems to work just fine in this context. Its by far the saltiest sauce I tried, but sometimes saltiness is what you crave. If I were nursing a Sunday-morning hangover, this is the one Id reach for to spice up my Bloody Mary or michelada.

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