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Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipe

The World’s HOTTEST Hot Sauce Challenge! (GONE WRONG) *EXTREME*

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This homemade Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce recipe is a fun way to bring that fire to your recipes. You can use any peppers if you can’t handle the reaper, but thus ultra hot recipe can have your guests squirming.

Do you want to mess with the worlds hottest pepper? Well, you came to the right place. Today we are making a hot sauce with the famed worlds hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper. This Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce is really easy to make and will be certain to make even the toughest folks cry just a little. If you like the heat and you like that pepper flavor, this Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce is for you.

Cajohns Lethal Ingestion Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce

It gets its name from a triune combination of Jolokia peppers, red Savina habanero, and Fatalii peppers. These three peppers combine to produce a formidable super hot sauce whose Scoville range hits a million. Thats spectacular since it doesnt consist of extracts that have been highly concentrated to achieve a high score on the scale.

Besides adding flavor and fire to your dishes, this ultrahot sauce can make a perfect gift idea.

High River Sauce Thunder Juice Tequila

The Thunder Juice Tequila-Infused hot sauce delivers heat and flavor with an unforgiving blast that sets you on fire while leaving you asking for more. Blended from tequila-infused peppers, blueberries, peaches, chocolate ghost, and over half a dozen items that fuse to complete a fiery, mouth-watering condiment.

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Reapercussion: 15 Million Scoville Units

Heartbreaking Dawns Reapercussion is a bottle of pure 7 pot primo a rare Louisiana-bred cross between Naga Morich and Trinidad 7 pot peppers with Trinidad scorpion peppers and a touch of apple cider vinegar, garlic, lime and agave. Primo and scorpion, two of the worlds hottest peppers, average 1.5 million and 1.2 million Scoville units, respectively. Use sparingly in chili, soup and on tacos.

Eating The Hottest Hot Sauce In The World: The Source Hot Sauce

Hottest Hot Sauce

    After watching a video of Nomadic Matt eating the hottest pepper in the world at Tears of Joy in Austin Texas, I decided I would be up for the challenge too. Matts reaction was priceless and it made a great video, so I stopped by this hot source shop on E. 6th Street recently to put my taste buds to the test.

    I would say I have an average tolerance of spicy food. When I was younger I never ate spicy things, but after traveling to countries like Indonesia and Thailand, I feel I have quickly become used to eating hot foods like curries and papaya salads!

    But could I handle the hottest hot sauce in the world?

    The shelves inside Tears of Joy are filled with rows and rows of hot sauces, and there is a Scoville unit scale on the wall to give you an idea of the various strengths. The sauces containing ghost chillis are very hot, but if you really want something that will knock your socks off, then you need to try a pure pepper extract.

    The spiciest sauces in the store are kept in a coffin shaped box since they are so deadly! Of course I was seeking out the hottest product in the store- The Source hot sauce, which is a mindboggling 7.1 million Scoville units!

    I was feeling a little apprehensive so I asked the guy working in the store how other people had reacted. He told me a girl screamed earlier that day, which didnt make me feel any better!

    The lovely gentleman who works there said:

    You been to Tears of Joy then? Youll be wanting some vanilla ice cream.

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    Ass Kickin Pure Habanero Red Savina

    Any habanero sauce is going to be pretty darn hot, but theyll never be in contention for the hottest sauce in the world. Now a product made from Red Savina habaneros? Thats a different story altogether. Red Savina habaneros are like habaneros on steroids. They come in almost double on the Scoville scale compared to the regular variety about 400,000 to 500,000 SHU. Thats obviously lower than the ghost pepper sauce above. But sauce heat has a lot of factors, so dont rule out this tasty Red Savina hot sauce. Its got a serious bite. For those experiencing the upper echelons on the pepper scale, its a must experience. Theres only a small handful of chili peppers above it.

    Add Some Spice To Your Cooking

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      Like many condiments, hot sauce brands have attracted cult followings, with die-hard fans prepared to fight for what they believe to be the best recipe. Popular in Mexican, Central and South American, and Caribbean cuisine, there are many different types of hot sauce, also called chili sauce or pepper sauce, but they all contain chili peppers. The variety of pepper used influences the spice level of the sauce, with ghost pepper and habanero on the hotter side.

      The list of ways to use hot sauce is seemingly endless: Put it on everything from eggs to tacos, or add it to soups, marinades, stir-fry dishes, and sauces .

      Whether you want to buy bottles in bulk or try your hand at making your own with the help of a handy kit, here are the best hot sauces on the market.

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      How Long Does It Take To Extract 71 Million Collectors Hot Sauce

      HOTTEST HOT SAUCES! SALE ITEMS! HOTTEST DAILY DEALS! The Source 7.1 Million Collectors Extract, 1oz. The Source 7.1 Million Collectors Extract, 1oz. The Source 7.1 Million Collectors Extract, 1oz. Processing: Typically Ships within 24 to 48 Hours. Waiver and Disclaimer: Required Disclaimer: Warning!

      Heartbreaking Dawns Reapercussion 7

      I Made The World’s HOTTEST Hot Sauce!

      Heartbreaking Dawns Reapercussion 7-Pot Primo is made using a heartbreaking mix of the Trinidad scorpion peppers and 7-Pot Primo. These fiery peppers are paired with apple cider vinegar, garlic and lime for added taste, but it still doesnt mask the kick of these chillis.

      Scoville Units: 1.5 million Scoville Heat UnitsPeppers: Trinidad scorpion peppers and 7-Pot Primo

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      Z Nothing Beyond Extremely Hot Sauce

      Z Nothing Beyond Extremely Hot Sauce is a lovely concoction of papaya, guava, pineapple, banana and passion fruit. But that nice and lovely fruity flavour doesnt last long as the habaneros chillies and pure capsaicin extract kick in, leaving you in a state of pain.

      Scoville Units: 4 million Scoville Heat Units

      Meet Your Maker Retribution Sauce: 5 Million Scoville Units

      Heavenly Heat makes Meet Your Maker Retribution Sauce with a blend of 5 million-Scoville-unit ghost pepper extract, fresh ghost peppers and dried ground ghost peppers. Hauntingly enough, it even comes in a coffin-shaped box. Use sparingly, as just three drops will add a huge dose of heat to eight quarts of chili. Dont be like this person on Reddit, who put three drops on one taco, making it the single spiciest mistake of my life even though they will probably do it again, for science and stuff.

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      Mega Death Hot Sauce With Liquid Fury

      If the whole Mega Death name wasnt enough, this hot sauce comes in a coffin with a skull keychain. The Mega Death Hot Sauce with Liquid Fury is made with Cayenne Chillies, Habanero Chillies and Pepper Extract. Molasses, Ginger and Guava mask the heat for a while, offering your tastebuds some joy before it destroys them.

      Scoville Units: 550 thousand Scoville Heat UnitsPeppers: Cayenne chillies, Habanero chillies, Pepper extract

      Daves Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

      The Three Hottest Natural Hot Sauces in the World. I ...

      Once the worlds number one hottest pepper, Daves Ghost Pepper is wildly hot and will be an instant hit with chile heads whore trying to check their endurance limits. Daves groundbreaking insights in blending hot sauces pioneered the ultra-hot chili market, and weve never looked back again. The sauce is so damn hot that the National Fiery Foods Show once prohibited its use.

      Paradoxically, its one hell of a hot sauce with some delightful fruity flavors tucked somewhere amidst the chills. Resist the temptation to want to paint your plate of food with the sauce, it will turn into an active volcano in your mouth. A drop at a time is the recommendation prescription.

      Made from a clever mix of ghost pepper, roasted garlic, hot pepper, acetic acid, Daves Ghost Pepper is pretty compatible with numerous delicacies, thanks to its garlicky vibe. Try it out and see how it invigorates your stew, seafood, drumsticks, soups, and so much more with a fiery feel and fruity flavor.

      Enjoy the authentic taste of hot chili thats free of preservatives, gluten, artificial flavors, and colors. Spice up your dishes, a drop at a time, and ignite your palates with this awesome hot sauce.

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      Tabasco Sauce Variety 4

      Tabasco Sauce has a rich history spanning five generations. Edmund Mchellny put together a personal recipe of red peppers, pure vinegar, and salt sourced from Avery Island in a bid to create the hottest hot sauce. Tabascos popularity has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. It comes in a 4-pack containing assorted flavors made from the best selections to suit your taste and requirement.

      You may sample the 4-pack package that bundles up four popular flavors into 2-ounce bottles. These four featured hot flavors are classic pepper, green pepper, habanero, and garlic pepper. Alternatively, you may want to go for the original flavor packaged in 12-ounce bottles. You decide.

      Tabasco will help bring heat and flavor to your meals. Whether its Bloody Mary, sandwich spreads, chicken wings, or some exotic cuisine, a little bit of Tabasco in the mix will make a big difference, leaving you and your guests yearning for more. Youll find the hot vibes of Tabasco constantly calling whenever mealtimes approach.

      Safety Tips For Working With Carolina Reaper Peppers & Other Superhots

      • Wear Gloves. Chili peppers, and superhots in particular, contain oils that can cause burning sensations on your skin if you touch them directly, particularly when you chop them or cut them open. It is best to wear gloves when working with them. Try not to touch other parts of your skin, like your face or elsewhere. If you do, see my page on How to Stop the Chili Pepper Burn.
      • Avoid the Fumes. Youre most likely cooking indoors in your kitchen, so beware of the fumes. These peppers give off fumes that can make it difficult to breath, a bit like pepper spray wafting into the air. Open up as many windows as you can, and use a fan to combat the fumes. Try baking the peppers outside, on your grill, for example, if possible.

      See my page for further tips on Cooking with Superhot Chili Peppers.

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      The Last Dab Xxx: 2 Million Scoville Units

      The Last Dab XXX is the hottest sauce on First We Feasts web series Hot Ones, hosted by Sean Evans, who interviews celebrities while they eat increasingly spicy chicken wings. This lethal condiment has a rating of more than 2 million Scoville units due to three different strains of Smokin Ed Curries hybrid pepper X. The recipe also features distilled vinegar, ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin and dry mustard. If youre not used to this level of heat, take it easy. If you are, try it out on German sausage, says one Amazon reviewer.

      How Long Will My Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Keep

      The HOTTEST SAUCES In The World

      This hot sauce should keep a few months easily in the fridge, or even longer. Its all about the acidity. To be technical, target level pH for shelf stable foods is below 4.6 pH, but should probably be lower for home cooks, around 3.5 or so, to account for errors. This particular sauce measured 4.3 pH for me, so if youd like it to last even longer, add more vinegar or a citrus to lower the pH. Sauces made with fermented chili peppers will last even longer.

      The best ph meters that I recommend are from Thermoworks. Get yourself a ph meter from Thermoworks today. I am a happy affiliate.

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      Get Bitten Black Mamba Six Hot Sauce: 6 Million Scoville Units

      This looks like barbecue sauce, but we can promise you its much hotter. CaJohns Get Bitten Black Mamba Six is made with chocolate habaneros, which arent actually chocolate-flavored and average 425,000 Scoville units. The real heat comes from 6million-Scoville-unit capsaicin extract. The mission? Pain with a never-ending wave of venomous fire. One brave Amazon reviewer says he uses it on breakfast and if youre tired in the morning, you wont be after eating this stuff.

      Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

      This Trinidad Scorpion is another candidate in the super hot sauce race. It is prepared from a blend of Trinidad scorpion moruga, onions, vinegar, tomatoes, and a ton of spices. The sauce scores 2,009,231 SHU on the Scoville scale. Also, the fruity flavor gives it a hot-sweet taste if that helps to endear it to you.

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      Predator Great White Shark

      Heat Level: 175k SHUs

      Youre going to need a bigger burrito. Like everything on our list, this is to be used with a prudent hand and glass of something cold nearby. Containing tropical island-themed ingredients like banana and pineapple to satiate the habanero and pepper extract flare-up, this warns it will take a bite out of your posterior. Test these waters at your own risk. Buy It

      Mad Dog 357 No 9 Plutonium: 9 Million Scoville Units

      The World

      This hot sauce, currently the hottest available hot sauce on the market, features 60% pure capsicum, which is the purest, hottest, most concentrated pepper extract currently available essentially, its just pure, unadulterated heat. It is 9 million Scoville units. The warning on the side says not to consume this product directly, and to use it as a food additive only. Theres also a disclaimer on the back that says youre not to sue the company should you experience bodily harm. This blazing hot sauce was inspired by plutonium after all a radioactive and highly explosive element crucial to atomic bombs. Now thats hot. Cant stand the heat? Cool off with the coldest cities in the world.

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      Stinger Scorpion Pepper Sauce

      Stinger Scorpion Pepper Sauce is another hot sauce made by Pepper Palace. Its named stinger scorpion because this hot sauce is made from the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper. This pepper was rated as the hottest pepper in the world back in 2012. Another reason why this hot sauce is named stinger scorpion is that its so hot it stings.

      Scoville Units: 2 million Scoville Heat UnitsPeppers: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper

      Which Is The Hottest Hot Sauce In The World

      Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium is currently known as the hottest hot sauce available on the market. This pepper extract is one of the hottest and purest in the entire world as it contains 60% pure capsicum. There is a warning on the bottle that says not to consume this product directly and to use it as a food additive only.

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      Hottest Hot Sauces In The World

      If you love some spice in your life, only the hottest hot sauces in the world will do. Hot sauces are the perfect way to add that spice whether it be in small or large doses and most of us love to use them to add a kick. But for those of you that like to take that kick to the extreme, this one is for you. Weve found the 20 hottest hot sauces in the world, ranging from hotter than the Australian summer to Death itself. Just like the chillies and peppers used in these sauces well start with a little spice and work our way up to a fiery aftertaste. So for those brave enough to try their luck, look no further than our list.

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      Mad Dog 357 No 9 Plutonium Hot Sauce

      THE END Hot Sauce | The Worlds Hottest Hot Sauce Challenge | GONE WRONG! WING EDITION

      Mad Dog 357 No. 9 Plutonium isn’t even a sauce per se. Due to the high concentration of capsicum and a terrifying Scoville rating of 9 million, Mad Dog 357 sometimes arrives to customers solidified, so you can’t even use it until you warm it up to its liquid form.

      There are a lot of super scary Amazon reviews on this lovely product, that read things such as “This tastes like pure hatred.” and “Almost put me in the hospital. Was vomiting violently from an incredibly tiny amount.” Another review says “want a much cheaper version of this? put gas in your mouth and light it and dont bother putting it out cause you cant with this stuff when you go to hell you go to hell and you learn how to deal with it.” Hurray!

      There are many videos on YouTube of people “pranking” their friends and loved ones by putting this substance on their foods and having their unknowing suspects consume it. With friends like those, who needs enemies? If you enjoy watching people cry and vomit, then these videos are for you.

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