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Why Is This The Best Marinara Sauce

How to Make Homemade Tomato Sauce

Six reasons to love this recipe:

  • This marinara sauce recipe requires 5 basic ingredients and yields rich, authentic marinara flavor.
  • Its super easy to makeno chopping required.
  • Unlike most store-bought sauces, this marinara is free of added sugar.
  • You can load up your pasta with as much of this wholesome sauce as youd like. Tomatoes are good for you!
  • The recipe yields two cups of sauce and freezes well, so you might as well double the recipe. Just cook it in a bigger pot.
  • This marinara also makes an incredible pizza sauce. I made pizza with it and my friend remarked that it tastes like real-deal Italian pizza.

Please let me know in the comments how you like this sauce! Its a new staple in my kitchen, and I hope it becomes a go-to recipe for you as well.

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Everything Youll Need To Make The Best Homemade Pasta Sauce

In this pasta sauce recipe, were using fresh tomatoes instead of canned, which gives the sauce a wonderful, rich flavor. Heres everything youll need to make it:

  • Tomatoes: I like to use roma or plum tomatoes because they have the best flavor when roasted. Even better if theyre fresh from your garden.
  • Garlic: oh yeah, were adding 8 cloves of wonderful garlic to this sauce recipe. And theyll get roasted to sweet perfection.
  • Olive oil: youll need some olive oil to roast the tomatoes and garlic, and also to caramelize the onions.
  • Onions: speaking of onions, YES were caramelizing these babies to give a natural, delicious sweetness to the pasta sauce. WORTH IT.
  • Herbs & spices: youll also need some fresh basil, dried oregano and plenty of salt and pepper. Feel free to add a few shakes of red pepper flakes, too, if you like a little spice.

Key Steps For Tomato Sauce

  • Set up assembly line processing. Prepping the tomatoes for the sauce is the most time-consuming part of this afternoon project, but if you get yourself organized before you begin, the work will move quickly. Set yourself up with all the tomatoes bottoms-up on the sheet pan, bring a large pot of water to a boil, and set an ice bath and compost bowl nearby for peeling.
  • Chunky or puréed sauce? To save ourselves a bit of work, I recommend chopping the tomatoes in a food processor or blender before cooking them. A few pulses will make a chunky sauce, and longer processing will make a very smooth sauce. Conversely, if you like a very chunky sauce, skip this step altogether and let the tomatoes break down naturally as they simmer. You can also chop the tomatoes by hand, run them through a food mill, or purée them with a stick blender after theyve been cooking.
  • How long to cook the sauce? I give a cooking range of 30 minutes to 90 minutes . Shorter cooking times will yield a thinner sauce with a fresher tomato flavor longer cooking times will thicken your sauce and give it a cooked flavor. Watch your sauce as it simmers and stop cooking when it reaches a consistency and flavor you like.

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How To Make Tomato Pure At Home

Got leftover tomatoes you want to use up before they go bad? Consider making homemade tomato purée. Not only is the staple ingredient quick and easy to DIY, it’s a great thing to always have on hand you can use it to make all sorts of delicious sauces and dips. Here’s everything you need to know about making tomato purée at home:

How To Freeze Homemade Tomato Sauce

Easy Homemade Tomato Sauce

Freeze for up to 3 months in a freezer-safe zipper bag or container, making sure to leave room for expansion as it freezes. Tomato sauce can stain plastic containers so if you choose to freeze in a plastic container, make sure it’s one you don’t mind getting stained.

Thaw in the refrigerator overnight, or thaw on the stovetop on medium low heat, stirring occasionally.

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How To Make The Perfect Tomato Sauce

A good tomato sauce is one of the first things that any cook should learn to make it is almost infinitely useful, keeps pretty well, and the ready-made version is outrageously overpriced. Indeed, Marcella Hazan writes in The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking: “No other preparation is more successful in delivering the prodigious satisfactions of Italian cooking than a competently executed sauce with tomatoes.”

I have made any number over the years to toss with meatballs and spaghetti, to coat cannelloni and to top pizzas, and they have rarely disappointed but not one has knocked my socks off. You might fairly observe that knocking one’s socks off isn’t the point of a simple tomato sauce, but it ought to be good enough to need no further adornment. No parmesan, or minced beef, or spinach and ricotta a simple pasta al pomodoro, well made, is a beautiful thing.

The Best Tomato Sauce Recipe Ever

Fresh tomato sauce from scratch used to be something that only happened in my grandmas kitchen!

I remember having dinner at her house and eating the most amazing meatballs that simmered and were served in a simple, fresh sauce that tastes like love.

Somehow, I thought that something that tasted so good had to be difficult to make! Plus, the idea of having to peel the tomatoes felt quite intimidating.

Well, if youve read yesterdays post, you know that peeling tomatoes is easy peasy! And so is this sauce.

Inspired by my grandmas sauce, but adapted from Marcella Hazans famous recipe, this homemade tomato sauce will be a recipe you will make for the rest of your life!

Trust me, when you taste this, youll know that youve encountered a keeper.

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How Do You Cut The Acidity In Tomato Sauce Without Sugar

If you are trying to cut the acidity in tomato sauce without adding sugar to the sauce and making it unhealthy, there are quite a few other ingredients you can use. These ingredients include baking soda, salt, herbs, certain vegetables and dairy products like butter.

We would recommend using baking soda as it is an easy way to cut the acidity of your tomato sauce by using a little amount.

You will only need a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda to make your tomato sauce less acidic and taste less sharp. Once adding the baking soda, allow the sauce to simmer on a medium heat for up to 15 minutes. If the sauce still tastes acidic than you can add a little more baking soda to resolve this. Your sauce may react with the acidity in the tomato sauce and create a white foam. This is normal and can be ignored.

How To Make Homemade Tomato Sauce

How to Make a Basic Tomato Sauce

Let’s get saucy! There are three basic styles of tomato sauces:

1. Long simmering tomato-based pasta sauces achieve a rich, complex flavor.

2. Barely cooked tomato sauces have a lighter flavor more recognizable of fresh tomatoes, but a little bit of cooking softens the tomatoes and brings out their sweetness.

3. Uncooked sauces are bright and refreshing, and are best made with thoroughly ripe summer tomatoes.

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How To Make Tomato Sauce From Scratch

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Tomato sauce from scratch means making the sauce using fresh ingredients, including the tomatoes. That may seem difficult, but once you know how to prepare the tomatoes, making the sauce isn’t that difficult. That means you can impress your family and friends with this tasty, homemade sauce whenever the mood strikes.

What To Serve With Tomato Sauce

Where do we start? Use tomato sauce as a dipping sauce for cheesy bread, garlic bread, or mozzarella sticks. Top pasta or vegetables with it. Use it to simmer eggs in tomato sauce until they’re cooked to your liking, or to simmer cooked white beans. Tomato sauce can also be the red sauce for steaming mussels.

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Tomato Sauce Is Too Sweet

Even though making a tomato sauce isnt really that hard, people tend to be unsure of certain ingredients, the first time theyre making one. As a result, the tomato sauce ends up being too sweet for the savory dish its been prepared for. It can be difficult to know how to fix this issue.

Today, we will be focusing our article on helping you with exactly how you can prevent or reduce the sweetness in your tomato sauce. Here is everything that you should know:

Why Is Your Tomato Sauce So Sweet?

Lets first look at why your sauce may have turned out too sweet. Most cooks like to add sugar or other sweeteners in a tomato sauce to neutralize the acidic flavor. While there are no drawbacks to adding a little sugar to the sauce, you might have overdone it.

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Red wine is another common ingredient that can make a recipe too sweet for most peoples taste. Regardless of the ingredient responsible for the sweetness of the sauce, you can balance out the taste by following certain tips.

Making Your Tomato Sauce Less Sweet

Fortunately, there are several things you can try which will all contribute to balancing out the taste of your sauce.

  • Adding More Volume
  • One of the most effective and straightforward solutions to your sauce being too sweet would be to add in more volume. You can gradually increase the volume by adding another can of tomatoes to the pot. You could also add a can of beans or lentils, depending on the recipe.

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  • Adding Acidity To The Sauce
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  • Spicing It Up!
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    How Much Baking Soda Do You Put In Tomato Sauce

    Homemade Tomato Sauce with Roasted Garlic

    If you use baking soda to reduce the acidity in your tomato sauce, your sauce will become less acidic but will also become less flavorful. To use baking soda to reduce the acidity in your tomato sauce you can use one quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda and add to your sauce. It is best to leave the sauce to simmer on medium heat for 15 minutes.

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    Which Herbs Add The Most Flavor To Tomato Sauce

    The question of herbs is always a divisive one. Fresh or dried? Parsley? Oregano? Basil?

    I tried a number of iterations using fresh and dried versions of each in various combinations. I ended up settling on a mix of dried oregano and fresh basil leaves and stems.

    As it turns out, some herbs are better dried than others. Basil and parsley both taste terrible in their dried formslike papery, bland shadows of themselves. Oregano, on the other hand, fares just fine. The flavor is a little different from fresh oregano, but it’s intense and herbal in its own way, and for my money, is an indispensable element of a good Italian-American red sauce.

    Why the discrepancy between the herbs? The difference mainly comes down to how the particular herbs grow. Basil and parsley both have thin, delicate leaves and grow in environments where there is plentiful water and little chance of the leaves completely drying out. Heartier herbs from drier climateslike oregano, marjoram, or rosemaryon the other hand, are far more robust. As a consequence, the aromatic compounds within those herbs also tend to be less volatile so that the plants can retain them even as they lose moisture to the atmosphere.

    The end result, as far as we cooks are concerned, is that those heartier herbs from drier places can hold onto their flavor far better when dried than tender leafy herbs.

    Serious Eats

    Serious Eats

    So Many Different Uses

    The first time you make this sauce I recommend spooning it over light, fluffy pillows of ricotta-filled ravioli. Beyond that there are many other avenues to explore. It is transcendent in all manner of baked pastas and pasta-based casseroles . Toss it with good-quality spaghetti noodles, a sprinkle of freshly chopped basil, and a dusting of Parmesan – you’ve got a beautiful bowl of noodles. Beyond the pasta realm, I use it on thin-crust pizzas, in my thousand-layer lasagna, as the foundation for stuffed shells, as a base for soups, and as a way to pull together various “grain-bowls”. For example, quinoa tossed with a bit of this tomato sauce, your protein of choice, and accents like basil and a bit of cheese is simple and satisfying.

    Pictured above on my favorite pizza dough, with some mozzarella, and fresh basil. Be sure to to pay attention to the type of crushed tomatoes to buy in the recipe headnotes. I hope you love this sauce as much as I do, and appreciate it for what it is more so than what it isn’t.

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    Homemade Tomato Sauce Serving Suggestions

    Most often, I serve this fresh tomato sauce over pasta. Toss it with your favorite pasta shape for a flavorful, satisfying summer dinner. Tip: a few fresh basil leaves and some grated Parmesan really take this meal over the top.

    Not in the mood for pasta? Not a problem! Here are a few more ways to use this sauce:

    Let me know what ideas you try!

    Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe Ingredients

    How to Make Tomato Sauce from Fresh Tomatoes: Italian Style (THE EASIEST WAY)

    Lets talk tomatoes! To make this homemade tomato sauce recipe, youll need 3 pounds of medium tomatoes on-the-vine. Because we use so many fresh tomatoes in this recipe, I recommend making it in summer or early fall, when tomatoes are in season.

    If you want to make homemade tomato sauce at another time of year, check out this marinara sauce recipe. It calls for canned crushed tomatoes instead of fresh ones.

    Got your tomatoes? Heres what else youll need to make this recipe:

    • Extra-virgin olive oil It adds richness and depth of flavor.
    • Shallot and garlic They create the sauces savory base.
    • Tomato paste It helps thicken the sauce and gives it an umami kick.
    • Balsamic vinegar It adds a nice acidity.
    • Cane sugar It offsets the acid of the tomatoes and vinegar, creating a delicious, well-balanced sauce.
    • Dried oregano and fresh basil For fresh, aromatic flavor.
    • Red pepper flakes They add a little heat.
    • And salt and pepper To make all the flavors pop!

    Find the complete recipe with measurements below.

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    How To Thicken Tomato Sauce 9 Ways To Do It Right

    Thick and delicious tomato sauce is an integral ingredient of some of the most amazing dishes. And going for fresh, homemade tomato sauce makes everything all the way more awesome. It forms the base of some super comfort meals, ranging from soups, pastas, decadent pizzas, and more.

    However, perfect tomato sauce is all about the right texture, consistency, and thickness. If you are wondering how to get the desired thickness for your homemade tomato sauce, take a look at the below methods.

    Choosing Tomatoes For Sauce: Big Boys Are Best

    Any tomato that tastes good can be used to make tomato sauce its really that simple. Romas and other paste tomatoes are often recommended for canning because they generally have more flesh with less juice and fewer seeds. However, they are smaller , and I often find that their flavor isnt as good as other tomatoes. I used Big Boy tomatoes your basic summer slicing tomato and couldnt be happier. If you like what you start with, youll like what you finish with.

    Another factor to consider is the cost. Anything more than a dollar a pound and the cost-effectiveness of this project starts to plummet. A friend of mine who tries to can around 180 pounds of tomatoes each summer says she doesnt pay much attention to the particular tomato variety she just picks up what she can find for cheap. This often means buying in bulk directly from farms or picking your own or, even better, growing your own if you can!

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    Easy Homemade Tomato Sauce

    This recipe for Easy Homemade Tomato Sauce shows how to make spaghetti sauce from scratch right in your own kitchen.

    Serve with pasta and a side of warm Homemade Garlic Bread for an easy weeknight dinner everyone will enjoy!

    This easy homemade pasta sauce is super simple to make and tastes so much better than store-bought ever could!

    Simply saute onions, garlic carrots and celery in a pan, adding tomatoes, seasoning, and fresh herbs its that easy!

    Seeking Sweetness: How To Sweeten Tomato Sauce

    How to make Basic Tomato Sauce (Quick

    As taste tests have shown time and time again, folks like tomato sauces that are both acidic and sweet. The problem is, tomatoes on their own are not very sweetfar less sweet than I like them, anyhow. Let me admit something here: In the past I’ve been known to spike my tomato sauce with a touch of sugar, a move that annoys hardliners to no end, apparently. I’m not backing down on that stance: adding sugar is a perfectly fine way to add sweetness to a sauce.

    A perfectly fine way, but not the best way. There are other methods that allow you to add sweetness while simultaneously adding layers of nuanced flavor to the mix.

    Serious Eats

    Many folks advise adding carrots to red sauce in order to add that sweetness. I tried grating carrots and cooking them down with the garlic right from the start. It certainly makes the sauce sweeter, but it also makes it taste like carrot soup.

    A much better approach is to simply cut a carrot into rough chunks and add it to the pot while the sauce simmers. Remember that onion I didn’t want to end up in my sauce? Here’s where it comes into play: I also added a raw onion in there to give it a touch more sweetness along with some oniony aroma without overpowering it or ruining the texturea trick I learned from Marcella Hazan’s infamously simple buttery tomato sauce.

    I brought everything to a simmer, then let it cook for several hours.

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