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Tips For The Perfect Keto Gravy:

How to thicken keto recipes without flour or cornstarch Diet Doctor Explores

The most important part of making a good keto gravy is choosing a good broth. Almost all of the flavor in this gravy comes from the broth, so if you don’t start with a good one, your gravy will not be very good either.

Feel free to use bone broth, homemade, or storebought broth. Although I recommend that you chose one with low sodium content. The first step in the cooking process is to reduce the broth and it can be easy for it to get too salty.

What Flours Are Keto

8 Keto-Friendly Flours: Recipes and How to Use Them Almond flour. Almond flour is probably the most widely used keto flour substitute. Coconut flour. Coconut flour is a very fine, powdery flour made from coconut flesh. Chia flour. Flaxseed meal. Psyllium husk powder. Oat fiber. Lupin flour. Pork rind dust.

The Low Carb Beef Stew Recipe

If I had to rate a food or recipe using only one factor on why its the best, I would definitely go by nutritional value over taste. Maybe thats just me, but what makes this beef stew the best is the nutrition. Its low-carb, but doesnt feel so low-carb or in any way unsatisfying!

When I hear the word stew, I automatically think of hearty so when making this stew, I really had to get in the mindset of what would make this, not only the best nutritionally, but the best on the flavor level.

I had to come up with the perfect recipe that compiled the best nutrition, best flavor and wasnt over the top with ridiculous ingredients. I succeeded and Ill explain why below.

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What Are Some Other Thanksgiving Recipes

Holidays like Thanksgiving just wouldnt be the same without a gravy boat on the table. Sure, you can eat your turkey and faux mashed potatoes plain when following a low-carb diet, but they taste so much better topped off with a keto gravy!

And, dont forget the low-carb buns when planning your holiday meal! Plus, youll want to have a traditional low-carb pumpkin pie for dessert made with a flaky almond flour pie crust.

Be sure to check out the healthy Thanksgiving recipes collection I put together as well if you need more ideas for holiday dinners.

What do you use to thicken soups and sauces on a ketogenic diet? Is it just one thickener, or do you use a combination of them? Id love to know what you prefer to use when making homemade gluten-free gravy thats low in carbs.

Let me know in the comments!

Can You Use Almond Flour To Thicken Gravy

Easy Low Carb Keto Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Yes, you can use almond flour to thicken your gravy. A word of caution though, if you add too much your gravy can be very heavy, so just add a small amount at a time and then you will know how much you should add.

Another thing to remember, if your almond flour is not a finely ground one it could leave your gravy a little gritty. There are several brands of almond flour that are finely ground so use one of them.

Also, if you use too much almond flour it could make your gravy taste a little nutty in flavor. So use only the amount that you need to thicken and taste during the process.

One nice thing about using almond flour it doesnt lump up when you add it to your boiling gravy, unlike regular flour that lumps up easily. The idea is to have as smooth a gravy as possible.

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How Can I Thicken Soup Without Calories

Depending on what kind of soup you’ve made, these are six of the easiest ways to make it thicker.1Blend all or part of it. … 2Add cream or yogurt. … 3Add flour or cornflour. … 4Use a butter and flour paste. … 5Blend in bread. … 6Add lentils or rice. … 75 of the best soup recipes to try next:How to thicken soup | BBC Good Food

How Do You Make Alfredo Sauce From Scratch

Add the butter to a large skillet over medium heat and sauté the garlic for about 20 seconds.

Be careful not to brown it or it will become very bitter!

Stir in the mascarpone cheese and once it melts, add in the heavy cream and salt.

Then add in the parmesan cheese and simmer on low for about 5-7 minutes or until thickened to your liking.

Serve over zucchini noodles, chicken, fish, shrimp or whatever you like!

Store leftovers in the fridge for several days. The sauce will thicken as it cools. Reheat in a saucepan or microwave and whisk! Youll still have that same smooth and creamy texture!

If you use a saucepan, rather than a large skillet, the sauce will take a little longer to thicken.

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Creating Low Carbohydrate Dessert Sauces

  • 1Enjoy a low carbohydrate hot fudge sauce. This low-carbohydrate hot fudge sauce is a wonderful addition to ice cream, since it will slightly melt your vanilla ice cream when you pour it on top. It also has chocolate, which contains important antioxidants and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Whisk a cup of whipping cream with a third of a cup of zero-calorie swerve sweetener in a saucepan over medium heat. Allow the mixture to a come to a simmer and then quickly take it off the burner. Next, you can add two and a half ounces of unsweetened, chopped chocolate chunks. Let the chocolate melt in the mixture for five minutes. Next, add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and whisk it into the chocolate mixture. Finally, drizzle your low-carbohydrate sauce over ice cream.
  • 2Make a low carbohydrate cashew vanilla sauce. A nice cashew vanilla sauce can be poured over fresh strawberries, raspberries or pears. Making two cups of cashew vanilla sauce only takes a couple minutes. In a blender, add a cup of cashews, a cup of almond milk, a tablespoon of erythritol or other sweetener, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  • If you want to spice up your low carbohydrate sauce, you can add a pinch of nutmeg, one eighth of a teaspoon of cinnamon, a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract and an eighth of a teaspoon of almond extract.XResearch source
  • For a tipsy version, you can add two tablespoons of orange liqueur or Cassis.XResearch source
  • Is Cornstarch Ok On Keto

    KETO Cheese Sauce MADE IN 5 MINUTES & ALMOST 0 CARBS | Easy Keto Recipes

    Thickening Agents If you love cooking, you’re probably used to recipes that call for cornstarch as a thickening agent. But cornstarch is typically forbidden on Keto, with a whopping 116g of net carbs per cup. That’s enough to knock you and your 5 best friends out of ketosis…. read more

    7 Ways To Thicken Sauce Without Flour

  • Cornstarch. Cornstarch is likely the most common way to thicken sauces without flour. …
  • Arrowroot or Tapioca Flour. Both of these options can be used in the same way you’d use cornstarch in a recipe. …
  • Gelatin. …
  • Cornstarch and arrowroot are gluten-free alternatives to thickening with flour. They’ll also keep your sauce clear and cloud-free. You’ll need about 1 tablespoon for every cup of liquid in the recipe…. continue reading

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    What Is Alfredo Sauce

    As a classic Italian sauce, you probably know alfredo best from the pasta dish fettuccini alfredo.

    The sauce itself of this beloved dish is fairly simple, and just has four main ingredients. Most traditional alfredo recipes consist of the following:

    • 2 cloves of minced garlic
    • 2 tablespoons of butter
    • 1 cup of whipping or heavy cream
    • A pinch of salt
    • Freshly ground pepper for taste
    • Half a cup of grated parmesan cheese, with more grated on top of the final product

    From a nutrition perspective, most alfredo sauces are pretty calorie dense, but are generally a good source of fats and protein. The exact breakdown will of course vary from brand to brand and recipe to recipe, but heres generally what you can expect from a quarter cup serving:

    • 50 calories
  • 3.5 grams of fat
  • While of course on keto youll have to avoid fettuccini pasta , this sauce is pretty versatile.

    Ive included my own alfredo sauce recipe below, as well as some non-pasta ways to utilize it at the end of this article.

    Will Gravy Thicken With Almond Flour

    Choosing a decent broth is the most crucial step in creating a delicious keto gravy. Since the broth accounts for almost all of the flavor in this gravy, if you dont start with a nice one, your gravy wont be very good either.

    Use bone broth, homemade broth, or broth from the supermarket. Nevertheless, I advise picking one with little sodium in it. Reducing the broth is the first step in the cooking process, and it is simple for it to become overly salty.

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    What Are Other Ways Of Thickening Gravy That Are Low In Carbs

    In the past, Ive made xanthan gum gravy. And sometimes, Id blend xanthan gum with guar gum but, Im not a fan of using either of those gum thickeners these days.

    Instead, I prefer using glucomannan!

    However, all of these low-carb thickeners can make your sauce turn into a thick pudding. So you need to add just the right amount to prevent the liquid from thickening too much, especially as it cools.

    Thats why I decided to create an easy keto gravy thats thickened with egg yolks, some puréed onions, and a little butter or coconut oil. Plus, the onion and butter not only thicken but add flavor.

    How To Make Gravy From Turkey Drippings

    Keto Tomato Sauce Recipe (Sugar

    You may be wondering: What is the secretto a truly amazing gravy?

    The answer is in learning how to turn those delicious but thin drippings from the turkey, that just run off your meat and puddle onto your plate, into a gravy that will stick to your meat and melt in your mouth. This is the first step to making a really delicious gravy.

    In order to do that you need a thicking agent, and one of the ones that we found to be quite effective is called xanthan gum. It can be used in gravy and it doesnt take too much to actually thicken the liquid drippings.

    1 teaspoon is only about 3 carbs and depending on the amount of liquid you have 1 or 2 tsp would be enough.

    If you find that there is too much fat in your drippings then you can separate it simply by pouring it all in a glass measuring cup. The fat will rise to the top of the measuring cup and you can just skim it off the top.

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    Does Red Enchilada Sauce Have Carbs

    There are many types of enchilada sauce, but most red enchilada sauces contain carbs. The carbs come from the tomatoes and other vegetables that are used to make the sauce. The amount of carbs in a serving of enchilada sauce depends on the recipe, but it is typically around 5 grams per serving.

    If youre looking for a simple and delicious way to make enchiladas, try this recipe. You can make our cheese enchiladas in red sauce. These tasty bites contain only 127.1 calories, 14.4 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.2 grams of sugar, so you dont have to eat a lot of calories to feel satisfied. In addition, our homemade sauce is jam-packed with flavor, making it an excellent addition to any meal.

    What Alternatives Exist To Flour As A Thickener

    The gluten-free alternatives to thickening with flour are cornstarch and arrowroot. Additionally, theyll keep the sauce pure and free of clouds. In the recipe, 1 tablespoon is required for every cup of liquid. Cornstarch and water are combined to make a slurry, which is then added to the saucepan. Until the cornstarch is thoroughly integrated and the sauce begins to thicken, whisk continuously over high heat.

    What makes the two different from one another? In a nutshell, arrowroot freezes better than cornstarch and is naturally free of GMOs. However, it does turn slimy when mixed with dairy, so avoid using it as a gravy thickening.

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    Faqs About This Keto Gravy Recipe

    Is brown gravy keto?

    Most brown gravy recipes call for a thickener, such as cornstarch or flour, which are not keto friendly ingredients.

    To ensure your brown gravy is keto, you’ll want to substitute cornstarch – or flour – for a low carb thickener such as xanthan gum .

    What’s the best keto gravy thickener?

    Xanthan gum is the best keto gravy thickener to use because it has 0 NET CARBS. And it also just works the best to create a thick gravy consistency.

    Other thickeners include guar gum, glucomannan, agar-agar powder, and gelatin.

    Where can I find xanthan gum in store?

    Xanthan gum is typically found in the gluten free or baking section at grocery stores.

    And if you can’t find it there, you can get it online here.

    How To Store Keto Gravy

    KETO Cheese Sauce 2 Ingredient Cheese Sauce

    This keto beef gravy recipe makes just over eight, ¼ cup servings. So you’ll have plenty to pour over whatever you want!

    And if you have some leftover, you can store it in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.

    Then, to reheat the gravy, put it in a saucepan over low heat and frequently stir until it simmers or reaches your desired temperature.

    Or, you could put it in a microwave-safe dish and microwave for a few seconds until warm. Just make sure you give it a good stir before microwaving.

    Also, if you need to thin the gravy out, just add some water to it.

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    How Can I Thicken A Sauce Without Flour Or Starch

    Egg yolks are a classic way to thicken salad dressings and custards, but they also work wonders for thickening rich cream sauces. To prevent the egg from scrambling, place the egg yolk in a bowl and slowly whisk in about a cup of the hot sauce. Then, add the tempered yolk mixture to the pot, whisking as you go.

    Why Is My Potato Soup Gritty

    Potato soup can come out gritty because you used floury instead of waxy potatoes. Other reasons are not peeling the spuds, overcooking them, or curdling the dairy products in your soup by adding them in over excessively high heat. The potato variety that you choose for your soup and literally make it or break it.

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    Useful Keto Thickeners For Soups Sauces Gravies & More

    Last Updated on August 19, 2022 by Toya

    Most people are used to thickening their favorite recipes like soups, sauces, gravies and smoothies, with high carb ingredients like all purpose flour or even cornstarch.

    But, if youre doing keto, you must be asking yourself, what can I use as a keto substitute for thickeners? Well, you will never need to ask this question again! Because today, Ive listed all the best keto thickeners that you can use to thicken up your soups, gravies, sauces and more!

    Make A Corn Starch Slurry

    Keto BBQ Sauce

    For each cup of liquid, you want to thicken, start with 1 tablespoon of corn starch in a small bowl.

    Add an 1 tablespoon of cold water and stir until a smooth slurry forms.

    Whisk the slurry into the hot, simmering liquid. Simmer uncovered until thickened.

    You can also mix milk or half & half with cornstarch until smooth.

    Add more slurry until your soup reaches the desired thickness.

    Tip: Use a sealed mason jar to shake the mixture until all clumps are removed.

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    My Life Changed After Getting Older And Having Children

    Thicken Sauce Keto I managed to stay fit and healthy when I was younger. In college, I loved nothing more than wearing a bikini and going to the beach with my friends.


    One day I was feeling really down on myself after reading an article that basically said my height and weight meant I was morbidly obese. My husband was sitting at the kitchen table so I asked him a simple question .

    Mark this website says Im really fatDo you think of me that way?But Mom You Are Fat!And It Wasnt Because I Wasnt Trying My BEST!Doomed To A Life Of Being Overweight!

    Keto And Low Carb Thickeners

    One of the trickiest things about low carb and keto cooking is finding a good replacement for flour, arrowroot, or cornstarch to thicken dishes with. Since you found yourself here at this little blog, youre in luck, because I have trialed all the things up the yin yang to figure out which alternatives work best, and for what. A lot of folks are under the impression that all thickeners work the same and can be swapped out willy-nilly for one another. But, if you really want the best results, thats not a great idea. Instead, use the right thickener for the job and get great results every single time! Who doesnt want that? Pony up on the right keto and low carb thickeners right here.

    But first, heres the things that will add carbs to your dishes if you use them as thickeners: cornstarch, arrowroot, tapioca flour or starch, potato starch. Just because youve seen these used in recipes that call themselves low carb or keto, doesnt mean they are.

    Now, if youre reading ahead and thinking, Seriously? I need to get 3 different new ingredients?? Yes. If you want amazing results. Yes. If you want delicious keto or low carb food. Yes. If you want to be a rockstar in the kitchen. Yes. If you want to convince your friends and family that keto or low carb food is The Bomb. I even made it super easy for you to get them into your pantry: they are all linked below. So just get them. And have them on hand. And become a better cook instantly.

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