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scharfe und sehr würzige amerikanische Pfeffersauce

Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce:

1 Flasche scharfe und sehr würzige amerikanische Pfeffersauce aus dem Hause TW Garner Food Co. mit einem einzigartigem, mittelscharfen Geschmack

Inhalt: 170 g

Pfeffer, Essig, Salz, Stabilisator , Konservierungsmittel


Texas Pete Wing Sauce Recipe

Posted: Mar 02, 2021 · Spicy garlic hot wings recipe with texas pete hot sauce. Add the texas pete® orignal hot sauce and the diced butter. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spicy garlic cilantro yogurt sauce. Yes, texas pete fiery sweet wing sauce is a bbq sauce with heat. Texas pete® air fryer churros with a nutella

Hot Sauce : Shelf Life Spoilage And Storage

Heres all about storage, shelf life, and going bad of hot sauce. After reading this guide, you will know if yours is still safe to eat, if you should refrigerate it after opening, and how long it lasts.

Some people love hot sauce and cannot get enough of it. Others hate it and never buy it. And somewhere in the middle, theres a third group of people: those who use it only if a recipe calls for it.

If thats you, chances are theres a half-open bottle of hot sauce sitting in storage for quite some time already. And whenever you see it, you start thinking: does hot sauce go bad?.

Sounds familiar?

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Why Is Texas Pete So Good

Why Texas Pete Is the Best Hot Sauce Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce is to North Carolina as bourbon is to Kentucky. When customers demanded a spicier version, Texas Pete was born. The tangy, spice condiment has a vinegar base and contains a blend of three peppers, but the recipe is a closely guarded top secret.

The Other Texas Pete Hot Sauce Ingredients

Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce (6 oz Bottles) 2 Pack by Texas Pete ...

Vinegar is the first ingredient in Texas Petes list of ingredients and is used as a flavoring agent to give the sauce a zesty tang. It also helps to create the runny texture required for this style of hot sauce. Note that Texas Pete is actually a Louisiana-style hot sauce despite being made in North Carolina and having Texas in the name.

Along with the aged peppers, Texas Pete has more vinegar along with salt. These were included with the peppers in the fermentation process. The salt is crucial for flavor, especially since there are only three flavoring ingredients in the sauce.

The next ingredient is water. Water can be used to ensure a thinner texture for the sauce without clashing with the other flavorings.

Xanthan gum typically comes from corn and used as both a thickener and as a stabilizer to keep the sauce from separating.

The final ingredient is benzoate of soda, which the label says is to preserve freshness and flavor. Benzoate of soda is also known as sodium benzoate and is a widely used preservative. It is mainly used to preserve acidic foods including fruit juices, jams and sodas.

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Why Do They Call It Texas Pete

The family sat around the dining room table trying to pick out a name for their new hot sauce. They settled on Texas, an homage to the spicy foods in the deep South, and Pete, which was Harolds childhood nickname that he most likely received from an older relative. Photo courtesy of TW Garner Food Company.

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How Long Does Texas Pete Last After Opening

As long as you follow storage directions on your bottle of hot sauce, an opened bottle should keep easily for 3 years. Unopened bottles can be longer. But thats not to say the taste will be the same as it was when you first opened it. Over time, the flavors will change as ingredients lose their flavor potency.

How To Store Homemade Mumbo Sauce:

Texas Pete Hot Sauce (Ep.2)

Refrigerate Cool for 1 hour then transfer to an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks. Bring to room temperature before serving.

Freeze Cool for 2 hours then transfer to a freezer-safe container and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw in the refrigerator overnight then bring to room temperature before serving.

In case you really enjoy sweet sauces heres a list of others to try!

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We Know What Youre Thinking Why Wouldnt You Just Go For Tabasco Classic Right

Because people get used to things, thats why. If youve been raised with the particularly zingy flavor profile of Texas Pete Original, why would you sacrifice the pleasure it gives you just because you want a hotter version? Especially when, as if by magic, a hotter version exists, right there on your grocery shelves or your Amazon wishlist?

Youre gonna go Hotter not just because its hotter, but because all the rest of it is familiar from the Texas Pete Original.

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Texas Pete Hot Sauce 19 Oz


Five 1.9 Ounce Little Bottles of Hot Sauceblend of 3 different types of peppers, aged to perfection to bring out the natural, bold flavor. The result is a rich, delicious sauce with strong cayenne overtones. This is the sauce that true hot sauce lovers have used since the 1930s to spice up barbecue, eggs, pizza, chicken, veggies, and just about everything else.Plastic Bottle Perfect for Travel Barbecue Picnics

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Texas Pete Hot Sauce, 6 Ounce

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  • Spices up any dish with epically intense flavor
  • Heat wont overpower flavor, ensuring a full-bodied, but well-balanced dish
  • Use to zest up traditional, mild dishes with a hot and spicy twist
  • Drizzle in omelets, stir in cocktail sauce, and add to other recipes for the perfect zing
  • Use for a wicked wing sauce or mix with caramelized onions for a bold burger topping
Hot Sauces

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The Future Of Texas Pete

Looking into the future, there are talks of creating a test kitchen where company officials will work with restaurant chefs, cooks, grocery stores to incorporate Texas Pete and Garner Food products into their recipes. Already, Lowes Foods has fused Texas Pete flavors into the Sausage Works deli department and Publix offers deli meat with extra mild Texas Pete flavorings. Passersby can even watch dishes being created at the headquarters location, which Glenn Garner, chief marketing officer and fourth generation member of management, compares to the Willy Wonka factory.

The company remains interested in repurposing old buildings and being part of a neighborhood with good visibility. They hope to raise a community profile and attract and hire future corporate employees through making the community aware of their presence in the area.

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This Is The Best Vinegar For Making Hot Sauce

Posted: Jul 07, 2021 · The love Americans have for hot sauce is also reflected in the number of choices out there. There are tons of brands from local vendors to bigger names like Tabasco, Sriracha, and Texas Pete and a wide range of heat levels, from mild to hot to those made with the worlds hottest Carolina Reaper peppers.

Pet View This Site

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The Story Of Texas Pete

The hot sauces name might be an homage to The Lone Star State, but Texas Pete has always been a Winston-Salem staple.

Growing up, I would wrinkle my nose as my father doused his scrambled eggs in hot sauce as he sat across the dining room table from me. Hot sauce? On breakfast food? The very idea sounded unusual at best. But Pete, my father, swore by the other Pete: Texas Pete.

TW Garner Food Company received a trademark for its signature hot sauce, Texas Pete, on June 9, 1953. Years before that, the four Garners father Sam, and sons Thad, Ralph, and Harold had been selling the sauce to folks all around North Carolina since the Great Depression. Thad acquired the recipe through a barbecue joint, the Dixie Pig, which he purchased with the money he made driving a school bus and having a paper route.

In 1934, they moved into a former hospital on Oak Street, where they kept making their barbecue sauce for other restaurants after the Dixie Pig shut down.

My grandma made it on the stove in her kitchen, says Ann Riddle, current president and CEO of Garner Foods. In those days, there were people who said they should make this product hotter, and more spicy. And the family said, Well, instead of doing that, why dont we just make another product?

We live here, Riddle says. We grew up here. We wouldnt go anywhere else.

Its our home, says Glenn Garner, chief marketing officer. And its where we want to stay.

Bringing The Community Together

Texas Pete Hot Sauce Review

Stemming from their family values, the company remains community oriented. In 2014, the company started the Texas Pete Culinary Arts Festival, a food festival that occurs approximately every September, showcasing some different chefs in the Winston-Salem Arts District.

They have a contract with the U.S. Military which made Texas Pete available on all operating U.S. Naval Ships.

Ann Garner Riddle third generation member of Garner management and current chief executive and president since 2010 has publicly expressed the level of connection she has created with some fans of the brand. I have one little friend that I sent stickers or something about a year ago. And he writes to me every now and again and says, I love Texas Pete! I still love it! And I write him back and I say, Its good to hear from you! Happy day! You made me smile! Just silly things . . . I just enjoy writing back and forth with him.

In 2016, headquarters moved to the Nash-Bolich building in downtown Winston-Salem in an effort to deepen their community involvement and revitalize Fourth Street and the surrounding area.

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Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce Consistency

The consistency of Texas Pete Hotter is identical to the consistency of the Original. Its not as thin as some Louisiana hot sauces, which means it will stick to anything you pour it over and take a trip with anything you dip in it.

Yes, the thickening in Texas Pete Hotter is artificial, but you wont care. It retains the accessibility of the Original version, just with a hotter signature.

Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce Review

If youre a fan of the original Texas Pete, then youll want to know its hotter cousin. Aptly named Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce, this sauce packs three times more heat than the original. But hows the flavor? Does it compare? And how hot is hotter really? Is it well-balanced? Lets dive into a bottle and see what makes it tick.

Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce delivers exactly what it says. Its the original flavor with a much bigger kick. The hot sauce is roughly four times spicier, and it keeps its classic aged pepper and vinegar flavor intact.

Heat Level:Pros:

  • Just as flavorful as the original
  • Heat is a definite step up
  • Great vinegar to pepper balance


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What Kind Of Peppers Are In Texas Pete Pepper Sauce

Texas Pete Hot Sauce is made from specially grown, select red cayenne peppers that are aged for two years. The aging process is important as it softens the skin and enhances the extraction of the natural capsicum from the pepper. The seeds and skin are removed and processed into a pure natural pulp.

How Old Is Louisiana Hot Sauce

Texas Pete Hot Sauce, 12 Fz

Bruce Foods first marketed Louisiana Hot Sauce in 1928, and manufactured the product through April 2015. It started off as a family company, in which the sauce was prepared in the kitchen of a home and sold to neighbors. Louisiana Hot Sauce was the first sauce brand marketed using the state of Louisianas name.

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Texas Pete Hot Sauce 12 Oz

  • Product Dimensions :2.4 x 2.45 x 8.25 inches 12 Ounces
  • Item model number :TPHS-012

Peppers, Vinegar, Salt, Xanthan Gum and Benzoate Of Soda

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What Is Nashville Hot Sauce

Nashville Hot Sauce is a regional hot sauce made from cayenne pepper, other spices and brown sugar. Served on fried chicken to make Nashville Hot Chicken.

Have you ever been to Nashville? Hubby and I love it! We stay down on lower Broadway and hop from bar to bar listening to the stellar live music all day long.

Make sure you PIN Nashville Hot Sauce!

Add a few good ole southern iced teas, moonshine, BBQ and Nashville Hot Chicken and you have yourself a nice little weekend.

In fact, it has been nearly a year since we have been which means we are due for a trip. But since we have two little running around, Ill have to settle on making myself a Nashville reminiscent meal.

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Texas Pete Hot Sauce Ingredients: What Makes It Tick

Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce is not actually from Texas. This hot sauce is made by TW Garner Food company in Winston-Salem North Carolina and has been in production since 1929. It was introduced by Sam Garner, who operated the Dixie Pig barbecue stand. According to legend, the name Mexican Joe was the first name suggested for the sauce. The idea was that it would evoke the spicy nature of Mexican food. The sauces North Carolinian inventor preferred a name that was more American and decided on Texas Pete instead since Texas also had a reputation for spicy food.

In the years since it has been on the market, Texas Pete has become the third best-selling hot sauce in the US. Lets take a look at what makes it so popular.

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Warming Up W/ Texas Pete

Pass It Down with Texas Pete Hot Sauce [Commercial]

This shop has been compensated by Inmar Intelligence and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SauceLikeYouMeanIt #TexasPete #FeastOfFlavor

Hey guys! Im back with another campaign and its just in time for this chilly weather. When the season changes and the air is cooler I always crave comfort food. Anything thats warm and hearty usually does the trick. Bonus points if its got some heat! If youre anything like me you are in luck because Ive got the perfect recipe for you. Its my Spicy Steak Bites & Gravy served over Creamy Polenta. If youve never had polenta you are definitely missing out my friend. Today we will change that with this recipe

If you are unfamiliar with Texas Pete® products you can learn more by visiting their website for more information on the company and products!

Texas Pete® website Website and if you are ready to buy products and need help locating them you can use this website for assistance. Texas Pete® Locator

This is a pretty simple recipe I just have a few notes for you below.

Steak: I used two thin cut ribeyes but you could totally use whatever steak you like. Sirloin or even strip steak would both be great choices.

Gravy: I used beef stock for my gravy but you could substitute that with chicken stock or even vegetable stock if you prefer.

Ok lets get to this recipe! Details below

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Bringing A Little Bit Of Mexico To North Carolina

After one of Sam Garners sons purchased a nearby barbecue restaurant, included the famous sauce recipe, the new challenge was to come up with a name. Their marketing advisor suggested Mexican Joe due to the flavors that were reminiscent of Mexico, but the family wanted a more American name for the brand. They chose Texas since it was close to the American border of Mexico, and Pete as that was one of Garners sons names. The cowboy themed icon was added due to the popularity of western movies at the time.

Why Is Texas Pete Chili Discontinued

TW Garner Food Company said it was ceasing production on the sauce to focus resources on the companys core product offerings and the development of some exciting new products. The company is headquartered in Winston-Salem and still makes a variety of other hot sauce flavors sold across the country.

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