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Tzaziki is a Greek cucumber yogurt dip. Its a healthy sauce you can serve with chicken, grilled veggies, pita chips, gyros, and as a raw veggie dip. My cousin Alla is a fabulous cook and Im blessed to be able to glean from her kitchen wisdom.

Homemade Tzatziki is also a healthy sauce with just 57 calories in a generous 1/4 cup serving. Try this once and you will love the fresh flavors.

Tzatziki Sauce Step By Step Photos:

  • Gather all your ingredients and have them measured out and ready to go.
  • Grate half of the English or seedless cucumber on a fine grater.
  • Place the grated cucumber into a cheese cloth and squeeze out as much water as possible. You can also press into a very fine strainer also.
  • You will have a moist pulp as shown and it will be about ¼ cup.
  • In a large bowl add the plain Greek yogurt, salt, pepper, minced garlic, nutmeg and optionally the chopped dill.
  • Finally add in the cucumber then stir to fully combine.
  • I recommend letting the tzatziki rest for at least an hour and up to overnight to fully let the flavors come together and pronounce themselves. If you taste the tzatziki right after mixing versus after a few hours in the fridge, you will definitely taste a difference. The garlic will be more pronounced and, if you decide to add herbs, they will have settled their essences in the yogurt.

    What Are Some Things You Can Add To Tzatziki Sauce

    The recipe you see here is the classic Greek Tzatziki Sauce. But many people like to add fresh mint to Tzatziki, which is good if you like that flavor. Ive also seen Tzatziki recipes that used Zaatar Spice Mix . And I definitely wouldnt mind a bit of finely-crumbled Feta cheese stirred into my Tzatziki!

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    Easy Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

    The best Homemade Tzatziki Sauce Recipe! This easy tzatziki sauce is made with Greek yogurt, sour cream and fresh dill! It’s thick and creamy and so delicious! It perfectly compliments Mediterranean dishes, and makes a great party dip!

    This Easy Tzatziki Sauce recipe is one of my all-time favorites! I have a serious love for Mediterranean food ! Since we don’t go out to eat very often, I have worked hard over the years to create homemade versions of my favorite restaurant fare.

    Tzatziki Sauce is one of my favorite “condiments” and our recipe is better than any tzatziki I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It is made with Greek yogurt, sour cream and fresh dill!

    It’s thick and creamy and so delicious! It perfectly compliments Mediterranean dishes, and makes a great party dip! Plus it’s so easy to make that my 10 year old daughter makes it every week for our entire family.

    Tzatziki Sauce Cucumber Substitute

    Mama en Julia maken broodpudding

    Koukouvagia said:What is it about the cucumber that you don’t like? Sometimes if it’s cut into big chunks I don’t like it either. Usually I grate it finely, toss in some salt and leave it on a sieve. 15minutes later you can ring out a lot of the water so that it doesn’t make your tzatziki liquidy. I can’t think of anything that car actually replace cucumber, it’s funny. Maybe some apple? Or better yet, celery.

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    How Long Does Homemade Tzatziki Last In The Fridge

    Homemade tzatziki sauce is best consumed fresh. You can freeze it, if you have some leftover, but dont expect the result to be perfect. The cucumbers will become a bit mushy and the sauce a bit more watery.

    You can store your homemade tzatziki sauce in the fridge in an airtight container. It will last for about 3 days before it starts going bad. If it has gone bad you can tell by the smell. If it smells sour, like yogurt or milk gone bad, then it is time to get rid of it.

    Can The Greek Chicken Kebabs Be Made In The Oven

    We know not everyone has a grill or it may be winter when youre wanting to make this recipe. So yes, you can certainly make the kebabs in the oven. Simply bake in the oven set at 400ºF for 25-35 minutes. Flip the skewers halfway through. Cooking time will depend on how large the chicken pieces are.

    Looking for guidance with meal planning? Check out Real Plans, a highly customizable online meal planning service that includes over 300 of our very own recipes.

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    How To Prevent Cucumber Dip From Being Watery

    When making dips and sauces with cucumbers, there is one thing to remember: squeeze the cucumber of any excess moisture. It will make the sauce watery, especially after it sits in the fridge to chill. Place shredded cucumber on a double layer of paper towels or in a colander with small holes, and squeeze or press the juice out. You can use it in smoothies or cocktails or just simply drink it up.

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    Servings: Makes 4 Servings


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    Smartpoints: GREEN: 1 SmartPoint per serving BLUE/PURPLE: ZERO SmartPoints per serving

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    Can I Freeze This Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

    Yes, you can freeze this gyro sauce recipe. However, dont expect it to have the same consistency as when you first made it. Cucumbers tend to get mushy in the freezer, and the lemon might cause the yogurt to curdle a little.

    If you freeze your tzatziki sauce, make sure to store it packed in an airtight container. Then stir it very well before serving.

    Ingredients For An Authentic Greek Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

    The main ingredients for making an authentic Greek tzatziki recipe are plenty of fresh garlic, extra creamy thick yogurt and cucumber. A great Tzatziki sauce is all about the garlic. If you are not afraid of the smell use a little extra. Your tastebuds will thank you!

    Most tzatziki recipes outside Greece call for the use of chopped dill or mint. However, for the authentic Greek tzatziki sauce recipe it is rarely, if ever, used! In Cyprus tzatziki is called Talatouri, and is made with fresh or dry mint, and lemon juice instead of vinegar.

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    Homemade Tzatziki Sauce Recipe: Ingredientssubstitutions

    This is a recipe that I have made so many times and it is absolute perfection as-is. However here are a few possible substitutions:

    • Greek yogurt/sour cream. I have made this recipe with all these ingredients from fat free to full fat, and it always turns out amazing. Obviously, the higher the fat content the richer and creamier the taste will be!
    • White Balsamic Vinegar. Any other light colored vinegar works well in this recipe, but white balsamic is my favorite!
    • Garlic powder. Fresh minced garlic can be used in place of garlic powder. If you love loads of garlic feel free to add more until your heart’s content.
    • Dill. My favorite is using fresh dill straight from the garden, but dried dill works great as well!

    How Can You Tell If Queso Is Bad

    Mac n Peas with Creamy Butternut Squash Sauce from Laura Theodore

    I recommend letting the tzatziki rest for at least an hour and up to overnight to fully let the flavors come together and pronounce themselves. Tzatziki sauce is made out of greek yogurt, cucumber, lemon and garlic. ¼ cup plain yogurt 3 tablespoons sour cream 2 pinches morton coarse kosher salt 1 pinch ground black pepper ¼ teaspoon dill, dried or.

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    Tzatziki Sauce Ingredients And Important Notes

    A few notes on what you need to make this recipe:

    • English cucumber- I like to use English cucumbers here because they are seedless and tend to be sweeter, plus the skin is thin, so you don’t have to fully peel them. If you end up using regular cucumbers with the waxy skin, be sure to peel them completely, and you’ll want to discard the large seeds which would make the dip too runny.
    • Kosher salt
    • Garlic-4 to 5 garlic cloves, minced. If you want a milder-tasting cucumber yogurt sauce, start with 1 or 2 garlic cloves, minced.
    • Distilled white vinegar– about 1 teaspoon is all you need here. It does enhance the flavor and brightens the dip.
    • Plain Greek Yogurt- 2 cups plain full-fat or reduced fat Greek yogurt. Do not use regular plain yogurt as the dip will be too runny. The yogurt you need here must be strained yogurt.
    • Ground white or black pepper
    • Chopped fresh dill or mint

    How To Make Homemade Tzatziki Sauce

    This Tzatziki sauce recipe takes a little bit of planning. However, it is easy and so so worth it! The first thing you need to do is drain the water from the cucumbers and yogurt. I always start the water removal process first thing in the morning, because less water = creamier, thicker, more delicious tzatziki.

    NOTE: You can simply squeeze the water from the cucumber and not drain the sour cream and Greek yogurt if you’re short on time. We do this often – just know that some water will leak out as it’s stored, but you can drain it off or mix it in.

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    What Is Melitzanosalata

    Let’s break it down. Melitzanosalata, pronounced meh-lee-tza-no-sah-LAH-ta, comes from two words: melitzana, which means eggplant, and salata, which means salad.

    So, it literally means eggplant salad.

    But for all practical purposes, it functions as an eggplant dip that’s often enjoyed as part of mezze with a side of warm pita bread or your favorite crusty bread. Personally, I think it’s the perfect accompaniment to grilled things from lamb burgers to souvlaki, grilled fish, or even shrimp kabobs.

    How Is Tzatziki Made

    Geheimen Over Genezing (NL ondertiteling) – Curry Blake – Secrets of Divine Healing Blake –

    Tzatziki is super simple to make. You just need some greek yogurt, lemon, garlic, dill, and Persian cucumbers. Dice your cucumbers, juice your lemon, chop your garlic and dill, and combine everything with your greek yogurt. I cover the detailed step by step instructions and measurements in the recipe card below.

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    What Do You Eat With Tzatziki

    Creamy cucumber tzatziki is one of the most versatile dips you can make! At the very least, serve it with some carrots, bell peppers, and other fresh veggies of your choice, but you can use it in many more ways with everything from the obvious gyros to pan-seared salmon, lamb rack, all sorts of kebabs including vegetable skewers, or even to top your baked potato! I love adding it to dinner bowls with keftedes and a salad!

    The Best Tzatziki Dip

    This homemade tzatziki sauce recipe is a traditional Greek recipe that is a popular dish in restaurants found in Greece Or Greek restaurants in the USA as well.

    If you ever visit Greece, you will understand how important tzatziki is to the culture of this beautiful country.

    But until then, you can enjoy a taste of the Greek culture in your own kitchen by making this delicious tzatziki gyro sauce recipe at home.

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    Greek Tzatziki Sauce With Garlic And Dill

    The Greek version of cucumber yogurt sauce is known as tzatziki which is full of bright and fragrant fresh dill.

    When I have a few extra minutes, I love turning plain yogurt into a delicious side dish by mixing it with cucumbers, lemon juice, garlic, and herbs.

    For an Indian twist, Ill throw in chopped cilantro and garam masala to create Cucumber Yogurt Raita.

    For a Syrian twist, I add plenty of fresh or dried mint to create Cucumber Yogurt Mint Sauce .

    How To Make The Best Greek Tzatziki Sauce

    Borscht Blanc Polonais Traditionnel

    Although this tzatziki recipe sounds very simple to make, in order to achieve the perfect texture, you have to pay attention to the details!

    First of all it is important to use the garlic minced or grated. If you chop the garlic in pieces with a knife even if you finely chop it! -your Tzatziki sauce will be lumpy. Making it possible to taste a less than pleasant piece of garlic..

    Secondly, in order to achieve the perfect texture for the tzatziki sauce it is necessary to use strained Greek yogurt, as it is smoother and creamier than other yogurts. Also make sure to use the yogurt cold from the fridge.

    Tip: Probably the most important part when making a Greek tzatziki sauce recipe is the preparation of the cucumber.

    Preferably use some seedless cucumber or in case you use a seeded one, make sure you remove the seeds. Cucumber seeds give a little too much moisture which will make the Tzatziki sauce more watery. Furthermore their texture is not the desirable.

    To grate the cucumber use the large holes of your box grater and make sure to drain the pulp really really well. The key is to remove as much of the moisture as possible, so that the tzatziki sauce can remain creamy. Removing the excess water of the cucumber also helps concentrating the flavor of the cucumber and makes it crispier.

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    The Best Way To Store Tzatziki

    Make the tzatziki and transfer it to an airtight container. Place 1-2 clean paper towels on top of the sauce and cover with the lid. Keep refrigerated until ready to use. The paper towel will absorb excess liquids and it will keep the sauce thick and creamy. Discard the paper towel and serve.

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    Serve tzatziki alongside kolokythokeftedes .

    I know youll love my Tzatziki sauce right off the spoon, but also try it with any of these Mediterranean dishes:

    Paleo Tzatziki Sauce Is Going To Rock Your World

    This recipe is dairy-free, whole30-friendly and vegan optional.

    Paleo Tzatziki Sauce is a garlicky and flavorful sauce thats made with just 6 simple real food ingredients. You know us, were all about simplicity here! Tzatziki is a mediterranean Greek dish thats traditionally made with yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, lemon juice and herbs and is served over grilled meats or as a dip for pita bread and veggies. The perfect accompaniment to your Greek inspired meals! To make it paleo, Whole30 compliant and dairy-free, I combined full-fat canned coconut milk and mayo to take the place of the yogurt. However, if yogurt is your thing you can certainly keep it traditional and make it with plain yogurt instead.

    Move over Ranch! Paleo Tzatziki Sauce is in the house!

    Hey, did you see our One-Pan Greek Chicken Veggie Bake recipe that we shared on PaleOMGs blog?

    Whats your favorite special sauce? Comment below and let us know!

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    Does Tzatziki Contain Dairy

    Yes. Now if you happen to be eating tzatziki sauce in an actual mediterranean country, youre probably eating yogurt made from goat milk. Goat milk is still dairy, of course, but some people find it to be easier on the stomach. In the US, tzatziki sauce is usually made from cows milk, specifically greek yogurt.

    Refrigerator Life Of Tzatziki

    De psychiatrisch zieke zoon (Mike) van Lies voor de Poorte sprong voor de trein

    When it hits the spot, youll eat it all within a few days. Good thing, or make less. Youll need to stir it up about every time you want to use it because you will find the lemon juice and yogurt whey separate from the thicker sauce. Plan on using it within 3-4 days.

    In only 10 minutes, you can make it for yourself!

    Some people swear that it must be made with mint instead, but dill is how I fell in love with it, and so dill it is. You may do what you like, the recipe below is the same either way .

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    Faqs About Tzatziki Sauce

    Here are some commonly asked questions about how to make tzatziki!

    Can you freeze tzatziki?

    No, I don’t recommend freezing this homemade tzatziki. Freezing then thawing will change the texture in an unfavorable way.

    What do you eat tzatziki with?

    Here are some of my serving suggestions: Serve it with these Greek meatballs.

    Does tzatziki need to be refrigerated?

    Yes, since this sauce is made with Greek yogurt and sour cream, it needs to be refrigerated to remain fresh.

    Is tzatziki sauce healthy?

    I consider this a healthy condiment, as it’s made with mostly Greek yogurt which is high in protein and cucumbers.

    Do I need to peel cucumbers to make tzatziki?

    No, leave the skin on just be sure to wash it thoroughly before grating.

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    Tools For Making Homemade Tzatziki:

    Wood cutting board wood wont dull your knives like plastic and if treated properly, has natural antimicrobial properties.

    Good knife Global is my favorite! They are worth the price, I promise. I am kind of obsessed with them and store them tucked away so no one else can use them. Including hubby. Hands off my good stuff!

    Mixing Bowls make sure to check out my article on Using the Right Mixing Bowl, youd be surprised how many people arent!

    Cheesecloth You dont have to strain your yogurt, but you do, youll need cheesecloth! If the weave is fairly open and loose, layer is a few times to create a fine weave.

    Fine Sieve You can use a regular colander as well, but make sure it is lined well with cheesecloth. You dont want to loose the precious yogurt, only the excess moisture.

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