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Where To Buy Barbecue Favors

How to Make HOT SAUCE

Many wedding favor outlets offer customizable favors that can match a barbecue theme, or small general items can be purchased in bulk and personalized to match. Online retailers often feature a larger selection of items to match a barbecue theme reception, such as these online retailers do:

  • Beau Coup: Pick up personalized mini barbecue or hot sauce bottles.
  • Kate Aspen: Select from some unique favors like personalized bottle openers, cork coasters, candy tins, and more.
  • Totally Wedding Koozies: Find an extraordinary selection of themed and personalized drink koozies.
  • Perfect Wedding Day: Browse the large selection of classic and themed salt and pepper shaker favors.
  • Quick Candles: Select white votive citronella candles at bulk discount prices.
  • Theobroma Chocolatier: Select milk or dark chocolate pops in chili pepper shapes.

Depending on the favor and the type of personalization, costs can range from less than $1 to more than $5 each. Couples with a small wedding budget, however, may wish to create their own personalization instead of paying additional costs for manufacturers’ customization.

Spicing Up Labels Front And Back


Spicing up our wedding day/night Favor Labels for hot sauce. Front and back, 2 labels for $0.60 cents. Perfect for a wedding 🙂 **LABELS CAN SAY ANYTHING YOU’D LIKE **Color customizable Dimensions:2 inches by 2 inches.:::::::::WHATS INCLUDED:::::::::In the note to seller section when you check out, please indicate the following:1. Other wording if desired2. Wedding day or wedding night on Label3. Name of the Bride and groom 4. Date of event for the bottom of the label:::::::::::PLEASE READ::::::::::If I do not receive the personalized information right away, tags with ship with general message. Thanks again! Contact me with any questions.-Alyssa2-day priority shipping with tracking. You will receive your tags in less than a week

What Are Wedding Favors

“Giving favors to guests is something that dates back to the 16th century as a way for couples to thank their guests for attending their wedding,” says Susan Dunne, designer and planner at Weddings by Susan Dunne. These gifts typically come in the form of small tokens that correspond with the wedding’s theme . But nowadays, picking on-theme gifts for guests isn’t the only way to go. Party favors that reflect your personalities or love story are an equally meaningful option that’ll make your loved ones feel close to you.

Of course, buying traditional wedding gifts for guests isn’t a necessity. Some couples are reallocating their favor budget entirely to focus on the overall guest experience. “We have suggested to some of the clients to shift their wedding favor budget to an experience, whether that’s a photo booth service or maybe a nitrogen ice cream bar or a food truck as a late-night snack,” says Dunne. Ultimately, how you decide to thank your guests is up to you .

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Make Your Own Hot Sauce Labels

Do you make your own hot sauces? Specifically in small batches? If you do were the folks to supply you with labels. Our specialty is printing small quantities of hot sauce labels for your caliente concoction.

The most popular size label we offer for hot sauce or salsa labels is our 2 inch x 3 inch size that can be printed either portrait or landscape orientation. If that doesnt work for you we have a variety of other sizes that work such as a 2 inch or 2.5 inch circle, or a 3 x 3 inch square plus more.

Hot Sauce Jar And Lid Labels

Custom Hot Sauce Wedding Favors Personalized Labels &  Empty

If youre an intermediate or advanced hot sauce bottler, create two labels, one for the body of the container and one either for the lid or the neck of the bottle. We offer this shape that works great to compliment the main label on the body of your bottle.

We also offer circle shaped hot sauce labels in either a . Circle shapes are ideal for the bottle neck or lid of a hot sauce bottle to give your hot sauces a more customized artisanal look.

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Unique Wedding Favor Ideas For Your Guests

Say goodbye to boring wedding favors that get left behind. Here are our favorite unique wedding favors options to wow your guests.

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Custom koozies, Jordan almonds, personalized matchboxes…when it comes to wedding favor ideas, we’ve been there, done that . Handing out wedding favors at your reception is a nice gesture, but finding meaningful items that, A). won’t end up collecting dust after the reception and B). break your budget, can sometimes be tricky. Luckily, it’s possible to do it with a little inspiration from from real couples. Here are 20 creative wedding favors for guests and where you can buy them right now.

Individual Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Speaking of keeping everyone safe, hand sanitizer is another popular wedding favor idea right now. This is something your guests will definitely use, and you can personalize the bottles with cute labels, designs, and even scents.

Get the look: ThatPartyChick personalized hand sanitizer bottles , from $50, Etsy

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Diy Bbq Sauce Wedding Favors Examples And Supplies

If you prefer to start from scratch, see 2 sample ideas we found:

1 DIY BBQ Sauce Wedding Favors via Wedding WireWith sassy Shes a Little Sweet, Hes a Little Bold bottle labels

Note the country-style jars and krafty tags color-coordinated with the wedding theme

And here are some great supplies to help you get the packaging done right!1 Personalized Barbecue Sauce Kit from Favors and FlowersIncludes: personalized labels, empty 50 mL plastic bottles, a funnel, and black bottle caps with a tamper-evident seal.

The Best Wedding Favor Ideas

Homemade Hot Sauce With Isaac Toups | How To At Home

As you’re making your wedding favors feel authentic to you and your partner, there are lots of different places to draw inspiration from. “When it comes to favors, many of them can stem from tradition, religion or culture,” says Dunne. Alternatively, you can look to your wedding theme or location, or your relationship. “Personalized wedding favors that pay tribute to your love story are a great option,” says Nowack. For example, if you had your first date at an Italian restaurant, mini jars of gourmet pasta sauce are an adorable wedding party favor idea. Keep scrolling for more fun, thoughtful gift ideas.

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Hot Sauce Wedding Favours

Hot Sauce wedding favours, one of the best favours to give away at your wedding! Is your special wedding day approaching and you still havent decided on gifts or wedding favors to pass out to your guests? Avoid the same old bland wedding favors and turn up the heat! If you and your bride fancy all the spicy things in life, share that spice for life with mini hot sauce bottles. With unique flavored hot sauces as wedding favors, your guests can sample during and keep the rest for after your special day. Create a party of flavor with your favorite mini hot sauce bottles.

We offer a variety of hot sauces, so try them all and have fun seeing what grabs your attention. We customize the sauces based on your direction from hot and tangy to mild and savory, we can make it how you like. Your guests will love the flavors we provide. We are all about making our customers happy, so our mission is to help create something tasty that meets your needs, while using nothing but the finest high quality and all natural ingredients. We will help find something that works for you to create a moment for you and your special guests to remember!

Contact us now so we can help find whats right for you. Remember, the spice of life is what its all about! See an approximate cost by using the form below!

Personalized Wedding Favors For A Barbecue Theme Reception

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Personalized wedding favors designed just for a barbecue theme reception are fun mementos! Whether you plan a casual family barbecue after a small outdoor wedding or a larger-than-life celebration, you can easily personalize favors to match your theme.

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Do You Give Wedding Favors To Each Guest

As a general rule of thumb, yes, you should plan to give a wedding favor to each of your guests, including couples and families. There are a few exceptions depending on the type of favor you’re giving outfor example, you can probably skip favors for babies and young children, and stick to one per family if the favors are elaborate or larger items, such as full-size bottles of champagne. When ordering or making your favors, always have a few extraswe recommend about a dozenso you have a few left for yourself or if a guest decides to take more than one .

Mini Bbq Sauce Wedding Favors You Can Package + Personalize

Custom Hot Sauce Wedding Favors Personalized Labels &  Empty

Not just for summer weddings! Flavorful wedding favor ideas are welcome all year round. So why not gift your guests with something spicy to remember your Big Day? Here are some pretty hot choices for giving miniature-sized BBQ sauce bottles as wedding favors.

And the great thing is you have several options. You can order mini sauce bottles all filled and ready-to-give, with customizable labels. Or you can buy small versions of your fave commercial BBQ sauce, then package them with printable labels or tags, and trim with ribbon or twine. Or for the DIYers among you, you can order kits of empty sauce bottles that you can fill with a sauce you buy in bulk , then add on the sticker labels provided.

Whichever you choose, mini BBQ sauce favors will be a tasty take-home treat for your wedding guests!

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The Biggest Wedding Favor Trends Of 2022

Wondering what on earth to put in your wedding favor bags? This year, it’s all about adding to your guests’ overall experience. “Couples are prioritizing the guest experience and wedding favors are one element of creating a memorable celebration for loved ones,” says Hannah Nowack, Senior Editor, Weddings at The Knot.

When it comes to choosing souvenirs that lend themselves to an experience, items guests can use are the way to go. “In recent years consumable favors have been especially popular, from candles and hangover kits to candy and jam,” says Nowack. The Knot’s 2022 Guest Favors and Gifts Study shows a similar sentiment. Two-thirds of the engaged and recently married couples surveyed chose a type of food or non-alcoholic drink as their wedding favors.

Designing Your Hot Sauce Label

If you have your design ready to go thats great! You can upload your design right to our design online tool in a .jpg, .pdf, or .tiff format. If you don’t have your own hot sauce label artwork, no problem, we have on our website to modify with your own text, logo or photos to make your own.

Regardless if you are starting from scratch or modifying one of our templates, you’ll have your own custom hot sauce label design created in just minutes with our online design tool.

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Salt And Pepper Shaker Souvenirs

Want to make sure your wedding favors are appreciated long after the big day? Homeware is the way to go. Exhibit A: These salt and pepper shakers that add a fun element to any tablescape. We love how these shakers are fashioned in abstract lovebird shapes. Aren’t they just the cutest wedding favors you’ve ever seen?!

Commercial Sauces Just Add Favor Tags And Ribbons

How It’s Made: Hot Sauce

Prefer to buy mini sauce bottles off the shelf, then package them yourselves? Here are variations from casual to rustic to outdoorsy to choose from!

1 BBQ Sauce To Go from Pig of the MonthNice and handy squeeze bottles on keychain clips

This BBQ sauce features a Kansas City favorite in a mini bottle!

3 A-1 Original Steak Sauce from Web Restaurant StoreThe sensible option for a steak sauce everyone is familiar with!

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What Is The Average Cost Of Wedding Favors

Based on a study of more than 27,000 newlyweds who were married in 2019, the average couple spends $400 on wedding favors. For a wedding with 150 guests, that breaks down to approximately $2.67 per favor, but what you decide to spend should ultimately be based on your overall budget and the specific type of favor you choose.

Hot Sauce Wedding Favor Labels

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Hot Sauce Wedding Favor Tags

Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Hot Sauce Favor Bottle Label Wedding Favor Hot Sauce Labels

Courtesy of Plum Grove Design

When it comes to wedding favors, offer your nearest and dearest an edible treat for a thoughtful ‘thank you.’ If you have the time , creating an edible wedding favor is the perfect place to add your personalized stamp on the big day. Homemade jam, sauces, or cookies are common go-tos, but if you’re nervous about timing or pulling it off like a pro, don’t feel compelled to do it on your own. Store-bought edible favors, like doughnuts or chocolates, can feel just as special with a few simple upgradesjust adorn a custom tag, recipe card, or thank-you note.

While these yummy gifts are an opportunity for you to share something about you and your groom , they also offer you the chance to highlight your wedding location. If your destination is known for its abundant sweet honey or is practically synonymous with a traditional dish , consider giving friends and family those locally-sourced treats. Plus, they’re often more cost-effective than trinket gifts, like picture frames or ornaments. So youand your budgetcan feel good about picking a sweet, savory, spicy, or boozy favor for your wedding.

From mini bottles of champagne to jars of pickles, the options are endless when it comes to picking an edible wedding favor your guests are sure to enjoy. Ahead, we’ve rounded up edible wedding favors you’ll love.

Photo by Jose Villa, Planning by Laurie Arons

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Your Favorite Hot Sauce

If you and your groom love all things spicy, then why not give everyone miniature bottles of your favorite hot sauces? But do offer varying degrees of heatnot everyone will want a fiery flavor!

Are you known for your amazing homemade cookies and penchant for baking? Package up your signature cookie mix in mason jars with clear instructions for friends and family to bake at home.

Photo by Kate Osborne Photography

Something as simple as your favorite chocolate bar is a great wedding favor. Print custom labels for a pretty DIY project that will make a big impact on guests. You can also go the artisanal route and offer guests more exciting flavors. Either way, your guests will appreciate the sugary to-go treat that they can eat en route home.

Photo by Belathee Photography

A Texas-based couple passed out miniature bottles of locally-made vodka paired with recipe cards of their favorite cocktails for their guests to enjoy at home.

Wedding favors are an easy way to highlight and support local businesses that you and your partner love. Opt for products locally made in your hometown, a place meaningful to your relationship, or in the location of your reception.

Photo by The Nichols

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, Pop-Tarts are one indulgence most people never grow out of. Ask your baker to create a more adult-friendly version of the breakfast treat in a flavor combo like brown-sugar and apple for guests to enjoy.

Photo by Jose Villa

Photo by Erik Ekroth

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